Luca Vaccino

I’m a young entrepreneur who started to think about online dating sites like every other 20 year old male, but then I realized it had become a commodity, not a community, and there was no way a person could truly focus on people instead of the business model.

I saw people on the popular sites looking for anything and everything thinking that it would solve their problems and I knew that online dating could be far better if we all focused on quality instead of quantity. Think of online dating as an upside down pyramid where fewer people have all the success and most people are left to the very bottom to collect crumbs.

Sorry fellas, I don’t mean to insult you, but it’s a real issue. I want to help you find the right online dating tools to empower you to meet other people like yourself and together inspire the world to be better. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to find that person who wants to connect with them at the level they are ready to connect with them.

I started out with no cash, no savings, and my girlfriend telling me I was crazy, but I pushed through and fought for it and now I am excited to help others make that same leap of faith.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Luca Vaccino