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Is AdultFriendFinder worth every penny?

AdultFriendFinder Price Table

The original AdultFriendFinder was really easy to use and offered a large database of adult contacts with just a few clicks. Users would be able to “like” each other in order to send messages.

In late 2000, the site was purchased by David D. Bohnett and was structured into an online dating service, sex chat rooms, and the original adult-friendfinder members.

In 2010, FriendFinder was purchased by Manhunt, a company that was started by the co-creator of AdultFriendFinder.

AdultFriendFinder is not a sophisticated or high-tech site. It is really just a contact-list with the ability to put a profile and message somebody you’ve found.

The problem is that AdultFriendFinder offers a lot in very little space. It is assumed that most of the 400 million people who go on the site do so to find sex, and so AdultFriendFinder needs to be much more than that.

But the website is not really up to being anything else than a contact-list.

It is really easy to use and to find people you might have a relationship with. It is also easy to find somebody on the site who you might want to meet.

Is Adultfriendfinder expensive or cheap?

Adultfriendfinder is definitely one of the cheapest alternative to paying for escorts and prostitution. Going to an escort girl can lead to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases accompanied with a lot of physical, moral, and emotional harm.

Adultfriendfinder is a simple way of making sure that you get the best, safe, and economical options from the sex industry. All you do is check out the profiles of the girls that match with your preferences, then you can talk to them in a free manner with nothing to lose.

This way, you have less chances of getting hurt and infections as well. The prices are also accessible for all, so you’ll be able to enjoy relationships with beautiful women without worrying about your wallet.

Even if you are not much into online dating, Adultfriendfinder is a great way to make sure that you have friends to talk to, and to take advantage of the International escorts and companions that are available.

AdultFriendFinder Cost is actually the sum of:

The Income it generates for the company, which is called Velocity.

The operating cost which is about 25% of this income, called OYO.

It is the main cost of the company to continue its profitability.

OYO is divided in two:


During which the cost is equal to 4%-OPM and equal to 4% for the owner.


During which the cost is equal to 0.1% of the revenue it generates.

The income AdultfriendFinder raises for itself, MOM.

The rest of the money, the owner makes, as follows:

The owner get the monthly income for the revenue generated, which is MOM.

The owner also gets the revenue for the 1% of the traffic, which goes to the company.

From the company, the owner gets the revenue for the remaining 1% of the traffic, which goes to the owner as well.

Consequently, the owner is able to forecast what his income should be through his OOYO. The revenue raised is also called Velocity.

Why choose AdultFriendFinder?

Adults looking for discreet opportunities to meet their friends and satisfy their urges are certainly not starving for options. However, there are a number of special considerations regarding AdultFriendFinder that can make it an optimal choice.

It provides a great number of random contacts. It provides a number of random contacts to its users and if you are not married, it is quite easy to figure out one’s adulterous tendencies through the various profiles. Additionally, it is very easy to swap the settings on the app, which actually brings about a variety of fruits and benefits. It is beneficial for both parties to join Adult Friend Finder.

This reduces the chances of a scam and the chances of communication with someone who may be into sex but is very much involved in their family life.

Since the contact and the sex took place a few minutes ago, it is difficult for the real person to know what is going on.

It is the real thing. In the absence of trust and secrecy, this setting helps to keep the contact private. It is good for keeping the entire thing a mystery.

It is a major plus point for the app and the one who is able to keep things undisclosable is blessed. One gets the opportunity to make new friends and be the part of the community without spending so much time and effort.

Over time, one can find that the basic communication is quite interesting and may even lead to a lasting relationship.

Free Membership Vs Gold Membership

Gold membership is free, but with just a few questions from some bros, you’ll be funneled into a pop-up ad or two. That’s the last time you’re doing any free stuff!


You can cancel your account, but you’ll need to provide significant evidence (i.e. a printout of your billing statement) that you’re not going to be using the service and want your membership to be cancelled.

You will not be responsible for any fees accrued, but AdultFriendFinder assumes you will continue to be active on their website even if you cancel your membership. For example, they think you’re probably going to continue to log into your account to check your messages.

More importantly, you’re going to stop using the website. Maybe you’ll even delete your cookies, which will prevent you from ever visiting their site again.

This is an unfair assumption, since they’re making it regardless of whether it’s true or not.

For Regular Members

The first thing I’m going to do is provide you a snapshot of the average cost associated with each activity. There is a chart on page 4 that also gives details of each activity. Here I’ll describe the average cost associated with each.

The numbers in the detail section are pulled from a sample of 7,000 users. This sample was taken from a system of about 10,000 users. We also have user-bases of about 15,000 users in the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

For Gold Members

With a free account you can search for 1,000 profiles a day. This is usually plenty for most users, but you need to be frugal with your time in order to reach your goals.

You can see your stats by clicking on “My Stats” on the right-hand side of your page (see the picture, parts a-c). You can get up
to 400 search hits a day, but only if you are a gold member. To become a gold member you have to buy credits. You can buy credits in lots of units of 1, 5, 10, 20. So if you want to buy 5 credits you will get around five profile views a day, and since your usual goal is 200 views, you will get three gold members a day. All these are 9.95!

In general, people buy 3 credits for 2.3 views. So if you buy 15 credits, you pay for the average user who gets 6.7 views. This means you are spending 55% more to get to the same number of votes. If you are buying 20 credits, you are paying 105% more.

If you are a premium member, this calculation changes completely. With a premium account, you can increase your votes per visit by 25%! (See PPV for details).

So if you are a premium member and have gold membership, this system becomes more attractive:

AdultFriendFinder Gold Membership Cost vs. Real Life Dating

AdultFriendFinder (AF) is a general interest dating platform that keeps things very simple. You can either upload a profile or browse for others at no cost.

There are no games to play or fake matchmaking you have to deal with. You are free to contact whomever you would like and ask them to contact you.

So why does AF charge?

After extensive research and interviews within the AdultFriendFinder team as well as established experts in the US dating industry, I have pulled together a list of costs relating to the Gold Membership.

Gold Memberships are provided to AdultFriendFinder subscribers to help support the development of the platform. In return for their support, these users are given extra features not available to other members. These extra features are sometimes used to reward users who choose to support the platform.

To put these costs into perspective, I have included costs related to real world dating. These findings are based on conversations with two female readers who are both currently in long-term relationships. The cost figures for each month refer to only one of them.

New members at Adultfriendfinder in February 2021 in comparison