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Can't Find AdultFriendFinder App? Here's How!

There is, however, a way you can still readily access the AdultFriendFinder's mobile website from your Android phone or iPhone device.

Sealed with a Splash – This method is specifically suited for the iPhone. After you download the app to your iPhone, click on the home screen "notifications" and make sure that your incoming request notifications are set to just "Sealed". That means that other notifications like alerts to new emails, text messages and incoming voicemails will not cancel or interrupt your incoming request notifications. After you have done that, place your phone in your pants pocket and be ready to accept your incoming requests. Upon launching the AdultFriendFinder mobile website, you will be prompted with the aforementioned message that a member is requesting a connection with you. Accept the member's request and you will now be able to chat and zip right through the rest of the approval process to connect with the single member. You can take your phone out of your pocket whenever you choose to navigate through the desktop interface of the AdultFriendFinder mobile website. If you want to disconnect, just sit back and watch your incoming requests roll in. They rarely roll in more than once a day. This method works best when you are just too busy that you can't schedule time to view the desktop version of AdultFriendFinder.

AdultFriendFinder App—Where Can I Find It?

AdultFriendFinder is a mobile application (app) that is available for both Android and iOS. You can find it in the app store on your device by searching AdultFriendFinder.

As of December 2013, the Mobile App is available for free, but you can upgrade to the VIP Elite Account to get access to more features and perks.

What Features Does The AdultFriendFinder App Offer?

Some of the amazing features that AdultFriendFinder Mobile App offers include:

Added to that, users get to chat with everyone and view personal information on their profile to see if you are compatible with their interests.

The AdultFriendFinder Mobile App also offers an anonymity option through a swipe down menu that lets you fully opt out of all activity.

Once you access it, you’ll find every feature you have come to know and love about the website in the app itself, including:

  • Texting chatting
  • Creating new profiles (if you haven’t already)
  • Viewing profiles and looking for compatible people on the full-screen area of the app
  • Exchanging messages with people you meet in the chat feature
  • Online hookups through dates
  • Emailing people you’ve met online before
  • Analyses features that let you know if you have a good match


The AdultFriendFinder mobile app easily downloads to your phone. However, if you want to access the mobile site, you will need to manually change your browser’s settings.

To do this, go to your browser’s toolbar and select Tools, then Options. Click on Advanced, then Accessibility, and then Check the box next to “Allow sites to manage my accessibility settings for websites.”

From here, you can select your browser’s other settings and modify how your browser behaves. This setting defaults to “Browser’s default setting,” which will open a webpage with a red X. If you want to continue to use the red X, that’s fine. Otherwise, make your choices. If you can’t find it under Tools, it probably defaulted in your browser’s settings for different browsers.

Now, when you try to access the mobile site, you will see a message box with a check mark. Clicking the box lets you go to the site, or leave the site, as you choose.


AdultFriendFinder is available on mobile devices in addition to the desktop version. You can view adult chat rooms that interest you in either the home page or in the individual chat rooms.

The home page gives you the most popular tabs, so placing your cursor over these will give you the number of members and the number of members online.

Want to see who’s nearby? See who’s online now or in the past?

Simply click on the “Get Listed” tab in the upper right corner.

Enter your username, password, and other information which will allow the adult site to display your profile on the site.

The adult site allows you to view the public profiles of other users. The profile will give you information about the person such as the age requirement, the sexual preferences, and more.

A profile will also give you information on the adult chat experience of the person. Members will be able to chat with you live through the chat feature and there will be a video chat option as well.

When you click on the “Chat Now” button, you’ll be taken to the person’s profile for online chatting.


AdultFriendFinder (AFF) is one of the best-known websites for finding discrete adult fun. It has over 20 million users worldwide.

Managing content across multiple domains and multiple locations has required that everything on AFF constantly move to achieve scale.

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The Mobile All FriendFinder Experience

Are Compatible?

AdultFriendFinder Keeps Your Privacy

When you use AF for Android, the only information available to you is public information. You can control what information is viewable as public and what information is viewable as private.

For Android users, to ensure that your identity is not compromised, you should avoid allowing any app to query the device’s contact list. Apps are also not permitted to enquire about any device’s current location.

Determine the Best AF for Android App Match

For Android users, to ensure that your identity is not compromised, you should avoid allowing any app to query the device’s contact list. Apps are also not permitted to enquire about any device’s current location.

An interesting way to choose the right app match is to utilize embedded preferences. This is particularly easy when you first install the app.

Finding the right app match ” which app best suits your needs ” can be a long process, and may not be all that simple, given the thousands of available choices.

So if you’re looking for the best app match, that means you want to be sure that the app offers features and services that match your current needs.


Sign-up for an AdultFriendFinder account today. It’s free! Just enter your email and create a password.

You don’t need to enter any personal information on the first page because you are just signing up for an account.

We will send you an email with instructions on how to verify your account.

You can’t create an account without verification. We require that to remain safe and secure on our website.

Once you verify your account, you will be given access to complete the profile process.

Your profile is simply a listing of your previous experiences and preferences with people of a similar nature, including how you find people online and what you enjoy.

Special Features

Change Profile

AdultFriendFinder is a dating website that caters to single people over 18 years old who are interested in casual hookups. First, you need to set up a member profile.

Your profile contains basic details which include your sex, gender, height, weight and education. Then, you have to fill up a questionnaire.

This questionnaire has questions about your sexual preferences, type of relationship you are looking for and your location. Your profile has to also include your sexual thoughts in a form of a short statement.

Once you have filled the form and are happy with your profile, you can start contacting other members. You can message members by sending them a “wink” which acts like a virtual friend request. You will have to pay for sending a wink.

Once you have exchanged a few messages with a potential partner, you can ask them out on a date. If the relationship progresses and the dating is successful, you take it further by exchanging your information.

Some website members keep their profile active even after they have found a relationship. This can be an important feature and allows members to search for potential partners without the pressure of a time limit.

AdultFriendFinder also provides some additional features like direct messaging. Sender can simply include a message in the thread without posting the conversation under their profile. The conversation can be entirely private or can be public.

No iPhone? No Problem.

Whether you’re visiting the city where you haven’t met the right people yet, alone at home, or anywhere else where you’re just not meeting the right people, Adultfriendfinder can help you find that special someone.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and with less than a third of users being from the United States, it’s not too hard to find new companions given the global reach of this service. But be warned that the app is also filled with freaks, flakes, and flakes who flake. Be sure to thoroughly screen anyone you’re considering meeting, and go out to meet anyone already connected on the app.

Adultfriendfinder Mobile Access

Like many social networks, AdultFriendFinder has a mobile app and a mobile website.

AdultFriendFinder Mobile Access in a Nutshell

AdultFriendFinder (AFF) is a free mobile application that gives both members and nonmembers of AdultFriendFinder a mobile solution to find other real people. AFF Mobile gives you a username that you can give out to other people to get in touch with you.

Once the AdultFriendFinder Mobile Personal Profile is created, the individual using the Mobile Personal Profile can make a list of other people so that you can be in touch with them even when you’re not on your computer or your phone.

Once the Mobile Personal Profile is set up, you can receive incoming text messages from other mobile users.

The Bio section of the Mobile Personal Profile provides an opportunity for the user to answer the profile questions as well as upload an avatar and provide their mobile number for use in the Mobile text capabilities.

The Featured section of the Mobile Personal Profile provides information to AdultFriendFinder of the individual’s interests that will help them to solicit interests of other mobile members.

Every thing that comes up in the mobile search results that was already on the initial search results screen will be listed in the mobile search results. This means that no matter if you’re using the computer or the mobile application, the same profiles will appear in both locations.

All of the pictures that have been previously uploaded to the account will be included in the mobile search results as well.

More information on Adultfriendfinder:

Adult FriendFinder is a dating site that is tailored for the hookup minded women.

Advantagous about Adultfriendfinder is that it is mobile friendly. You can use the Adult FriendFinder mobile app to get what you need to hookup , no matter where you are.

You can use your Adult FriendFinder login to get the best adult dating experience anywhere.

You can find local adult single women on Adult FriendFinder, from all areas of your local area and near the individual.

This easy access to meeting local adult women from your own city is a distinctive strength of the Adult FriendFinder member site.