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This was a marriage proposal video that we found.

There Is an Action with the Rose

This video had a lot going for it. Especially the great moods of the couple. The scenery was beautiful, and there was enough of a variety to make this sound different.

However, when I look at the great things that it had going for it, I am also able to see the things that it had weak points in. This video gets dinged.

Mood and Dynamic

It’s just a beautiful video. They are really into each other and having a great time. I love it. I found this video very engaging.

There was also the mood. The couple was having a great time, and it was very clear as they interacted. And just the way they interacted with each other in terms of being in the moment. They both were just into it.

New members at Albanian Personals in February 2021 in comparison

With the previous months probably corresponds to the seasonal effect. This isn't a surprise because POF has members who are no longer active so the monthly churn is lower at Albanian Personals. Nevertheless, it's still important to monitor some data, to look for trends, to get new members, and to expand the Matchmaking.

Too Difficult

Basically the difficulty of the ladies' site has been steadily increasing in spite of new members entering. This trend doesn't seem to be slowing down; in fact it could accelerate instead since there are new ladies seeking the dating site so they might require assistance in the form of profiles which decipher the language barrier. Nevertheless, this should be avoided. POF is a dating website, not an interpreter.

Beware of Joining Too Difficult Ladies

Another trend that I have spotted is that some profiles are so difficult you would be best advised to avoid them. These profiles sometimes may require assistance from one of the ladies in assisting you find them in the full database or with a translation. Furthermore, there are some representatives from POF that you should be careful of subscribing to as well.

You might want to subscribe to your ideal ladies and remain subscribed for as long as you can prior to a reset of profiles. The harder they are to find the higher the probability of staying subscribed to them longer may be.

Member activity at Albanian Personals in February 2021 in comparison

In February 2021, the following personal ads were viewed on this site:

  • 1,949,966
  • 1 Two, Five, Two, Seven, One, Four, Four One, Nine, Grwo, Grwo, Two, Three, Nine, Four, One, Seven, Seven, One, Four, Six, One, Three, One, One
  • 45,412
  • 1 One, Five, Four, Two, Five, One, Two

This month we saw the number of visitors drop to 45,412. The average number of visitors per day was still relatively high at 185,245. This overall sign is a decrease to the numbers in December, which saw a decline of 876 visitors per day.

However, if you look at the numbers from August to February for the last year, you can see a boom in numbers month by month. The highlight month was November, in which Albanian Personals saw a rise of 20,711 visitors per day.

Why is this? The influx of visitors in November came after a boom in numbers in the last quarter of October. This sharp increase in activity came after the website released a confusing redesign of its new front page. The next month, some low offers were removed and a new site search was introduced. With a new design and more focus on users and their searches, there was a rise in registrations.

Albanian Personals Member Structure

Albanian Personals is one of the biggest cost-effective dating platforms in Albania. They are the first free and paid site to offer their members 100% free international profile matching along with the first to offer paying members a large catalogue of unique features.

They offer the premium membership along with the free membership where you can have several free chats and communication and the option of posting profile videos in their premium members area, however this comes at a price and you are limited here.

Albanian Personals basic membership comes with various features to include 100 free chat rooms the ability for you to upload unlimited pictures to their gallery. You can also use several unique upload filters to alter photos in the profiles to make them more appealing and you have the ability to upload 95 MB of images at any given time.

The profile Video choice is available to upgrade your profile to “PRO account” which offers members the chance to really sell themselves to the other members and to use video to show that you are their type. This improves your chances by far of securing local meetings given the library of videos available to you, however only a very small percentage of the database is actually used at a global and local level.

All memberships come with a free email account to ensure you can communicate with your matches efficiently. This is a very important feature because you can then communicate to a more local level and this is the key difference with www.

Age Distribution

The age distribution of Albanians is similar to the overall population of Albania. The 60.0% percent of the population are 15 years old or younger, while 30.4% percent are 16 to 59 years old, and 6.9 years old are 60 years old or older. Within these age groups, there are similar numbers of males and females.

In households, the average age of all members is 34.8 years old.

Signing Up at Albanian Personals

You first have to register on the Albanian Personals website by filling in your name, email address, phone number, city, and state. They also ask you to put your age, height, weight, hair and eye color, body type, and country of origin.

You then have to fill in your sexual preferences. They offer a wide variety of options, from tops (solo) to bottoms and switch. You will also have to upload an image, which can be done via the website or a smartphone, and you can also add a description of yourself.

You can also make extra information available by choosing the relationship type that you are in. You have the option to choose from single, attached, married, and widowed. If you are looking for a hookup, choose the option that say “seeking 1-2“, which is actually accurate, or “seeking 2-3“ which is not, given that Albanian Personals connects people the world over.

The age and country of birth options are the same as on the profile, so make sure you accurately choose the correct options and information.

Making Contact on Albanian Personals

You have found the best Albanian Personals Review and you know it. There is really no value in trying to pretend to be a younger person, so there are no comparables on Albanian Personals.

You have achieved an additional level of success that most people will never achieve.

You should know that you are attractive and will find it easier to find a partner as a result. Simply by creating your profile, your profile is now live on Albanian Personals and is ready to be seen.

As a matter of fact, there are already interested people who have already started to contact you. It does not matter what their age is. It is completely the wrong thing to do.

During the entire process of making contact on Albanian Personals you should not focus on the age of the person who contacts you; rather, you should focus upon the message they have sent you.

You should write them back and give them a time and date according to which you want to meet them. Never establish a time and date without first asking for the time and date from the person who you are seeing, or as is the case, who you hope to be seeing.

You do not want to get involved in any kind of relationship purely out of convenience. You want to meet a compatible person and really get to know each other before you accept a relationship with them.

Albanian Personals Profile Quality


Albanian Personals App

How is this App different from the rest?

You can get your date or love partner on this App just for free!No more to pay for to date with someone, you can easily find the one special man for you. You can see their pictures and check real statistics about their health and lifestyle and also contact them directly.

It means you can manage someone love relationship without any complex. In some cases you can even find the love of your life through these dating services!

You can find a new love partner on an easy way from fake profiles, premium level or free-to-use offers.

It means that the profile of the new man you like to date is real and you can see a real photo of him. You will be easy to contact him and search for the best love connection if you are interested in dating him.

You can easily see the whole profile of the dating man and contact him directly if you feel his photos are suitable for you.

The App has several dating men, single or married and they will really reply to your message if you want to find your soul mate.

It is easy to check the current user statistics of this App. Yes, the statistics will help to find the best match for your needs and approaches. You can see a full statistics about people preferences, age, religion, education level and other characteristics.

Albanian Personals Real Life Review

The choice of females to meet other people, albanian personals provides a blend of arranged marriages with the ability for what is albanian personals in internet dating.

If we are reluctant to meet new people, ask the advertising capabilities of personals sites. The magic of the website is that you can meet albanian personals, it provides a range of single women or female persons for men of the website and their members.

If you look at a lot of different reasons not to single females, also known as w4fun, or online singles and women how to pick, first dates, and for the first time to albanian personals, or find women online. Here are some of the best albanian personals, girls online to people's views and backgrounds, has a very wide range of single Armenian women dating websites and personals that will generate waves of joy on your life.

If you're tired of dating site services. There are no longer needed as it is the best way to meet women worldwide.

Design and Usability

The website is very clean and does not look cluttered at all, this helps make it really easy for visitors to find the matches they are looking for and they don’t feel it overwhelming to use the site.

There is a wide range of filters and search filters you can use to narrow down what you are looking for. This ultimately lets you find the perfect person to date that you never knew was out there!

The main thing that drew me to this site was the various filters as this means you can choose the perfect matches for you.

I also like how quick and easy it is to change search preferences, for example you can choose not to see men who are taller or shorter than you, you can also see people only who are local to you, or narrow by gender. There are many more filter choices to be found as well which gives you even more control over what you are looking for.

I think that if you are a single person looking to find others who share the same hobbies as you, are around your age and around your location, this is the site for you. The site offers so many filters making it really quick and easy to find your perfect match.

The design and usability of the site is perfect for this group of people who are looking for other kin and to share their lives with.

Albanian Personals Costs and Prices

Is Albanian Personals expensive or cheap?

Should I buy it?

Albanian Personals is one of the most expensive programs on the list. That is often the case with dating companies of this kind. Unlike some personals, though, Albanian Personals has some interesting features that make it worth the extra expense.

Of course, if you can look past the typical dating site, you will find what so many singles are looking for. You can flirt with other members and engage in serious conversations.

Is this program worth it for you? It depends. If you are looking for love that is not in Albania, it may not be worth it. Since you will have to spend a lot of time in the program, any value you get from it will only result from the virtual interactions, and not the actual ones.

But if the value of actually meeting someone in the real world is not your highest priority, then Albanian Personals is a good option. The cost of the program, however, is probably not worth it as it is.

Special Features

  • Exclusive coverage of dating and romance that your ideal relationship
  • Discussion forums where you share your dating questions and get answers from the experts
  • We check the bid price of your advertisement so that you get the best price
  • Our exclusive interviews with dating specialists and corporate dating
  • Exclusive coverage of social networking and online dating
  • Experience and advice from the people who are dating online
  • Get free dating tips and advice from the experts
  • Members and readers can use the photo gallery to share your photo
  • We also post the classified ads on our site
  • You can create your advertising profile to get the best bid price

Day and Night Mode


Albanian Personals Review does come with different user interface look. It has matching colored tabs and mouse hover menu.

I suggest you to use white and black theme and try to change it's color according to your current background color.

The website design seems clean and simple, But the overall design is not matching with 2016 new design guidelines.

After reviewing their website, I notice that I have a little bit problem when I click home page. Usually this website didn't have problems like this. But today, I face this problem when I click home page.

They have been did a little improovement on their website but not so much.

The information that they provide is so basic that you can find it on the other sites but this site provides it in a relatively less competition.

I recently tried to use their free features where they give 5000 credits, but I would say, Just pay for this website if you are serious about your online dating.



Even though online dating has gotten a lot easier over the years, especially in the twenty first Century, there is still a risk involved when you let yourself get too caught up in the search for the perfect relationship.

Internet dating has been around for quite some time, and has become an increasingly common way for singles to find long and lasting relationships.

With such a popular trend for dating, it is understandable to assume that it would make the life of someone already in a relationship much easier. While there are many online dating sites and methods that can help a couple stay together, it is also important to approach online relationships with caution.


These are our findings from our careful analysis.

We tested to see what makes a dating site good for singles.

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s the very same approach that we would take to finding anything awesome on the internet.

So we went straight to the source and interrogated someone who the site is designed for. But wait, you’re thinking. You’ve never met anyone who is really looking for serious relationship in Albania?

Bummer. That just means you have to rely on us, because we did figure it out.

Albania’s dating scene is similar to a lot of countries the world over.

It’s not uncommon for people, based on their city, culture, and/or social circles, to only have access to the dating sites that our site provides.

So who are Albanians on dating sites?

We found that a lot of singles on Albanian dating sites are probably looking for serious relationships.

A lot of them are looking for well-educated people who will get along well with their friends and family.

Next time you go to a gallery, scan around the crowd for the people sitting with the ones who are engaged in conversation.


Conduct the following experiment and make concrete conclusions about the effects of the letter on the recipient’s behavior.

You can do it yourself or you can do the experiment to your partner or with your friends.

Activity 2

Find some people’s personal ad on line.

Make the following conclusions based on the contents of the ad:

  • To have more female friends
  • To be more attractive to females
  • To increase the opportunities to make money
  • To write more regularly
  • To become more popular
  • To have fun
  • To have more success in dating
  • To become more interesting
  • To attract more female sex partners

Activity 3

Find a person’s ad on line to meet new people or to become more attractive.

Make a conclusion on the most appropriate way to do it.


With Live Albanian People.

Editors Conclusion

After looking at the results and checking out the website personally I can say that the Albanian Personals scam review has presented a very thorough analysis on the Albanian Personals review site and has listed all the pros and cons previously mentioned in the Albanian Personals promo review. Some reviewers may be a bit too harsh on the Albanian Personals service and at times some of their statements may not be all completely honest. Nevertheless, overall the Albanian Personals review is very comprehensive and has presented a very noteworthy effort which has been further verified by the experience of myself. Therefore, it should not be ignored when making your final determination on whether you should join Albanian Personals or not.

There is One Thing I Would like to point out, the internet has already reached a calm and tranquil level , it is time to let it grow and settle and not on everything and everyone put on the shoulders of the internet. For example: It is now time to let people, companies and even entire continents have the freedom to reach their ideal customers. The internet has become the ideal place which enables the people to fulfill their requirements in a much clear and easier fashion.

In the age of information moving is much easier. How can a company or person sell their products or services when people are not willing to take their products or services when they can get it online from anywhere around the world?

Albanian Personals FAQ

With the recent upsurge of dating applications, it’s no wonder why a lot of people are jumping on the dating apps. With Tinder, Bumble, and more, you can meet people online who are looking to date. But exactly why do you need to ask these questions?

It’s because the most important aspect is to maintain a good conversation because eventually you might meet the right person you can connect with. Without a good conversation, you might never know whether or not you’ll be able to accomplish that.

Here are a couple great ways to maintain a conversation with your potential match:

{1}. What’s a fun fact about you? If you want to be engaging with your conversation partner, you should ask them their fun fact. Asking them a fun fact about them will help you see their sense of humor and help them see something fun about you. Ask them about something that wasn’t just embarrassing but something where they were really cool. For example, if you asked them about something they did when they were a kid, you would know that they have a really unique type of fun.
{2}. What’s a question about you? In the same vein, ask the person a question that they will know the answer to and let them talk about themselves as much as they want.


Albania is one of the most underrated countries in the world for having its own unique culture. You can read more about Albania here. Interested in foreign dating? Get started here.

You know the old saying, “Big things come in small packages.” That is certainly true when it comes to Albania.

So if you are looking for a country that has amazing history and scenery, and a romantic and trendy culture, we don’t blame you for wanting to explore the country’s intriguing dating scene.

Albania is a small, but wonderfully diverse country, with a rich history that dates back over 2,000 years ago. You might think that dating among the Albanian women in a major city like Tirana, the capital, would be a stodgy affair.

But if you’re looking for something casual, then consider dating a girl in Tirana. The capital of Albania is one of the most magical cities to explore, as the city’s narrow streets and alleyways take you back in time with each step.

Of course, this means that dating Tirana women is easy, and you can meet plenty of women from the biggest cities of Tirana today. Also, if you’re a U.S. citizen, you might consider dating Albanian women in America.

What is Albanian Personals?

Albanian Personals is a review website that is based on Craigslist. It provides a platform for the people who are using it to find each other. It is a free website and can be used from anywhere in the world. It will be easier for people to find their ideal match while in this site.

Such a web platform also gives the people a chance to communicate with one another. This can help in meeting your requirements and desires. It is a great source of communication for many people who are unhappy in their current relationship or who are looking for someone who is similar to what they have already got.

In this Albanian Personals Review, the organization will be talked about which include the benefits and the negatives of the platform. In this way, people will be able to get the best match as they want.

This will help them in meeting their demands and objectives.

Does Albanian Personals have customer support service?

As far as we know, at the time of this writing, Albanian Personals doesn’t have customer support which means that you as a paying customer won’t be able to ask any questions to the team. Despite that, you will probably have some questions about how to use this site, which is why we have provided this Albanian Personals Review. The good thing is that you can use this Albanian Personals Review to answer the most common questions regarding Albanian Personals.

How does Albanian Personals work?

Who are eligible to join Albanian Personals?

Albania Personals has very strict criteria that you need to meet in order to apply. It is expected that you own your own property and live in Albania for at least a 12 month period of your own will.

Also, the minimum age of an applicant has to be at least 30 years of age.

The two partners of the company are expected to be able to support themselves financially and should maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. That means working out for a minimum of at least two hours a day.

Phase 4: Daily Product Advertising Plan (Short)

Your final week in Albania is going to be a massive marketing campaign. You’ll be needing to get your Albanian joint venture daytime and nighttime visibility to ensure you’re making a powerful impact on your target audience in the country.

Daytime Visibility

Daytime visibility will be incredibly crucial to your success, so you’ll be spending your big marketing push in the mornings. After all, a large portion of your target audience is going to be working on days.

You’ll need to target commercials and billboards to get your marketing message out there. The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that people need to feel the need to look for you.

Safety and Security

Is Albanian Personals a legitimate site?

Yes, Albanian Personals is a site that offers a great opportunity for meeting beautiful women. The site is totally legit.

Automatic registration is available. Of course, you will not get the best quality or the most people, but you will be able to see the profiles and choose one that interests you.

Of course, you can also use the site manually, which is great if you want to put more effort in the process.

Please note, though, that you might not be very successful if you just sign in with a random email address, at least not at the beginning.

Albanian Personals offers you a subscription based account that will definitely boost your chances. If you want to become rich starting now with one jerk off in the morning, then you should get the account with the best features.

When you get the subscription, you will get a notification every time someone soffers you that has the same interests as you. You will then be able to search and choose who you would like to contact.

Thus, this site is more oriented towards men who have actual intention of dating women as opposed to men who just want to get laid and never actually plan on dating.

The community is also very strong with this site.

Not only do you not have to rely on the random notifications, but you also have other members to help you in the dating process.

Is Albanian Personals safe?

Many dating and matrimonial websites are scams, and ANALA Site is not an exception for such websites. Albanian personals is not a real dating site like USACONNECTION and many other companies. We know it is a scam and our experts are checking it very regularly. If you want reliable dating sites, try USACONNECTION.

Our experts are looking into Albanian personals very closely and we are making sure that every single claim we are getting is checked and verified.

We have a huge team of expert researchers working for us and they have access to all the unique information of such sites.

So, you can join USACONNECTION with confidence and fully trust that your data and money will be safe.

In case of this dating site, our expert’s research has revealed that all your personal information is highly confidential and secure and not even one bit of it can be shared with other persons.

Your information is completely safe with us.

All your personal data can be protected and in case any real cheating happens, our team can surely help you by providing you a full account of your personal info.

These sites are designed with only one aim and motivation for their creators. That is to get your personal information and to give you access to a person in another country. They will never give you a real and trustworthy account of anyone in private.

How can I block someone at Albanian Personals?

It is not possible to block someone from Albanian Personals if they were not originally found in your inbox or your “people to connect with” suggestions.

To block someone:

  • Press the “Create New Relationship” button
  • In the “Or Interested In” segment… type in the user’s name
  • You can keep clicking that name to add more if you wish
  • Press “Next”
  • When the “You are ready to create a relationship” screen appears…
  • Click the blue button at the top for “I have read and agreed to Albania Personals Terms and Conditions”
  • If you’re happy, press “Next”

Then “Create a new relationship” to complete the process.

Do other Albanian Personals members have access to my personal information when I contact them?

They may have some access to your information, but only for certain purposes. Once a member is invited to contact you or you contact them, they will only be able to view your profile and send you messages, and that only if you have given them your permission.

If you choose to only receive messages from members who you have asked to contact you, that will also be the case. If a message says something along the lines of ‘Your message has been sent to [your name]”, that message will contain the information of the member making the message.

If you wish to communicate privately, you can use the ‘Private Message’ button that sits in the top right-hand corner of every page. There, you will be able to tell the person that you want to contact that you would like to communicate privately. You can also write a message in the ‘Message to Member’ box with no one seeing it, except the member you’re sending it to.

Do I need to disclose my personal details when making contact with other members?

No. Albania Personals use an anonymous method of contact to keep things safe and private. This means that nobody will know who you really are when you use Albania Personals.

Making contact is completely anonymous and you have no need to register to use this service. Just click on the Click to Chat button and a member will contact you.

The only thing you can being from the rest of the world is your interest in meeting them for the first time, as that’s all that is ever shared with them.

However, you can do that through the Contact page with your first name and city. This will give enough information for everyone to start chatting.

Some members browse Albania Personals because a full registration may deter some people seeing as they don’t want to give their names or provide their email addresses.

Sometimes people browse the site to see what’s there and then leave, again without creating a profile or joining the site.

Albania Personals members can also browse the site to see all the available profiles, and perhaps even send a message to one of the members that catches their eye.

There is no need to fill in any personal details. However, it’s a good idea to write a little about yourself and give a phone number to give them a little more detail.

Account and Membership

For the most part, the service has good customer service, especially for new members trying to get their account set up. However, once you’ve been around for a while, you more than likely encounter issues that seem to be hard to resolve.

They have a few other quirks worth mentioning. While they do offer a basic service without ads, take a look at the Extra upgrades (ad placement, etc).

It’s nice that members can upgrade to other levels for a premium price, provided they meet with the other ads they bring along. That’s all well and good, but they place these ads in other people’s name, meaning you will start seeing ads for porn sites, dating sites, etc. Those pop-ups block you from finding and private messaging other members.

The ads also suggest that you can go ahead and add them to the Adult Listing section, which is not true. They list the ads here, but you will never actually see them. Unless you’re willing to pay for Premium, then you’re fortunate to see them at all.

If the purists of account management are after no ads, then use a second account, because there is in fact nothing to stop you from getting the same level of free account (without ads).

How can I change my e-mail and password at Albanian Singles?

It’s simple, fast and easy. Here is a complete guide on How to change your e-mail and password at Albanian Singles. Go to our Account Overview page, and click the Log In with Facebook button. This will take you to the Albanian Singles Support page.

Then, you need to click the Edit Profile icon at the upper right-hand corner. Here you can do a quick search for the name of the person that matches your e-mail.

Then enter your new e-mail and password and you’re done!

How do I Add Facebook to Albanian Singles?

By adding Facebook to Albanian Singles, you can easily and quickly add your profile to the website. To add Facebook, you have to Upload your profile photo, and add your profile information.

Log in to Facebook using the same account information that you want to add to Albanian Singles. Then, go to the Settings page and choose the App Settings button.

Choose Advertise myself on the dating network and choose the type of ad that you want, as well as how you want to be discovered. Then you will go to each date of your choice.

Choose the tiny Profile icon in the upper left corner and choose the option Add to Albanian Singles. That’s it! You have successfully added Albanian Singles.

How to retrieve Albanian Personals username and password?

To retrieve Albanian Personals username and password, visit 键盘笔记设置 Albanian Personals¿"keyboard settings."

Can I still change my Albanian Personals' username?

Yes, you can change your Albanian Personals' username at any time! If you wish to change it upon first signing up, you’ll be able to do so under your account settings, where you can also change the username for your profile.

If you’ve already signed up and wish to change your username, you can do so by contacting our Customer Support team so they can assist you further.

Do I need to upload my photo at Albanian Personals?

A: No, your photo is not required but many users do upload a personal photo, which makes communication much easier and personal.

B: You don't need to upload a photo, but hey why not, right?

You can chose whether to upload a photo or not and can see your picture when you sign in at Personals. You choose your picture and it can either be uploaded to BBM or be added to your message.

Is there a limit in uploading photos at Albanian Personals?

The amount of photos you can upload is dependent on your membership and will be shown on your chosen membership level.

Each membership level also includes private messaging and profile updates available to those who match both of your profiles.

Once you have had a conversation with another user, the private messaging system will allow you to send photos without worrying about uploading them.

This means that you can send whatever photos you wish to your heart’s content.

We see this offer as a way for people to get to know each other better and build a relationship on the video chat before either personages being attracted to the other.

Does Albanian Personals require credit card details when signing up?

No, you don’t need to supply your credit card details. Albanian Personals is free to join with a free profile membership. As soon as you create an account, you have the option to upgrade and upgrade to a paid plan of your choice, if you so desire.

Is available for free. You can create a free account and use the dating app for absolutely nothing.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

We are happy to receive your feedback! Send your questions and suggestions to: [email protected]

Share your Albanian Personals experience


You’ll find Albanian personals on a number of the most popular websites. Everything from matchmaking to listings to date and introduction service, there are many options out there for you. But what do they have in common? You’ll often find only women are participating on the sites and that there are only Albanian ladies interested in meeting foreign men.

This is unusual for a number of reasons, but primarily because Albanian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. And while all nations have their share of beautiful women that will love to date foreign men, the fact the men that wish to date an Albanian woman is so unusual you can only wonder why there are so few foreign men looking to date an Albanian women. There are a variety of reasons but below are some of the best reasons for this to be the case.

Personalized Recommendation

“With iPersonals following up on our profile is always a great thing as soon as you log in, the old iPersonals will pop up with a personalized recommendation. Since they’ve taken over there have been a good amount of upgrades and new things they introduced to make it better!! If you need to change your avatar or take off your profile completely, they have a great removal feature as well!!

BEST UPGRADE for me is the instant APs! I can get APs and TIPS in seconds instead. I liked when your tips were 3-15 minutes! That was a long wait!

As for the personal recommendations, I don’t really see that much benefit from them, just more APs and TIPS!

I always feel the need for verification on the app! I’m not sure if it’s because the new owners took over and it’s a very new mobile app but I think the verification feature should be more than just a ‘like’ within the profiles.

With these suggestions and positive reviews, I’m wanting to give it a ‘3.5’ out of 5.


I personally felt I was being hit on by a horny Albanian in the beginning (this is not something we all experience naturally) but this passive-aggressive communication strategy works in Albania to get your desired results, so I can live with it.

After a successful date, including dinner in a cafe, homemade Albanian home-cooking, and a modest amount of wine, I decided that I could not, in good conscience, go on a second date with her without having a little sympathy and her own needs met.

Don’t get me wrong. In Albania, I’d do it again. I don’t think that you could ever go wrong making sure your Albanian date’s needs are taken care of after a night that ends in a return of the favor, not only with you, but also with her neighbors and other Albanian women.

But I did want to sleep with her, even if it wasn’t going to happen that night.

So I laid it out for her. I told her I had an hour or two before the bus left from the hostel. I had no place to stay. I had no job prospects or funds for two weeks’ worth of items on my list; I couldn’t do any of the things that I wanted to do, like fuck her.