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Ashley Madison App: Taking Your Affair Anywhere

In this world, with such distractions like Facebook, Tweeting and Instagram, it has become very difficult for man to carry on an affair. It would be really difficult for someone to cheat in the real world because there are so many eyes watching you every moment.

Ashley Madison App comes in and solves all these problems. The Ashley Madison App allows you to cheat in perfect privacy.

Ashley Madison App is an online affair dating and matching app where people thinking of having affairs can come along and communicate.

The world’s biggest adult dating network with an active user base of millions of members.

Register for free today and you will be given the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are also planning to have affairs.

Installing the App Is a Relatively Easy Task

There is no need to download any complex applications. The Ashley Madison App is an offline application which is compatible with all screen sizes.

It can be easily installed on Android, iOS and Windows phones, laptops, desktops, notebooks and desktop computers.

Once the application is downloaded, it will open up on its own in the registered device. You will be able to enter your email address and password next. Most of the people use their email addresses and passwords from Ashley Madison so you can connect easily with them.

Where to Look for the Ashley Madison App

The Ashley Madison website is difficult to check out. You need to make an account and fill in many personal information. This makes checking out Ashley Madison a real grind.

Surprisingly, the Ashley Madison App is way easier to deal with.

Not only can you see all the men and women available, but you can also make use of the advanced search available that shows only the location closest to you.

This is especially interesting if you are looking for sex with women. The app doesn’t allow for contact, but you can hear all their audio files and you will be able to see the personal details of all the women you are interested in.

What’s more, it creates a real check system. If you use the address book on your phone or at home to get the number of one of the sites, they will be able to check the background information of the person on the site you are looking for.

Get the Ashley Madison app to meet open minded women and men in real life!

Availability of Ashley Madison App

On average, this application is available in 208 countries and the platform is universal.

With the Ashley Madison app, you can post flirty messages to strangers just like you do with Facebook.

The app also allows you to meet new people on the dark web and allows you to watch as your new love interest has sex.

It’s pretty high class as far as online dating apps go, so it is a success in that sense.

The main difference between Ashley Madison and Tinder is the anonymity of the app. On Tinder, every new user is required to sign up with an email address and all emails are forwarded to the user’s Facebook inbox.

But with Ashley Madison, you have a private account and can interact with strangers without others being able to see.

In 2014, Ashley Madison posted online that they had over 2.5 million male customers and between 10,000 and 15,000 female users on their website.

While Ashley Madison does have a lot of female customers, they still don’t add up to over half of their total users.

Some men can use the platform with a fake account, others may use anonymous email accounts.

Dating Websites

The Ashley Madison website is only one of many websites that allow you to browse through people looking to have an affair.

Ashley Madison App: What You Need to Know

The app has everything you need to get laid… including your nose.

Ashley Madison is billed as the world’s largest extramarital dating site for married people. It boasts over 40 million members and counting.

A direct way to go about cheating on your significant other, the app has grown in popularity over the years. As the products and services it provides have grown, commercialization has increased, as well.

The most important thing you need to check out, though, is the Ashley Madison App.

What It Does

The Ashley Madison App is available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

If you are looking for sex, you are probably going to use it. If you are looking to have an affair or simply to have an amorous relationship, chances are, you want it to be discreet.

It is the discreet connection between sexual desires and the fulfillment of those desires that makes the Ashley Madison App so successful.

It connects people with their libidos. It does so by:

Connecting members with attractive singles who may want to meet with them for a relationship.

Connecting members with their significant other who they would like to meet.

Providing a discreet tool by which an individual looking for a discreet encounter can connect with an attractive community of individuals looking for the same backend.

App Design and Usability

The Ashley Madison App is a mobile app designed to help everyone get laid. In a world where all communication is done through phones, apps and websites, the Ashley Madison App has excelled itself by being the biggest hook-up dating app around. It’s a very smart app: designed to make it easy for users to find sex in a quick and efficient manner.

This is because the Ashley Madison App focuses on short-term dating rather than the long-term commitment of finding a relationship. This makes it a viable alternative to the dating apps that are aimed at finding long-term relationships. The app’s interface works pretty well: it’s very simple to use and doesn’t contain a lot of unnecessary information.

The app is very basic but workable. Just like the website, it possesses all the common functions to hook up with other users looking for casual sex. It gives it’s users the option to meet up at designated places and to meet up for sex. In addition, it also allows users to add profiles to their apps to add more potential sex partners to their connection. However, problems arise when it comes to the actual sex itself.

Is Ashley Madison expensive or cheap?

It depends on what you’re looking for.

Has a very cheap pricing plan which is cheap, and advertised as “suicide”. You get 100 credits for a very cheap price, I think it was 12 dollars. You buy credits with dollar, that they claim is cheaper than gift cards. They don’t even switch it to euro. But anyhow, you get 100 for 12 bucks. Not bad.

Then You Need to Have an App in Your Computer

There are apps for common OS like windows, mac, and IOS, and they are pretty cheap, like 15 euros for a 1y plan. It’s cheaper than the other one, the “suicide” one, if you spent money.

You are not told anything about the life of you membership. You are not told anything about the life of the credits. They just sold you something with a very cheap price, but without a life.

App Price and Costs

The App will have an iPad iFixit-style: you get a screwdriver, hammer, pry bar, and a utility knife if you want to fight your way into your iPad to take it apart!

We want to kick off the app with a free version. The free version of the app will have:

  • o A profile
  • o Messages
  • o “Ashley”
  • o 100 credits

O The option to pay for a full monty of features.

O Features will be:

  • o Message
  • o Profile
  • o Photograph & Store
  • o Search by profile
  • o Search online
  • o Travel
  • o Send free credits
  • o One free credit per day, per user

O Credits can be purchased in the App Store as needed for in-app purchases.

O Credits will never expire.

O Credits will not permit use of pornographic content in the App.

O Credits will not permit purchases of content in the App.

O All content will remain 100% under our control.

O Apps will remain ad-free.

Ashley Madison App Features

Free version contains profile pictures of preapproved women.

Users are able to search for another member by category such as age, location, height, bust size, and more.

Ashley Madison members can view photos, IQ, status and type of relationship, and can also send notes to each other.

The app also tracks how many times a member has viewed a profile, browsed profiles, or logged onto Ashley Madison. This helps Ashley Madison to steer users to the right profile.

The freebie version doesn’t allow you to chat on the phone, and you are only allowed to chat to four other members.

You must upgrade to the paid version to get the full set of features such as:

  • No limits on profile browsing
  • No limits on SMS
  • Phone chat for free
  • Chat on the phone
  • Video chat

The only way for an unapproved person to join Ashley Madison is to pay the “forgot password” fee. This fee costs 15 USD. The process of resume all other paid features.

Ashley Madison also offers a free 30-day trial, allowing members to sign up and try the features for up to 30 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time by calling support.

You must be at least 18 years old.

Users must be at least 18 to create a profile.

Guest Membership Features

Paid Membership Features

Nobody should ever have to go into the wild world of the Internet alone, especially if you want to find meaningful HAPPINESS in your life:

When you join the Ashley Madison App, you’ll immediately have access to the world’s largest and most discreet network of married men and women on the go.

You can browse our members’ profiles and read thousands of real messages left by our members, which is fully discretion protected.

Validate yourself in your own way through many interactive features including being able to send flirtations and matching with our members from the comfort of your own home; at your own time.

Designed by women, for women, the Ashley Madison App gives you the best hookup experience of your life.

Mobile App Features

Ashley Madison was created in 2001, and today is one of the most trusted dating and relationships agencies in the world. It was created to help connect people with the best possible mate for them. It also provides more extensive means of helping couples connect and communicate online.

Ashley Madison is a Canadian institution. The online dating site allows people to find love, companionship, relationships, and marriage that truly works. It’s also safe, private, and successful place for men and women to meet and find a relationship, friendship, or other satisfying experiences online.

The Ashley Madison mobile application is currently compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad’s, including all iOS updates. It is also compatible with Androids and Android devices. They provide people with the opportunity to chat, flirt, and converse with potential partners and meet various men and women for the type of relationships they want.

As with all online dating services, communication is key in the Ashley Madison app. It gets the conversation started simply and easily whether it’s through text or phone.

To find people nearby quickly and easily, the app uses geo-location. It’s also available in various languages so that people can use it in the language they understand. There’s no need for those who are going to use it to learn a foreign language.

No Ashley Madison App Access

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Ashley Madison App Summary

(I) Is Ashley Madison just a dating website? Or is it a cheat website?

Ashley Madison is a web-based dating website. Its business model is to find you a match after your credit card information is passed through an email verification.

It is similar to eDating or Friend Finder for marriage. But the business model is completely different. They don’t have any marriage families. The payment model is different. You can pay to premium service to communicate with lots of members – just like TV. But the main aim is to find your match.

(II) What is the features that Ashley Madison offer?

Ashley Madison is actually a big data collection site – a very big data collection site.

They have some function to find your match. But the main feature to find your match is in collecting the big data, as they call it.

And that reason is, with the show of members, they can make the age, gender, area land, and language big data to find your match. By the way, this is totally legit from the government’s point of view. You can access to this data by going to the government’s website.

After knowing some basic features, we will take a closer look to Ashley Madison.

More information on Ashley Madison:

The Ashley Madison Dating App is one of the most famous dating services out there for married people. No matter what your age or preferences, you can look for discreet hookups with people who share your interests/desire and actually fulfill your needs in an open relationship.

Beside the mobile app, they also offer an online dating service and there are products for those who just want to flirt. The mobile app was originally created for the purpose of engaging the men and women who frequent certain news and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some of them). All the matches that result from these interactions can be made right inside the app.