Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement : Which one can get you hotter dates?

Luca Vaccino
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The concept of so-called premium dating sites is not new to the internet. The idea behind these websites is that people looking for casual hook ups have to pay a fee to get access to these services.

Both of these websites are marketed as places women expect to meet rich men and men know their taste for beautiful, wealthy women.

This is actually where the real difference between these two websites lies. Unlike Ashley Madison, whose users are described as married and intelligent men looking for extramarital affairs, Seeking Arrangement is exclusively a site for young attractive women.

It was first created by Mark Brooks, who observed that the main problem of most dating sites is that they are not designed for his target audience. He decided to create a site specifically for young, attractive women who can’t find their type of man in traditional dating sites.

There are also plenty of features that make it easier for men to contact these women, offering “hundreds” of choices in a certain area and an extensive verification process.

So basically, men can go through the site and see all the hundreds of young, attractive women listed there, and if they want to contact them, they need to fill in their information and send them an email.

More information on Seeking Arrangement:

Seeking Arrangement has more than 15 million members in more than 200 international cities.

Seeking Arrangement offers a sophisticated matchmaking service for busy professionals to meet their ideal match.

Seeking Arrangement is a mobile application that enables its users to browse through profiles and take advantage of the advanced search tools.

Seeking Arrangement uses a rating system to help single men and women evaluate prospective matches.

Seeking Arrangement also offers fixed pricing and membership fees for memberships of various lengths.