Ashley Madison vs Tinder: Which one can get you hotter dates?

Luca Vaccino
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First off, let me say I was on both. I was on Tinder for a while, with a brief stint on OKCupid, but there was always a little something missing.

I did not tear the shirts off beautiful girls. Alright, perhaps I didn’t tear them off, but who does that?

Ashley Madison just let them right down.

And that’s where I turned. After I got off Tinder and started using Ashley Madison, there was no turning back.

Here’s what I noticed about Tinder:

No Choice- It’s opening with the faces of random women who have no idea they’re on a dating app. There’s no option to choose your own. It doesn’t even let you match with your local community.

Raised Bar- I’ve spent a lot of time using Tinder, and I’ve come to realize that while it works at bringing people together, it is still limited in a lot of ways.

For one, you can only message back and forth with one person at a time. So if you don’t like the first response, you can’t continue.

More information on Tinder:

Tinder is a mobile dating application, for single people. More than 7 million people use Tinder, so it’s one of the most well-known dating apps in the world. It works like this: you sign in to Tinder with your Facebook account and then start liking other people’s profiles. Tinder then lets you know when another person likes you back, and you get the opportunity to message them.

This is a great app if you want to meet people in your local area or if you are simply tired of common dating apps. The app is available for both iOS and android. A brand new Tinder account usually receives about 150 messages a day.

Tinder does not check all profiles of the users. You’ll see just photos of the person. From there, you have to decide if you want to meet them.

Ashley Madison takes its name from the ill-fated Enron company and is a dating website for married or attached people who desire to have an affair or who are looking for extramarital relationships.

The dating site is billed as having a large database of cheating spouses and has made headlines recently for its disclosure on hacker’s website that it had suffered a security breach.

You can choose to engage in live chat on the site. If you want to chat privately, however, you can do that as well.