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AsiaCharm is a complete platform aimed at making life easier for Asia-based businessmen. The site features just about every lifestyle-related topic you’re likely to think about.

For example, the three most-searched topics on AsiaCharm are video hosting, video streaming, and website design.

As well as providing information on each of these categories, the site also claims to help you monetize those sites.


  • AsiaCharm gives you a platform for everything related to living and working in Asia. It is very comprehensive and easy to use.
  • It has a dedicated 11,250+ member Facebook page on which you can make new contacts and learn about the latest Asia tech trends.
  • The site is open to everyone and has significant resources for foreigners that want to live or work in Asia.
  • AsiaCharm has a pricelist for most everything it promises on the site.


  • This isn’t for complete newbies that want to learn about anything related to being in Asia.
  • Although the founders like to boast about their price list, some of the things they offer there are actually expensive for anything less than an expert.
  • You have to prove your income, which can be a bit inconvenient for some people.

New members at AsiaCharm in February 2021 in comparison

AsiaCharm has selected the best of the best from its members. Our members are normal people…with a dream to get amazing ships. The fact that some of them are probably looking for these ships, regardless of our program, is important because it motivates us to do better. Making a nice profit from reselling new items becomes a possibility. If you are new to AsiaCharm, we invite you to come aboard. Your new cruise is already waiting for you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your cruise.

We continue to grow and succeed independently because we have confidence to do so. It is our mission to always remain the cruise website of choice.

A recent evaluation of our partnership with our parent company CruiseWorks shows that we are doing as we had planned. Since our inception, we took a decision to not grow bigger and make fat profits from the beginning. It…s at the end we will make our money. We believe we can always grow bigger and become a richer company if we are not too focused on the money.

We remind you that the cruises we offer are part of our partnership programs. The week-long cruises on offer are actually partnerings with various cruise lines. These cruises offer insights on these lines. This is important because the program is meant to motivate our members to go on a cruise by themselves.

Member activity at AsiaCharm in February 2021 in comparison

As of August 2017 there are 615,000 members, on AsiaCharm, a monthly payment program. About 60,000 members joined in August and September 2017. As for February 2021 the current count stands at 84,300 members. This is a difference of roughly 12,000 members a year which is an increase of 10% annually compared to the first year of the program.

This seems to be a consistent number, this was also consistent in the last couple of months.

The reason for the thought is that AsiaCharm releases 2-3 content every week so each month it is possible that there are more members joining.

The current count is expected to be identical to August and September this year, as the numbers for August and September should be identical to the number of members joining at the time.

This can be explained by a couple of things. It is possible that members changed from different websites and are now joining AsiaCharm. It is also possible that the difference is caused by members joining and dissolving, so the count will even out in a few months with the members joining in October and November decreasing to the number joining in November and December.

Expected Growth Month by Month

The number of new members is in this range, which is very close the expected growth month by month.

AsiaCharm Member Structure

To become a member of AsiaCharm, and to earn AsiaCharm Points, you must procure the member badge. You should earn 5 points by earning one badge.

You will want to keep your points growing each time you can. As you become more active in the site, you will acquire more accesses to cash out your points. These accesses are in the form of the AsiaCharm cash backpack and you should utilize this feature.

If you do not plan on cashin your points, but want to earn more points, you can always use the AsiaCharm point booster. This will increase your point growth by 10%.

Age Distribution

Signing Up at AsiaCharm

Sign up for a free trial account at AsiaCharm,, if you have a general curiosity about Asian dating. If you want to see Asian girls talking to each other in real time, that’s the place. But don’t use it in the air-conditioned lobby of an airport, because the noise of the riff-raff will drive you mad. See Asian conversations for yourself in a good soundproof room.

For the free trial, you’ll be asked to verify your email. It’s a simple one-question test, but it will keep out spammers.

If you pass the test, your account will be allowed in. You’ll get an access email and the link to activate your account.

Once you log in, you’ll spend some time on the sign-up page confirming your details, becoming a member, and selecting a nickname. Only after you do this will you be ready to speak with real Asian girls!

At AsiaCharm,, you can pick the time of your day that works best for you. The staff are on hand to offer help 24/7. Should you need it!

Making Contact on AsiaCharm


When you're reading about one of AsiaCharm's contact features, you should be able to contact them in two different ways. By using real-time messaging, you'll be able to start a dialog with a person or an automated bot. The medium will use voice, text, or video to get the job done.

You'll also have to know that they ask for permission before you can chat with them. They’ll prompt you with a request to chat, but if you don’t agree, that’s okay.

Be clear about your intentions.

Chats are private and the language you use can be as serious as it can be casual. However, you’ll want to be sure that you use the language and terms you want to use. If you’re not sure, you'll have to decide what you want to say and how you want to say it.

AsiaCharm Profile Quality

AsiaCharm is rated 4 out of 5 stars on Customer Reviews while their live chat support service is poor.

They have been the most informative and most active company when it comes to UK trade marks. The company has also worked out successfully in both live chat and email help services.

The limitations of the support service has been this review rating. The office located team response to questions was always quick and informative over email.

They have a fantastic range of products for men that can have a unique personalised messages added to them.

The AsiaCharm office is located in China so the time zone is different to most of the European office.

They have a team of customer service representatives available to provide customer support 24/7.

The products offered by the company covers all aspects of Asian culture.

They have been the competitors of Branded Promise.

They do not have a dedicated shop or website and order mainly through Facebook. The company has large advertising budget to promote their products online and offline.

They provide 24/7 24/7 customer support.

Their money-back guarantee is 100%, private and discreet, email, phone and email support agents are available.

They offer an optional gift wrapping service upon order.

They also offer free shipping services worldwide for all orders.

The products are from large international companies.

AsiaCharm App

AsiaCharm has been providing the best and top-notch travel service around the world for 20 years now. They are a network of quality destinations, guides, travel companions, tour operators, tour suppliers, hotels and other travel professionals.

They are committed to help customers create unspoiled memories through their complete travel service. You can feel free to book everything from accommodation to attractions at the best prices through their platform.

The platform is designed in way that it enables you to plan your trip in just a few clicks. It makes it and your experience effortless.

AsiaCharm is not just limited to providing the best travel experiences. They also offer membership to help you gain access to special services, discounts, and more perks.

With AsiaCharm Global Travel Membership, you can expect exclusive access to:

  • Complimentary Hotel and Resort Discounts
  • Book the Cheapest Business Class Travel
  • Complimentary Travel Insurance
  • Access to Exclusive Member-only events
  • And More!

AsiaCharm Sports Membership is a great way to be engaged in their community and help special causes along the way.

As a sports junkie, you are sure to find your home with these services that they offer.

For the adventurous, AsiaCharm Sportswomen Membership is a great source for sports fanatics.

AsiaCharm Sportswomen Membership gives you:

AsiaCharm Real Life Review

I came across AsiaCharm Review when I was looking for something new to try to get into shape.

I’d done everything including the blood pressure meds and the happy pills to no avail.

I’d read too many forums where people would jokingly say they’d lost weight on the pills.

When I purchased my first bottle of AsiaCharm I was a little afraid. I’d heard about the complaints about people having the side effects for weeks after their first bottle and being unable to stop taking it in the future.

So when I took my first two servings, I figured I would stop and wait to see if there was any difference. Well I’ll just say now I’m taking it at least twice a day now.

It took less than a week to take off those trouble spots I was looking for, and those trouble spots have stayed away. I discovered I could go from weighing 120 to 108 and still be eating the same amount of food every day.

Design and Usability

AsiaCharm doesn’t get any handle on design nailing down a great website design in a rectangular slab of mockup. It has a combination of velvet carpet and formica style with loads of texture and color. It’s a little shinier and lighter than what you’d normally see on a porn site, but probably not a massive hell of a lot.

The main page has a banner at the top, obviously showing a picture of a girl that happens to be a crooked little combo of Japan and Korea. Asian in shape, hip and titiled, she’s got white hair, and she can barely be called out of her dad’s pool. The font that’s aping an old-as-fuck-nostalgiarizing font is in the middle third of the screen.

The layout looks a stupid fake as fuck. But in all honesty, this kind of layout is done all over the place, and was even done way way back in 1999 on Comic Vine’s website. The only things that’d stop this from being a classy website upgrade in the present day are the funny domain selection and the fact that the background is gray and there’s no heading to the menu.

AsiaCharm Costs and Prices

It's important to know your price limits for the big ticket items before you dive into the AsiaCharm review.

As I mentioned above, we are only talking about monthly costs here.

A couple of things to note:

AsiaCharm has a pay-as-you-go budgeting option. This basically means their cost structure changes based on whether you remain an active customer or not.

For example, once you cancel, any monthly payments beyond the cancellation date (which you have 48 hours to do) will be refunded. It is therefore important to know whether you think the product is worth paying for on a monthly basis and whether you can stay on for good.

You also need to establish your price point for each product.

Are you willing to pay for AsiaCharm VIP membership?

For example, we want to know if it is worth paying for AsiaCharm’s courses.

AsiaCharm makes money by selling its content online. They also sell its memberships. So yes, you can expect to pay for your AsiaCharm membership.

While AsiaCharm has a basic package that includes its content, this is the one that you will probably stick with, so it is up to you to decide if this is worth the money.

If you think you would enjoy the VIP membership, then that’s all it will cost you.

Is AsiaCharm expensive or cheap?

AsiaCharm is a great option for those looking for a better way to buy products on sale.

On special occasions, such as Christmas, there are occasional flash sales that you should keep your eyes open for. You can also have the option to buy products on sale for a limited time only.

Also be advised that the price on the AsiaCharm website is the cheapest available price, not the cheapest price currently on sale.

You can buy products from Asia-Charm at a slightly higher price than you can buy them elsewhere, but if you are looking for products that are on sale you might just realize that it’s not really that much more.

I have received many emails from happy AsiaCharm customers and have yet to hear a complaint from a customer who’s had an issue. Most of the time, I have received email responses in less than 24 hours and have received generous freebies such as samples and coupons.

AsiaCharm is another gold standard of customer service and is one of the few companies where I would say they really care about their customers.

Special Features

AsiaCharm brings you a wide selection of cost-effective telecommunications services to a wide range of destinations worldwide.

Stay in Touch with Friends & Family

AsiaCharm offers a stunning selection of family and friend plans from A to E, with the ability to easily answer calls, chat and share photos in real time without the need for an expensive landline.

Easily Call Landline, Mobile And Voicemail.

AsiaCharm allows you to easily access your on-line service via an internet browser or any of your phones coupled with conveniently easy access to your voicemail.

Super Low-Cost International Calling

AsiaCharm offers a selection of low-cost overseas calling options to anywhere in the world. This list is constantly under review and can be modified at any time without notice.

Easy, Confidential Services.

AsiaCharm offers accessible, confidential and secure services that can be enjoyed, without any hassle, at a very reasonable cost.

Global Protection

AsiaCharm provides a wide variety of policies to help protect you, and your family. View our full product list to make sure that you can protect what you are most concerned about.

This service is available for all international calls. See Terms and Conditions for details.



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Set Up a Date

To maximise your chance of receiving Sublime Points, make sure any FOSS groups you are in a member of have a scheduled discussion about AsiaCharm at a time you choose.

For groups where AsiaCharm has not previously been discussed, you should also set up a discussion.

Please note that the AsiaCharm Review form has a limited capacity. It is intended for use by a single group at a single time and is not expected to be used by any other groups in the future. (The AsiaCharm Listing Group should have its own means of discussing AsiaCharm.)

Guidelines when adding an AsiaCharm topic to a Google Calendar:

The AsiaCharm Listing Group should discuss AsiaCharm on the specific date and time scheduled by you, not the AsiaCharm Review form. Avoid scheduling a discussion during the AsiaCharm Review form interval, as any new postings during that time might be overlooked.

Be completely clear about whether the Queue is a review form or a general discussion on AsiaCharm.

Only authorised Queuers are permitted to add topics to the AsiaCharm Review form.

The AsiaCharm Listing Group should discuss AsiaCharm during the exact time slot assigned to it by the AsiaCharm Review form, not during a time slot set for a general discussion.

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Editors Conclusion

Overall, I would give AsiaCharm a 4-star rating. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to get started in the Asia market. The AsiaCharm trading platform is easily navigable and allows you to develop your own portfolio and manage it.

The choice of currency pairs is well balanced, so you have the choice of real and virtual currency trades. This makes it possible to test out this exciting new market before committing yourself.

As mentioned above, the platform is easy to use and offers modern user-friendly features, so you won’t need any prior knowledge of trading platforms to use AsiaCharm.

Users can expect to be kept up to date with news from Asia that they can use towards their trading activities. The platform is also designed with first time traders in mind, with educational articles to help you learn more about trading.

AsiaCharm is an excellent way to get your feet wet and try your hand at trading markets from all over the world.

AsiaCharm FAQ

Will AsiaCharm really work?

That depends. It is a flawed system that is linked to our unrealistic views on opposites.

The human mind is flawed in general and as a result does not give us a balanced view on reality. The human mind appreciates differences on a physical level.

For example, a person is more likely to see the color yellow as different from blue. Their eyes have different receptors that paint a different picture on each part of their brains.

The mental mechanism takes the view of opposites to a different level. It filters out the things that are in common and exaggerates the differences between two things.

So what can you do to stop this and reverse the effects? You can either work with your flawed mind or rely on external device such as AsiaCharm.

AsiaCharm will determine the level of differences between any two people by means of surveys or personality tests that are compiled into a long report. The report will highlight the differences between two people and how they are different from each other.

The program is a sort of mirror that reflects the differences between two people. The temptation with this program to love it or fill with hate is your mind’s way of reversing the flawed system to regain balance.

Actually, you can take advantage of this phenomenon to your advantage. AsiaCharm can help you better understand yourself and your opponent.


One feature that is missing from the AsiaCharm account is a way to change your password. When the AsiaCharm account was created, your password was generated, and there is no way to change it.

AsiaCharm also falls into the category of companies known as “pay by the drink” internet sites. When you first sign up, you are given an allowance of minutes. Any additional minutes that you use are billed to your credit card, which can be a real pain.

The following are websites you can if they are being operated by a legitimate company, but because of problems with AsiaCharm, I do not trust them.

Screener is the best website that I know of for finding unverified accounts of a website’s quality.

After Signing Up:

In order to complete the registration, you must adjust one of the following settings in your browser.

If you are using Google Chrome, click on the wrench icon at the top right corner of the browser, then select Settings. Next, under the Privacy section, check the "‘keep my browser history private’ to turn it ON. Click the save button when you are finished.

If you are using Firefox, click on the Firefox button in the top left corner of the browser to open the menu. Select Options and click the Privacy tab.

Why was my verification request denied on AsiaCharm?

The credit card verification system is a telltale sign that you wanted to buy something but were skeptical to trust the website. Those people are the best customers.

This is good; you could have just been scammed to buy fake products. It’s actually very easy to get verified on a good enough credit card.

For example, if you are the one who suspects that there was a fraud involved and they are forced to verify. That’s totally legitimate and isn’t his loss of the money, it’s their gain for getting more money in.

If you are too smart to fall for a scam, then you aren’t a scammer.

So if we got some criteria that you like to fulfill, we will move forward.

And no, this isn’t lying.

You don’t have to give away your personal information which could damage your identity.

So you just tell them how much money you were willing to spend on what product.

If you feel that you are making the wrong decision in trading for this website did not ask too much and it’s no big deal to decide between some of this and other.

This credit system is your passport to buying a lot of products from AsiaCharm.

What is ID verification on AsiaCharm?

Every seller is asked to provide identification to AsiaCharm. This is to ensure the integrity of merchants on our website and to weed out fraudulent practices, scams, and to prevent duplicate accounts.

ID Verification requires sellers to provide proof of identification before your membership will be approved and your products allowed on our site.

We offer branded Etsy identity card; however, the following documents are accepted to abide by ID Verification:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Government ID
  • Work ID
  • Adoption Papers

We reserve the right to deny any membership as we deem it necessary; and, in case of any dispute, we also reserve the right to hold the same until all parties involved have documented proof of identification.

This program is intended for the merchants and only for sellers on Etsy.

ID verification is provided in only this manner to allow trusted sellers found on our site. Such sales are not prohibited under Etsy’s policies, but are known as direct dealing and their intention is to prevent fraud.

Does AsiaCharm read the personal emails/messages I send to the members I’m in contact with?

And if yes, does it delete anything from my inbox they receive?

Yes. Charming isn’t the kind of site that will deny you your privacy.

Deleting your personal emails would be criminal.

That being said, they can read some, all, or none of what you write depending on the member’s preferences. Emails aren’t deleted by members, only deleted by the site team.

They are an open community, keeping members up to date with all important updates on their progress.

I think my AsiaCharm account has been hacked. What should I do?

Dear AsiaCharm followers,.

Welcome to your AsiaCharm Team !!

AsiaCharm is a unique site for all of you to get all things from beauty, news and lifestyle.

In the near future, we will launch our AsiaCharm TV channel where we will show exclusive information from the company and all of you can get the latest news from the reliable source.

Every month, we will post our AsiaCharm 1 hour special on this channel for you to learn about new products that will live on your beauty.

Right now, we hope the product you know as AsiaCharm is not compromised.

We are expecting for your generous help and in return we promise you the best products that will make your die for beauty in the next time !

Enjoy the time while you wait !!!

Is it secure to pay on the website?

AsiaCharm can be a great choice for people that want to find quick and secure Internet casinos. They guarantee safety and anonymity through the use of Bitcoin, which means that you protection through the use of the world’s most secure currency. They also offer a PaySafeCard where you can fund your account with a Mastercard, so there are multiple ways you can pay for your AsiaCharm account.

Once you are approved and receive your account information, you can sign up for a username and password. Now that you have those items, you’ll be able to log in and play your favorite games.

The only reason that we are mentioning security is in regards to all the bad reviews that you’ll see on the Internet about AsiaCharm. There is a reason for this and the reason is that it seems like AsiaCharm was a scam. There are many people that are still using their accounts, which is an odd situation to have. The fact that they use Bitcoin for payment security gives people another reason to question the company’s honesty.


Are AsiaCharm services free?

Yes, AsiaCharm is 100% free to join; so is its membership web page.

The same applies to all AsiaCharm members’ websites.

There are no hidden costs or surprise costs.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it is a product that costs nothing.

The costs are there, but will be paid by you in time and effort.

If you do really well, we hope you will also keep members of AsiaCharm Premium and AsiaCharm Gold happy with your referrals and high income.

How do I locate my payment history on AsiaCharm?

You need to know the date and the amount to start your research for the payment history. If you know the amount then you can use the month link to access the payment history for the period.

For example: You paid for the membership on a particular month and you can find out the details by clicking on the month link.

How to request a refund on AsiaCharm?

A Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed the foreign scams taskforce would re-investigate certain firms that may have paid them out of the company’s funds.

AsiaCharm promised to pay members 96,000 Baht each month for a period of ten years. The USA, Malta and Thailand’s SECs, police, and other foreign agencies are investigating AsiaCharm, and victims should respond to the SEC on Thailand’s deadline of February 24, 2021.


Test results:

  • First time start up
  • Internationalized urls and buttons
  • Fixed logins problem for US and EU sites
  • Tried to extend a bit more in terms of customization of multiple date formats
  • Added option for setting up an auto-login as a backup for people who have Account Suspensions.

Following what we learned from Aesterus we add more forms such as

  • New Profile design;
  • New Registration Form;
  • New Country Management for Asian countries;
  • Filters when you're edit a profile option;
  • Advanced Search with lots of options;

Missed some community live chat functions like a chat room

We are testing Chat Room but it will be integrated for the Beta version.

How do I set up a date with a member on AsiaCharm?

After signing up and logging into AsiaCharm, you'll be placed in a Questionnaire/Message section. There you can see all recent questions and answers to questions you have sent. You can also modify your profile info including your contact info.

You can also post messages and images in our chat rooms. Once you're comfortable and ready to start searching for a partner, click on "Create a Questionnaire" or "Create a Profile".

Let's say you create a question, you can select one or more preferences for your next date. It was suggested to only include three preferences since it's easier to type that than searching through hundreds of photos.

Once you fill out your preferences, you will then have the option to "Post". You can either post your profile and question or just post your question/message.

If you're ready to start searching, click on "Search Users".

At this point, you can either search through the list of search results or start a new question. When you're ready to search, click on "Report a Problem".

There might be some profiles that you think would make a great partner, but the problem is you can't communicate with them. Unfortunately, that's the way it is on AsiaCharm. The administrators won't let anyone outside of the EU to have access to the site.

How do I start chatting with members?

From our own personal experience, the best way to meet new people and chat with them on AsiaCharm is to email them to introduce yourself.

Before you do that, the best way to connect with the members is to enjoy our forums and chatrooms and make friends.

We accept AsiaCharm interviews and offers from members of AsiaCharm too! We love to hear about the work you do in the international dating industry and helping people find the best foreign dating sites.

Our team is very much into Asian mingle. So, we would like to hear form you how Asian Charm has helped you with your work. If you have any testimonials and press releases for us, use the form beneath to send us your information.

I can’t upload a picture in chat.

How do I send gifts or flowers on AsiaCharm?

Flowers and chocolates can be sent on AsiaCharm on a daily basis.

Flowers should be ordered from the Hong Kong Online Flower Shop (HKOFS) and will be delivered within just a few hours.

If you wish to send a gift basket or a bouquet, you can place your order online as well as for flowers for both local and international destinations.

Gift cards, such as one from the HKOFS, will arrive from the address you have noted upon ordering.

International gift cards from international flower shops can be picked up in person at the Hong Kong Outlets Shopping Centre in the TUMI store.

Gifts delivered via the HKOFS can also be picked up in the TUMI outlet.

You can find more information online.

Why can’t I send a chat message/mail to the member on AsiaCharm?

Maybe the member is offline at the moment or maybe he/she is under different sign up ID as you. The member will receive your message in his/her Inbox, even after 5 minutes or so. You will see the receipt of the message with the subject “Your message from LOVE asiaCharm”.

Why did a member decline my contact request on AsiaCharm?

AsiaCharm is a scam in its essence, and is not a serious dating site. It is based in China, which is notorious for scamming people trying to get into the western dating industry. The people who run it are using made-up photographs and false profiles to make it look like it is a serious dating site, but it is not.

They grow tired of using real women to work at their other dating sites, so they use fake women with fake profiles on AsiaCharm to try and lure in guys to pay for premium membership so they can see them.

They will attempt to contact you, make up a profile that is not theirs, and then make you go premium so they can contact you. You should decline any contact request that comes your way from AsiaCharm.

How do I search for members?

There are more than 300 million members in Taiwan alone and more than 70 million members worldwide. This is great news for the countries that don’t have much of a membership, such as the United States.

There are a few steps to finding a member. The best way is to go to the homepage and click on “Find Members!” Then you can search by either letter or province or even specific profile, which makes it easy to find members.

One of the member’s favorite things is to use the alias or nickname they’ve created on their profile.

If you like the member profile and look forward to meeting new people, then you would like to send them a message.

This should help you when you search for members on the AsiaCharm website.

You should set it by tapping the “switch” on the upper left corner.

Sr. Doe, you have a great membership. I hope my services can be useful to your future travels.

If you enjoyed this post, wouldn’t you love to hear about more amazing digital nomad tips? It’s easy! Just enter your email address below.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your AsiaCharm experience

They…< (Asia Charming Review).

Personalized Recommendation

Asia Charm is a promotional website where numerous individualís searches are aggregated and provided to the customer with little or no further action required. Once a referral link is clicked, the customer is asked to provide personal information in exchange for a reduced shipping fee.

Asia Charm allows customers to search by zip code, region, or product type in order to view the most relevant options.

When a product is selected, customers will need to provide personal information in order to qualify for the referred shipping fee.

Once a customer chooses to go ahead, a referral link is emailed to the customer.

At this point, the customer is required to click on the “Yes, I accept” plea in order to get the reduced shipping fee.

When a customer goes to purchase the product online, they can now receive the reduced shipping fee from Asia Charm.

So what is this website really doing, and how does it stand in relation to the business world and to the economy?

Re-Optimizing an Old Model

Asia Charm is a site that started as a referral site, which has since been re-optimized to be an affiliate referral site. This website is amongst the many business models that use this strategy to help earn profits for the site owners.


The AsiaCharm is another cryptocurrency that is valued very well. They have launched both a regular site for the coin and an interesting mobile app for the coin.

The app is called ZOBIATR, a name that is of their own creation. It is supposed to represent the animal world, and I am much more interested in this app.

Playing that game will show you all the coin offerings that you will find at the site.

The site, by the way, is very appealing, with a clean design that is appealing to the eye. It appears to be almost the same as other cryptocurrency sites but specifically licensed to this coin.

When you log in, you have some important fields to fill in. You are asked for your email address, and you are also asked to create a password.

You will probably need to supply these again if you want to log into the site later, but you aren’t asked them again if you decide to register just your account.

What is very neat about the user interface is that you get four themes to choose from by visiting the “customize” page. You will also find the coin name, the different offerings, the coin logo and the coin motto there.