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Pick Up Lines

The biggest mistake when picking up women is the use of cheesy pick ups. Here we have some of the best and most original pick up lines to get you on your feet and starting a chat with women.

The Line that Did It for Me Was “Pose like You Make a Difference”

Another classic that a friend told me was “Come to me. I haven’t seen your face before”.

Another pick up line that is really funny is “Did you break into my house?”

As for more bespoke pick up lines like “Can I see your parking fines?” or “How long have you been a model?”

Avoid those. Your approach should be subtle yet direct.

Always be sincere.

Make sure to smell good. Bad body odour is obviously a big turn off in the dating game. Making sure you have changed up your deodorant can really help you when it comes to getting into the person you are going for.

If you wear cologne, it is even better.

Once you have gotten their attention, you want to be able to maintain it. Don’t be like “Hey, can I ask you a question?” and then sit there in silence.

How to Get Your Ex Back

If you…ve ever met an ex in a bar or at a party, chances are you…ve asked her to sing you “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Mother’s Day.” It’s a nice gesture, and it’s probably the only time you hear her sing. If you want to get your ex back, and you don’t sing to her, you should start or encourage her to sing at least when you’re around.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

The first step is to stop seeing someone as just a friend and go for their friendship.

Men feel an instant attraction to women they meet. Once they launch themselves into a relationship, they think they’re in love and that the friendship phase will then be easy. What happens is that the woman begins to slow down, and it becomes a challenge to get her interested.

Unlike men, women feel an automatic attraction to men they meet because they run on very different brain wiring.

A single man will see a woman as a potential lover from the instant they’re introduced. A woman’s brain sees a man as a potential relationship partner.

This difference will mean that it will be harder to attract a woman you’re interested in (she’ll feel a stronger connection to the man) and harder for her to respond to your advances (you’ll feel attraction).

The only way to become the man she immediately sees as a relationship option is to rewire her brain to see you as a potential partner as well. That means to “act” like a man she considers as a potential partner.

If you’re already acting like a man she considers as a potential partner, that’s when you’re just friends.

First Date Tips

For Men :

If the woman wants to drink too much, that’s up to her but don’t let her drink too much and then talk to her.

If she’s a really shy kind of girl, don’t expect that she will just sweep you off your feet but may take a little time to warm up to you.

If you look nervous, she will assume you are nervous because you are hiding something.

Tell her you are not playing dating games and that you just want to be honest about what you are looking for.

If she says she’s a virgin, don’t be surprised if she says she’s never had casual sex. So don’t keep asking her what her sexual history is.

If you don’t find her to be very interesting, skip the second date.

How to Get a Girlfriend

When most people consider what is it that women like and dislike about males, their first thought is that strong muscles are what matters.

While it is true that women like muscular males, there are plenty more aspects about a man that matter in attracting, keeping and attracting a girlfriend.

First and foremost, you should consider dressing in a way that makes you attractive to the opposite sex. This goes for all aspects of how you dress, from the style and selection of clothing to the cut and fit of said clothing.

Lets talk about style first. Women like men who dress fashionably and have taste in what they wear. They like to see a man who is willing to go the extra mile in making an impression.

Second, you need to make sure that your hygiene is up to par. Although we are all too often in a hurry, always shave, shower and moisturize and you will look better for it.

You need to put in the time and effort into making sure you are smelling nice, dressed properly and have taken care of your skin.

Remember that when you are around a woman, she will be looking for signs of tidiness and cleanliness in you.

You should also consider your grooming habits in relation to your genetic makeup. Men with beards are in. You should also have a beard trimmer if you are going to sport a beard.

A symmetrical body with muscles adds to your appeal.

How to Talk to the Girl You Like

When you’re in the process of trying to get to know somebody, the first thing you should do is meet her friends and family. If you don’t already know somebody, you need to make arrangements to meet their friends and family and see what they do for fun.

If you like someone and have planned another meeting, take some time before you see them to go over a list of things you would like to talk about with them.

List a few cool topics and plan to go over them in detail, so that you have a well planned conversation. This helps you be even more prepared for the meet up and makes it more enjoyable for both of you.

The list of questions you’ve created should be easy to remember, so when meeting the girl you like, be prepared.

In addition to planning out what you want to discuss, take along any questions that she’s asked you in an earlier conversation so that they can be saved for the end. It’s best to do this in writing, so you can refer to it if needed.

It doesn’t matter where you go to do this, as long as it’s private. You could get together with a friend or meet up on a lunch date.

How to Build Your Self-Esteem

Like it or not, your self-esteem is a huge part of your social success. For example, even though you are popular and socially charming, if you have low self-esteem then people won’t be attracted to you.

There are many ways to become more self-assured. Let’s look at a few tips.

First Date Ideas

Compared to meeting new people, meeting someone for a first date requires more thought on your part so you can look your best, act your best, and have a conversation with the right person.

Here are a few more dates ideas that are easy to remember.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Chances are, no matter what your girlfriend says, you won’t be getting a definitive curt answer when you ask her if she likes you.

Your girlfriend will say that she loves you more than anything in the world, but there’s always a chance that she doesn’t really mean it — in which case you need to be a little more assertive about what you want.

There are ways to tell over the course of time if your girlfriend really does like you or not, but since you can’t really rely on those alone you’re going to want to nip in the bud any potential feelings the girl might have for you.

If you know you have no chance of getting your girlfriend to love you, you won’t have to spend an hour waiting for her to tell you that she does like you.

As long as you’re keeping your control issues at bay, chances are the girl will let you know if she likes you. However, if you’re not keeping your control issues in check then you will never get the chance to ask her if she likes you — and that’s the last thing you want.

Dating Guide for Christmas

Dating Guide for New Year's Eve

This may be a doubly hard task, but the rewards for your relationships are both personal and financial. Here I have tried to select the best of the best and I have added a few of my own to make that point very clear.

So, let us start with the basics.

First of all you should start with some questions that you want to ask all the women you are planning to date. For instance, have they ever been married? Do they have children?

The last two questions could be answered with a look in the eyes, so again, use your judgment.

Secondly, go on and choose dates according to my dating guide.

Remember these dating tips for men.

Keep a steady eye on the women and make sure you choose the safest and most secured women you can find. Forget about all the silly rules that you were taught in the past and just make sure you are never alone in the presence of a woman.

After all, you don't want a bad situation to occur and you are forced to punch somebody. Now if you are looking for women in bars and clubs, at a date it is not a crime to look their ways, but let me be clear. Leave the clubs early. After all, the clubs are not the place for dating but for meeting and having sex with attractive women who you are interested at the moment.