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There are a lot of different aspects of our lifestyle that we want to change. For some of us, it is just about trying to lose weight, while others want to build up their overall health. This latter group of people may also want to add some muscle to their bodies.

All of these things are great and help us reach our goals in many ways. However, we cannot all say that we exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep every day.

It can be so hard to stick to both our health and physical fitness goals. If you want to change your lifestyle but don’t know how, try out Bristlr.

Bristlr is a company that is dedicated to helping you improve your style wherever and whenever you want to. There are many reasons you would want to use this service, but the best one could be the fact that it has such a variety of items for your specific health needs.

If you are looking to add more muscle to your body, you can find out more about how to do this on the site. However, if you just want some advice on what to do for your health, you can check out the different programs available such as Snore Care, Muscle Anxiety, and more.

You can get advice on global health from the top doctors and researchers in the field. This is a service that is aimed specifically at improving your overall lifestyle.

New members at Bristlr in February 2021 in comparison

The data value in February 2021 was the estimated individuals and the user group using the service (visible in the bottom of the chart). The Bristlr user group has more than doubled since February 2017. These people have created and joined the Bristlr user group in the last 12 months.

This chart compares the time span of the Bristlr user group in March 2016 to the same time span in February 2021. Bristlr saw a substantial growth of over 120% during this period.

The total number of users at Bristlr has increased steadily since February 2017. This shows a strengthening of the user group over time.

Member activity at Bristlr in February 2021 in comparison

With the previous months.

Bristlr Member Structure

  • Although the monthly subscription model has always been popular for services and subscriptions, the growth of the subscription economy has seen the amount of startups advertising monthly rates for their goods expand rapidly…
  • Do you like the idea of subscription streaming services like Netflix, or the model for clothing that was popularized by Warby Parker?…

One of the most successful recent startups that has applied the subscription model to their own product is Bristlr.

Founders Tom Leighton, Paul Robertson, and Ben Newman….

Not Many Direct Competitors in the World of Beard Grooming

In late November of 2016, a new subscription monthly grooming product for men came onto the scene.

They describe their overall product as the combination of a subscription box, a digital grooming magazine, and a community (much like Birchbox or Dapper Snips before them).

They describe their SUBSCRIPTION as “in it for the long haul,” and the company is even working to apply that to their SUBSCRIPTION byly “adding features to the service on a regular basis.”…

Grooming for the Membership and the Business

So far, there has been immense support for the product and concept.

The idea and the brand have been received very positively.

Age Distribution

The age distribution for Bristlr is shown below. Below the age distribution is a more detailed breakdown of the ages of Bristlr’s users.

Note: The age range is not chronological, but is grouped by how long it took to unlock the next age bracket. If a user was not able to unlock the next age bracket when they turned 30, then they are listed under the 30-29 bracket.

All data is from the time and date of the Bristlr credit card billing statement. A user’s age at the beginning of the month is their age in the Bristlr model.

Signing Up at Bristlr

To join Bristlr, go to their website and sign up. You will get an email verifying that you want to sign up. Click on the link they provide and your new profile will be created. There is no charge to join Bristlr.

Your profile will give you a lot of information about your hair. Here are some of the main sections.

Quick Snapshot a picture of your hair to let other swipers know what is going on.


Once you have signed up, you will be able to pull up your hair quick profile to see a basic description of the hair that you are wearing. You can also get a quick printout of your hair at this page to take to the shop to get it cut.

Bristle type. A bristle type is what you would describe as coarse, smooth, etc. It is what will determine what type of hair is suitable for your brush.

Hair Family. These are more basic and describe more of a category rather than the exact kind of hair that will plait well. This is helpful in a shop to describe it to the professional.

BuzzLists. Bristle length lists are helpful to tape back your hair so that it is only hanging down a few inches. You can then get the shop to cut the hair to the length that you want.


Making Contact on Bristlr

I was so excited to try Bristlr, the dating app for busy guys and genuinely thought it could be useful at least for something potentially less relationship-oriented.

I have only been on for a few weeks as of this writing, but so far it seems very promising. The app works best for me when I’m just looking to hook up.

The reviews are very in depth on disqualifying people who just don’t check out guys and are just looking for straight-up sex, but I read some false positives no problem, nothing too scary looking, but the false negatives, I think, are a bit more concerning.

I met a person who didn’t check out my photo who said to me “oh we already met, I was just reading your description while you two saw each other”. For a period of time, she listed my name as a questionable thing and I wasn’t able to message her.

When I left her alone, and came back, she changed her profile so I could see it and was clearly determined to message me.

Back that woman up who stated that I emailed her. Actually I only sent one quick email and I see now my message is in the inbox. That single emailed message never came from me.

Bristlr Profile Quality


Bristlr criteria 1 – Self-expression: B

Bristlr criteria 2 – Quality Features: C

Bristlr criteria 3 – Coolness factor: B

Bristlr criteria 4 – Accessibility: B

Bristlr criteria 5 – Friendliness: B

Bristlr criteria 6 – Family: A

Bristlr criteria 7 – Excitement: B

Bristlr criteria 8 – Satisfaction: B

Bristlr App

Review Out of the many dating apps that are in existence at the moment, there is one that has gained prominence in a very short time span, with the birth of Bristlr. Bristlr app review, maybe you have heard of it or perhaps you are yet to hear about it, but how is it going to help you if you are looking for a new relationship or just someone to chat to. Well, you will be relieved to know that Bristlr is probably one of the most compatible apps out there, in my humble opinion of course. I remember when I first saw this app, it was being advertised a lot on Facebook, and my interest was immediately piqued, even though I thought it would be another one of those wild goose chase type dating apps.

But after downloading it and trying it, it kind of grew on me, and I liked it. So this Bristlr app review is going to cover all the important features of this app.

==Basic Concepts==

This app has over 100,000 active users worldwide and it connects you to individuals with a similar sexual preferences. This means that a lot of people are on this app to find people of their likes, and to get to know people that share their sexual preferences.

Bristlr Real Life Review

[[[Brutlr]]] is a subscription service for men with beards. It offers a variety of subscriptions but the most common is a monthly subscription. Each month you are sent beard grooming tools along with a gift card to a large men’s cosmetic or drug store. In addition to the subscription the website offers community based tools for beard grooming, including instructional guides and tips as well as marketing a products specifically for beards. Members can also earn points with the company that can be redeemed for other products or services.


  • customer service, coupons, and gift cards can be bought on the website
  • quick shipping, 30-day money back guarantee
  • professional products, fast shipping
  • no shipping fee
  • full sized products (not samples)
  • cleaning kits
  • shaving kits
  • travel kits
  • hygiene kits


  • some products are over priced
  • great products are few and far between
  • customer reviews
  • academic review

Design and Usability

Bristlr raises an important question: why do we have to waste so much time on grooming? From deodorant to taking care of one’s teeth, grooming takes time and the process could be a little less annoying if there was a gadget dedicated to it.

The modular head of the Bristlr has multiple functions and powers, for instance, the faucet cap, the toothbrush and toothpaste cap, and, in the future, the shampoo cap as well. That is impressive user-friendliness.

The Bristlr also uses a Bluetooth connection, so there is no need to plug it in to charge.

The app also informs you about the maintenance of the unit and its head, which is intuitive.

Bristlr Costs and Prices

The cost of using Bristlr varies, depending on what type of service you subscribe to. All are free to use but new subscribers must pay to upgrade their accounts.

Prices vary for each service but monthly subscriptions cost less than £3 and since Bristlr is free to use for the user, this makes the company a money maker.

Subscribing to Bristlr costs £2.49 for 1 month , £7.99 for 3 month , £17.95 for 6 month , £34.95 for 12 month , and £69.95 for 24 month .

The Bristlr subscription question stated that it was UK only , but there were no limits on which countries it was acceptable to sign up from.

Bristlr also has a free 1 week trial but there are no details on the cost of subscribing to Bristlr for 1 week. People subscribe to Bristlr every day.

Bristlr FAQs The Bristlr reviews states that Bristlr sent out some emails and the questions in bristle community to users 1 week after sign up. These Bristlr emails were sent out , a month after signing up, (not the week) .

There are no limits to which countries Bristlr is available to in the Bristlr reviews .

Bristlr reviews also has a 1 week free trial so people could try Bristlr but are not certain on the cost of a 1 week trial.

Is Bristlr expensive or cheap?

Bristlr is pretty expensive. It is not an “as cheap as a free thing” smartphone application. Since it will work on any smartphone or laptop, and since you can reduce the length of your session away from your…self,” you will have to pay.

But, as you will see, it is worth it.

While the service is more expensive than the free ones, it is worth it for what it is providing to the user. They are providing a service that you would have to pay for, if not today, tomorrow.

Since they plan to offer more content, and will thus have minor costs that will be born by the user.

There are things in Bristlr that you will not find on Fr�res. Bristlr includes more features and is a little bit better for the user.

Special Features

Special feature of this app is that they have a big collection of great beard and moustache styles.

You can choose from the most popular beard styles and also find some of your favourite ones that are not listed.

Bristlr Gives You the Following Tips to Styling of Your Beard and Moustache

First carefully comb your beard and moustache in one direction to remove any tangles in your beard or hairs sticking to your neck.

Close the eyes and hold your breath when preparing to shave your soap.

Start with the clean shaven part and go with the grain when shaving against the grain.

Use a lot of water when shaving to lubricate your beard.

Tightly embrace a clean towel with both hands when washing your face to avoid cutting your skin.

Now that beard and moustache is wet, make sure that you have a perfect working space.

Start with your forehead, trimming the hair with the 1 o’clock to 10 o’clock direction.

After trimming, you can now go for the top line of your head and shape your beard into the shape you prefer.

It is recommended for your neck, behind your ears and any other sideburns that you should trim with the 1 o’clock to 4 o’clock direction.

Rate the Beard

Beard Trimmer Electric Beard Styler, Hair Trimmer For Men Beard And Mustache Set.

Product here.


Click for Review.


These days, the beard trend is everywhere. The bigger, the better – apparently. And with beards ranging from short to wild, there is no “right” facial hair type anymore. Whatever you feel comfortable in.

However, even though it is a dirty secret, most males really do not want to consider growing their facial hair. Beards are not for them, and for thousands of men, they don't even like them. This new trend, Bristlr, is different. For them, beard growth is the best thing, and it's now a matter of choice.

And what better place to find the best beard growth solutions than from these guys who want to use beards to help get themselves laid. Plus, it’s backed by the biggest name in the industry …

The creators of Bristlr are the lead developers of Lumbersexual … the group of men who are "blessed with exuberant hirsute facial growth".

If you are someone who loves beards and wants to grow one, it is an incredible feeling. You can get that anywhere, but the people behind this new on-demand dating app hope to find the perfect match for you. This is where it gets interesting.

Editors Conclusion

Bristlr lives the dream of all office workers around the world – finding you someone reliable to go to the pub with. By giving the app permission to read your social media, the dating app immediately understands you and your desires.

A great idea and poorly executed, Bristlr has an overwhelming first email to go through.

Bristlr FAQ

We were also interviewed ASMR UK out of London and then Indy and then The Great British Podcast and then a man by the name of DJ Cheeks.

It sort of felt like I was interviewing all these people one after another and building a team just to talk to these people. It feels like I had a real kinship with all these people and they were willing to take a chance on me and I took a chance on them.


What is Bristlr?

Bristlr is a beard grooming subscription service. They allow members to pay a month subscription fee which will allow them to grow and maintain a beard for a month.

If you subscribe to Bristlr, you can have a full month of beard products delivered to your doorstep.

Why Do You Know About Bristlr?

Well, basically it's because I go to the same barber every month since I moved to Philadelphia. He and I are good friends, and while I've made an effort to start taking better care of my beard, the majority of that effort is on the takes care of the neck and head hair.

Bristlr provides a solution for that.

They have sent me a monthlong subscription to review.

The down and Dirty Lesson

The models on the site are heavily bearded and it appears the beard would require a lot of care. Fortunately for me, the company does a great job of providing beard care supplies in a way that actually works.

In this case, a month of products, delivered to your doorway.

I found the biggest difference with Bristlr was the quality of the beard treatment ingredients. While I generally use oils and balms, I've come to rely on beard shampoo more so than anything else.

Since it's a barbershop, not grooming supply store, they don't carry the finest of shampoo ingredients.

How does Bristlr work?

Before the Bristlr app, you could only choose to be a woman or a man. Now, there’s an option to identify as a “non-binary person.” But what exactly is that?

The definition of a non-binary person on the Bristlr FAQs page is somebody who: “… does or does not identify as male or female. They may not feel or express a binary gender identity, or they may identify as fluid.” Bisexual also gets a mention: “Some non-binary people identify as both male and female, or neither.”

So a non-binary person might be both a straight woman and a gay man, two separate forms of the same self, existing at the same time and perhaps even within the same body?

I had been aware of Bristlr since it launched late last year. Now, it’s in my life. By the rules of Bristlr, if I open and close the app at least twice, I get to appear next to the word “Gigolo,” which is a hot 99-million-member dating service. Bristlr’s slogan is a variation on an already overdone saying about dating: “It’s way easier meeting people in a coffee shop than on Tinder.”

What is Bristlr?

Brillr is a reasonably priced brushing tool, and it’s extremely helpful to keep your teeth clean. Bristlr, which is about the size of a stick of gum, was created by a dentist who wanted a way to easily remove plaque from the interior surfaces of teeth.

Similar to the dentist’ sterilizing brushes that dentists have been using for years, Bristlr has a rounded surface on one end that fits the curve of a tooth. In addition to brushing, Bristlr is designed to remove plaque between teeth.

It’s a two in one tool, and it’s made from an antibacterial material that keeps the bristles clean. This way, you can brush your teeth with the product and expect the bristles to stay sanitary between uses.

Can I join Bristlr even if I don't have a beard?

Join something now.\

Why do you ask?

There are certain situations where a beard just isn't practical. It is a harsh winter, or you just don…t have one, or for some other reason.\

What's the point of joining, if you can't grow one?

The idea isn't for you to join and never grow a beard. You are allowed to grow one when it is convenient.

The idea is to have a beard at all other times though, to build your beard bank for times when it is convenient.\

Why should I join?

Growing your beard bank is just as important as growing your beard. Those scarce occasions when you could grow you beard, but decide not to, can come when you are in the supermarket, or outside in the cold.

You grow a healthy beard by growing a beard bank, and not all beards can be grown all the time.\

How does the beard bank work?

I decided to launch Bristlr today because of Black Friday.

When I joined, I received a free Bristlr button. Right now it works like a discount code, having a same value as a dollar off, but I found it better to keep that open ended so it can be used with other offers too.\

Does Bristlr have an app?

Yes! We have developed an app for both Android and iOS that the users can download from the stores.

Is Bristlr free? (for the user)

Yes Bristlr is free for the user. Bristlr works with what’s called an ‘ethical model’ meaning that we don’t charge for the service. By utilizing an ‘app economy’ model, we offer a free mobile app that helps match users up with the best barbers within a few steps of their location.

Affiliate Program Is Free for the User

We are currently working on creating a premium level service that will help the barbers, both stylists and designers. The affiliates that you send through to get a better experience and more revenue will help our barbers earn more on a consistent basis.

Yeah, you just got me to learn about Bristlr and registered. Let’s talk about affiliate marketing. Is that free for the stylist.

Yes, said user will be able to market your services, receive referrals, get customers from the community and most importantly get a better understanding of how to utilize the platform which our primary focus is to help the user, not just the stylist.

Is Bristlr a dating site?

Bristlr is a dating site ” but not a traditional one. Instead of getting in touch with people by uploading your life’s photo gallery, you will see people who are interesting based on the data we assemble on you.

Stats on how you were(or are) most active, and moods expressed in your social media feed, will be used along with your location data to find people you might like to meet and chat with.

The site will let you get in touch with around 500 men or women every few weeks ” who will have similar interests to you.

You’ll interact with around 15 different men or women a month in an “A-Z challenge”. You’ll select a date from this group, and they will do the same.

The app also has a video component, so you can get to know your matches through their face, through the in-app video features.

If you want, you can make a career out of being a Bristlr “lover” by paying a subscription fee for premium service.

What is Rate the Beard in Bristlr?

Rate the Beard in Bristlr is a service that operates in the style of a dating website. Users leave reviews of beards based on a number of attributes.

The first attribute is an overall rating out of five stars. This is intended to reflect the average rating of the beard. A range of haircare attributes is also used to calculate the final rating. These include cut, colour, contrast, density, length, swagger, sex appeal, and style.

Users can see which other users have rated their own particular beard. This encourages broader discussion and comparison of beards.

Rate the Beard in Bristlr is a simple application of the rating system commonly used for many online applications. Facebook is a prime example.

There are many other online applications that make use of rating systems, such as TripAdvisor for travel sites and Rotten Tomatoes for movies.

One of the first articles written about Rate the Beard was in the New York magazine magazine in 2016.

What does the different color of hearts mean in Bristlr?

First off please let me thank you for reading my Bristlr review. I know this is the point where you’re supposed to show you that I’m an actual groomer similar to you. Read my tattoo, my sleeves, my lips … this is my red carpet moment. And I also needed to thank you for giving me such a great review.

The red color is a level 1 vibration that can be felt by both hands. It’s not too strong but if you’re still get turned on by this position you should be able to feel this level!

The green heart rates level 2 vibrations that you can only feel in the hand.

The dark green (this is the only green heart that beats) is my high level for clitoral vibration. This is not a very regular occurrence for me during sex or masturbation.

It means that I needed a very on the spot, just the right time intensity and vibration and on top of that all of this while having an orgasm and multiple orgasms.

My real orgasms are much stronger and deeper than this level. The dark green heart is a “I need a vibrator to orgasm” type of orgasm.

This is the final level in my review. The red and dark green hearts combined are the levels I use when I need a very out of control orgasm.


Bristlr lives up to its promise by being a product for both men and women. The service isn’t marketed as only men’s service, but rather as either, which is the best way to give people options for what they want.

It is very easy to use, clean, and works pretty well. The design of the website keeps you safe from all of the distractions that you have on your phone right now, which is just a sugar coated way of saying that it keeps the page looking sleek.

The results are also easy to see. The results come out in a few weeks and show that you have drastically changed the shape of your clipper.

On top of all of that, they let you take a look at all of the people that are on Bristlr.

Besides being able to show off your brand new mustache, you can see how committed people are to stay true to the journey that they have decided to take.

It is one of the best-in-class services and one that will be getting much more attention in the foreseeable future.

How can I message another Bristlr member?

Imagine you just had an incredible date and the two of you are conversing, feeling excited, and laughing. Then both of you part ways and never hear from each other again. You may think it won’t happen to you, but it’s a very real possibility.

If your date doesn’t follow up after the date, there’s a big chance something went wrong despite your best efforts to make it work. And both of you could be left with only a great memory of the date instead of a great memory and great relationship.

So it’s a good idea to talk about your expectations. Things to consider include:

How long is the average date? People have different expectations so finding a common time frame is important for both parties.

What is the average response time from text to phone call?

What is the average response time from text to getting back to you?

Are you both up for the same type of activities, location, and more? Keep in mind that activities vary and you should at least match in some ways.

Remember that texting can make things more easy and convenient for all parties, but texting shouldn’t be the sole way to communicate when meeting someone new.

How can I adjust my Bristlr search settings?

The first way to search for results is the way that most people likely first arrived at this post. A full text search of your Bristlr profile for your basic name and zip code will produce relevant results. In the Settings tab of your profile, you will be able to adjust your search parameters down to the section you might most like to discuss:

By presenting search filters as a standard user interface, the only options to be adjusted by Bristlr are those which apply to you as an individual. In following sections, we will review how to change settings which will affect the way others can search for you and your profile.

Bristlr Supports for Private Messages

Bristlr allows you to limit the parties that you allow to message you. Your options with this allow you to choose between your public profile and your private messages.

To limit someone from messaging you, you will go to your Settings and select Private Messages.

At the bottom of your settings, you will find your options:

You can determine your public profile and message settings from this area. If you have chosen to make your profile public, anyone can message you. If you have chosen to make your profile private, no one can send a message in that format.

Will the other Bristlr member be notified if I click the skip/unlike icon?

No. The other Bristlr member will not be notified if you do.

Bristlr features a ”Remove Member” button that allows you to remove a user from your Bristlr group. If you remove a user from your group, you will no longer hear from them again. We do not share this information with others.

If you don’t want to hear from the other Bristlr member anymore, use the ”Remove Member” button in order to remove them from your group.

Account and Membership

Viewing the furry database is also an option, which shows that all of your furry friends have been registered. So if you want to get to know one of your friends better, you can always look him up.

Furry Selfies

There doesn’t seem to be a way to make your own selfie, but you can upload one that is already on the database. You can filter photos by fursonas and see that over 100,000 artists are registered.

Private Chat

The private chat room only seems to be available with mutual consent, which makes sense. Otherwise you might be exposing members of your community to people they wouldn’t want to know.

What will show up on my credit card statement after paying for Bristlr membership?

It takes three to four weeks for money to be received from subscriptions.

The recurring subscription will continue until the subscription is cancelled, making your subscription bill easy to manage.

After cancelling, or if you have a one-time payment subscription, the money will not be refunded.

After cancellation, your money will be held for about 30 days. During this time, you may cancel your subscription any time you wish.

I want to cancel but I can’t find the “Cancel membership” page.

If you’re in the iOS App, you can close the app, then reopen and redo the signup (and new subscription) process.

Is Bristlr free?

All the information I’ve shared in my review of Bristlr is free and available to everyone. I’ve put the review together from my experience using Bristlr, from my interactions with some of the crew there who I’ve spoken to over Twitter and from finding all the little bits of information that Bristlr has kindly provided me with after they checked the review for accuracy.

I’ve also added a link to the Bristlr site and a link to their “contact” page if you want to reach them and ask them any questions.

How many premium packages are there?

At the moment there are three for back & leg.

Each service must be purchased separately through a subscription however, the overall cost is all bundled.

That’s not to be confused with repeated usage of a package. You can only do one session per month, but this can be used on as many areas as you like.

What are the payment options for Bristlr paid membership?

There are four payment options for Bristlr: Paypal, Credit Card, Stripe, and Amazon gift card.

Paying for the Bristlr membership through PayPal is a great option if you do not have credit card or don’t want to enter your credit card information online.

When paying for a Bristlr subscription through PayPal, you don’t need to input your credit card number or your address. PayPal will automatically save this information in its account and send you your Bristlr privileges as soon as you make the payment.

Either: Choose the specific gender of your furry friend (Male, Female, Shrew, and Neither)

OR: Browse the entire Bristlr database to find the perfect fit for your furry friend

Can I deactivate my Bristlr account?

No. Bristlr is a lifestyle and you must remain it. You see, being Bristlr requires you to be one that works on themselves everyday. To live this way requires commitment. Therefore, you must continue to need to be Bristlr.

Bristlr has access to your email, phone number, and likes. If you feel that you no longer need to be Bristlr, you can deactivate your account, but you will no longer have access to your account. Still, you will be free to continue to live this way, but you`ll be doing so as a natural bristle.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Bring your shaver and your mind to the next level. Hear what our grooming experts have to say about Bristlr and why it is the first best solution to your wet shaving needs. From the best shaving cream to the best shaving brushes Bristlr's team of experts has them ready for you to try at home. If you are feeling like letting off steam, you can go ahead and talk to them about your favorite grooming habits or frustrations.

Share your Bristlr experience

Your Bristlr device can take advantage of its built-in fitness tracking to help you make the most of your fitness. Most useful for social networks, Bristlr has created a feature called Share Your Earrings.

Browser-based safety, privacy, and privacy The app also has a browser-based privacy policy. For each visitor to your page, multiple organizations may be given the opportunity to collect and process your data. This includes data from the Bristlr app, such as the device’s ID and usage history.

Your data shared on the page is collected “ server-side” and is limited to the data that can be necessary for the functioning of the web page. It is also not used to track the use of the page’s features, use for animated advertisements, etc. For this purpose, the ownership of the page is transferred to the operator of the advertising server over which you have been given a link to. Your data will be used by the operating company for the purposes of generating traffic in your profile.

Web page is run by the advertising server. The operating company is responsible for generating traffic in your profile.

We as an operating company are committed to protecting your privacy. Copyright More information is available at our website…

Personalized Recommendation

Bristlr may not be your typical dating site. Instead of trying to connect people based on what they post and want in a partner, Bristlr sets its focus on what you actually need.

The company is starting modestly in the online dating industry, launching a beta test of the site. However, the company is building the site to deal with some major issues.

For one, online dating is usually very difficult. It’s a real challenge to find people who share the same major interests like music festivals, drinks, and art. While finding a date searching that way, it’s hard to tell if potential partners have similar interests.

Even worse, many people on online dating sites don’t have the proper language skills or knowledge about other people. The A.I. technology of Bristlr can scan your body language and facial expressions to know more about you and your preferences. Your Bristlr profile questions include a list of your favorite music, bars, and art festivals that you’d like to attend. Your recommendations are personal and sure to appeal to people who share similar interests.


It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started using the Bristlr dog brush. I decided to take the time to review it to see how it’s doing in everyday use.

The Bristlr Dog Brush

The Bristlr dog brush arrived in one single package. It is a dog only product, made for use on dogs that have medium to long hair. The Bristlr dog brush is also available in different sizes.