Coffee Meets Bagel vs Tinder: Which is the right dating site for you?

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Some say that the best way to meet a relationship is just by being yourself and having random conversations with strangers. However, this is rather difficult to do without actually putting yourself out there.

Enter Coffee Meets Bagel, a popular free dating site. It functions like a lot of other dating websites based on the age-old formula of first-date questions and social media connecting. When you first sign up, you get a bagel avatar to represent yourself, and you get to choose what kind of bagel you'd like to be: white, wheat, dark, rye, blueberry, etc. Once you've chosen your bagel, you can browse profiles to see who else gets your bagel.

Not much different from traditional dating sites, right? This is where things get interesting. The purpose of this site is not to meet people of similar interests but to help people connect with people who are different in some way. When you meet someone on Coffee Meets Bagel, you don't get to ask them a ton of questions about their life. Instead, they ask you questions about yourself.

To make sure your profile is indeed compatible with your bagel, Coffee Meets Bagel has developed a rating system similar to a food scale – you have a positive rating for being honest and negative for lying, killing, eating a bagel with fries (gross), being selfish, etc.

More information on Coffee Meets Bagel:

As part of the Match group of websites, Coffee Meets Bagel aims to bring people together for serious relationships.

Their main site, Coffee Meets Bagel, is a free dating app that is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Coffee Meets Bagel provides an easy and flexible way for you to search for new possible partners. Unlike most other dating websites, Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t require you to fill out an extensive questionnaire. Coffee Meets Bagel has many match percentages for its members, which lets you choose whether or not you want to look for a more serious relationship or a casual encounter.

In order to match your profile with a prospective bagel, you simply need to fill in your profile with information about yourself, such as what you like to do, which coffee shops you are a fan of, and so forth. After you complete your profile, just sit back and wait for matches to come in. Not only can you match with anyone you want but you can also be matched to people who are in your country. Coffee Meets Bagel is very user-friendly.