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We love the Wildlife Protection Act, the truth about cougars, and how everyone can help. This book is written in an accessible way for people who do not have a background in biology, conservation, or animal behaviour. It’s written for an audience of people who want to know more about cougars and learn how to help them. For a fiction novel, we thought this was a great book to raise awareness of cougars and their plight. You will learn something new with every reading, because no two cougars are the same, and every human is a unique individual. Ultimately, this book made us angry to the extent that we have become passionate about protecting every cougar and teaching our children to do the same.

New members at Cougar Date in February 2021 in comparison

To last month.

AlphaMale10,000: +10

Cougar_Date: +20

Obewe: +6

TigerJager: -8

I_eat_Cougars: -10

UnseenCrew: +5

Bigcougar: +5

Blake13: +5

Ferrari69: +10



Grouse22: -10

BigBoy: -5

Only4Cougars: -10

Kroin2: -5


Tim_99: +5


CaptainObvious: +5

Fishie?: +5

Alpha10,000: -5

Boonej40: -10


Craig69: +5

Tigger: +5

Wildcougar40: +9

Milo: +10

Mdillard: +3

I_get_it: +5

BodyBody: -5

Gidget: -10

Guest325: -5

Freddy94: -5

Joe: +5

Owen: -10

Froggie: +5

Member activity at Cougar Date in February 2021 in comparison

Cougar Date Member Structure

Promotion date:

Promotion start and end:

Registration date:

The Cougar Date is the Cougar and Jaguar community’s chance to network with each other.

We look forward to getting to know all of our members, and making new friends!

Requirements to join:

A Cougar – Any and all who have ever been committed to a Cougar or Jaguar.

A Jaguar – Any and all who have ever been committed to a Cougar or Jaguar.

Easy questions to answer:

  • Why are you a Cougar?
  • Why are you a Jaguar?

About yourself:


Type of relationship:

  • How did you meet your Cougar or Jaguar?
  • How often do you email each other?

About the day you’ll travel to meet:

  • What are you looking forward to about getting together?
  • Anything you’d like the Cougar Date organizers to know?

The Cougar Date will be held February 2021…….

Age Distribution

Young Cougars may occasionally be seen when they are about two years old, but this period will be eliminated for males by approximately three to four years of age due to the loss of their claws. Thus, females are the more common of the two sexes during the first years of life, although males become common again later in life and may assume an alpha role in established territories.

Both males and females can virtually live forever. You just need to watch them very closely, and you will see them keep their outlook and personality.

In Virginia, all mountain lions over the age of five are considered adults. These individuals are almost certainly reproductively mature and capable of reproduction. Newborn kittens may be seen at any time. In the spring and summer, a litter may be produced. Kitten survival and growth rates are variable.

The cougar mates from February to April. The female ovulates between January and February. The gestation period may be as long as 70 days, with the normal interval between pregnancies being five months. Kittens are born fully furred and are able to walk within minutes.

All kittens, not just those of first litters, can prove to be very dangerous for humans. For showing that females are fertile in early winter (after which they will have not yet had a winter pelage), Jay Pitzer has reported seeing a cougar occasionaly in the wild in February.

Signing Up at Cougar Date

Making Contact on Cougar Date

First, make sure that you’re in a place where talking to someone isn’t dangerous. If you’re in your yard, make sure you walk around it with an adult to see if any other people are outside. It’s especially important to make sure you are not alone if you can see a cougar.

If you’re in your backyard, talk loudly and make sure to look away from the cougar every time you talk. One common avoidance tactic is to look towards the cougar and say, “Bad cat! Bad!”.

Avoid making direct eye contact, and keep your hands away from your body all the time. Most importantly, keep a safe distance to the cougar at all times.

If any cougars see you, they may charge, and that’s where an adult comes in. Cougars are extremely strong and can easily rip off a child’s arm, so you need to get out of there quickly.

An adult may be able to help calm the cougar down.

To have a successful contact during Cougar Date, make sure you are able to communicate with the cougar. What you need to do is get it to go to you directly.

Cougar Date Profile Quality

I like that I can hang out under a blanket all day watching videos and entertaining myself. I also like that we're not stuck in my tiny bathroom.

I'm probably going to buy a beanbag in a few weeks.

It's a huge plus that my favorite hobbies are basically free to do with him.

I love that he's always willing to provide a shoulder to cry on when my job is stressful.

We can talk about any topic under the sun, even serious ones.

We can hang out, go to the movies, or catch a game together.

We have a genuine chemistry together that is very rare to find and I'm extremely grateful to have found it.

We talk a lot about his job, that gives me reassurance that my great boy will always be able to provide for us.

He is super attentive and fun to hang out with.

He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh all the time.

I also like the fact that we can snuggle and cuddle, and watch a movie.

We can make love.

It makes both of our days better when we see each other.

Cougar Date Real Life Review

Piper is the current top live trivia player to win her category on Cougar Date. If you want the best Christmas present you can possibly get, it’s a Cougar Date date with her.

She’s a beautiful, upscale 31 year old who lives in Chicago. Piper is a certified personal trainer and nurse with a four year engineering degree from MIT. She also is a Life Coach, one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard.

Just her resume alone is astounding. She’s fun, intelligent and oozes sexuality. As Cheryl and I are making our way home from the event, Cheryl turned to me and asked me to marry her and make her my COO. She is that hot.

I’m prepared to tell all and be honest in this review. If you want to read a rehearsed, positive glowing review, get out of here. I only review on a Cougar Date once after the time, date, and person is correct.

From the moment I saw her, I was cracking up. She was entertaining and biting, making small talk. She told me her live trivia story of how she won. What I noticed immediately was the tone she took in her voice. She is not a quiet lady and you should have no problem with that at all.

Design and Usability

Cougar Chase has made it to the finals of Cougar Date. Now it's up to you to decide if he and his team should win. Design and usability decisions were based on numerous user tests and usability testing.

Cougar Date Costs and Prices

For those of you that would like to take a risk and try cougar dating, you should probably be aware of the psychological dimensions involved. Learn the best way possible to deal with a tiger from the tiger.

If possible, try to find out the ways that a person deals with the psychical and psychological dimensions of cougar dating. Then put them into your personal tacticarium.

Here are a few tips that will help you overcome the psychological dimensions of cougar dating:

Accept that there is no right or wrong way to do something. Each person has a different strategy to work with these things, and you will not know that strategy until you have had time to work it through. Avoid getting to hung up on the details at this level.

Find the ways that you have to deal with it. Will you re-adjust, avoid, accept, deal with, or something else? See what your options are. You don’t need the full move to work out what you want to do. If you hit a dead spot, try something else.

Try everything until you are satisfied that you have got it right. Yes, there is a move, but if it doesn’t work, try something else. Find out what is right for you.

Is Cougar Date expensive or cheap?

What is it?

Cougar Date is a premium app for couples for better matches. The app is available for free on the app store. Only with the purchase of the monthly membership option you will be able to see more of the members profile pictures.

All of the photos within the app are guaranteed to be authentic as per the website rules. The app is known to be a reliable dating app with many satisfied users.

Special Features

Cougar dating is a great opportunity for a couple of different reasons. First, humans love the library! Second, the bar scene can be a bit overwhelming during a romantic evening, especially for those who just want to have fun and not get all dressed up and act like the great white shark you think you are supposed to be.

However, libraries are always a good option for a date. They give you privacy, are great places to have a romantic date and gives lovers a chance to get to know each other.

Having your own space to share with someone can be very romantic and give the context of the evening that extra special feel.

Many libraries were originally built as community centers with a designated space for readers and book lovers alike. With large quantities of books, music, movies, and games many libraries have become community resources and gathering places.

Of course, when searching for so many options, you may think that the best library date ever would be the one which you choose that offers something new and cool to try.

If that is what you are thinking, you really do not need to worry. Here are a few cool options to consider for your library date.

Just for example, one sweet grandmother had a young granddaughter who was a little excited to go to the library one day. When they got there, she could not believe her eyes!


After the weather turns for the worst, two cougars have been sighted in my town. You might know them as mountain lions. But in the eyes of a cougar, a mountain lion is a careless person who doesn't plan ahead. Like a person, the cougar is getting ready for winter.

While a person may need to ration body fat, a cougar doesn't have to. On the other hand, the cougar needs to ration energy. Killing a prey is a trade off and an investment of energy. A cougar, like a person, can burn different sources of energy.

Editors Conclusion

The cougar, colloquially known as the puma (Puma concolor), is a species of the felid family, which is the mammalian suborder, infraorder, and family of feliformians, with four living subspecies. The cougar’s vernacular name is also written “mountain lion” by state wildlife organizations in the United States, and “puma” in the rest of North America. Collectively, cougars are referred to as pumas, but the species name of the cougar is Puma concolor.

The cougar is distinctive in appearance; it is larger than the jaguar, and more robust with a much heavier frame. The head and tail are about the same length as the jaguar’s. The body is larger and more muscular. The short, grey tail more resembles that of a cat than that of a small, slender jaguar. The cougar’s coat is harmoniously dual-coloured: usually tawny with dark brown spots on the chest, back of the limbs, and the short, stubby tail.

Cougar Date FAQ

Where are you getting your information from?

I am working very closely with the Carnivore Preservation Alliance and am using their research as well as my own to lay out my path forward.

What is the FPA?

The FPA is an international nonprofit organization established to promote, protect, conserve, and research relationships between wild carnivores and people. They strive to educate and protect the public, wildlife professionals, and policymakers on the importance of carnivore conservation and the implications of human’s interaction with carnivores.

Are cougars dangerous?

Cougars are not aggressive towards people. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a cougar. However, they do have the ability to kill people. In a cougar’s predatory journey, they will not look for a fight. Their respect for human life may hinder them from using predatory tactics to overcome a person. If they do not have the opportunity to hunt and kill, they will not take it.

Are cougars good for the environment?

Yes, cougars are a crucial link to the environment. When cougars are functioning normally, they will hunt small game and protect their territory from larger predators. This allows smaller prey including deer, rabbits, and mice to thrive and drive larger predators like coyotes and foxes from their sustenance.


The cougar is one of the few predators in America that is native to every state in the lower 48 (aside from Hawaii).

The western cougar (Puma concolor), also called the mountain lion or puma, has been both accepted and rejected as a species type by people and scientific experts around the world, and different sub-species have been distinguished. The taxonomy of the cougar remains under discussion. Strong evidence points towards three subspecies existing: the eastern mountain lion, the midwestern mountain lion, and the western mountain lion

The eastern mountain lion, known as the panther in Florida or the Florida panther, is the largest of the three, usually weighing around 100 pounds. Mountain lions tend to avoid populated areas and are actually more active in the daytime, though they will also travel at night. Mountain lion attack rates are high and they are responsible for 17-23% of human fatalities due to large cats.

The Midwestern mountain lion is the second largest of the cougar subspecies, weighing around 90 pounds. They prefer wetlands and human habitations. Their habitat is usually around the Mississippi River and large lakes. These cougars are rarely seen but are able to successfully hunt prey such as deer, whitetail, mule deer, and elk, weighing up to 300 pounds.

What is Cougar Date?

Cougar Date is a matchmaking service for people who are interested in singles over fifty.

Cougar Date was founded by a group of cougar moms to help their younger single friends find love.

Cougar Date was launched in 2011 to encourage singles over 55 to take a chance on love again.

Anyone can join Cougar Date and search for a compatible someone. So if you’re over 50 and having trouble meeting new singles, consider signing up.

Is Cougar Date safe?

As we all know, the animal world can get real crazy! But, it should be noted that the majority of the cougars do not pose any threat to humans. For the cougar to pose danger, then the animal must be rabid, starving or very young. We classify a cougar as “wild” when it does not have a collar/tag on it, is not fed by humans, and is not in captivity. Similar to other big cats, the puma is a territorial animal that does not willingly welcome outside wildlife or humans.

Is Cougar Date real?

Cougar Date is an online dating service that will give you a free subscription after answering a short survey about yourself.

After clicking on the link to get your free subscription, you will need to fill out your profile.

Cougar Date claims to have over 7000 members in North America. At no cost to you, they will provide you with their email list so that you can market yourself.

As long as you fulfill their revenue requirements, they will sell your email list to other dating services. So the main benefit to you is your mailing list (along with the immediate benefits).

At first, you’ll only be able to message the people on the list who have made it to your page. These people will want to send you messages at first as well. As you build your list, you will be able to contact a wider range of people with messages of the same quality.

You will only see other people’s profiles when you send them a message. So it will take a while to get your profile noticed by other members.

There are a number of dating sites where you can get in touch with cougars. Cougar Date isn’t the only one, but it is one of the few with a fee that might help you start out.

If you have any experience with the other sites, you will probably like Cougar Date the best.

Is there a Cougar Date app?

No,but if there is a Cougar Date app for i-phone how did he know it was mine?

I am curious of how he knew i sent something to a friend because you have to click to send on the internet!

Also wasnt there a guy that found a frozen cougar in the snow year 2000 in North Vancouver?

They live in North Vancouver?

Also dont cougars live in the US as a quetzalcoatl?


Length is important, new users are often limited to about 12 thousand characters per tweet, so brevity is not only important, it’s essential.

To make it difficult for potential followers to miss your message, consider using a syntax highlighter or other color to distinguish text.

This will give it a visual separation so that your followers are more likely to read your message.

It also helps both you and others who may search for your past work to find it more easily.

1 What is syntax highlighting?

Syntax highlighting is an underrated but essential part of professional writing. It’s hard for professional writers to write readable prose without it.

It’s a distinct and identifiable way of turning on the active bits of your document or text. This is a big part of the language’s natural communication and has been deliberately designed to make it easy to pick out the bits that matter.

When the idea of human language turns up in any thought, it’s important to pay attention to how we can effectively communicate the meaning of what we are trying to say.

How do I delete my account?

There are several ways to erase our account information. If you have a Facebook account but no longer want to use it, you may be able to erase your account from your Facebook settings.

If you have an email account, your account can be deactivated through your email settings. If you have no access to your account, you may be able to contact Facebook customer service for help.

If you have deleted your account in the past, you may be able to find your deleted account information by contacting Facebook customer service.

After asking with the help of customer service, be sure to use the username you provided when creating the account. You may use this information to register another account or to login to the account you created previously.

The process of erasing your information from our account can take up to five business days to complete, so do not deactivate your account if you do not want to completely erase your account information.

Fortunately, this process is usually quick, so be patient.

If you are unable to find your account information, you must contact Facebook customer service.


We've done our info-gathering and we're ready to take our payment for the project.

We're going to hold a kickstarter-like project where backers (you) can pay in two payments:

  • 10% upfront
  • 90% when the first contract is met (and delivered the rewards)

Paypal is the method of payment.

The 10% payment is for you yourself, to fix the problems, gather things for the projects, etc. And also for the money for the proven design we need.

Of course, the 90% will be for what we did not receive, what we had problems with, and the design.

We are selling a city. An urban city that is mostly covered with water.

The city has different levels of contents. You'll see different boats floating around the town with different contents and price tags.

Around the city will be places that will make you want to stay a few more days. A date on the beach would be a good example. Any of them.

When you spend more time, the date goes on. And it's not quick, the time will pass.

Now, we're selling this to you. Eat, sleep, drink and enjoy the rest of your life till the end.

This is a project for entertainment. Not only for you, but also for your loved ones, and for your backers.

Is Cougar Date free?

Cougar Date is absolutely FREE! There are no charges, fees, or credit card requirements. It's 100% free.

How much is Cougar Date?

A Cougar Date is a private event that combines a variety of video gaming related activities with the opportunity to meet and socialize with other avid gamers.

Example of a Cougar Date

A Cougar Date is scheduled at a local video-gaming establishment such as an arcade or bar.

Participants (Cougars) are invited to bring their favorite games to the event.

Players (Bears) head-to-head, online, or some combination thereof against each other.

Winners are determined by points of the games being played.

Prizes are awarded in the various games at the event.

Cougar Dates are typically scheduled on the first Friday every month throughout the year. (When the back-to-school season is over and Halloween is past.)

Country, state, and local laws may have differing rules and regulations.

How Much Cougar Date Cost?

There are many different options for participating in a Cougar Date. Costs for most events vary widely based on what is included and what is excluded.

There will be spending opportunities for everything from “free play” nights for admission, as well as, paid “event days.”

Admission may include several games for free play as well as other opportunities such as:

  • Raffle tickets
  • Free gift or prizes
  • Celebrity guest appearances

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You can read on and vote if you have been lucky enough to have a Cougar Date, or you know somebody else who has been lucky enough.

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