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Our Review

This is the fourteenth year we’ve owned a subscription to Cougar Life and we’ve been very pleased every single year. Our family decided to renew our subscription this year as our oldest son was set to graduate from college this summer and we would continue to live in our home for the foreseeable future.

The service has always been easy to cancel, which is perfect for us. We renew at the end of every year and can save a little too. There are new content items to view each month as well as the current issue and we have upgraded to about every new version of their website.

Young women who love to read will enjoy Cougar Life.

We enjoy watching the magazine. We know it is a lapse in judgement that we allow ourselves to watch it. The beautiful women who appear on the magazine cover are young, fit women.

They are dressed in that magazine fashion, young, fit and sophisticated. They are always posed in multiple spot on the cover of Cougar Life. Their age, height, weight, measurements are listed, etc. They are always dressed in sultry, seductive poses.

They are beautiful young women who are skilled at posing. The pictures are colorful and a little bit artsy. The women are made to look almost like they are posing in a painting.

Cougar Life Member Structure

The Cougar Life member structure, which is the inner workings of the company, is extremely divided into two groups, members and affiliates. The two groups are separated 100% by their respective work-flows. Members perform the primary work function in view of the company by ensuring the recruitment of affiliates. As each new affiliate is recruited into a new affiliate tier, the affiliate then has access to the complex education modules created by the company and can do the primary job function for that affiliate level.

From there, new affiliate levels are opened up. Individuals can chose which affiliate level they wish to ultimately become promoted into and can continue to benefit from the company’s advanced education modules-as well as work functions via secondary work-flows.

Individuals who decide that Cougar Life is not for them can do whatever they wish. As a company, we respect an individual’s decision to do away with the company’s structure. We have no desire to win every single individual over and have certainly not been chasing exposure at the cost of our affiliates.

A prime example of this was the plan that was made to offer the company’s inner-workings to the public.

Age Distribution

The cougar population is modeled to be distributed according to an average age of 6 years in every 10,000 records. This means a total population is measured to be at maximum of 3 million.

The lion population in the African state of Kenya has an area average of 12 to 16 years in every 10,000 records.

This means a total lion population is measured to be at the maximum of 5 million.

With a population distribution of the lion that is modeled to be distributed at an average of 12 to 16 years of each 10,000 records, this is enough for everyone to easily understand that the lion population is not limited to the lion in the African state of Kenya.

With a population of the cougar in North America that is modeled to be distributed at an average of 6 years in every 10,000 records, this is enough for everyone to easily understand that the cougar population is not limited to the cougar in the North American states.

With a population of 3 million for the cougar, there is no problem in keeping up with the food that the cougar eats.

Even if the food becomes smaller, it is very easy to get the food that the cougar eats with 3 million cougars.

Signing Up at Cougar Life

Cougar Life is a popular app where cougars network with other cougars.

It’s a fantastic way for getting in touch with cougars, finding new friends and meeting a potential partner.

Once signed up, you can explore the app.

Cougar Life’s interface is a bit crowded and it’s easy to waste time fiddling around.

Luckily, you can set reminders for everything.

Make sure you do set reminders on all of the things that you need to do, because you must complete some steps to put your profile in the Cougar Life system.

Some things you need to do are to create a profile, join a group of friends and share your basic information.

The most important step for the repeat is to create your Cougar Life profile.

Next, check out the Cougar Life “club.”

The club section is the place where cougars meet and hang out.

There you can find a cougar who shares an interest in hiking, fishing, or any other hobby that you have in common.

Make sure you talk to your group of friends first!

Some things to talk about are your location, your availability, what you want from a relationship and your preferences with other Cougars.

Making Contact on Cougar Life

Cougar Life is where adventures and fun live. Cougar Life has a variety of things that they offer members. It is not all that easy to find. Most of the review is about the location to stay in.

Close to shopping, trips, and other activities is a lot of fun. The getaway from work is fun.

The daily activities give you something to do. The off campus housing is a lot of fun to stay at. It has a lot of fun things to do.

You can find fun things to do at the retreat facility. The cheap price makes it a lot of fun. Even if you don’t have the money to stay there.

The breathtaking views make it fun. It is a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun. It is fun if you like being outdoors. It is a lot of fun.

It is a lot of fun.

The Cougar Life pick makes you feel young again. It is a lot of fun. Having fun has a lot of benefits.

It is a wonderful place to vacation. That a lot of fun.

You need to have fun to feel better. It is fun and relaxing. Plan on having fun and relaxing.

Whether you work to hard or stay stressed out. Have some fun.

Spending time with fun people can make it relaxing. To relax is to spend time here.

Cougar Life Profile Quality

Quality of Life: Cougars are generally solitary except for mating, which is a time for togetherness for them. They spend a lot of their time in solitude while on the prowl and when fighting for territory. Though the males can get a large territory, it is female territory, so he must fight and drive her out first for him to occupy the area. Though he can defend his territory well, he has little need to. They can stalk prey in the area my leaving their usual hunting territory, and it was documented that they did not return to their area for 2 days after pillaging prey. See below.

Social Life: Cougar generally live alone, and even when they do live together in a group, it is not a permanent structure. Males leave the group to go on the hunt and females leave to go to their place of hibernation, so there is not a true group that stays together through the entire season. Only in the mating season do they tend to group together.

Education: Since cougars are hunters, they rely heavily on instinct and on their enhanced senses. They are so adept at stalking their prey that they can stalk and kill their prey right where they are standing. It is unclear how much education they actually have in comparison to other species, but limited coursework at some level is typical. By observing other cougars, they might have some exposure to other species of cougar.

Cougar Life App

(Feb 20, 2023)

Grounded fears about human-wildlife conflict with our cougar relatives. While the American/western cougar hasn't been native to U.S. ecosystems for tens of thousands of years, the species has recently re-immigrated.

This growing population has raised concerns, in particular when it comes to perceived controversy over the cougar's status as a predator and its interactions with human populations.

No longer relegated to the status of a symbol for gold-rush era miners, cougars are now considered a part of the ecological landscape, a perceived presence synonymous with wilderness and the American West.

Cougar Life Real Life Review

CJ's life has started to go back to normal. His wife is doing better and Caren, his mom, is actually making herself useful around the house again. CJ still hates it when his dad pops in every now and then, but she has promised not to be around as much anymore and has now moved in with Fen. RJ and RJ's wife are doing well and are expecting a baby. CJ and Monica are finding themselves enjoying their time together. They still get teased a little, and Monica's family still isn't completely convinced of their relationship, but it seems like they might actually have a future together.

CJ is starting to get some customers back again and his warehouse is doing better than before the news about Leonie. Frustrated, CJ quits his job. This forces him to look for another, and he finds a new job at a car dealership.

CJ and Leonie grow closer as the months go on and CJ is amazed at how good he feels with her. He tells her that and she smiles. CJ also learns that Leonie is getting worried she might be pregnant.

CJ and Monica are spending lots of time together and CJ is having fun. Eventually Monica tells CJ she loves him. CJ is happy, but he tells her not to expect a commitment because he still needs to concentrate on his sister and getting back on his feet financially.

Design and Usability

Usability is important in the usability of the app needs to be easy and practical. The menu has three sections. The first has the page in it brings up the phone page if necessary. It also has a filter button. There is also a list of animals. The third page has filters for tags, nearby, mean, slowest, and sightings. The mean and slowest are not really useful because no one measures their cougar by speed.

The page for nearby is just a map. The tag page has a search button that will bring up a search function but is not available for searching and promoting. The page for sightings is similar to the tag page but different tags are available for viewing. The sightings page also has a filter button. The page of animals is more interactive with the ability to click on an animal to read an article on it. That section also has the option to add the animal to your favorite. That might be useful if you want to remember a cougar you saw for later.

The advantages of this app is that it is very useful and easy to use. It also has a nice feel to it with smooth transitions.

Cougar Life Costs and Prices

For most of the Great British summer, I have been living a life without any internet connection. This is an interesting change from the summer of 2018 when I was working on site in Guildford.

One of the big reasons for this is I am working on a major improvement to the website and this means the website is inaccessible, however, I have been working on an intermediate solution to document some of the work done so far. However this isn’t suitable for every day use.

So enjoy this write up, a short analysis on a short stay of a month out of my life.

My experience:

The app was originally a bit of a rocky experience. It could take a very long time to start autofilling content. I also wouldn’t always get a reply to a message so I had spend some time on things that were outside of my control.

After a week on the app, it seemed to be smoother running, and I found writing would only take a few minutes to fill a page.

I originally had the app to try it out to see what it was like. There is still some issues around the UI but this can be fixed with updates.

Is Cougar Life expensive or cheap?

Cougar Life is very affordable. Most of the ingredients are individually packaged and there is no need to spend extra money on related items such as new aquariums and hood filters.

You’ll need certain things, such as aquariums of varying sizes, that have to be bought top-up, but with initial orders you should have everything you need.

All in all, it is considered to be an affordable online business to start even if you do happen to survive and have to run it for long periods of time. It’s a great way to earn extra cash in every spare moment that you’ve got in the day rather than wasting that extra time earning money.

Special Features

{1}. Convex mirror surface to adjust light brightness at different angles. This is a good design, but the product’s price is really high, which makes it hard for us to recommend it.
{2}. Multi-functional design:

A) It is general model, can be used to watch movie or read textbooks.

B) Convex mirror surface to adjust light brightness at different angles, it is one of the coolest features in the watch. It is good to have

C) Magical design, it supports IPX-8 waterproof level, can be used in rain, shower, swimming, deep sea diving, etc.

{1}. Color changing design, it matches your mood
{2}. The watch has some other functions, which adds more value to the product.
{3}. Refresh your wrist design for white powder men.


First, the obvious. I’ve received some wonderful and heart-warming gifts.

Sammy ran a kickstarter campaign to help him create a podcast to help explain the Bible. The end result was a 20-part series, “Food For Thought,” which illustrated the various points of view that exist within the Bible.

It made me think. It made me understand. It also lifted my dog.

Sammy has been hard at work on the food for thought podcast for well over a year. He continues to provide a product that he feels hopeful people will like and want to continue to give to.

This is a person who is very passionate about his faith and wants to spread it. He doesn’t do so for attention, prosperity or personal gain. He wants to make the world a better place.

Many people who go to buy the podcast, however, would like a group of thoughtful and gentle books that illustrate all of the views in scripture.

Sammy is very good at taking critiques, has never been bothered by criticism, and he is interested in making things better.

He is currently grateful to receive a cash donation allowing him to produce a book that he thinks will really be helpful in understanding Christianity.

Private Gallery

Find a Date

Even if you’re looking for a casual, no strings type of companion, you still need to find a good place to meet.

There are a variety of websites that you can use to find a good date because many of them have good chat features and allow you to see who is active.

Get a date on Friday and return the favor on Sunday.

Write down activities that you would like to pursue and avoid those that you are not interested in. After you get to know her, ask her if there is anything she is not comfortable with. With your mutual interest in music, it should not be difficult to find a mutual interest in a music festival. Dress for success, not so that you’re the hippest guy in the room, but so that your date is also a winner.

It’s more fun to go to the movie together and pay for your ticket and popcorn together, rather than splitting an entire movie with two tickets.

Finding a date does not have to be a roll of the dice. Keep your desires about privacy and certain things in common in mind but don’t force it. There are guys out there who would do anything for the chance to be with you and who do have mutual interests with you, but won’t bring it up because they are too shy.

Cougar Life Blog


So lets jump into my Cougar Life Review.

So far I have received 4 of the 8 packages. The other 4 will arrive in the next month or so. Each package came with healthy and natural items. All of these items are things that I would personally use.

To help you decide if Cougar Life is right for you. I will offer a few FAQ’s and answers.

Q: Is Cougar Life a scam?

No, Cougar Life is not a scam.

My friend has been a member for several months, so I know that they are legit. You sign up for a free account, create a profile, fill out your height and preferred weight.

Your initial payment is much smaller then you would think. Afterwards, you will only pay for active shipping.

Q: Where can I get a discount on Cougar Life?

Right here on my site.

To take advantage of the discount, simply go to the link and click the “Get This Offer” link. This will get you a 20% discount.

Q: When I first join, do I have to just get one package?

No, you can purchase as many additional packages as you’d like.

Editors Conclusion

Just because people are friends, doesn’t mean they will always have each others back! I have learned a lot from my cougar friends, but I have also made a lot of mistakes. I think that anyone who wants to play the big game, needs to expect to have to pay a price. My price came in the form of Cory’s death.

If I only could have come to terms with that in my insecurity, I would have been a totally different predator.

In the end, after everything I put them through, they are still my best friends, and I am glad that they are here to help me through this stage in my life. It would have been much more difficult without them. I think all of this experience has made me the leader of the group. I think in the future, I could use some of the experiences I have had tonight to help in other, even more complicated, situations.

One of the most interesting things of playing big star as a predator, is in learning how to be honest with myself. In a way, we must choose to be honest. If we make the wrong turns, that doesn’t mean that we’re bad people. It means that we have committed mistakes and we need to learn from our mistakes. I am making so many mistakes, it’s a little crazy.

Cougar Life FAQ

Q. How many different cats are there?

A. There are 15 different sub-species of cougars currently worldwide, however, they are all classified under the same species. To be more accurate though, there are 16 cougar sub-species that exist in the world today, however, only 15 of these sub-species are through most of the world.

Q. How long do animals live?

A. Country and state specific animals.

A. Country specific animals live at a maximum length of 3 – 5 years in the wild.

Q. How long can different mountain lions live in captivity?

A. Mountain Lions, which are classified as mountain lions, can live up to 25 years in the wild and up to 25 – 30 years in captivity.

Q. How long will a mountain lion have to spend in the wild before he or she has become an adult?

A. Mountain Lion's spend the earliest years of their lives roving the areas around where they were born, seeking out new food sources. When they're 2-3 years of age, they will have reached adulthood, and will be able to hunt, kill, and defend themselves.

Q. What is the population of mountain lions in California?

A. There are 17 known mountain lions with DNA within the Native American regions of California.

Q. Where can I find an area to view mountain lions?


Most of the Big Five in North America are endangered. Some species, like the American bison, are seen at a much lower population level than they were before in recorded history. Other species, like the Mexican gray wolf, have been driven to the brink of extinction.

Canada is the only member of the Big Five whose population is not considered threatened.

All five species of cougar that are native to North America are considered endangered.

The cougar is one of the most widely recognized members of the big five. Some of the largest populations of cougar remain in Canada. A healthy population typically consists of 100 – 200 animals. There are an estimated 6,000 cougars in Canada.

Depending on the habitat, cougars can weigh as much as 135 lbs.

If a cougar’s habitat is destroyed, it can be forced to inhabit towns and cities, often leading to an increase in cougar attacks on people.

This is the most recent and thorough review of cougar life.

Canada has three provinces, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, each with a cougar population of 6,000 – 7,000 cougars.

What's Cougar Life?

Cougar Life is brand new to the world of chatbots. It's a chatbot that is tailored to the people who need it most, to those in professions where they need to interact with other people and are often in groups. Consider what you as a nurse may be doing in your shift: you get a call to take a patient's vitals or print labs. You then talk to a doctor during your shift, or your boss outside of work. These shifts that are used to meet time frames, where you have to discuss work and patients reportsor even sales in the case of the nurse.

With chatbots, you can now have all of those conversations with others, get the answers to your questions sooner, get back on your shift more quickly and with less distractions. Cougar Life helps with all of that.

Who owns Cougar Life?

Cougar Life was established by a couple of guys who are both big outdoorsmen, as they spent many years honing their own skills in hiking, camping, and fishing. Their focus on these old school tasks led them to understand the importance of customer service and the need for high quality products. They developed a line of hiking, camping, and fishing equipment that today boils down to two items.

The first is a high quality backpack that is called the Wilderness backpack. This bag has so much internal space that you could pack enough gear for a week-long trip.

Because of the size of the pack, the bag can breathe well and keep your back dry even though it is carrying a load. They also use top quality zippers and buckles, which makes the bag easy to use.

The other product is hand-crafted fishing rods that are made using high quality carbon fiber. Both items are now well-known for their quality and durability and are considered some of the best outdoor items on the market.

They offer a wide range of products that has everything you need for both hunting and fishing. From the most popular items, such as their hiking and camping equipment to popular fishing gear, they have all of the essentials that you need.

When was Cougar Life launched?

You might not know there were cougars living around your home, but you’re probably already familiar with cougars in the wild. Many species of cougars live around the world, from the Western cougars that can be found in North and South America, to the Asiatic cougar that lives across Southeast Asia. Well, Cougar Life is for those that wanna be on the inside of the next generation of cougar related dating.

Where is Cougar Life's headquarters located?

We are located in the state of Idaho, USA. We currently have the head quarter and distribution center located in Coeur D’Alene.

Is there an easier way to login to Cougar Life?

Yes, Cougar Life provides an online customer service. You can get in contact with their customer support via phone, email or a live chat.

Apart from donations, the customer support team can also help you with counseling and other services.

Is there a Cougar Life mobile app?

Yes, we have an app for both the web and iOS! You can look for it through the Apple app store or Google Play.


Up to this point, the product has been mostly a social and digital one. However, as a human product, it is only loosely linked to society. In order to be useful to society, we need to have a better connection with humans and to now engage in the human world.

We need to expose ourselves to more humans and have lives there. That can go in two directions.

First, increase social interaction. That is what I plan to focus on for the rest of this year and what I would like to apply for a social demo. We are planning to get some help with a T-shirt printing company to make it possible to print a couple of shirts in the future.

We can get some more customers if we will first productize the product and find a way to sell it. For the productization part, I realize that this will be a huge challenge.

It will require a new target group, and we have to learn how to create and sell products. Furthermore, we have to adapt the product to the new target group. However, we know that we have a widely appealing idea.

We haven’t yet found a way to combine it with the productization. So for the moment, we can’t say which direction we will take.

How does Cougar Life work?

Cougar Life is a subscription-based service that allows you to share your private content with a network of cougars (female members who are typically between their 20s and 40s).

They have an online wall where you can upload content and share photos, as well as participate in forums and in-app chat. Cougar Life will also match you with cougars based on your profile, interests, and activity.If you are interested in dating, more often than not, you don’t need the internet to do it.

In some cases, however, especially if you live in a remote area or if you do not have a wide social circle, you may not be able to go online to meet someone.

With Cougar Life, you can do so in a truly global setting. For one, you can browse thousands of submissions a day.

If the number of applicants exceeds your capacity to review, you can hand-pick the cougars that you want to review.

Most of the cougars are classified as Elite Models for their beauty, intelligence, and success.

In addition, they are screened for personality, so you can privately chat and interact with cougars without being bothered by a troublesome cougar that’s not suitable for you.

There’s no risk of rejection, no fees to join, and no advertisements to obstruct your viewing experience.

Can I use Cougar Life without paying?

No way. Cougar Life costs money because it is designed by professionals to optimally cover the cost of animal capture, genetics, and veterinary care.

If you are in a store that sells Cougar Life (such as better pet stores) look for the pricing stickers that show you how much it will actually cost after you use the 40% off coupon.

Cougar Life costs money because it is designed by professionals to optimally cover the cost of animal capture, genetics, and veterinary care.

Cougar Life doesn’t profit at all from this, by the way. The creator took a severe financial hit by donating his stocks, and he and his family became reliant on the income to cover their living expenses.

How can I view other members' private photos?

Anyone can view that photos are viewable by members who listed a follow option. When viewing social photos are photos facing public albums. However, in the future, you will be able to view photos in your friends private/limited albums.

I'm a free member and I can't send Cougar Life messages. How do I contact other members?

Cougar Life is among the most popular dating apps in the world.

For most of its users, this is only an app where they can lead a casual but convenient dating life, or use it as a tool to find a serious relationship with a kitty partner.

Those who want to know if they can send Cougar Life messages to other members will be happy to know the answer is "yes" you are fully able to request for such.

The way you do this is to go into your settings, and add new pictures. When you do this, you will select your profile photo, and a few other settings, and then you'll be presented with a pop-up box.

In there, you can use the contact button to send messages, instead of using your keyboard.

There is also something worth noting when you use free members to contact paid members. Depending on your location, you may not receive their messages for a few days.


I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m a sucker for the cougar and will gladly pay any price to see one of them. I’ve had a number of interactions and they are the most fascinating animals I have ever seen.

The great thing about a cougar watching experience is that it’s a very immersive and personal experience. Once you’ve seen a bear or herd of buffalo that’s it but with a cougar you get the opportunity to meet the animal, interact with it and become one with it.

Cougar Life has so much variety, throws in some genuine wildlife encounters and plenty of stunning photo opportunities. It was a tough decision but in the end they just don’t offer everyone the same quality.

Creatures of the Night is the most popular option here with the added benefit of viewing coyotes that are more suitable for photography. Cougar Life is the next most popular choice with the added benefit of a dinner with your tour guide. The African Safari option is good for the most extreme wildlife experiences but I didn’t find the cougars on offer were as thrilling as the others.

What are Cougar Life gifts?

Cougar Life is our monthly online membership club that provides you with a few awesome perks.

The Cougar Life Gift is our biggest incentive to get new members.

Here are some Cougar Life Gift Ideas:

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are perfect because they are great gift in and of themselves.

There are a TON of options to choose from including certain gift cards to places like Amazon with important dates on them.

The gift card also gives Cougar Life member one more reason to show Cougar Life some love.

Some of our favorite gift cards to choose from include:

  • Flowers
  • Gift cards to Amazon
  • Gift cards to Apple
  • Giftcards to Major retailers (like target or walmart)
  • Wine
  • Gift Cards to Brooks Bros for any clothing item
  • Gift cards to Dunkin' Doughnuts Coffee
  • Dryer or shirt

Amazon gift cards for almost anything will work.

We cannot currently accept Amazon gift cards that are not signed, but we do encourage you to add Cougar Life to your Amazon account information.

If you are buying Cougar Life as a gift for a friend, you can check with them and see if they would prefer to receive a gift card or.

Other type of gift store credit (like a gift card to Amazon). The gift card option would be perfect for this scenario.

What is the difference between a regular message and priority mail at Cougar Life?

Regular Priority (USPS) 1.Ponying up extra cash for a faster, more reliable delivery method.

{1}. Payments received, whether made in advance, at shipping, or upon delivery, will be credited to accounts first and applied towards the cost of any priority shipping, in order of priority.
{2}. Any remaining funds are refunded as a credit on my account.
{3}. Priority shipment must be received to be credited.
{4}. International orders will receive a prepaid USPS mailer, no exceptions.

All orders ship out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Tips for Faster Priority Mail 2.Be sure to list your TTS number when checking out and provide it to your buyer to thank them for ordering with Cougar Life.

{1}. Receiving address must be the same as your billing address.
{2}. Enter as much detail as possible in your shipping field, we can correct any errors quickly.
{3}. If using full-service shipping address at Etsy, be sure to provide the correct zip code as well as the full address. We do not delete any etsy addresses, and we will send to the exact address.
{4}. We refund any fees paid for full-service shipping, so long as the shipping label was issued for Cougar Life and not a third party, and the item was shipped by Cougar Life.

Can I create a favorites list as a free user at Cougar Life?

Yes! You can make as many lists as you want for free at Cougar Life.


The water levels in the Rio Grande crested to unprecedented levels causing the river’s flow to reverse direction.

The main crops of the area had yet to mature and would not be ready for harvest before the new water level lowered the river back into its natural state.

The category 3 hurricane had been scheduled to arrive at Quintana’s southern border within the week.

Though normally the winds would be high, the news of the hurricane was known as far north as Canada.

Farmers who were growing corn for the European market would be unable to sell the crop they were raising now.

In the cities, the extra concern was the empty fuel reserves in the gas stations.

There would be no gas to be purchased until the Puerto Rico Highway reopened again.

Back in the cities, many citizens had died of the elderly when the electricity finally cut. When the electric company was brought back online, the smell of smoke filled the air as burning bodies were removed from their homes.

Quintana’s crime rate had skyrocketed as people sought to vent their drunken rage on innocent bystanders after the hurricane.

Can you tell me how to delete Cougar Life account?

Getting rid of your Cougar Life account is easy these days.

We don’t need to go into details about their privacy policy but just in case… to delete your account visit Cougar Life website and click on the banner that says “Manage My Account” link.

How can I cancel Cougar Life online subscription? Can I cancel without calling their hotline?

Now more than ever, consumers are afraid of subscribing to services that they don’t necessarily want, but which may charge them.

One of the biggest areas that receive the most complaints by consumers is with subscriptions.

One of the biggest areas that receives the most complaints by consumers is with subscriptions.

Such subscriptions are usually called “automatic”, “subscription”, or “recurring” in the product or services contract.

One of the biggest areas that receive the most complaints by consumers is with subscriptions.

A recent case with such a service is Cougar Life, which trades under the symbol CR.

To subscribe with Cougar Life, you need to go to CR’s website. After creating a profile and being given your personal code (in addition to your email address), you are given a “Join Cougar Club” button on the website and asked to provide your credit card details.

You can skip this step if you have PayPal or CCBill’s digital wallet already.

When you click the first button, however, a subscription is automatically activated.

At this point, you can cancel the subscription and get a refund.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Be sure to provide us with all the needed information for a prompt answer.

Make sure to ask your questions in the correct location. Here are the answers for Cougar Life Review February 2021 that you were looking for.

If you still have questions please drop us a message.

Share your Cougar Life experience

With the world.

Feedback is very important to the site. Please share your Cougar Life experience.

Cougar Life Experiences

The year was 2011. A life changing move west had been completed, The university had been left behind, and two new college friends fresh out of state university had climbed into a quiet hotel room in the greater Seattle area.

In that quiet hotel room the three of us, having no clue what we were doing nor how to teach a class, decided to try to teach a Jazz class.

Amazingly enough it turned out to be a pretty good class, and one that we were able to teach using an online platform. Over the next two years we were asked to teach several online and in-person classes.

The books we used were a series of jazz books we found in the University Learning Resource Center. We were not given these books, they were in the University library free and available to the students to use.

After completing an online class with an online grade book I was asked to teach a class on Jazz History. The next class I taught was Foundations in Jazz Guitar leading to the ultimate mentorship in online grading through udgenius.

The following year I was selected to teach Soul on the Sax and began teaching Jazz Composition online. We were in the middle of a busy online class when I noticed the usual 2nd year of students giving only 3 or 4 days of effort per week.

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I think 2016 had the most content so far. I just need to find links and copy-paste them.

When I first saw that I didn’t have anything, I sat there for a few hours playing the game and getting my son to help me. Then I went to bed and woke up a few hours later with the reminder that it hadn’t been posted yet.


I didn’t do any better the next time and ended up focusing on measuring my blood pressure.







I went to the dentist and finally had my wisdom teeth extracted.

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