eHarmony: App Analysis

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Is the eHarmony app worth it?

Sure, eHarmony is a popular dating site, but if you’re looking for the app for fun, you won’t find it here.

Evidently, eHarmony is an aggressive dating site that gets you to commit quickly.

One interesting thing about eHarmony is that they offer to match you with a left-handed person. They also do you a favor and try to match you with someone that shares your religious affiliation any faith background.

This is interesting because it is the only dating app that allows people to filter their partners based on religion. Coming late to the discussion, it seems that the app is best for people that would prefer to have a religious partner without having to worry about hard feelings.

Therefore, the app is best for people that are okay with getting acquainted, dating faster and, if the relationship goes well, possibly having a religious wedding.

If you are interested in getting a religious wedding, but you’re not sure if you can handle the possible scrutiny that may occur, you can give eHarmony a try. eHarmony is the only site that caters to people who can’t or don’t want to go through a planned dating site and just want to go to the temple.

eHarmony: App Design

This is one of the most well known dating apps. It has over 1 million users and a rating of 3.2/5 pages. It has an iOS app, and has quite a few different features to choose from.

The actual app design is quite simple and simple to use. It cannot be denied that the app is very user friendly, and is well designed. There are a range of different screens, and the layout makes it easy to know what to do next.

Going on the main recommendation card, you can browse through a range of people. This can help those who want to find a partner, but do not know where to start.

You can filter by age, gender, height, and location. This allows you to focus on your search.

The interface throughout the app is outstanding. It seems like the app developers had in mind what they wanted and then went with it. This seems to work well for the app.

On a similar note are the different screens. The screenshots above show the screens that are included in the app. They are specifically for each section of the app, which makes everything simpler to find.

The app downloads and works flawlessly, and there aren’t any glitches in use.

eHarmony: App Features

Quick Match: This feature allows you to immediately discard people you are not interested in without the hassle of scrolling through every single profile.

Free at eHarmony: You have an option of joining eHarmony for free or only paying if you find a partner.

Private Dating: You can have a private chat with your matches to know more about them.

Couples that are interested in each other may decide to meet up.

Background Check: You will need to meet with your partner to discuss your background.

Couple Matching: This feature is suitable if you are happy working with the person you met or believe that you are compatible with that specific person.

This allows you to get a picture of the person’s face when you match with them.

What makes the eHarmony app special?

EHarmony is one of the most famous online dating websites. It makes an effort to stand out from the competition by allowing users to tailor their experiences to their own needs, preferences and lifestyle.

This is done by offering users the option of a number of subscription plans. The more money you have to spend, the more features you get.

EHarmony’s app has a huge variety of features as a result of this strategy.

It has a very mature and well-designed interface and the layout of the various options is well-ordered. Some of the agency’s flagship features such as Personality Profiling and the Compatibility Score are not available through the app, but they might prove to be useful on the mobile web which can be accessed through the smartphone’s browser.

The app’s ability to work offline is an added advantage which works particularly well for people who are away from their computers a lot of the time.

The app saves data locally, and it does not need any type of online connectivity to initiate any of the actions it allows. The app’s interface is clean and does not look cluttered. Everything you need is always available when you need it.

This app may be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It can also be accessed as a web application.

eHarmony App: Cost

Like anything else you'd like to keep for a lifetime, e-commerce apps have a cost, and they vary in nature and magnitude. Each app that you create is limited to a group of devices, so you will need to build for each model but not provide support for the unsupported ones.

If you restrict support to a model of iPhone only, that costs you a lot less over time compared to supporting all the iOS devices. Apple devices also have some of the lowest operating costs out there, so you can build a more robust app than you would otherwise need and still maintain lower operating costs.

A free app, assuming that you improve it based on your users' feedback, probably has less than 0.50% of your total operating costs. If you release a paid version of your app, your costs continue to decrease with each sale, but they get reinvested in free updates which you do not have to support.

Is eHarmony expensive or cheap?

EHarmony is a lesser known online dating site. It’s free to join, and you can pay a subscription for additional services. Just as you would expect from any dating site, there are only a few basic features for free members.

However, after you pay a subscription, the site is pretty good. One major advantage of this site is that they allow you to use their compatibility testing algorithms to find your compatibility with other members.

This test includes questions with which you can evaluate your personality and your partner-matching qualities. After the test, your compatibility is calculated and rated.

If this test gives you sufficient match options, you can then join free online dating chat rooms to chat with people.

The paid services are not as strong as the free members’, though. They do have the option of sending messages to other members via a chat, but this can get expensive quickly.

If you want to make the most of your subscription, then the eHarmony membership is a good option. This service is better than most online dating services, but it’s not the best one.

The eHarmony Way: Tips to Safely Date on Mobile

{1}. Learn their preferences! Knowing someone’s interests, dislikes and (most importantly!) what they find sexy in a first date could create a better match or prevent a bad one altogether.
{2}. Don’t be shocked or offended if they don’t respond to every message you send. Everyone is busy, we understand it’s hard to find the time to respond right when you get a message.
{3}. Chatting with a prospective date on your mobile phone can help give you a more realistic and honest picture of who they are.
{4}. Keep your profile up to date! Whatever you put on your profile will directly influence who you meet, so make sure you’re providing the type of information you’d like to hear!
{5}. Don’t send a first message that only asks for their number. Keep it short and sweet, and possibly specific to each person you’re speaking to if you don’t know them well.
{6}. Choose your words wisely. Use your common sense…people treat the things you text with or to them just like you treat them in real life!


EHarmony uses a before and after login screen. Users can click on the button to jump to a before login screen.

By clicking a button that says “Log out” users will jump back to the login screen.

Don’t open suspicious messages

Electronic communication is a blessing, but it can also be a curse. If you’ve picked up the habit of checking your messages with eHarmony on a daily basis, you may have received emails that look like they come from eHarmony. As a part of our eHarmony app analysis, it is important to note that eHarmony does not send messages that appear to be from eHarmony. Please do not open any messages that appear to be suspicious.

If you are asked to click on a link to visit an eHarmony site, never do so, because you are not on an eHarmony site.

Your password should be a safe and simple one and should include both upper and lowercase letters. Never use the same password for different websites.

You should type in your password exactly the way you’ve written it out on paper. Remember, not even people with the best memory make a mistake typing their passwords.

If you’re given the option to change your password, do it, because that is the only way you are allowed to do so.

Some valid reasons why eHarmony email servers may have failed to deliver emails to you or your spam filter may have removed eHarmony emails from your Inbox include:

Make use of your phone, to the fullest

A lot of people have their phones attached to their wall: like to watch videos, stream music, and use applications like Tinder.

I’m personally pretty much solely on my phone. It’s a thing I do with my hands.

Especially now, people never really put down their phone.

But why do we? No one’s asking for you to utilize your phone while you’re sitting at your desk. But for Christ’s sake, once you’re away from work, stop using your phone like ridiculously.

When I first got my phone, I wouldn’t take it out of my pocket.

And then I’d kill all my battery. So I did what I think most people do, I shut off data and wifi.


EHarmony is a great example of a business that really strives to get your input. As you all know, we all have that friend that is really, really good at giving advice. To use an example from our own work, a friend of ours is really good at writing revisions to our papers. Sometimes she’ll write an entire revisions on the back of a napkin. She truly believes that the more that’s shown, the better the paper is.

Of course, I can’t argue with her when she does this, and it really does help. However, it’s easy to let the napkin or paper slide to the floor when you’re really busy.

The way eHarmony has done this is relatively simple. It is very much just a matchmaking service between eligible people of the same sex. You set up a profile and seek out the approval of other people that have already done the same, and after that, you are mostly waiting for people to come to you. When someone does, there is a questionnaire and a two-minute video to figure out if they are a good match.

More information on eHarmony:

EHarmony has been around since 1995 and is currently based in Palo Alto. Its website was launched in 2000 and is updated several times a day.

It’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard of it, but if you’ve ever been in a relationship, you’ve probably heard of it. The site successfully connects single people based on a large number of factors.

Their process delivers matches for you to chat and email. Their algorithm is entirely secret. Their method of matching is impressive. When it comes to evaluating the site as an app, there are a few things that need to be evaluated.