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eHarmony: The price of harmonious relationships

This calculator estimates the long term financial benefit of eHarmony.

Is eHarmony expensive or cheap?

EHarmony, as I stated before, is the most trusted online dating service in North America and is extremely inexpensive at 18.95 per month. The concept of online dating is nothing new, but eHarmon is unique because of the use of mathematically based matching algorithms for compatibility.

These algorithms are based on a number of key metrics which can be divided into three large categories: 1) physical features 2) personality 3) compatibility in terms of lifestyle.

Physical Features are:

Eye Color (irrespective of color): the study found high levels of eye color differences when it came to compatibility (conversely, it also found that men with brown eyes are least likely to be successful partners for women with blue eyes).

This difference correlates with genetics and biological processes. The study found that not only are blue eyed men more likely to have children with blue eyed women, but women with blue eyes are more likely to be attracted to men with blue eyes.

Face Shape: The study found that women who were attracted to men with long faces were most likely to form stable marriages.

A previous study on attractiveness in Spain found that the same held true: long faced men are more honest, but women were least likely to form lasting relationships with them.

Is eHarmony worth it?

A lot of people get married now and then before eHarmony was in operation. Their method of matching them was through the years of experience they had as a married couple, most of them spending most of their time together in their married life. In fact, eHarmony has been one of the most preferred matchmakers for the last decade.

The online dating site can be completely free, and there are other charges that would apply. But it is considered the best online dating site included current survey results on the success rate of the site. It would be a bit reckless to go for eHarmony.

Yet, in order for you to make the right decisions, it is important that you are informed with regard to the success of your choice, be it a person or a website.

To find out about the success rate of eHarmony, it is best that you join various online dating sites and check out different success rates. These data are not reliable but in order for you to get a correct idea, you need to check out the range of the results based on different dating sites.

Next time you get an invitation for an online dating, if you have checked out the recent survey results, you can choose which platform to start with the assurance that you would not get to meet any regrets.

Offline vs eHarmony

From the very beginning, we knew that eHarmony's only possible financial benchmark was to keep on investing in the search technology, even if that meant losing money building the site for the first year. The key point was that someone would pay for a good, private search engine, and we hoped it would be us.

After all, despite the fact that other successful sites in the market were making tens of millions of dollars annually, eHarmony knew we could offer one of the most thorough decades of searches for a fraction of that amount.

Even if the search feature alone would sell at a good margin, we still would have been netting millions of dollars a year because of the many other features in the site (in-site chat, photo sharing, interests, groups, etc.) that would allow us to recover our investment costs over and over again.

So, for the past 12 years, eHarmony has invested heavily into improving our search technology and introducing new features. 90% of our revenue is generated by the search feature alone. And we still sell it for the price of a chocolate bar, a small license to Microsoft Office, or one month of an AOL or MSN subscription.

Novice vs. Expert

As the website now boasts, 100 million women have used eHarmony to date. And about half of these women are on the site more than once. But the question remains: Is it really any good? The answer is: Yes. eHarmony has a 97% success rating with a 63% retention rate. On top of that, you’re pumping only 5 messages into each woman’s inboxes before she cancels the subscription.

Here are some stats you didn’t see at the top of the site.

About 42% of users are between the ages of 25 and 40.

39% of users are between the ages of 35 and 44.

41% of users are between the ages of 45 and 54.

In the past 12 months, 31% of users have been newly single.

24% of users are between the ages of 35 and 44.

28% of Users Are between the Ages of 45 and 54

35% of users are in a relationship.

One vs. Many

My first customer at eHarmony measured my clients’s success rather than my own. I wished I had a different boss early on.

At eHarmony, it’s not about how many clients you make, it’s about the number of happy, paying clients and how many of them you have retained.

Stories of an eHarmony customer under-delivering profits in a single month were commonplace. Despite this, my boss always focused on the next quarter—the one after this one.

Stories of an eHarmony employee outperforming her peers were even more common.

However, the sales manager only made the quarterly bonus based on quarterly billing.

Chances were that if you did better than your peers and you were rewarded less, it was more likely that you would under-perform than that your peers would.

If you look at the raw data and you find a successful customer, the data alone doesn’t tell you how many happy clients the person has. It can be the case that the average revenue of someone who is well-funded and well-rated is the same as the average revenue of someone who is poorly funded and rated.

Hard Work vs. Convenience

Eharmony is the online dating website with a scientifically-proven matching system and a database of over six million members. To date, more than two million relationships have resulted from the site, and this is mostly due to the fact that eHarmony makes difficult romantic decisions easy.

==> EHarmony Cost

The company claims to be the largest online dating service in the United States.

That isn’t quite true, and their ranking depends on a multiplicity of factors. But, certainly they profile headlines and intriguing profiles together with the ability to offer a relationship with no strings attached.

==> Does Hiring an Online Dating Service Really Make Sense?

The answer is yes.

==> Individual Customer Satisfaction

The reason that eHarmony is so successful is because the customers are incredibly satisfied. In fact, they are so satisfied that the company decided to conduct a study to determine the level of satisfaction among customers.

These survey results were quite astonishing.

==> Success Metrics

The survey focused on two components of eHarmony’s business. First, it focused on customer satisfaction.

Second, this survey asked customers about shared qualities and experiences that they had with the company.

==> Similarity vs. Compatibility

What’s the free deal at eHarmony?

EHarmony provides a free 14-day trial period in which you can use it and see how well it works. You can use this trial period to see if eHarmony is worth your time or if you don’t click with the site’s personality profiles.

To get started, you have two options. You can either choose an automated matchmaking system, which will pick your mate using algorithms, or you can choose to look at your answers to matchmaking questions.

If you choose to go with the automated matchmaking selection, you will be asked a variety of questions in order to give you a better understanding of yourself and your mate. So if you are trying to find a companion, you might see more of a connection with someone who shares your likes, dislikes, and goals.

After finishing the questionnaire, eHarmony will pair you up with someone they feel you will click with. When you have chosen your mate, you can either stay with eHarmony for a fee or decline their services and finish your free trial.

If you decide eHarmony is not for you, you do not owe them any money for your use of their service. The company has a policy not to charge you until a date of their choosing. You can continue to use their services by paying a monthly subscription.

Getting started

Your first costs will likely be related to signup. All of the major online dating services require a fee, ranging from a few cents to a few dollars. The actual cost of the service also depends on some of the factors you’ve chosen: whether you are a singles member or a couples profile, what level of activity you are allowed, and so on.

After your initial set up costs, you will engage with new people and this will reduce your costs. As with a social group, users tend to have a large number of acquaintances that are inactive and are not looking for new dates. This will reduce costs immediately and will continue to moderate your costs as you meet more people.

The third cost item is interest and participation. Do you start conversations with people when you meet them, or do you wait to make sure they initiate conversation with you first? Do you take the initiative to meet new people regularly, or do you never take action and just use your account? These are all cost effective decisions that will be made by the member. The advantages of being a more active or passive member are more emotional or physical, which are less important than monetary effects, but can have an impact.

Getting around

Getting flirty

EHarmony, like many similar services, is a matchmaking service that is committed to helping you meet people who share your values and interest. In the past year, the total number of members who have signed up is over 20 million!

EHarmony is now in the process of negotiating with at least 3 major media companies to provide free ad space to eHarmony users who are looking for other potential matches.

The three companies are:

  • The New York Times
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • USA Today

EHarmony gets 75% to 100% of the revenue from the ad space while the media companies get only the remainder of the revenue.

EHarmony has been marketing and selling subscriptions to its subscribers for well over a year now. Interestingly enough, since it hasn’t officially launched the publicly-advertised service into it’s user base, eHarmony hasn’t been able to get enough customers involved to start monetizing.

EHarmony defines itself as more of a social network than a dating service, as it throws parties, holds contests, and connects its members through several different activities and competitions.

As its website states: “eHarmony represents a new level of intimacy to people, relationships and love.”


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New members at eHarmony in February 2021 in comparison