eHarmony or Match – Which one is better?

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eHarmony vs Match: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

In general, eHarmony and Match both offer the same important features; however, you want to know which website or app better meets your needs.

Read on to find out.

Matches and Dating Approaches- Both websites match you with people who have similar beliefs as you (and also looking for relationships). That means that both websites are primarily focused on your beliefs and compatible belief-system for the purpose of love and for finding a life partner. Having said that, eHarmony has a much more boosting aspect along with a wide variety of people to choose from, both online and offline. On the other hand, Match mainly delivers online dating. And that is one of the reasons it delivers better results than eHarmony.

Matches and Profiles- Match will provide better pictures for you to choose from. They also have a greater variety of people to choose from. You don’t find any message boxes, postboxes, or anything similar in a Match profile.

EHarmony’s approach is a bit different. It has an advanced matching technology that matches you with individuals that your potential partners have already met.

eHarmony vs Match: The Basics

The eHarmony service has been challenging Match and its competitors for many years, and now they’re well on their way to closing the gap.

Using eHarmony is a slightly different process than the other popular way of finding love, which is internet dating. While both types of the popular way to find love are known for their unlimited numbers of single people to choose from, eHarmony uses the computer science behind matching to take away some of the challenges of selecting the right one. Thus, it may be easier than online dating to feel positive about the possibility of finding the right match, whether it’s with eHarmony or Match. With the numerous sites online which claim to match you with dates from your geographical area, Match’s success may depend on whether it will be able to create a personal relationship that is more than just casual dates.

The type of people who used those sites might not be your best target, so it could be just a matter of whether eHarmony can offer a solution.

The very obvious difference is the marketing. eHarmony has a lot of money behind them, and they are like Match trying to convince people to join their service. However, eHarmony then actually helps people find happiness.


When selecting a dating website, many people usually focus on the most prominent features of the site. Some people do not give enough thought to what is the best dating website for them.

Here are some features to consider when selecting an online dating site on which to meet the love of your life:

Site Features


EHarmony obviously comes with a larger price tag. However, they provide far more value. For example, their compatibility test is pretty accurate, and they provide a variety of activities as part of their more than 2,000 personal features.

They also have a very thorough 3,000 searchable online profiles. Essentially, the larger profile database is where they make up for their higher price tag. eHarmony is where you should begin if you have serious intentions.

Match is cheaper, but between the useless ads, mediocre compatibility test and their lack of 2,000 or so personal activities, they feel thrown together. Match is good for occasional dating and the occasional quest for love.


Both are nearly equal in price, which is surprising given that eHarmony has the larger profile database. In all, Match is a better choice for those who want to try dating online and eHarmony is best for those who want to try and find long-lasting love.


EHarmony has an overall better quality of experience. In terms of the matchmaking process itself, Match is very basic. They offer no activities or prompts on their site to help you find the right person.

Instead, you'll just have to rely on the questionnaire that they give you. eHarmony provides you with a number of different activities to ensure that you'll find your perfect match.


Of eHarmony states that a large number of members on eHarmony have never been married or have been previously divorced. It claims that you should use eHarmony only if you have no chance of marrying another member of eHarmony and if you have never been married or have been previously divorced.

The CEO of eHarmony stated that all credit members have a similar risk of divorce and, therefore, members should be treated equally.

Is eHarmony biased against divorced or widowed members of eHarmony?

It claims to be a service for adults only, regardless of marital history.

Should eHarmony treat all members as equal?

Kathy discusses viewpoints from Robyn Denholm (former CFO of Yahoo!), Amit Ahuja (former CFO of Google!) and Scott Thompson (former CEO of Yahoo!).


When it comes to online dating, our immediate reaction is to compare them with traditional methods of meeting new people. Traditional methods like speed dating, dating in bars, and blind dates.

Speed dating is a great way to boost your confidence and meet a lot of new people in a short amount of time. There are, however, some major differences between speed dating and eHarmony vs Match.

The biggest difference is that eHarmony vs Match, both focus on serious relationships. With eHarmony you have the option to filter your search by height, if you’re a smoker, or if you have children.

With Match, you have to know exactly what you are looking for because they will only recommend you other members who are looking for the same things as you. On the other hand, eHarmony is more encouraging and will try to match you with a suitable match.

One major complaint about dating websites is that the minute they show you someone you think is a good match, they hand you your phone and say “Call them!” Obviously, this takes away a lot of the mystery.

More information on Match:

It tells you compatibility by matching you with people who are attractive, smart, and good-hearted. More than 25 million matches in the first month!

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