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New members at Facebook Dating in February 2021 in comparison

In February 2021, the number of new members of Facebook Dating was only 75% of the number of members in February 2017.

Of those, only 42% accepted.

Member activity at Facebook Dating in February 2021 in comparison

Facebook Dating is currently the third most popular dating platform. After advances in technology and communications which made online dating extremely popular, the popularity has combined with the convenience of Facebook.

Advances in AI have resulted in chatbots which not only provide additional opportunities for social interaction but also speed up online dating processes.

Available online dating platform options include:

FB Dating Platform:

The platform allows visitors to browse profiles, interact, send notes, and chat. Also, this platform allows users to find matches based on their compatibility and interests.

Additionally, you can publicize your own profile to increase your chances of finding a match.

You can can share your personality in that way and give the chance for other users to get to know you better.

With the use of a “Match Score” feature, the system will assist in finding your perfect match.

The total number of users on the platform is more than 3.7 million; the audience is very diverse.

Facebook had even recently added a “Featured 1” option to all of users’ profiles, which automatically increases visibility.

Exclusive accounts:

The platform also provides an exclusive, live, and wide range of groups and pages for a variety of interests.

It also allows users to manage their personal accounts and delete in-app contacts.

Facebook Dating Member Structure

Facebook Dating provides a base for members to sign up for an account and to take advantage of its member features. The following is the essential member structure: Registering with Facebook Dating:

Having been proactively looking for love on Facebook, I have encountered a childishly simple method to initiate conversations with other members.

This is through creating a random Facebook Dating address to open the conversation with someone with whom you share common interests (or friends). You can also introduce yourself with the following: A photo of yourself

A Short Bio

To add an address, simply add your own address as your default address to Facebook Dating. For your own address, Facebook Dating assigns a unique user_seed value that you can use as a member guide in conjunction with a random address. Other people will be able to find your address by searching for your user ID, which you can reveal by click on your name in Facebook Dating. Clicking on an address and contacting a member by means of a direct message both brings up the direct message interface.

Facebook Dating provides a comprehensive identity and dating platform for single men and women. Hosting a variety of features, including messaging, photo sharing, profile sorting, and recommendation systems.

Facebook Dating member benefits:

The membership structure provides a platform for users to expressively communicate with each other. In this context, Facebook Dating provides the following user benefits and experiences: Access to Facebook Dating-exclusive features

Age Distribution

Over half the users are teenagers, and three in ten are in the 20-24 year old range. As you may expect, younger users are much more likely than older users to be single.

The fact that most users are of the millennial demographic should be no surprise, either.

The one thing we can say for certain is that like any social media platform, the average user is likely to be on Facebook one way or another.

Signing Up at Facebook Dating

Dating websites are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, people often are the victim of all other people that want to get into a relationship right now. That’s why you need to start a dating website and sign up at Facebook Dating. If you join a dating website, you get in touch with a lot of people and just like at a dating platform you can find people from all around the world and register yourself for free just in few minutes.

When you use Facebook Dating, you don’t need to go to a bar or do something like that. Instead you can send your requests and express your interest for a relationship by liking some status you liked from the profile of a girl or a boy.

Usually, when you want to use a dating website, you need to change your username on your account and can even use a fake age to get a girl or a boy. When you join Facebook Dating, all of this is not necessary and you can get your girl or boy if they like your profile just like Facebook or other platform.

The freedom in using a dating website online is different from other dating websites. You don’t have to pay anything or put your personal details on a profile and you understand that the other person may not be interested in someone who will only like someone’s request. But if you want to build your communication and want to start a relationship, then you can start using Facebook Dating.

Making Contact on Facebook Dating

You’re looking at the one person you’ve felt attracted to for a while when they send you a message. You’ve got a chance to ask them out! How should you act?

For starters, you don’t need to know all their likes and dislikes to have a successful interaction; begging for likes and being defensive isn’t a great way to start either. The idea is to keep the conversation going. Stay on topic and try to make them laugh, and it’s likely to go well.

Introduce yourself and compliment something they have said earlier. Once you’ve built up enough trust with the person, ask for their number or email. If you’re really nervous, ask about their favorite type of music or TV shows.

Facebook Dating Profile Quality

1 : Want to break the ice…but don’t want to make the first move.

2 : Is too shy to initiate contact, but wants to meet someone.

3 : Expresses interest too quickly…the matches are often not right for your Facebook Dating Profile.

4 : You’re upfront and honest…but don’t have any pictures, so the jury still isn’t going in your favour.

5 : You have a few pictures and they’re all nice enough…but they’re not very different to any other guy on the site.

6 : You have a bunch of pictures and it’s clear you’ve put some thought into what you look like…but you don’t actually look like any of them.

7 : You have a decent number of pictures, but they’re clearly all of you…and the photos are all bad.

Facebook Dating Real Life Review

First I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work! My name is Destiny and I am a City of Seattle Police Officer. My husband has struggled making ends meet because he was in car accident in his previous career. He’s worked extremely hard to rebuild his life which now consists of him working a low-paying job and taking classes. Four years ago, I turned to Facebook to try to find love. At the time I was a single mom and needed a break from my everyday life and I shortly found my husband! I began to look at other ways to meet people and found your app not too long after!

Since using it I have met more people and I feel free to create a life for myself and have found a better one for my children. I’m so glad I found it, I recommend it to all my friends that struggle! And also Police spouses or anyone who has regular visitors because my husband daily works with men and women who struggling with the same things and I feel like it’s a great way to get them support on a level where they can admit they are struggling! Thank you for such a great app!

Design and Usability

Most critically important is notification design. It currently has many issues. First, the notification is on the top of the screen and not at the bottom. I frequently glance at the top of the screen to see if I have any notifications.

Second, trays for unread notifications are on the bottom of the screen.

To place a notification on the top would require a complete redesign. Although I really do not mind getting the notifications as such, it would be good to change the placement.

The two main types of notification we have are the chat notification and the event notification.

The chat notification is denoted by the blue outline and the event notification by the white and red/yellow highlight gradient.

This is the biggest issue with the notification design. I frequently change the


Usability is also impacted by the notification design.

I often have to scroll down to the bottom to discover what the notification sent me. That can be very annoying, especially when a notification is important and I have to scroll to check for it.

The design should be improved. It is very annoying when a notification takes up half of my display and I have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen to discover what it is.

Facebook Dating Costs and Prices

Facebook- based dating websites might be affected by changes in their industry or in policy: consumers will no longer be able to spend money on them.

This post is about privacy policies of dating websites that let you make a profile and view and receive messages from potential partners.

Those sites have a flat fee associated with creating a profile, concluding a free chat, and communicating with other members.

It is a big choice when you have to choose where to register, especially if there is a fee to be paid.

Is Facebook Dating expensive or cheap?

Most of us have probably heard about Facebook dating, but how about actually using the service. I recently decided to try it and I wanted to get the real picture of Facebook dating before giving you and my friends who have used it any advice.

I was impressed with how easy Facebook Dating made it to date something like this. But it is highly unusual as it is through Facebook, so here is everything about it.

The first thing you have to do is to create your introductory profile.

Make sure to list your interests, and profile is perhaps the greatest way to do it.

If you have children, you may also add your girlfriend, and so choose to delete your account permanently.

This will create a match between you and someone new which is a good start.

You now have the chance to decide if you want to start a relationship or just look for a new friend. Once you make a decision, the rest of the process becomes simple and straightforward.

I was a little bit skeptical about how easy it would be to date on Facebook, but it turned out to be a success. I am not sure whether it’s because of the site itself, or simply because the people who have used it are of a few different backgrounds, so it may be an experiment that works better on a large variety of people who find themselves on Facebook.

Special Features

Luis, a forty-something boyfriend of a woman named, Carla, has a proposal for her: they should meet each other’s friends, as they might be of the possible beneficiaries of the marriage. Carla, on the other hand, is not comfortable with this because she is afraid that Luis will like Carla’s friend better than her.

So they are in a standoff on this issue, but Luis isn’t taking the initiative to sit down and get to know her friends, either.

On Pause

There was a time when the idea of a social network that isn’t meant for finding true love was unfathomable. Social networks originally started as a place to connect with people. However, Facebook began to change the way we view and interact with our fellow humans.

A growing trend in today’s society is the desire to date and marry someone who isn’t just your world, but one of the billion others out there. Don’t get me wrong, we still love our friends, but we want more.

It’s not that we don’t like the people we meet in a day, but that we’ve established relationships with people we already know. It’s important to meet people as well, but we’re starting to feel a little left out if we don’t in the dating scene.

Couples are finding success by utilizing the likes of Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, and whether or not they love the app, there are a lot of options available.

If you like to browse for potential dates, you may not agree, but some people just aren’t cut out for the dating scene. Interactions with other people can be uncomfortable.

Second Look

So Facebook has now announced that they will be accepting "like" requests from users. The Verge published a review of Facebook Dating at the end of January, and basically, it's a mess.

Preemptive Block List

Ening to my advice on How To Find Good, Genuine, Responsible and Eligible women on Facebook Dating Didn't help at all, right? 🙂

First Time My boyfriend's mom contacted me and Make up a match 🙂

I Find Her on FB Dating and We Were Contacting for Few Days

We think it was a coincidence, but it wasn't 🙁

Then She Started Sending Me Messages on Hinge App and We Started to Message Each Other on WhatsApp

I told her that I was keeping my profile hidden, but she was getting suspicious.

She Confessed that She Looked at My Profile before I Met Her

Well, that wasn't nice, but she didn't post anything.

Then She Started Claiming that She Was Interested in Me

She scored 15 out of a 50 for me, right ?

I agreed to date her, but I asked her to tone down her interest level.

After few days of dating, I found out the she was not good for me.

She Blocked Me on Facebook and Text Messaging

One month later, she left me alone 🙂

Profile Content

You may not have heard of this trend already, but there are many people who are using this marketing technique to find eligible singles that they would like to date.

If you are curious as to what their profile look like, then check out this post.

There are many people that have actually sworn by this method as they have successfully met their future wife or husband using a Facebook dating profile.

For this reason, many people today are opening up their Facebook account to use as a social network and this means that they are going to be visiting someone else’s profile.

Facebook likes to keep things simple. Therefore, the common profile content for people who are using a Facebook dating profile is:

A basic photo or cover photo that resembles the person’s usual profile photo.

A short profile description.

The person’s interests.

Details of how people can send them a message, and where they can find the person’s contact information.

This is why you want to make the most effort for your profile.

However, as an added bonus, people will like and enjoy that you have a Facebook dating profile.

Other useful Facebook tidbits that you can add to your profile and can help you get your dating work done:

Secret Crush

The secret crush noticeability is based upon the amount of people in your group or friends that have information regarding your secret crush. This concept is based on the Theory Of Wants And Needs (TWN), which basically states that if someone in the group or friends group has information regarding the secret crush, then they will most likely need to satisfy any wants or desires associated with that information. This will often lead to a need to continue to have access to the secret crush.

This process is automatic and subtle. Instead of checking a website or web news story to see if the secret crush has a new Facebook post, it is often times better to keep checking your Facebook profile to see if your secret crush has added anything to their profile. This process will typically be easier and faster, and will not quickly reveal to the target that they are the topic of your interest.

This is the only Facebook targeting that will show you to people who want to have sexual relationships, even if they are in opposite genders, which is because you are targeting people not seeking a social relationship, which makes the Facebook noticeability an easy and relatively inexpensive way to track down the people that are seeking a sexual relationship.

Instagram Integration

Facebook Dating has integrated Instagram functionality, directing you to the site via a link in your profile. Users are also able to view the profiles of Facebook Dating matches. Profile pictures are automatically uploaded to a person’s profile. The integration shows potential matches’ Instagram feeds and content in the user’s feed, as well as developing a thin connection between the two accounts.

Editors Conclusion

You will like the fundamental approach of this software. It does not expect to be a miracle cure for a broken love life, but it works as a companion to dating and relationship therapy, as well as a source of alternative ways in which you can find love that work well. Time you spend on this software will be time well spent.

All in all, it proves to be quite an effective site and is perfect for people who seriously need to learn how to find love online. It’s also perfect for people who are extremely tired of being laughed at by the people they are trying to date.

They suggest that it is an excellent place for people to begin their online dating journey. Consider it a low-key way of making true love happen.

Facebook Dating FAQ

What is Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating allows Facebook users to check if another user is single, meet up, chat, and eventually kiss (or more). It allows for the direct connection, and not the mediated or mediated approach, with a user. Facebook Dating is very similar to Tinder and other dating apps.

How does Facebook Dating work?

If you find yourself on the right side of the screen on Tinder or in one of the many other dating apps, the user will see a blank “Looking for” indication. This means you have a blank profile and nothing in it (unless you decide to make it more interesting). Facebook Dating allows you to take control so you can fill that blank space by adding a photo, setting your location, age and other basic information about your life.

How Do I Start Checkin?

Once you are on the “dating” site, you will have a blank profile and nothing to say. So note your desired profile, select your photo and then add the date of the photos. At this point, no one will know who you are or what you look like. When you are in that spot, simply click “checkin” and everyone will see your picture for that night.


That’ss an easy question! With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is a great way for people to come across potential partners.

Why not use Facebook to find out what’s available? It’s free to use and free to create a profile on Facebook.

The new app enables people to find one another despite having little or no history.

It’s a really big world out there, and sometimes we need a little help to get connected. Every day, we use apps on Facebook to help us find new friends and old acquaintances.

It’s really easy to use! All you need to do is create a profile, write a few things about yourself, and you’re away.

It offers Facebook users the chance to find a date from a larger pool than friends and family, but with less of the pressure of a traditional dating app.

Express your interest in everyone, not just your friends! If you don’t get a positive reply, you’ve only lost time. Keep swiping.

The Facebook Dating Review February 2021 makes it harder for people to find sexual predators.

How can I create an account on Facebook Dating?

It takes about a day for Facebook to process your application. So in the meantime, it’s wise to download Facebook Dating APP on your smartphone and open a new app.

Each use of the app will accumulate a credit that will be restored automatically if you delete the app.

Sign up on your mobile device. There is no need to create a profile on your computer too. Give a valid phone number and a valid email address.

After you have submitted your application, you can invite friends to download the app and discover your profile.

Once you have every member of your list downloaded Facebook Dating, you can register them.

To search for someone, go to 'People you may know' and type the name of your interlocutor in the box.

In the meantime, the system will check your Facebook browsing history and identify people whose profiles match either your gender or the person you are looking for.

It is also possible to search for someone by their physical location, by their Instagram profile or by using a keyword.

To further expand your search, you can also explore profiles by region or age range.

Click on each person’s thumbnail picture and send a notification to him or her.

Since not all your contacts gave you permission, you will see a red cross on their profile picture. You can click on 'See more' to see all their connections.

Will my account on Facebook Dating be automatically linked to my Facebook account?

All users have the option of connecting their Facebook and Instagram accounts through the ‘Enjoy Your Search’ feature.

The people you will like and the number of people you will be matched with depends on how many friends you have on Facebook, and how many people have friended you in the format of the free test.

Your results are anonymous and no personal information is shared with anyone aside from you and the person you match with.

To prevent any personal information being shared on the app, Facebook Dating profiles are private.

Chapter 14: Dating cheats and how to prevent them

Date cheaters: just imagine how many people in your life would choose to be unfaithful to you, if they really could. You wouldn’t want to be the one on the boat while your husband was not. And what does a wife or a boyfriend do the day it is told that it will be someone else to it? Forget about it!

And yet this is exactly what happens to people throughout the world.

Will my friends see if I registered on Facebook Dating?

This is a question that has come up from our customers. Here are some details about the way Facebook Dating works.

The way Facebook Dating works is that people have to be approved to join first. Once they do, this can be seen on both the profile pages and in the About section of each person’s profile.

You will not automatically be approved to join.

We do have an option on every profile to make it “private” to only those people who create a profile with an invitation code. So if you want to hide this information, you can do so.

Yes, people who have run their profile through the “checkup” can see if others have joined and seen your profile if you take the time to check your news feed.

Can I upload photos already on Facebook on Dating?

Even though it’s not necessary to upload pics on Facebook, it’s still recommended to upload a few pictures. Although the Facebook algorithm suggests that pics show more interest, the person may still not be interested in you unless you add more verses for your profile.

According to researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 17% of recipients look at the user’s profile in detail when a man and woman match up. Of course this can change if the person is interested in the photo.

Although we can’t say for sure whether the pictures in the profile is more attractive to others, studies have shown that it does improve if people get enough positive responses in their photos. Love actually starts in the brain, which is why the more positive responses you get, the less likely it’s masking a negative response.

Do Facebook and Dating share the same messenger inbox?

The answer is indeed. The feature is available for all users of Facebook both in Android and the Web version.

Yes it's another perk of Facebook. Otherwise, if an attractive person interested in your status, you would have to give up all your time to date her, send several messages on the same day, smile at her, hint, and wait for her to ask you out.

But with Facebook messenger, one click and you’re in a relationship. By popular demand, Facebook added new functionality to your messages: the opportunity to go on dates when chatting with your contacts.

Curious to know if your friends are also excited, Facebook has been sending out invitations to this new program almost a year. Yes, it’s a huge step forward for this big social network.

If you are on Facebook, in the chat conversation with your friends, and one of them is really attractive, you can invite him for a date without even taking the first step.

This feature is amazing, and it’s as if you have an alarm clock with you on your phone, ready to alert you to every new message.

Just as the alarm clock, the messenger will alert you to any new messages by superimposed reactions:

The user indicates their interest in a friendly gesture

Why can't I send images via Facebook Dating's chat box?

There are lots of reasons why we didn't allow images in the Facebook Dating Chat box. The first is to ensure that people really wanted to chat with each other. We didn't want a few people saying "I hope to make a girlfriend/boyfriend in the chat box", and then everyone piling through the requests. This feature would work perfectly if we didn't also allow photos and messages to share with people who you haven't yet added to your friends list. Having the option to send photos and upload your profile photo would push the system over the edge, so to speak.

To add photos to the chat box, you'd have to disable the ability to use Facebook photos and only allow either FBD photo uploads or the ability to upload your original photos. Either option would only help to solve the problem of identical photos of people on the site.

Is Facebook Dating available on a browser?

Yes. It can be used on a web browser like Chrome, on tablet and smartphone, and on the Facebook app. In fact, the last version of Facebook Dating was released about a year ago, and they are still working to improve it.

But if you expect your Facebook Dating profile to look exactly like your main timeline, then you might be a little disappointed. Facebook Dating profiles are mostly just a set of profile photos (no lists of friends), and most people go with a template that doesn’t let you access many of your options.

It is still simpler to link to your regular account than it is to set up anything new on the main Facebook page, as long as you don’t mind the limitations.

Is Facebook Dating free?

Free of Charge is a leading social networking site; it has millions of people from all over the world who connect each day, thousands of new users every day, and does not charge for its service.

It is free of charge for all the features of using its services, For example, it offers phone numbers, email addresses, etc. for unlimited uses, there is no charge whatsoever for these, and the user can use it according to their needs.

It is a social networking site that is very popular at the moment all over the world; many people find this site very useful and also a good way to meet new people, and get to know a person in a fun way without having to pay anything to get started.

As a free website, it’s fairly simple to set up a profile and start meeting new people. First, you can set up your own profile which will allow you to share your personal information such as your photo, interests, age, etc.

You then have to build your confidence so that you can start to explore different social groups and look for people you think you’d like to meet.

It’s a good idea to assess yourself on how you are in a relationship, whether you are in a steady relationship or not and how to initiate a new relationship. It is also calculated to understand what kind of relationship you are looking for.


The profiles available in our three-month tests are in proportion to those that people use in the real world.

You'll have the main gender options of male and female plus you'll be able to specify your age and location. And there are many more options for you to choose from to highlight your favorite hobbies, education, or career, or let your personality shine through.

We also let you add a short, fun profile text so other members can get a quick glimpse of who you are and feel comfortable before exchanging personal messages.

Can you delete your Facebook dating profile?

In a way, Facebook has created our world. It has been the platform where we can talk to each other and make friends online. However, what happens if you want to meet someone, but you don’t know each other on facebook and you haven’t exchanged any personal data? Your options are limited:

You can just let your profile go stale because you don’t use the social network. In the future, it may be hard to get back in touch with people, especially if the person has already met someone else.

You can join a dating site.

You can become friends (if you have mutual friends) and start to exchange data there.

You can start conversations with people one-on-one. But you’ll have to be careful about the risks of online dating. Additionally,

If your profile isn’t active, you’ll need to spend time getting back in touch with people who have already met their soul mates.

How do I delete Facebook Dating?

See Screenshots for instruction.


Facebook Dating launched in the UK in 2018, and since then has expanded to most major countries.

After one year, new features have been added and usability improvements have been made. The new features are more focused on interests, with the aim that the user can find someone who matches their hot, fun, and cool interests. Facebook has also created several new features specifically for explaining the matching process, such as the Dating Quiz.

You can upload a profile directly from Facebook. Your friends can see the information you put in your profile. Once you start browsing through other users, your brief profile goes into an anonymous review, which is then used to match you with potential matches.

Facebook Dating works by showing you a series of boxes, some with pre-selected answers, while others are for you to fill in. The functionality is similar to a dating makeover, or online dating game, in which you use tinder to match you with potential dates. You can choose to upload either your photo-only profile or a photo and a summary of your bio.

The only objective of the Dating Quiz is to get you to answer all the questions correctly. This allows your profile to be crafted from your answers. Note that it might take twice as long to upload this way as compared to uploading directly from Facebook.

What is Secret Crush?

Secret Crush is a paid dating app available on Facebook. It’s available for users of all ages on Facebook, but is only visible to those above 16.

Secret Crush allows you to search for other Facebook users looking for friendship, live chat, or even more. With the chat and dating features only accessible to those above 16, this app is perfect for those looking for something a little more discreet.

Two different types of Facebook dating apps are available: The first is Secret Crush, and the second is At Your Feet.

Secret Crush works quite differently. You create an avatar and a profile on the Secret Crush app. You can then search out people to either chat to or potentially take a date with.

But, you can only do so if they are above the age of 16. This means that, even though this app claims to be free, it isn’t really for younger teenagers.

Secret Crush has multiple generalised categories. You can choose from: Women, Couples, LGBTQ, Men, and Trans. Some further browsing options are also available for Men or Women only.

The images used for Secret Crush are also very different from the other ones you would be aware of if you were to search for the app.

Can you swipe on Facebook Dating?

When you create a profile on Facebook Dating, you have the option to connect with people who live nearby or all around the world. Of course, you don’t have to match in gender, but if you cannot see any mutual friends, you may be only able to connect to people from your hometown.

Facebook Dating has over a million people already creating profiles. You do not need to show your face or name to be able to save photos, but in order to create a genuine profile, you must use your e-mail.

At all times, you must be in a consenting relationship with your partner. Both of you are allowed to add each other on Facebook, and you can both like each other’s Facebook profiles.

When you create and agree to a Facebook Dating relationship, you can choose how private your relationship is.

Most people choose to be private, and very few actually see how many people you’ve matched with.

The only circumstances in which the public can see your Facebook Dating history is if you are in mutual relationships with those who are not in private relationships.

I can't take a screenshot. Why?

There are two reasons why you will not be able to take a screenshot: The image is too small and the page is set to moderate content.

We recommend looking elsewhere for a place to take a screenshot.

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Can I link my Instagram photos on my Facebook Dating profile?

No, and you can’t have a photo only. Instagram does not allow you to easily photograph your profile with your phone. For this reason, you cannot use the profile photo with the app next to the profile.

You can use custom graphics to fill this space, or consider making a dating only Facebook account and using this account to create a like-interests list.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your Facebook Dating experience

Personalized Recommendation

The Basics of Facebook Dating

A Place for Everything and Everything Is a Place for Something

The core principle of Facebook is simply contributing a little bit of information about yourself that will allow another person to better understand you.

The ideal experience can be seen with simple messages. This is in the Forecast section of the Messages app. These basic messages have little to no information and are ideal for flirting.

To see more information about a person, you’ll have to go to the Messages section of Facebook and find Messages.

This feature will show you everyone that posted a message to you and the messages you received from that individual may require that you send them a personalized message.

If you don’t want to increase your chances of getting a response, you can save your message for later and use this to review your message to see what you may have missed.

The Key to a Successful Facebook Dating Profile

Your dating profile receives the most attention of your entire profile.

This profile is where you introduce yourself and your main interests that are most important to you.

A Facebook dating profile simply needs to include one photo, a little bit of information about yourself, such as the type of music you like and a fun fact, and your dating activities if you’re someone that believes in online dating.


The Facebook dating service is back from the dead after Facebook revealed that almost all used the service, suggesting the service may not have ever died, but was simply put in a deep sleep and thought dead but in actual fact it wasn’t, but probably is…

Dating on Facebook is exactly the same as dating in real life.

You have to fill out a long form in the correct way, including your Facebook profile…

The woman gives you a friend request and you invite her to a group…

You all message each other and wait for the first date to start, this usually takes about 7 minutes to set up…

Once the date is set and the date is on, you wait for sThis Sniiiiiiiiiip to arrive.

Problem with Facebook dating is it’s too perfect.

I asked this guy, what if we fall out of love?…

He said, ‘You’ll have fallen out before you ever meet.’

And if you do fall in love, well at least you’re talking until they stop talking to you because they share way too much.