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How much does FilipinoCupid cost?

Is FilipinoCupid expensive or cheap?

Does it make sense to go Gold or Platinum?

Understanding the difference between the Gold and Platinum membership levels will help you determine if upgrading is worth it or not. If you're just starting out as a FilipinoCupid member, we recommend the Gold membership. It is free and allows to you to send messages and receive messages and get to know the members a bit better.

On the other hand, if you're already a high-value member and you're looking to up your profile value even further, the Platinum membership may be worth the additional cost. It's not too late to upgrade just because your account is already free.

It's also important to note that upgraded members have a lot of direct access to the company, so if you have any questions, you can get in direct contact with the company's owners. It's good to buy top up that you cannot be attainable you just need to know what it entails.

Paying to become Gold or Platinum may bring more value, but in order to make the most of your membership, you will need to buy Gold or Platinum. If you are not sure if upgrading is going to be beneficial for you, try out our free features first and see if you are still satisfied.

Free Services

New initiates will be verified by staff (immediately and permanently) by the posting of their two names along with their picture in an electronic or print media.

Verifications by members take place over a period of at least 72 hours. Pending additional verifications from other members or staff, the new member’s photo will be shown as inactive.

Once a verification has taken place, new members can then use Full Chatbox.

Like-minded Personalities

Almost 15% of Filipinos belong to the Catholic faith. The first Philippine people were the ancient tribes living in the vast Filipino Islands. These tribes consisted of various ethnicities.

Because of this, Filipinos have always had great inter-cultural experiences with each other. Unfortunately, with the advent of social networking sites, more and more people are heading for marriages that do not foster good relationships with each other.

Online dating sites have created a market for people who are willing to get married to someone they have only met online. It has become a big hit with young people today, and many Filipinos are now using online dating websites to find their love of life.

While the Filipinos and American get along well, the American and Filipino have more cultural differences. These two cultures have varied history on a socio-economic level. The American culture has a much larger island where there are more resources to go along with it.

The Philippines, on the other hand, has few natural resources and is composed of small islands. Despite these difficulties, the Filipino people have been able to produce very good FilipinoCupid Cost products.

EDM remixes from FilipinoCupid Cost music artists are produced in a wide variety of genres. FilipinoCupid Cost songs are more upbeat and have a faster tempo than American popular music.

Interactive Members

Some dating sites do not allow you to interact with other people using their review system. InterActive Communications uses this as a method of maintaining honesty within their site. They have designed a system where people can contact each other by directly contacting them through a social media account. This improves and maintains dedication towards improving one’s profile. You can even find individuals who choose to share their interests and hobbies with other Filipinos.

If you do not have a Facebook account, do not present your lack of FB account. If you are friends with anyone who is FilipinoCupid, continue to be friends. This is the best possible method of finding Filipinos in a similar situation to you. Assemble a few people who you feel can be trusted and share information with.

Filipinos enjoy the company of each other and they have the unique ability to compare and contrast the various aspects of life like you and I could not.

If you have not joined a numbers game, this is a big deal! This is the most popular method of finding a relationship on the site.

Music selection is not always best in a first date, but it is a good way to get to know someone. A person’s taste in music usually defines them. You can possibly find the perfect match in someone’s music taste.


FilipinoCupid is the Philippines largest Filipino dating site that allows you to find Filipino and International dating. It is our goal to bring together people that want to have relationships with Filipino people and also to bring people from other countries together with the Filipinos.

It is our philosophy that happiness and love are two facets of the same coin and that FilipinoCupid is the best site for both of those things.

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