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New members at Fitness Singles in February 2021 in comparison

Added perks such as travel, events, and fitness tools.

Member activity at Fitness Singles in February 2021 in comparison

To the previous three months.

At this time, there is only one member of Fitness Singles on this website. In total, there is no data for Fitness Singles since it only formed in February 2019, and it will take some time before it becomes a trending website.

Fitness Singles Member Structure

When it comes to beingfit, being singleed out isn't always easy, but Fitness Singles feels like they can help. Fitness Singles is a great dating site for fitness singles.

When joining, you will be able to check whether you are more of a club, park, or gym person. This helps you find people that are a good fit for you.

After signing up, you will get to select your workout level which is great if you are looking to establish a work out routine with a partner.

The fitness singles website sets up a very simple profile; you can simply enter your height weight, and a few pictures. You can find a partner that would match if you are into strength training or cardio training and weight lifting.

You will also be able to join in group fitness, which is great if you want to work out along with people in the same workout class. You can also look for partners that might have similar fitness interests as you.

By choosing to join from a range, you can work out how you feel about different gym facilities. It is good to know what kind of equipment you can use for your workout and the right classes to go to.

Age Distribution

Overall, the trend for singles is moving older.

Nearly one-third are 35 and older.

The male population is heavily weighted towards the 35… and over group; 29% of men are in this category.

More than one-sixth of women are 45 and older (17%) compared to just over one-tenth of men (12%).

The most common age bracket is the 25…34 group. Most are in this age range.

Signing Up at Fitness Singles

When downloading a fitness app, there are a few things you need to know about.

Some of them might seem obvious, but I’ve learned a lot about fitness app startups over the years. You can read about that in my review of the best fitness tracker.

One thing a lot of people don’t understand is how to sign up at a fitness app.

While you might be able to sign up through Facebook, the truth is that signups at apps like Fitness Singles are much better than having your social profile.

Most phone apps have trouble getting the permissions right, which is why they often have to force users to sign up through their social networks.

Fortunately, Fitness Singles was never like that. As soon as you visit their website, you are presented with a form that looks like this.

It is this flexibility that sets Fitness Singles apart from other apps. The other fitness apps that I’ve reviewed have very complicated signup processes, so it’s easier to recommend them to first-time users.

That’s also why it’s important to have a profile at Fitness Singles where you can quickly follow friends and share fitness goals with them. The purpose of Fitness Singles at this point is to make exercise social.

Making Contact on Fitness Singles

Making contact with other singles on the site is very easy and can be done at any time, night or day. Simply type in your few lines and press enter. However, just entering your profile information into the search fields may not be enough to get you the results you want.

It is important to include a few powerful words in your profile to help you stand out from the rest.

In your profile, use the word “fitness” or “health” to get your message noticed and possibly lead to further contact.

Identify yourself with short phrases and brief sentences. Avoid bulleted lists.

You need to be sure you know exactly who you are trying to find. It is important to identify the type of man or woman you are seeking. Use keywords to keep your profile focused on the needs of singles who like to attend health club events or seek other singles with an interest in fitness.

You can include keywords such as “gym attendee” or “health club attendant” or “workout buddy.”

Whenever possible, include personal references, such as a personal trainer from your gym or a mutual friend.

Be sure you include your age, height, hair color, and eye color. A photo is highly recommended.

You will get more hits with a photo, so put it on your profile.

Fitness Singles Profile Quality

Extensive online profile system.

Detailed bio and information.

Unlimited messaging.

Sociable community.

Account sharing available.

Active & Engaged Community.

Dedicated Customer Service.

Soft membership fees.

Large number of customers.

Tight community.

Easy sign-up process.

Discounts & specials available.

Fitness Singles Real Life Review

I just ended my relationship with my first partner, and as a result I wanted to move forward with improving my fitness, but who to approach? I thought about it long and hard and decided to try Fitness Singles and they seemed to have everything I was looking for and possibly more. There aren’t many places where you can find a quality partner while still keeping your identity private and that made it difficult for me to find a good match, but Fitness Singles did just that, and I couldn’t be happier.

Design and Usability

Fitness Singles is proprietary search engine for singles who are seeking someone to go to the gym with. Within the service, there is a full-featured singles database that other users can catalog into. Profile cards contain a list of the user’s fitness attributes, and they may also have a photo attached to it. Each user’s profile is searchable.

There are also a few options for communication that show up in a user’s profile. These options include: making plans, learning about the user, and already messaging the user.

The athletic potential and recreation interests of a user are displayed in blue text to show the user’s fitness preferences. The user’s profile may also contain a short description of what they have the time and meeting space to participate in. There are also two emoticons showing the user’s mood.

Fitness Singles attempts to be an easy to use service that focuses on helping singles who are serious about their health and fitness find someone to go to the gym with.

When a user finds another user who they wish to interact with, they can either make plans to go to the gym together or learn more about the other user.

Fitness Singles Costs and Prices

Q: How much does Fitness Singles cost?

A: It is free to join.

Q: Do they have a free trial?

A: No, membership is free.

Q: Do they offer discounts?

A: Yes, they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Q: What are the Payment Methods?

A: At this time, Fitness Singles only accepts PayPal.

Q: Is there a Fitness Singles phone number I can call?

A: At this time, no, they do not have a customer service hotline.

Q: Is there a Fitness Singles chat or email address I can contact them at?

A: No, they do not have a customer support email.

Q: Are there Fitness Singles reviews?

A: They have over 14,000+ positive reviews on fitness singles.

Q: Is Fitness Singles a scam?

A: They have been around for 2+ years.

Is Fitness Singles expensive or cheap?

I’m new to the fitness dating world and am really confused about the cost.

If anyone can help me. Please reply.


Special Features

Sex & Dating: What Singles Need To Know


Average Customer Review – 4.5/5 Stars

Show Interest

It’s very common for people, both men and women, to participate in activities solely to meet other people. It can't be easy to be in a scene such as a gym and meet people at the same time.

This is a great way to kick off a flirty conversation without being too obvious. Saying that you’ve been working out at the gym lately, or that you are taking up a dance class to lose weight is a great way to start a simple and natural conversation.

Editors Conclusion

Meet Fitness Singles, the next generation of dating sites.

We scour the internet for new and mobile dating sites to review. When we find a good dating site, we tell you about it. You get all the facts, how to sign up and the best features and advantages of a new site.

If you want an honest, thoughtful and totally un-biased review, read my latest article on Fitness Singles.

You’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about this awesome dating site for a healthy lifestyle.

So, make sure you bookmark this page and come back tomorrow for some more information!

Fitness Singles FAQ

<<<Does the program really work?>>>Yes, you can definitely feel the positive changes in your body, and Fitness Singles is definitely a recommended program to try, especially if you're also keen on trying to lose weight/fitness.

<<<How much can you lose?>>>You can lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days.

<<<Is the program safe?>>>Totally safe. The diet plan is 100% natural and respects the human metabolism.

<<<Is the program offered online?>>>Yes, it can be done from anywhere, at any time of the day.

<<<What is the price?>>>It's totally affordable and affordable to all types of budgets and schedule.

<<<What about support?>>>The support is super-super-super professional, and incredibly helpful. You can browse through the site and find the support you need, but if you need any help or you just want to chat with a fellow fitness enthusiast, feel free to approach the support.

<<<Can I work on my own?>>>Yes, it's totally doable, and there's no specific training required to work on your own.

<<<Is the program a long-term plan?>>>Absolutely, it works and helps you get the results you probably want.

<<<Is the program backed up by scientific evidence?>>>Yes! The system is scientifically proven to be effective and efficient.


The Fitness singles review website was launched in February of 2021. The unique niche that it focused on was helping singles “find their fitness match”. Unfortunately, it lasted only 11 months before going under.

Somehow, the fitness singles website published only one single article during its existence. The content was underwhelming and was comprised of “Top ten” lists.

The best thing that Fitness singles ever did was the site FAQ section. The question … asked … was “What’s the fastest way to lose 10 pounds?” Here is the entire response.

Basically, in order to experience any real change in your body composition, you must first change the way in which you allow your body to store and use its resources. By changing what our body can eat, we can consume fewer calories on a daily basis, and we can achieve lasting weight loss.

However, this isn’t as easy as it seems. In order to do this, we need to find a way to combine our daily intake with a target amount. In order to do so, we need to consume fewer calories than our body can burn, but we need to do this in such a way that we still consume enough calories to be able to fuel our body.

If I have questions or inquiries about the Fitness Singles site, who can I contact?

Does Fitness Singles dating site really work? Are there really people who end up being together through this site?

There are plenty of stock answers you may hear when you ask if there are real people who successfully meet their partners through the Fitness Singles dating site. They may tell you that 95% of the users end up getting replies and that they get some new data from the site.

This is exactly why we did a research of the site and of the different functionality provided by it.

Our conclusion so far is that you can meet some nice singles doing it the old school way. The messages sent are more personal and you will find some much needed privacy while doing it.

Meet people the old fashioned way. There’s no need to deal with last generation tools and you’ll get to talk a bit more directly to the other person.

The Fitness Singles site used to have a longtime user to date ratio of sleeping with someone in 5 dates. Nowadays the number has slightly improved compared to our research in late 2017 but still it’s far from the 100% you will find at every other dating site.

The more people use it the better the options that will become available in our daily interactions.

If you can’t meet someone for whatever reason this site could turn out to be an excellent option.

Once you send a message be aware that they might do their best to respond to you as soon as possible.

Is Fitness Singles only available in the United States?

Yes. We are currently only available in the United States. In the future, we will likely roll out an international version that incorporates video chat.


I found dealing with the 25 year old skipper was amusing. For that alone, I think I would use the product.

Internal visual cues are an example of what was used.

It’s said that the man had an “internal conflict” at the beginning.

Internal visual cues are an example of what was used.

These ratings were done quickly, and they say that it’s harder to get to the part of the phone that includes the rating.

The interface includes mobile devices and websites as options for connections.

The human resources department seems like a good choice for the person doing the usability check.

The descriptions of needing to have a real person to break the taboo of the topic is an example of what is found.

I want to see how my Fitness Singles profile looks like to other members. How?

{1}. Go to the Fitness Singles page
{2}. Log-in
{3}. Go to profile
{4}. Click on small profile picture on the bottom under your name
{5}. See Fitness Singles to other members!

What should be the format of my photos so they will be uploaded in Fitness Singles?

Fitness Singles have a rating system that runs from 1 to 10. Photos are evaluated on their appearance first.

Photos that look like they have been taken by a beginner will likely not be accepted.

After the photo is evaluated on its appearance, fitness quality is evaluated next. Very athletic looking photos that are taken by amateurs will not be accepted. Photo reviewers look for a certain level of fitness in an athlete/member photo.

Photo quality is evaluated by comparing your photo to other current members. Credit is judged then in terms of where your photo compares to others around your same rating level. In other words, the better a photo you submit, the higher you will compare, and the better your chances of getting approved for membership.

The rating system is based on perhaps the most important thing that you should know about being fit: to be fit, you have to work at it.

A fit person works at everything they do, and therefore will have images that attest to their level of fitness.

An unfit person is one who does not work at being fit. They lack enough images of themselves in enough different areas of fitness that reflect their fitness level.

The image suggestions below are for you to better your chances of being accepted.

Make it obvious.

Make it dark.

For women, make your abs easy to see.

For men, show some chest.

I want to do some changes in my Fitness Singles profile information. How will I do that?

You can change your date of birth information by going to your user profile and selecting change profile details.

To change your email address, last name, first name, gender, or address, you will need to login using your username and password.

You can change your dates of birth, first name, last name, email address, and multiple addresses under profile settings.

You will need to select edit profile details.

Is it possible to change my Fitness Singles username and password?

Knowing how to change your Fitness Singles username and password can be a very important thing to remember if you ever have difficulties logging in to the Fitness Singles site.

While Fitness Singles does have the option to have your username and password sent to your phone, you also have the option to change your username and password if you ever need to.

So to be able to make this change, you need to know first how to log into the Fitness Singles website.

To do this, you click on the Login button on the top-left hand side of the website. This will redirect you to a page asking you for both your username and password to access the site.

If you have any problems logging in to the site using these security questions, bear in mind that you can change your Fitness Singles username here. To change your username here, you need to enter in the username as well as the e-mail address you use to sign up for the service. You also need to enter the proper security question. You can also change your password on this page as well. Clicking the button to change your username will prompt you to enter a new password for the site. Once this password is confirmed, your username will change and your access to the site will be completely changed, allowing you to log in and change your username at a later time.

I only want to meet nearby people of the same age as mine. How will I filter that on Fitness Singles?

Unlike many other online dating sites, Fitness Singles is specifically designed for people who aren’t looking for a long-distance relationship.

More than 60% of our newcomers say they’re here to meet people in their local area, and the odds of a match are dramatically increased when they say so in their profile.

If you’re not interested in long-distance, then don’t waste your time looking for someone further away when there’s someone nearby who might be rather interested in you!

We have a filter that lets you limit your search to other local users, so you’re sure that the people you see are looking to meet someone who lives nearby, too.

There are plenty of local people who are seeking the same people you are. Just make sure to put your location as your “home” location in your profile, so everyone knows where you are.

Is there a way for me to receive any notification and update from Fitness Singles even if I'm not online?

Yes, you can be notified and receive updates through email if you are subscribed to our mailing list.

If you are already a member, you will find your account has a mobile app as well.

You can check it off the main menu. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Once you have it installed, you can register to take fitness singles testing using your mobile device.


This app is very secure and very safe. It doesn't expose any of your private info to your computer and your computer is not accessible by this app. Here is only one step to protect your data from being stolen by virus so relax yourself.

{1}. Enable two-factor authentication. When two-factor authentication is enabled, all logins involving your user name and password will require using a special code that is sent to your phone or other device.
{2}. Enable fingerprint authentication. When fingerprint authentication is enabled, two-factor authentication will automatically unlock when you touch the fingerprint reader on your phone.

Someone is bothering me in Fitness Singles, I want to block him/her, how will I do that?

Now that you are signed up in Fitness Singles, and have received your Fitness Singles email list, your inbox is probably ready to be filled with customer support questions.

You have two options for blocking someone from your Fitness Singles account:

First, you can block someone on their profile using the “Private Message (PM)” button. However, since you cannot see the email addresses for other members, this option will not provide you with enough information to decide whether or not to block someone.

Second, you can block someone using the official Fitness Singles app. Besides the obvious advantage of having their email address visible, this app will also allow you to determine whether or not someone is a legitimate user of Fitness Singles.

Instead of contacting customer support for every single concern that arises, you will want to block out all the entitled threats from the beginning. Do this by blocking anyone who sends you a PM that threatens you.

Here is the official app for Android users to block someone:

And the official app for iOS users to block someone:

In addition to blocking people who should not be communicating with you, you will also want to block customers who have already forgotten the terms of their original contract. They may have even received a final notice for violating these terms.

If this is the case, you can quickly and easily block these people without using the customer support options.

How will I be assured that these people in Fitness singles do exist?

This is the question you are asking, aren’t you? Well, you are in the right place.

Let’s take a look at the company and how it’s targeted. It is not, however, a company to which you should apply your attention.

So far, we have a company that is trying to entice you to join, likely cashing in on your need to be in a relationship. The company is also trying to get you to join, by telling you you will find your ideal fitness partner in the process. If this seems incredibly dubious to you, you’re not alone.

What you may or may not know is that this is the company’s language of deceit. They are telling you that you will find someone through them, but the truth is that you will not find a fitness partner through the program. You will find a partner through the meeting people but you will not find fitness opportunities in the process. So even if you had no hope of meeting someone through the many meetings at the gym and online, your main goal is still unachievable.

This is a shady business that promises people nothing but an illusion of a life-changing experience.

This is a very different experience from the online courses and dating app options we have already discussed.


The costs of this product include the all-inclusive cost of the program and the initial access to our Fitness Singles members network which offers free introductory, premium and fashion website access. The direct and indirect benefits include everything from saving money on gym memberships, joining tighter social connections, improving health, starting up your fitness career and a much higher quality of living.

The costs of this product include the all-inclusive cost of the program and the initial access to our Fitness Singles members network which offers free introductory, premium and fashion website access. The direct and indirect benefits include everything from saving money on gym memberships, joining tighter social connections, improving health, starting up your fitness career and a much higher quality of living.

Why do I need to avail a subscription plan?

Each month, as a Fitness Singles customer, you get access to the most up-to-date information, the most state-of-the-art materials, the latest updates, the tips, the tricks, and the workouts of our very personal fitness coach, the best trainer, the very best fitness coach in the business.

If you're brand new to fitness, you're not sure and don't know what to choose from, then Fitness Singles is the best way for you to get fit in a very safe and comfortable environment. Fitness Singles has all the components of a regular workout plan, which you will find very effective and highly beneficial, and you will enjoy the very best personal fitness coaching. It is the only program which will give you everything you want, feel comfortable working it out, and make you feel extremely motivated in getting fit!

By signing up for the Fitness Singles program, you will not only get the best fitness and personal training services around, but you will also get the visibility, reach, and results!

But that's not all. As an Exercise Today Fitness Singles subscriber and Fitness Singles customer, you get the best and most effective fitness and workout plan ever!

Here are some real examples of happy Fitness Singles customers who have become more fit as a result of this program:

I want to upgrade my account. How will I do that?


Where and how can I send my payment for my upgrade on my Fitness Singles account?

Our payment for upgrades for the New Year is to pay via credit card or PayPal.

The upgraded account will be upgraded on the day of payment.

Please make sure you send us your BUSINESS NAME and your paid account number. For example, if your payment information is XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, then the account name would be XXXX, XXXX and the ONLY field to change would be the account number.

We will confirm your upgrade with you via email and you will get some help on how to log in to your new upgraded account.


If you cancelled your subscription with Fitness Singles by February 14th, 2021, then you’ll get a full refund of the entire membership fee that you paid. Please provide your name and address when you contact us, and we’ll send the payment back to you as soon as possible.

Is it possible for me to delete my Fitness Singles account permanently?

You can’t delete your Fitness Singles account permanently. Once you have created an account we would suggest that you continue to run it so you will have all the relevant advantages.

We suggest that you take the time to set up a new user account, so rather than an old account, your new user account will be the one that is kept active. In this way, you can continue to share your activities with your existing friends.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your Fitness Singles experience

I am happy that Fitness Singles is taking care of all the hard work for me. I just relaxed and I let them take charge of finding and meeting the right people. I found an amazing lady to date.

It has been a great experience, I know that if there is anything wrong that I can just give them a call and they will take care of it for me. Overall, Fitness Singles is great.

I always wanted to meet a wonderful lady, like the one I met through Fitness Singles, so this was great for me. All I had to do was show up and wait for amazing people to show up.

I met someone good and now we are dating, I am really happy with how they handle everything.

Fitness Singles Experiences

Staying motivated with exercise is hard when it’s not something you already wanted to do.

Find an exercise program that will help you get to where you want to go, and it will be much easier to stick with the program. The biggest advantage of fitness singles is that they all allow you to be exclusive to a city so you can choose an intensive program to get the results you want in a shorter amount of time.

Fitness singles that specialize in fat loss can be a little bit more helpful than someone who’s trying to make healthy changes for their health.

Be honest with yourself about your ability. If you’re only applying to the programs that will guarantee results, it may get to the right level of intensity for you, but not enough to get your body the results it needs to shape up and change.

It can be discouraging to work out without getting results.

With fitness singles, you can work out when it’s convenient for you, with results that you want to see and need to see.

It’s not a guarantee, but it’s worth a try.

Personalized Recommendation

(personalized recommendations from now on – public fitness singles review)

You'Ll Get a Fitness Singles Hint Based on the Keyword You'd like to Use to Research for Fitness Singles

Get our top fitness singles suggestion based on your personal interest, your challenge, and the keyword you'd like to use in the search.

Simpler Fitness Singles

It's time to get the most out of your workout and fitness goals. Only you know for sure what you're looking for – but we can definitely help you uncover all the possibilities. It's that simple.

Gym & Fitness Singles

Finding the right gym and fitness partner is a challenge in and of itself. That's why we've have created a special section just for you. We've placed a highly curated selection of licensed gyms and fitness partners for you to choose from.

The perfect gym doesn't have to be hard to find. Our gym matches will get you started right away.


Sweepstakes is where you can apply for our sweepstakes a chance to win great prizes for fitness singles. Maybe you will become new fitness singles and want to make an entire fitness singles community.


This is a monthly fitness tracker and is quite cheap to buy. It is also compatible with a lot of other products, therefore it is very easy to change and add new apps to get it working.

It is a month of usage and then it is best to decide if the product is suitable for your needs or not.

It is easy to use and it works with all the major fitness app providers.

It is simple to set up and get started. The display is clear as you are able to read from a distance and the head unit is LED backlighted. This makes it very easy to read and see at night time.

The battery life is very good and it can go for approximately 2 weeks with constant use.

It is a bit bulky and people with small sized wrists may find it uncomfortable to use.

Priced well on Amazon, it may be worth adding to the stock room for those who prefer to have a choice of compact fitness bands but prefer the winning of an extra two weeks of battery life.