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How much does Flingster cost?

Flingster is a very popular 3D game, is the most popular one ?

The Flingster game will cost $ 3.99 per week.

The 1st Rule of Flingster Game

You can lose the ball but not the game!

It’s not enough to just throw the ball in the air to play a good game of Flingster – you must also strive to hit it back in to a goal.

Only score goals online.

This is one of Flingster game rules that sets it apart from other similar games and has helped make it a hit with players around the world.

In the game aim is to hold the ball and use the air to hit the ball against the wall to score points. The easier (than to try and hold the ball) it is to launch yourself, the easier it is to hit it into the goal.

You can also score points by spinning the ball once it hits the wall – but watch out, spinning will be harder.

You earn more points if you are in the air (without stopping) at the time your ball hits 10, 50, or 90 points.

Is Flingster expensive or cheap?

Flingster is inexpensive, especially if you are using it along with your existing website. If you want to use your existing website to sell your affiliate products only, the costs are low compared to more traditional affiliate marketing methods.

But if you want to build a website from scratch or you are new to affiliates and want to start with the basics, the Flingster Starter package is the cheaper option.

If you upgrade your account for your current website, you can sell all your affiliate products from your website, along with Flingster‘s unique affiliate marketing tools. This includes automated tracking to ensure that your affiliates earn their commission every time they sell any of your products.

You need to be aware, however, that this is not an all-in-one solution for marketing your affiliate products. Flingster‘s outbound emails are very basic.

So you will need to do some work yourself to build a more complex website.

Is the cost of Flingster worth it?

After having used it on several very different projects, I’m excited to say the answer is a resounding yes.

If you’re a programmer just starting out, then you’ll probably be able to write your own soon enough. Flingster gives you an easy interface that makes you feel confident, but also gives you the power to customize things to your liking. I was very happy with the effects that Flingster gave me.

But if the idea of programing is a bit daunting for you, Flingster is the perfect way to get your friends involved with the project. It is simple enough that your friends can pick up on it in an afternoon. You can also curate a list of projects that you and your friends have worked on together.

Since Flingster is completely OpenSource and has a flexible API, you can also set up custom projects that build off of previous Flingster projects.

Another great thing about Flingster is that it is completely cloud based. This means that it will work even in the most hostile of conditions.

Quick and Efficient

As swinging a metal chain from your hand gets tougher, you’re going to need to upgrade your flinging technique. Need a way to get rid of that excess chain, ball, and even garden hose well? The next time you’re swinging your metal chain, try bouncing it off the pavement, sidewalk, or wood of your deck or even through the air.

This unique variation of the old “FlingIt!” hack provides an entirely new target and incorporates every swing as an opportunity to get rid of more of your old fling stuff.


Many things we buy are included and fully repaired. Cars, TVs, cell phones, computers…the list goes on.

With products that offered you a certain amount of hours, but not any guarantees, it means that if you break them in the first few weeks of owning them, they are most likely not covered or not fully repaired. Sometimes, you need to pay a deductible and pay for parts to bring it to the condition it was originally in. In effect, you become the owner of a totally new item.

This is called an Excluded Cost.

The Flingster product is in an Exclusive Cost category. The Flingster system is designed and built to last. So, if you start at the beginning of the Flingster process, you will never get to the point of having broken or damaged parts.

This new way of selling is the future of selling.

It is the future for purchasing.

It is the future for selling.

When we start a Flingster process, not only are we receiving a high quality product, but we are also purchasing in a way that does not exclude us from the opportunity to sell ourselves.

Selling ourselves, however, is not for everyone.

There are Flingster Programs for all ages, from a child to an adult.

Generous Free Services

Flingster’s generous free services is available as long as you need to. We are happy to be part of your exercising journey to help you in all aspects of your fitness life, at home, at work, or in the office. With Flingster you can share classes and workout videos You can also share your favorite videos and photos for conversations.

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New members at Flingster in February 2021 in comparison

February 20, 2023: new members 123,0000

February 16, 2023: new members 115,000

February 15, 2021: new members 115,000

February 19, 2019: 559 thousand

February 18, 2018: 4.7 percent

February 12, 2018: 4.7 percent

February 10, 2017: 4.2 percent

February 8, 2016: 3.8 percent

February 6, 2015: 4.5 percent

February 5, 2014: 6.9 percent

February 1, 2014: 9.1 percent

January 29, 2014: 8.7 percent

January 26, 2013: 9.5 percent

January 23, 2013: 7.1 percentage

January 19, 2013: 7 percent

January 17, 2012: 9.1 percent

January 15, 2011: 11.2 percent

January 11, 2011: 11.8 percent

January 9, 2010: 12.5 percent

January 8, 2009: 12.6 percent

January 6, 2008: 14 percent


Only comparing this quarter (1.1%) versus the same quarter one year prior.

The increases and decreases are all percentage points.

These were all active members.