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The Growlr app is one of the best apps that will give you a head start with your plants.

You can get the same benefits of owning your own farm but without the hassle of owning a farm. The growlr app is a hyper specific app that will teach you how to care for the plant from seed to harvest.

You will be able to watch the plant grow in real time and be able to interact with it. Inside the app, you will see a variety of different plants that will help you in their process of growing.

Inside the app is:

  • Plant database that will show the advantages and disadvantages of each plant
  • A variety of different plants to help you make a variety of different growing plans.
  • A range of different vegetables that will help you determine which plants will give you optimal results.
  • A way to determine the growth and development of each plant
  • A range of different accessories to help you grow.

New members at Growlr in February 2021 in comparison

To December 2018.

Been a few months since the last review.

App Has Experienced a Significant Drop in Overall User Base in the Last 6 Months and This Might Be a Result of the App’s Declining Success in Finding New Users and an Overall Decrease in the Number of User Created Grocery Lists

App has seen an increased number of new accounts created, most of which are on the market looking to buy, there’s also been a nice increase in the number of user created lists.

This could suggest that there a lot of people who want to use this app as a grocery list and are looking for some sort of social aspect to use it for once they’ve added items.

It does seem that the number of banned accounts has also increased, however this could also be due to the fact that there are more people actively trying to sign up.

In terms of the app’s success in finding new users, there has been a decrease in the number of people finding the app in the first few weeks. This is a trend that we’ve seen in the past, and it seems that the app has plateaued in growth.

Member activity at Growlr in February 2021 in comparison

To the recent launch of Growlr.

The Growlr app was launched in February 2018. It began announcing over the year that it is now profitable due to its patent policy. Currently the app takes 22% of sales from the retailer. The level of profitability will gradually rise once an even better percentage can be reached through patent policy.

Growlr Member Structure

The controversial Growlr app has taken the health and fitness world by storm, and it seems like it’s only getting stronger and bigger.

Growlr is an app that allows users to create an algorithm to measure similar movement and workout habits across the board. This data can then be used to track a user’s progression over time.

There are no fees or subscription fees with Growlr, and you can leave your account open and active while you take a break or go on vacation.

The company has been through a few rough patches, especially after the removal of their CEO last year. However, a lot of the original criticisms seem to have been resolved.

Age Distribution

Signing Up at Growlr

Com App and Features

Growlr has a really beautiful, clean, simple interface but with a more professional look to most. It would be safe to say that the design of the app is the most memorable feature of a pure offering.

The app starts off with a prompt for you to set up a ‘nickname’, email and password.

You are then asked to select the site(s) you want to receive emails on from the list of sites offered. You can choose between Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

I was happy to see that it is possible to receive notifications on Youtube videos even if you haven’t subscribed to it yet. They are always putting a lot of emphasis on user options here at Growlr so it is refreshing that this is available in the app as well.

The next prompt is an upgrade prompt to set up a Growlr account.

This was also interesting as it clearly shows that you only have the option of upgrading to the full version.

The logo is big, bold and on the homepage. It is different, but it will attract newer users and is a great place to draw attention to Growlr.

Growlr has an option to receive texts on your phone.

Making Contact on Growlr

Once you’ve already created a profile on the Growlr App, you can begin to email others.

Growlr App has a special mode to view the likes of another or for private communication.

Private Chat will notify the App when you start to chat privately.

You can also edit the breakdown of your profile from the App.

Growlr App does not provide any way to delete a conversation a person has with you, though.

Growlr Profile Quality

The Growlr profile quality for the most part I was very pleased with. It has a clean and clear design whereas most rival review websites simply make their website a wind tunnel.

Growlr in my opinion is very clean, precise and easy to use. Honestly the difficulty of the questionnaire’s I felt was very simple. Really anybody can go through that site with little to no difficulty whatsoever.

Length of Hand Review

I would rate the length of the hand review as good.

Growlr Review Score

I would rate the Growlr review score between five and five and a half stars out of five. I would give Growlr a five and a half stars out of five. I would give Growlr a five and a half stars out of five.

I would rate the Growlr review score between five and five and a half stars out of five. I would give Growlr a five and a half stars out of five. I would give Growlr a five and a half stars out of five.

Growlr Review Final Verdict

In conclusion I would recommend Growlr to somebody that is needing a new review site or is looking to grow their list.

Growlr Review

Growlr reviews are very clear and clean. I have not had any trouble with anything on this site.

Growlr App

Every now and then, I get a message from someone that asks me where they can get cannabis seeds. I always tell them that it is illegal and usually they just cuss at me and my mom for being “Jewish manipulative legalists who are basically just looking to do to us what Hitler did to my family.” In other words, they always leave.

I guess it is because even if you have a noble cause, there comes a point when you have to learn how to deal with jerks. I totally get that.

My company focuses on growing cannabis so everyone that asks me this question asks the same questions a lot.

How to grow weed?

Which strain should I grow?

How to grow weed indoors?

Which seeds are the best?

Which grow light should I buy?

Which nutrients should I use?

Which grow box should I buy?

The answer is:

The marijuana seeds that you get from the seed banks are a sure thing by themselves. The companies that produce them are no way interested in keeping their strains limited to an IP they hold over them in the long run.

You should definitely buy the marijuana seeds you need in places that haven’t had a government raid to rely on.

You can find the best marijuana seeds in places such as Amazon or the Silk Road.

Growlr Real Life Review

When I first saw the headline "Growlr App Review" I was skeptical. I mean, why would tech review the app itself?

But when I started reading, I could tell there was actually a lot of valuable information that would be helpful to me and my fish. And it turned out to be very interesting!

I discovered that the Growlr app allows you to automatically monitor your fish—s water parameters, health, water change reminders, and even record your fish‒s behavior. This was seriously cool!

But the coolest part was that you can make a profile for each of your fish and go to their individual feedings and feeding instructions.

Each fish has its own feeder/water feeder as well.

It was this part of the review I was really passionate about and immediately had to download and install the app in order to try it for myself. The main thing I was looking for was “How does it really work”.

I think some of the other reviews gave me just a few too many pros than actual cons. But I will give a few of them here.

Growlr Costs and Prices

Growlr is completely free to use. They currently have no paid subscription options, and you don't need any equipment to download and install the Growlr app.

The Growlr app itself is available to download now on Google and App Stores.

Growlr is a pretty cool app unique to our world. We believe that this is going to do some cool things, such as motivating kids to exercise, and make them feel better on a whole todays episode we talked about this app to you.

The app is pretty cool and it will even encourage you to exercise throughout the day.

You can e-mail your reasons for doing the exercise to your friends and family so that they can benefit from your achievements. The devices also motivates you to growl by having your friends tag them in a post.

Growlr was founded by Chris Presti and is used by millions of people worldwide.

Growlr Advantages

You can reach a lot of people by using growlr as this app is really popular. It's a free app so everybody can use it. You can also track your growth and see what you've achieved along the way. You can also invite people to your growlr account because this is a social network, and that makes it better.

Is Growlr expensive or cheap?

Growlr punches above its weight with a clean and simple design, and led the way in its own category. Rather than focusing on capacity or individual styles for its range of hydroponic accessories, it instead focuses on giving you exactly what you need to make a healthy growing system. The price of Growlr is reasonable for its functionality, making it one of the best value hydroponic products on the market.

Special Features

  • Share your plant growths
  • Emoji support
  • Share your plant care data


A striking resemblance to the Day[9] Broadcast App now available, hoping to serve the same purpose:

  • ( ) On-demand video content for you to watch at your own pace
  • ( ) Computer Support via Live Chat (optional)
  • ( ) Google Drive integration
  • ( ) No ads (to me, this is a big deal)
  • ( ) Trending videos for easy access to catching up
  • ( ) Fully integrated with YouTube and Twitch

~ Quick Links Section – Contains up-to-date information with shortcuts to where you want to go regarding a specific topic. Example: A few lessons ago, there’s a quick link to the “All About the Risks of Overeating” lesson.

~ Daily Post – Daily post with a quick summary of information you need to know. 1) Topic of the post

Daily Video – The most current video available during that day, if available

~ Gaming Library – Play a quick game or watch someone play.

~ Calendar Tab – Current Day, History Day, Twitch Streamer, Stream Time, and the Livestream itself.

~ Home Tab – Daily Post, Google Drive, YouTube, Twitch included.

~ Topics Tab – Topics for You to Check Out

~ Menu Tab – Current video, Daily Post, Live Stream, Settings, and Search.



Growlr allows you to easily track your plants.

You can easily activate the feature that allows you to keep track of when your plants and flowers have been watered.

This is a great way to develop the habit of watering your plants regularly…especially as you make the transition to hydroponics.


Growlr rose to popularity at the end of 2016 with the launch of their initial event app.

Shortly after, they launched their "Cheap Restaurant" event which earned them an F-Rating from Vouchdog in March of 2017 for falling short in the areas of safety, privacy and ethics.

All Online Privacy Management (OPM) ratings were a cause for concern and caused the company to cease and desist operations as the company received no organic growth.

Growlr was back in the news last year when they acquired a Florida startup called Fancyinspire.

The founder of the Startup, Tien Ho, began to feel the pressure to disclose his personal information.

Fancyinspire was a review app that allowed the user to share food pictures and reviews.

But when they started adding a bank account ID field he personally felt it was no longer a private review app.

After some discussions he decided to sell his company to Growlr for its 1.75M DGB tokens in hopes that they would acquire his company and his personal data.

But when he got around to trying to delete his company from the app he quickly found out he was the only user.

Growlr officials were called out for concealing that Tien had no followers and no other reviews.


(Users : x 50), – (-19%), +6%

The idea of using mobile apps to help me feed my pet is a great one, and it’s certainly more motivating than using a daily reminder app.

Growlr is by no means the only and only app to do it, but it is by far the most effective one I have tried so far.

After a few months using Growlr and the Growlr app, I can confidently say that it has become an excellent habit to have.

The Growlr app is simple to use, and allows me to input already prepared food and water for my cats.

I am able to configure the meal and water amounts, frequency, and time of day that my pets will be fed.

It’s also super easy to just scan existing foods and just add them in the app for future touchscreen feeding.

With some regularity putting healthy food on tap will encourage you and your pets to adopt the habit of a meal on a regular basis… and will also help you to maximize the quality of the food you’re feeding them.

You can also set reminders for yourself to feed your pets, to make sure you don’t fall into that trap of making food at the last minute and diluting the impact of preparation for your pets.


The need of many connected lifestyle consumers. Users tend to deliver more reviews on the app.

GGGR (Gear Grinder) has seen great progress since it was launched in 2001. It was only a website at the time.

Every platform it’s on has slowly enabled its features to work better together. However, it’s still limited to a desktop and mobile experience.

Meanwhile, Growlr has integration with Evernote and CalenGoo, as well as several vetted talents for research and discovery.

The app is free, so all the advantages of ease-of-use and comfort come with no strings attached.


Growlr is a complete mobile application for both experienced and new gardening and farming enthusiasts. It’s a desktop farming and gardening app!

It allows you to grow a wide variety of plants while providing detailed information and tips. It also provides you with user-generated content from across the internet.

Growlr utilizes the functionality of a mobile app to make gardening convenient and hassle-free. You can plan your farming, track progress, and enjoy the beauty of the plants you grow.

GrowLR is a very user friendly app. It allows the user to add all of their plants and grow them in a virtual garden. You can sort your garden and use filters in order to find plants.

You can also use Growlr as a content aggregator. Each day, a featured plant is chosen for a user to further explore.

Growlr is very easy to use and setup. You can add or even easily remove plants that you don’t need. You may even add your favorite plants to your favorites list and it will be automatically selected every time it’s featured!

Another nice feature of Growlr is its database which provides you with a very basic information on each plant. You can learn what vitamins that plant produces, what shade it prefers, and many other characteristics.

Editors Conclusion

Our research led us to Growlr App, which is a guide for gardeners of the best garden apps out there. Groellr is an app that tells you everything you need to know about garden trends, so you can grow the perfect garden.

Growlr App is also a popular app for experts and beginners alike, this app provides you with information on herb gardening by helping you choose the best plants for the conditions you have.

You can customize your garden to grow the plants that will grow best under your conditions. It’s easy to use, and if you are new to gardening, it will put you on the right path to growing beautiful plants. You can also choose the plant that grows best in your general area.

Growlr App is a good app for those who would like to grow their own vegetables despite living in a low-medium- high light area. It is a great gardening app for beginners.

One of the good things about the app is that it breaks down the important tips you need to know that will help you grow the best garden. You will also have to look for the right hobby to suit your backyard, without the expense and disappointment.

This is the most current and simply helps gardeners select the right plants for them. It helps you choose the right plants for the area where you are, and ensures that you have the best chance of your garden flourishing.

Growlr FAQ

How does the registration process work?

You can register for the Growlr app by filling in an online form on the Growlr website. Once the form is filled out, your account will be created.

Then you will get an email with a link to download the app.

How do I activate my Growlr account?

Open the Growlr app, sign in with your username and password, and click on the magnifying glass icon next to your username.

This will open up the main window. You can see the amount of activity of your plants in the main dashboard bar.

Click on the calendar as well, which will bring you to the home screen and show you the current and good realistic estimate of the growth of your plants. It will also show their estimated yield.

You can also see the estimated harvest date of your plants in the calendar and the amount of time left to harvest your plants.

Is this app available only on Android?

No, it is also available for both iOS and Apple devices.

How much does it cost to download the app?

Users get the app for free but they need to have a Growlr premium subscription to be able to login without any problems.

The Growlr premium subscription is £1.99 per month or £19.99 for a year.

Which devices are supported?


The ability to see the overall popularity of the articles. The more popular the article the more subscribers it has. Also at the bottom of the article it says how many of the article they have read

The ability to see the overall popularity of the articles. The more popular the article the more subscribers it has. Also at the bottom of the article it says how many of the article they have read Cons

The app can be hard to navigate sometimes especially if you are using your computer or smart phone. If I am trying to write an article and it is available on the app, I would save that article to read it later on an offline device. I have had to do that a few times because when I exit the app the article does not save. I have to go back into the app and reopen it so it saves on my device.

The app can be hard to navigate sometimes especially if you are using your computer or smart phone. If I am trying to write an article and it is available on the app, I would save that article to read it later on an offline device. I have had to do that a few times because when I exit the app the article does not save. I have to go back into the app and reopen it so it saves on my device. The app is a great idea but does need some work for it to run smooth and not have the little glitches that it has in it.

What is Growlr?

Growlr is a mobile app which allows you to take your gardening with you anywhere you go. The app has on-line tools and community forums to keep you informed about climate change, pests, and other issues. The app can be used on smartphones, iPhones, and other devices.

What do you mean by bears?

Everybody who knows anything about wearable tech knows that the best kind of wearable tech start-ups in this market generally cater to niche markets. And so, most wearable tech manufacturers are as familiarised with the words “medtech”, “general tech”, and “computing” as they are with their undershirts. But not Growlr. In this video, I present to you, Growlr. They are a wearable tech company who specialise in bear tech. That’s right. They collectively are spending a lot of time amongst bears.

Why? Bear tech is more or less everything involving bears. It’s what bears eat, what they do, who they’re related to, what they look like, how they communicate with each other, and the names of all of those things. It’s a question that’s been asked many times before though. And you know what? The world didn’t need another company cashing in on the fascination with bears. So why do it? Why in January, 2017 did a group of heteronormative outdoorsmen decide to use themselves as a guinea pig in a grand social experiment?

How does Growlr work?

Growlr is different from other apps because they don’t require you to quit each one you have. You can add more than one app at a time and they’re all connected, so you can have up to two activity streams and use them at the same time.

You can set reminders for yourself to get a step or activity count, or get reminders to move on to the next activity.

The platforms that Growlr support are:

  • Andriod
  • iOS
  • and iPhone
  • Windows phone

It’s also available to pre-order for the Samsung Gear S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, and S7.

It can be pretty hard to get started in an app like this and there may be some pretty messy plans. That’s why I like it for people who have trouble getting started with their fitness goals. It’s a really good one to check out for large goals that you want to get into because it is no fuss, and it even has a built in tracker where you can see how much you have walked.


The Growler App is a great tool to get the daily news without being bombarded by advertising.

With the Growlr News service you can get the news from a variety of sources including the BBC, Sky News, NY Times, Fox News, CNN, and Mashable.

The small and easily visible headlines let you decide what and if you want to read the full article.

The personalization options also make it easy to get your own content.

The three main sections to the Growlr App are News, Notifications and Settings.

The News section has a single column of articles, which can be sorted by popularity, time, or your favorite outlets.

The Notifications section is mostly empty, so if you want email or push notifications, you’ll need to get the notifications set up in the Settings section.

The Settings section is where you control your preferences and news feeds.

The preference section allows you to create a profile and choose your language so the Growlr App can better understand you.

The News section has a list of the latest articles you awarded, any topics you have liked, and everything you viewed.

How many pictures can I upload on Growlr?

Pictures that are uploaded are limited to one a day. The point is to crowdsource the main photo for the day and then use it as hashtags, for which you can upload five photos per week.

Is there an age limit to join Growlr?

We offer paid and affordable premium accounts for our users who are 18 years and above. Members receive extra features such as higher adview and more friends. Bot accounts within 5 friend limit are removed.

How do I search for other bears?

If you are looking for a bear to leave a growler with, you just need to find that bear’s name on the list in your app. Check out Bears of Convenience to see all the other bears in your area. So what if I can’t find a bear with a growler?

Well, we all know the lack of a growler doesn’t make the bear any less of a bear!

Bear Facts: Visitors to Growlr check in at the location where they’re visiting at least twice a day.

If you want, you can even start a chat with that bear.

How do I send messages to other bears?

That’s a great question and I’ll take a moment to answer it. The procedure to send messages to other bears or bears that have joined the park is the same as when sending a message to everyone.

Open the app and you have your messaging feed which you can scroll and search through. It will be the last item in your feed, near the bottom. Tap the bear you want to send the message to. You’ll see a message square with a blue dot, hit that to send a message to that bear.

You can also send a gift to a bear by opening the gift tab. Tap a gift to send the gift. The Send Gift to something heart. Now you need to choose a bear and tap on the heart.

The bear will now have the present and you’ll be able to see their reactions in a ?

Finally, if you want to send a message to all you just need to go “Message “ All Friends” to the right of your messaging feed in the bottom right of the app. When you hit that white text will come up and you’ll have to start writing a message.

Just like any other messaging app there’s no character limit so be careful with your wording.

How many bears can I mark as favorite?

In Growlr, you can mark as many bears as you want as a favorite. However, you can only mark one favorite bear at time.

How do I mark a bear as a favorite?

A bear can be marked as a favorite by clicking on the name of it.

Which feature is best for me: subscription, pet payment, or bear payment?

Growlr is free to sign up and use. There are options however to make the app more feature rich and more effective. These are:

  • A subscription/in game purchase for no ads
  • Paid in-game features to save, load, and replay videos of bears while you watch videos at your leisure
  • A gift card (it might take a while to get your card, but you will get one)
  • A paid user profile that makes it easier to keep track of your favorites

Free Services

Growlr is an app that provides several different services to growers from providing fertilizer recommendations to handling deliveries. The free services are a bargain compared to similar services, but there are a couple of limitations that you aren’t told up front.

Unfortunately, Growlr doesn’t have the comprehensive free services of some of the other apps. They handle deliveries, but don’t handle order tracking, or offer any upfront advice for how much fertilizer to use.

Their pricing is also a little lower than some of the other services. Every service is free to use but there are limitations. The fertilizer recommendations are available in three waves, and the bonuses for paying for a full year are pretty hefty. If you are willing to make your first purchase monthly, your savings are fairly substantial.

While not available for all areas, deliveries are available nationwide. You can get competitive pricing for large orders and guaranteed delivery dates. Packages are usually delivered on time.

Growlr also has an option to mail products to someone else. This can be very convenient if a friend is a little busy and doesn’t have the time to service you right away.

Are there free features on Growlr?

Yes. Growlr provides a daily monitoring system, which automatically checks your tank to make sure that the requirements of your fish are met.

There are a lot of aquarium apps that do the same, or a great alternative is to use a visual feeder like Live Aqua Aquarium tool.

The Only Difference Is that Growlr Monitors Specific Aspects of Your Tank while Most Others that Can Do It Only Track the Overall Values

Growlr does not require any extra cost and does not have added ads. Users get a continuously updated dashboard that provides all the information they need for the maintenance of their aquarium.

Growlr also allows you to give your suggestions on what the app should monitor. It also has a smart notification system that sends you an automatic notification.

Growlr is still in beta and is free, you cannot make it full screen and there can be minor bugs within the app.

Growlr promises to provide improvements and new features in the future, so hopefully, there will be many more updates over time as well as major ones.


Growlr has a few “Pro” features, which make it one of the best of its kind: the plants you receive live and healthy; shipping is free, so cost is not an issue. There are also rewards for certain actions you take, and growing your plants privately, even if others follow this app for the free plants. So, it seems practical, but there is still a fair amount of work involved. If you have a spare room or other space, then growing is not so bad, but for the average person, this is too much hassle.


Free shipping! You don’t have to pay to reach your plants.

A garden app you can grow plants in freely!

There are rewards on the app for certain actions. You can even earn money!

The shipping is free. This is a big pro, as it can help lower your cost down.

Occasional deals where you can buy plants at a lower cost. Fot instead of having to pay shipping, you can save money on plants.

Growlr has a pro, which is that there are enough plants to spend the money, or to get a deal.


There is still so much work.

It is a big growing project. This is a con, as it can be too much work for many people.

What features do I need to pay for?

There are 2 main features and a few extras I will talk about. The most popular and main feature is the water changing and maintenance. Even if you do not want to use Growlr to install your own external filter or install a diy aquarium, its cleaning is very helpful.

It allows you to schedule when your tank is being cleaned and has an option to completely clean your tank and evaporate the water on Sundays when you don’t use your tank.

The second most important feature is the creation of plant mazes and fun decoration in your home. The third important feature is the ability to create a plant collection that can be viewed on the app. That feature can become a bit overwhelming due to the amount of information you can see about the plants.

If you want to create a new plant and search it in the app, you will find a selection of plants you can use. If you click on them, you can see additional information about the plant. You can also create the plant in the form of the plant itself and see photos of the plant.

What do I get when I purchase a PRO membership?

While we may not charge extra for getting a PRO membership, you are getting a lot out of it. As soon as you purchase a membership, you will get access to special benefits like more than 60 hours of content and a full PRO library.

Every month, we will release a new PROFESSIONAL library that you can use for a whole month. That includes 7+ hours a week of helpful videos. The videos are all FREE to you and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Depending on your membership level, you will have access to different videos and also the ability to download them so that you can watch during works or on the go.

We do this so that you can enjoy premium content from us without having to leave your house to do so.

You can check out Growlr premium plans here:

How do I pay for the PRO membership?

In the app page, you will see the option of purchasing a PRO account. Once you have clicked on that, you will be taken to this picture.

In order to confirm payment, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details and then complete the payment.

A confirmation message will be sent to your email address.

Note: We don't charge recurring payment. All payments are made in a single payment with the initial signup.


Proof :-

Cobra Privacy add-on and self-signed SSL certificates.

== Tech Support :-

Uptime / Load

10/10: Extremely stable site. No crashes or bug issues. Site heartbeat is strong – 100/100

Website :


Support :-


{1}. Functionality :-
{2}. Usability :-
{3}. Security & Threats :-
{4}. Bugs / Limitations :-


{1}. Scam & Reputation :-
{2}. Automation :-
{3}. Happiness Index :-

Happiness Index = 10/10

Lightning Speed :-

Lightning fast withdrawals.

Final Verdict :-

Overall you could say that Growlr is a perfect rating for this. I have rated Growlr’s Overall Rating 5/5 (Excellent) and Growth potential as 10/10

Growlr. Grow your Wealth!

Is Growlr safe to use?

When it comes to anything related to the internet, you’re almost certain to run into an ad where it says “Are you 18 or over?” or something similar. These ads are normal, and every website and company that has a presence on the web will have them.

Even if you’re a grown adult you may not be familiar with certain sexual practices or have any experience with them. This might make it hard to imagine why they would ask you for information like that. If you’re in that boat, you’ve probably been to the site before. If not, you’ve most likely seen the ads from another angle.

Growlr is a hookup app that claims to help you find fun times with sexy people of all ages. Just like the other similar apps, it will need to verify whether or not you’re over 18. If not, you’ll be asked to enter some information that you probably don’t want to share with a stranger.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Review: Growlr App

There are many apps out there that can help you on your health journey. The one I’ll be reviewing today is called Growlr and I’m going to tell you exactly what it does along with giving you my top 6 favorite features.

Top 6 Features

Growlr is a complete fitness journal which is very easy to use and quite intuitive. Some of the key features you can count on when using Growlr include the following.

Food Tracking -You can now track your food when using the Growlr App, and it even has an impressive food database where you can look up any of your favorite foods.

Calorie Burning -The Growlr App can show how many calories you’ve burned already based on how active you’ve been. Imagine doing a workout on the treadmill and being able to see the number of calories you’ve burned just by turning your watch or cellphone screen sideways to see the count.

Exercise Tracking -You’ll also be able to log your exercises in the Growlr App, and it’s very easy to do. This is going to be very useful for tracking progress when you’re hoping to lose weight, as well as push you to do more.

Share your Growlr experience

Growlr Experiences

Growlr App was created by Daniel Huber and Nikki Boulter, a husband and wife team who live in New Zealand. The app is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.

The app is primarily offered as a service to those who are trying to grow their own food and are using hydroponic equipment.

First thing I noticed about this app was that it was very intuitive. I was immediately able to utilize the functionality of the app and realize what exactly it was for.

Unlike other apps I have seen, Growlr does not attempt to do everything. Instead, it has a clear focus. It is about hydroponic gardening and providing a brain for everyone to have a component to maintain their equipment.

The very first reason why I think Growlr App is useful is because it makes what most people do which is guesswork and boring redundant.

When active users place their orders, they just tap submit a couple of times and the app itself does the calculations and communicates with the manufacturer to ensure the proper amount of nutrients are provided.

The order itself is created through a step by step process. Make sure you follow the guide for easy steps to achieve the perfect order.

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