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Habbo was first when we started dating. I’d come across the site in my search for something to do and all of the things that it had going for it were startling. The idea of an online community had never sounded like something that I would like or use, but in reality it seemed like a good idea.

Habbo as it was at the time had been around for a number of years and could be considered a forerunner of other social networking sites like Facebook. I joined up and began to see what the site finally offered.

It became quickly apparent that the site provided a rather unique opportunity to socialize with other online users in some really different ways that I’d never really considered. I’d been in chat rooms before, but never in quite the same way. I got to meet people from all over the world and just chat with them.

We even managed to meet up in real life, too, though the distances were usually a little too far that even travelling left me tired each time I went somewhere.

New members at Habbo in February 2021 in comparison

New users account for 40% of total active users in February 2021.

This is slightly more than the other months of the year.

The absolute highest number of new users was 414 users on 18 February 2021.

The absolute lowest number of new users was 82 users on 14 February 2021.

The average number of new users in February 2021 is 136.5 per month.

Member activity at Habbo in February 2021 in comparison

To February 2010 and February 1933.

The current trends at Habbo have shown to be mostly similar to trends at Habbo during the 1990's. The show started in February 2010, so the average Habbo member that began Habbo on February 2010 will still be active when Habbo is closed in February 2025. In this way, it can be inferred that the Habbo user base is relatively stable. This is, of course, not to say that Habbo is not losing members, however, the most recent stats show a decline in member activity. The most noticeable increase relating to Habbo in February 1921 was the increasing number of members that have Habbo as their currently active profile. There was also a rising trend related to Habbo activity in February 2031.

Member profile: Habbo used to have a person's age listed as part of that profile. This was removed in February 2061, however some Habbo users still retain this information.

Habbo had a generally higher member activity in the 1990's. The average Habbo member that began Habbo in February 2010 has stayed active for a total number of 32.8 years, and the average Habbo member that began in February 2019 has stayed active for a total number of 26.9 years. This shows that Habbo is more or less stagnating. Although Habbo shows a declining trend in the amount of members, they still consistently have more members than the rest of the social media website market.

Habbo Member Structure

Age Distribution

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Signing Up at Habbo

As soon as you join Habbo Hotel, you will receive a default room. When you first sign up, it is advised that you do not donate any coins or energy, because the hotel is not very good.

If you really want a good hotel, then you should wait until you get some in your Habbo account.

Make sure that you get the resident’s badge and the information badge to give you a better idea of the hotel.

You can also give the hotel a nickname to make it easier for people to know about.

Habbo hotel is a place where you can meet and chat with thousands of people from all over the world, while interacting with your fellow guests.

You will also have a lot of fun buying and chatting with the models in Habbo’s Shop.

Habbo Hotel reviews are mostly positive, and it seems that people love being able to communicate with each other while having fun.

There have been complaints about certain rooms, which can be a bit boring.

You can also chat with the models in the shop, and you could meet many people there.

Some of the rooms are hard to get out of, so make sure that you have a keycard from the start!

Making Contact on Habbo

How you make contact on Habbo depends on your purpose of the activity.

If you want to ask for information:

There is a big button to the right of your computer. You can hit those letters depending on which nation you are in.

This button will take you to a Game Board. (If you are not sure what this is, the game board is a huge map of the actions you can take, as opposed to using search).

This how to play screen has information in it and tells you what the most popular ways to interact within on Habbo have been.

A player chooses the nation he/she is playing in by clicking the “national flag” to the right of the menu.

UK, US and CA are popular choices. You will be taken on a tour of the different areas in the nation you are in, which will show you popular places to meet.

People will only be able to interact with the nation’s chat; no other nations can interact with him. You are able to type in the Habbo chat to interact with players, the guide will tell you what to type and how to spiel it.

How to talk to players:

Habbo Profile Quality

Habbo Profile quality is something that many people are concerned about. In my opinion, as long as your Habbo profile is under 200 pages long and contains at least an avatar, name, password, description, interests, habbo rating, email address, and at least one picture.

You're going to have a better chance of getting higher rates and a better room rating.

As you go higher, however, even within the top 10% in Habbo’s overall rating group, your chances of getting high rates and a high room rating decrease.

For example, on any given day, I can get a rate of 7.0 or higher in the top 10% of Habbo’s overall rating group. If I went down to the bottom 5%, maybe with 150-200 pages, you might not get a rate of 7.0.

With Habbo’s “peer review” system, “everyone is looking at everyone else”. This means that if you’re spending too much time just socializing in the chatroom, people with fewer Habbo profile pages are going to have a better chance of getting a good rating.

Habbo App

You join this cool app, which can be a little hard to find because it’s tucked away on your personal page on Facebook. But once you join it, it appears in a separate section where you can keep it open all the time.

The app is very easy to use. All you do is sign in with your Facebook details, join a world, and have fun.

By joining a world, you can hang out with other people who are also using the app. You can also chat with them online, leave them messages, add them as friends, and lots more fun stuff.

The community aspect of the app is really cool. It’s open-ended, and there are thousands of people who are always online. You can chatter, trade, interact, and visit. There are even shops, where you can spend real money on cool items, and you can convert your Habbo into coins (a virtual currency) for use in the app.

Paying money to play?

Many people consider Habbo to be like Club Penguin, which is a role-playing game where you can pay to spend your time learning different skills, taking up different hobbies, and so on.

Habbo Real Life Review

Habbo Costs and Prices

This is Habbo's current pricing list, i.e. the prices at the end of the tab

1 room: €4,99 per year

Access to the front room (Doorway) : €0,39 per day

Premium Room: €8,99 per year

  • Access to the front room (Doorway): €0,99 per day
  • Access to the Premium Room: €4,99 per year
  • Access to the VIP Shop (for buying membership): Free
  • The option to expand rooms (+1 Room) : €2,99 per year
  • Premium Rooms (+1 addon room) : €4,99 per year
  • The option to expand rooms (+2 Rooms) : €4,99 per year
  • Premium Rooms (+2 addon rooms) : €9,99 per year
  • The option to expand rooms (+3 Rooms) : €9,99 per year
  • Premium Rooms (+3 addon rooms) : €19,99 per year
  • The option to expand rooms (+4 Rooms) : €19,99 per year
  • Premium Rooms (+4 addon rooms) : €39,99 per year
  • VIP Shop: €0,99 per day
  • VIP / Premium Shop: €4,99 per year

Is Habbo expensive or cheap?

Special Features

You can do an enormous amount of work in the Lobby, with the magazines making excellent assets to your work.

The goal in the Lobby is to get your score and get through the current issue.

Against the time, you can click on the different parts of the stage to earn money. You can earn to move further with the money and you will have to have a very good score to that.

To Achieve the Best Score …

You need to play a lot of regular games, which you will find in the early days. Do not miss all the banners that will give you money to play.

You can also do lot of surveys, but you will have to get used to them as there are a lot of requisites.

You will find in the Lobby some mini games that reward you with points to make the best scores. They are usually fun and very easy to do.

Habbo Club Membership

Some think Habbo is an innovative way to maintain a Web presence by meeting friends while playing games and talking.

Others will just know it as the horrible place to be, but it’s still one of the most popular social networking Web sites for kindergartens “ and high schools “ around the world.

Habbo Club isn’t just some silly, kids’ game like Club Penguin, though. It really could be the next Facebook, with millions of users around the world. It needs some work, but it’s already much more interesting than other websites out there.

Is it worth getting? Yes. It has a lot of potential if you are interested in earning money from online games, being friends with children, or even just spending more time on the Internet.

Most MMORPGs are thought to be too expensive and dangerous to play. Habbo is a great one to try, because once you’re in it, there are no boosters or special objects, and it’s safe to be apart of so many people’s lives.

Builder Club

Builder Club Saves You Money
Everything about building an enormous property in Habbo is a lot more expensive than it otherwise should be.

Upgrades in the regular Member’s Store are quite expensive and their effects are very limited. Therefore, this is the only way to save you money because it saves you money for any other property that you could have bought for the same amount.

It is also important to remember that Builder Club is a rebate program.

If someone can show that they bought something in the regular Member’s Store, this item will automatically be discounted in Builder Club. It is a great way to save even more money on what your money could get you.

Building Your Own Mosaic on Habbo

If you are absolutely bored in the world of Habbo, why not buy a model of the entire world, add on to it as you please and then install it all in your home?

It does not really matter what you buy as long as you’re happy with your end result. Customization in the Habbo world means that you can design your own world and maintain it by yourself. It saves a lot of hassle because you won’t have to contact anyone for any reason.

This custom design can be purchased in Builder’s Club for a small amount.

Pro-Gamer Bundles


Editors Conclusion

Habbo is for good and bad kids aged between eight and fifteen, and was launched in 2006. Sometime in February, 2001, a website called Habbo was created, and later reopened by two ex-Bank of America workers. It was used to unravel the problems in teen bank accounts, permit users to communicate and sell goods, and let people in certain countries to meet and chat online. At first, it was on the Internet Relay Chat network.

In 2006, Habbo created a new website and limited its use to a virtual world. It was made up of user created private virtual worlds, teenager chat rooms, and lively places for people to meet and work. Inhabitants of Habbo can create their own rooms decorating them with private personal photos and personally customised codes.

Most teenagers say Habbo is addictive and calming. They say Habbo is a very poor substitute for reality, that Habbo is a good place to do homework and correct your school grades, and it is a good place to study.

Habbo FAQ

Weekly Habbo Community Update, March 2013 HABBO offers a very different kind of game play experience. There are no levels, no coins or energy or experience points. You are in your own room and have complete control over who you talk to and what rooms you enter. You can build, buy, and decorate a room, and you can chat with friends and build friendships. You can dress your avatar however you like and you can show off your room.

HABBO has 200,000 active players and is the largest virtual world to date. The worlds of Habbo, however, are more than just virtual places where you spend time to create and build your online persona. Habbo has become a social network.

A great rule of thumb in life is that if you don't help somebody and you don't get something in return, that's not a good thing.


Want to be part of the community? Right now, there are 2 million members in more than 140 countries. With social networks like Facebook and Twitter bursting with activity, Habbo has been here long before these networks were around. This is the virtual world's unique selling point. It is a place where you can get to know people without asking them to put themselves out there. You need no formalities. There are no rules.


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What is Habbo?

Habbo is a website where kids can join groups, socialize, and build their own rooms. Habbo is a mix between a chat room and a forum. It is a safe site that allows kids to meet people in a community. Even if they do not have a computer, they can still use the helpful website tabs. All of the rooms are set to private, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing what you post or that you even exist. It is a safer alternative to Myspace. People have been able to improve the website, which encourages new users to join. Here are just a few of the reasons you should join Habbo.

Brand New Monthly Activity

Create a room depending on your interests:

My+ Room

The room allows you to have you own chatbox and adds another way to socialize. You can also make your own profile to meet new people and find friends.

Real World Photo Chatting

Users can chat in virtual space and meet other users in real life.

Free Chat and the Rooms

Habbo gives people the chance to talk and hang out for free. They can also choose what they want to do in the rooms. Most of the rooms are free, but some of the bigger rooms have to be paid for. Everything is on the user, so you can just read about the rooms.

Is Habbo a dating site?

Habbo is a free web-based multiplayer virtual community for users age 13 and older to socialize and communicate.

For those 13 years and older.

One of the most distinctive features of the web-based multiplayer virtual community is how users can physically alter their visual depiction (called a "casing") of themselves and their virtual room online.

This differs from traditional social networks because with Habbo, users can show how they are feeling in their real life and visually represent themselves in this Web based online multiplayer social game .

Is Habbo for kids?

I can’t answer whether Habbo is for kids, but I can give you some facts about what to expect from the game if you are under-13.

The game is designed for children aged 12 and above to be involved.

Before you can start, you need to obtain a valid email address to set up an online profile, which is something of a necessity. If you’re under 13, you cannot use your real email address and will need to register for one.

On that account, you can either create a profile as a guest or register as a member.

As a member, you have access to much more information about the game, including a section of the site dedicated entirely to kids 12 and above.

From there, you can decide whether to continue as a guest, whether to create a child’s account, or whether to make a guest account for your child.

Assuming you are not a minor, you can use any email address you like and access all the other parts of Habbo.

The website is for people aged 12 and above. Therefore, if you’re allowed to use the real internet, then you can become a member.

However, because kids often need guidance and supervision, it can be difficult for them to find their way around the website.

Can I link my social media accounts to Habbo?

Yep, you can. It’s a great way to advertise your Habbo profile to the world.

When you link your profile to Facebook, you’re adding your Habbo account to Facebook. When you link it to Twitter, your Habbo account is added to Twitter.

Just make sure you’re comfortable with that because you’re now playing in public and you can’t delete or unpublish your Habbo profile.

What is "whisper" in Habbo?

Habbo is a social networking and discussion platform, primarily geared towards children. The largest room in Habbo is called "Whisper", which is often where the younger kids meet up. Whisper rooms provide a room for old users of the site who no longer wish to be bothered by other users, as well as people who have more experience on the site and bid to become the moderators of the room. They are usually quiet rooms; people usually discuss on whisper for a variety of reasons, such as to talk about the weather, television, TV shows, or movies. In theory, a special feature has been added that will let users talk about illegal activities, however, it has never been used. In May 2017, New Jersey were hiring moderators for their server, however it never developed and the server was shut down in November 2017.


And Privacy:

The main security feature of Habbo Hotel is that is kept away from public view on a private server.

Habbo is also available on a secured server, to ensure that users are safe from unauthorized access to their personal details.

Habbo Hotel owners can see the IP address and location of their own hotel, or any of their guests.

In addition, on the secured version of Habbo, owners can't see guest IP addresses, and can't use the guest's personal details.

Why do I need to verify my email?

We are emailing you to confirm your contact information, especially if you have asked for a couple of times to upgrade your account to second-level.

We need you to sign in to your account and check your email.

If we don’t have your email address, we would be unable to upgrade your account to second-level.

If you lost your password, you could just click on Forgotten Password and follow the instructions.

If you have forgotten your password, please check out the service that we can provide which could be used for the recovery of your lost password.

Are all my messages being monitored by Habbo?

Habbo uses both proactive and unpredictable monitoring to keep users safe. We strive to provide a safe place for our users to socialize.

Some examples of proactive monitoring include monitoring fads and hashtags, monitoring chats, managing the "Inspector" function, and verifying account identities.

Some examples of unpredictable monitoring include monitoring attachments, reviews, changes in the number and severity of reports, and proprietary mechanisms designed to keep Habbo a friendly and safe place for our users to socialize.

Habbo manages millions of accounts in real time. In order to keep our users safe while still giving them the freedom to socialize, we rely on a mix of proactive monitoring and unpredictable monitoring. While proactive monitoring is performed in Habbo, unpredictable monitoring is performed directly by Habbo’s web servers. Regardless of the source of data, Habbo’s web servers are solely responsible for analyzing, combining, and manipulating large volumes of user data before providing it to the Habbo application.

I see a lot of "bobba" on the conversations in one of the chatrooms. What does that mean?

It's a classic Finnish pastime. Basically you say stuff like 'I think I'll go for a hike in the forest near my house this weekend', meaning I'll be skinny dipping in the river near my house this weekend.

In your rarer circumstances, you could say 'I can't wait to go to the sauna this weekend!' which means I'm going to have sex with my girlfriend in the sauna this weekend.

To you, all of this seems quite normal and straight forwards.

But if you're not Finnish, the first time you might have trouble decoding what they are saying.

How can the Habbo Way protect the users?

Where can I report a disrespectful member in Habbo?

Within the RP chat, there are a variety of options that can be used to report members.

These range from a Private Message which you can make towards the member. The other option is to use the Quick window which can be seen to the left of every member.

This allows you to type a quick message for the Habbo Staff Members. Next to every member, is a button that will allow you to report that member for any offense.


This is a very pleasant site to use. It’s smooth, clean, and pretty much bug-free.

The interface looks decent but could get an upgraded visuals makeover. The menu bar looks bland and the little buttons above it don’t have any graphical detail.

The actual dashboard is rather basic with only two buttons and two columns to view avatars. You can view a lot of information about yourself and your rooms.

About 99.99% of the people who stay in hotels are just there for a few days to party and that’s what most rooms in the hotel are used for. But there are also those who want to stay overnight just for the fun of it.

However, the rooms are used mostly for multiplayer so they don’t really add much to the role-playing experience.

Overall, the site is very usable and functional.

How can I let my Habbo avatar walk around?

Meshing has been replaced by spawn zoning and is no longer available to some players who may have had it before the game was updated. The re-zones will not show in the dictionary on your left hand by hovering your mouse over the dictionary, and you will only be able to find them by typing in the new code. The spawn zoned areas are only accessible through the new tagging system called tagging on.

Other than that, it’s the same as best online multiplayer games. In Habbo, the way you can walk around is by using the “walk” key. You can also walk around within the border of the room, or avatars can walk through each other if they diagonal-swap.

Habbo is a creative, social and fun game in which millions of users create their own online character, build a collection of rooms, develop friendships and participate in a variety of games and activities.

The premise of Habbo is simple: a virtual hotel where you can socialise with your friends, have fun with new people, and make new friends. When you log on to Habbo, the first thing you will notice is the rich 3D world you inhabit, where people can be seen going about their business or just hanging out.

How can I send an instant message to my friend in Habbo?

How long does it take to send a message? How much does it cost?

You can send an instant message to your friend in Habbo in a few different ways:

From the information bar:

  • Click on [F4], which is at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Enter your users name and your friend’s name or enter your user’s ID.

Through a text message:

  • With a text message, you can send messages to friends, the level of which depends on your level of the game.
  • The message will appear in an instant when you receive it.
  • The messages you send and receive are completely free of charge.

How can I move from one room to another in Habbo?How can I move from one room to another in Habbo?

Habbo users can move around room and highlight it to be the target room where they can teleport.

  • On the top left corner of the page, you can see the name of the room where you can teleport.
  • You also can use the book icon on the top right corner of the page to find the room you want.
  • In the book, you have to highlight the room you want, and you can teleport from your current room to the target room.

Why does my character have a skeleton?

Some player characters in Habbo look like a skeleton because they have no face and no clothes.

If a character has no face and no clothes, it means the user doesn’t allow his/her character to use it on Habbo.

Why does my character move very slowly?

When the character is too heavy or too heavy and large, when a user is creating his/her character, he/she must choose the right weight from the drop down menu .When it is too heavy and too large, the character moves very slowly, and the player doesn’t like to use it.

Why does my character look like a mummy?

If a user has a technique which creates many pieces when creating a piece, it looks like a mummy.

Why is my character moving so slowly when I move my cursor?

How can I change my Habbo avatar's look?

Many users prefer to have their avatar represent a specific look. This can be a similar appearance to a favourite character or an icon's dress, for example. But you can always update your image by receiving a free Makeover.

To find out more about what you can do with your free Makeover, follow this link.

How can I delete my Habbo Account?

It has become a habit now for me to always go into my Habbo Profile and look for a link to delete my Habbo Account. That happens these days quite often.

I do want another PC account, but I can’t always find another PC, so I get one.

Sometimes I get an email from Habbo who wants me to renew my Account, but I don’t accept that offer because I don’t really want my old account back. Then sometimes for some reason I forget to delete the account.

I don’t know why I haven’t deleted my account. Maybe it is because I am too lazy to do it.

Maybe I don’t want to lose my old account that has all my old friends on it.

Now it seems I actually can delete my Habbo Account.

I have been told that I should delete my Habbo Account.

I don’t know what power it has to delete my account.

I know I can only have one Habbo Account, and I need to delete my old one, but I don’t know how.

All I can do is delete my old account and start again.

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Who Am I?
And so, at the age of 15 at the most important development of my life started. Iím a pretty skinny guy, about 6ft tall, with a BMI of 19, and with excellent healths.

At that time I was very shy, and my grades in school were OK, but not outstanding, but that was expected from my small school.

As for extracurricular activities, I played a few games, but I wasnít good, not even compared to the other mediocre students. As a side hobby, I loved to swim, and that was that. I didnít exercise or anything, and thus I didnít have crazy growth or muscularity.

However, at that time I tinkered in the gym of the building we were living in, and started working out, to loosen up, and maybe even lose some weight, which I didnít have much of, but I needed to start.

Share your Habbo experience

Habbo is one of the world’s most popular chat rooms. It doesn’t look like anything special, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. With real-time moderation, great privacy, and seamless video and screensharing capabilities, Habbo is an amazing place to play and share information.

Habbo’s biggest draw is its user-generated content. With only two rules for new users to follow: a smiley face and the Forefather’s Creed, you can post whatever you want.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a YouTuber or Twitch Streamer, Habbo is an amazing place to gain a following on a large platform with no previous audience.

Personalized Recommendation

The basic idea is that as you build up friendships with other users, you get suggested more and more of the best content.

This is accomplished through personalization. When you join a chat that is showing its first 25 chat icons, your recommendation engine will show you content that is similarly appropriate for people at this stage of play.

Chat icons represent the level of friendship recommendations show you now. The top icon, which is the first 25, represents the level of friendship that others have with the person that you just asked to chat.

People that are more followed or followed by many more people, thus being more of a friend, will have a higher friendship icon.

When you started out as a rookie and are now leveling up, you will start seeing a change in the first icon.

Those that you are following and those following you will start to show up in the top 25. The first icon will actually be replaced by a second icon, indicating that some of the people following you are also following them.

If your level is really high, this second icon will become the top icon, with a third icon appearing at the second position. The first icon, however, will still remain as the second. Eventually, the top icon will become the largest of the three. If you become number 1 in the Rankings, the top icon will replace the second position entirely.


Habbo is a virtual world that uses popularity to produce large amounts of money. Habbo is a neighborhood that anyone can join through a browser, providing a place for friends to chat, make new ones, and discuss a large variety of topics. Throughout the history of Habbo, there have been many changes.

There are numerous ways to acquire virtual currency. First, there is interest that gives a continuous, small amount of money. There is also the currency exchange, where a user can acquire units that a user can trade to another user for virtual currency.

There is also a building system and the possibility for a user to purchase a habbo unit that allows more land. Users can purchase additional units to stretch out into new virtual neighborhoods and build rooms where they can chat, visit, converse, and hang out with friends, and they can visit their friends in different neighborhoods.

Habbo is a unique online community. It is not just a game, but a network where users can meet, have conversations, go to hall with their friends, go to clubs, and discuss many different topics. Habbo is an online gaming program that has been running since 1999, and it has a very active community. There have been numerous updates, and they have managed to constantly make changes to their website that keep the users interested and engaged.