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We have been using this hinge for three years and it’s fantastic. It’s robust, lasts a long time, and doesn’t easily break. It’s sold by a variety of online retailers, but it’s priced a little high. It’s actually the most expensive hinge we’ve reviewed.

It’s definitely worth the price, obviously, but it’s for longevity. However, you have multiple hing types to choose from if this hinge is a little too expensive for you.

New members at Hinge in February 2021 in comparison

These numbers are based on people who signed up at Hanger in the last 26 years:

Now, I have created a few graphs with the data I was able to gather. I think they will be helpful for you.

The figure above shows the number of new members per month. You can see that the February 2011 – February 2014 were the most interesting times. The numbers increased significantly.

The second graph shows the good variation in the years. January 2019 and 2019 have the largest numbers again. August 2019 had the biggest jump.

The next graph shows the total sign-ups in the past year:

Member activity at Hinge in February 2021 in comparison

In my previous Hinge Report … I gave you basically screenshot after screenshot of the same things over and over. I was bored and just wanted to get on with it so I could post the last part of the series, and I thought I would show you how to get it all done in just 10 minutes!

This month I decided to give you a new approach … and boy does it ever work. I didn’t stop with just the 10 minutes either. I continued to work on this recap and I have been able to get all reminders and activity estimates done for the month.

This approach is so simple, that it will be ready and I’ve read it on all of my work systems. I will be sure to share my approach with you in the next installment of the series.

Hinge Member Structure

Age Distribution

The median age of American smartphone users is 29.1. This is substantially younger than the median for all Americans. According to a study by The Pew Research Center, 27% of smartphone owners were between the ages of 0-17, 26% were between 18-29, 41% were 30-64, and 17% were 65 or older. This makes very clear that smartphones are primarily a tool of modern life, appealing to the younger generation. This is reflected in the age distribution of the average student at an American high school or college, as they range between 12-17. Teenagers value flexibility, form-factor, and an awesome social angle, and thus tend to own more phones.

Signing Up at Hinge

It is highly likely that you already have a Facebook account.

If you have ever been “friends” or “liked” someone within Hinge, you are already able to sign up.

If this is the first time you are signing up, click the green “Create your profile” button in the top left corner of the screen. You can then go to your profile and add your Facebook account information.

If you just signed up for Hinge, you are not yet “friends” within the app. You will need to go to your friend page before you can start adding people.

In the left navigation menu, go to your friend page and then click “add friend.” This will take you to the next screen where you will need to “verify” your account. If you want, you can elect to give your full name. Otherwise, you can use your first initial and last name.

Once you verify your email address and name, you will need to share your public profile picture. When you do so, a pop-up will appear, asking for your Facebook password. Copy and paste that password into the pop-up.

Click “OK” to proceed and you will be brought back to your Hinge profile. Now you can start adding friends.

Making Contact on Hinge

How are Hinge making contact?

Hinge demonstrates that not only can apps be used for good, so too can they go bad. The concept of Hinge is not malicious in the slightest. Hinge are a startup based in the US. The idea was born after they noticed how difficult it was for couples to make contact with one another due to the sheer volume of people they knew, and the sheer volume of people they knew of. Social media has had an enormous impact on strengthening bonds between people and isolating individuals.

The company’s mission statement is to help people develop connections with their chosen match; both as individuals and as a couple. Both individuals have an idea of what they want and both businesses are in early stages of their development.

The social media revolution’s devastating effect on our lives has been widely reported and while some might find the idea buried within Hinge a little trite, there’s no denying that use of Hinge can be a great tool to help people make contact.

Sending Likes

Reply: Great review. I love the index and the use of the box.

Reply 2: Wow! You have amazing reviews

Reply 3: Wow, you have really written a great review. The layout is really good and the descriptions are informative

Note that a rate of 4 means that they didn’t give you a review since you don’t have any.


Matchmaking is a form of romantic pairing, in which two people are suggested for each other. It might be as simple as relatives, or as adventurous as a blind date.

In ancient times it was very common to see a matchmaker. These people would help arrange arranged marriages. The idea was that the person seeking a matchmaker would know what kind of person they wanted to date while the matchmaker would arrange the body for them.

There are traditional ways in which your matchmaker would arrange for you.

To find a good match for you, you would need to have the oeher side of the matrimony make the first move. This is because they are the one who will be adjusting and adapting to marrying you.

After a time, you would need to begin the introduction process. This involves building a relationship with the person from the very first meeting.

However, there is no fixed time limit to wait before introducing yourself to the other person. As long as the two of you like each other, it is acceptable to start the romance right after meeting.

The house you will live in on the wedding night shouldn’t be of too much concern to you either. You might live with the other person or you might move into their house.

If you would love to be involved with the wedding planning process, you could fill out the rest of the wedding checklist to your liking.

Sending Messages

It is an experiment to send a message to yourself in the past and see if it arrives.

Take a photo of yourself in the future or past, take some time to prepare the photo make it special and now you can tell yourself that you look different or some time in the future.

Now you can schedule the photo like you were in an appointment, send the photo after sometime to the past and the photo comes to you in the future, you don’t have to bother to go to the future and there is no risk of losing the subjects to the experiment as they will appear on the due date.

The experiment result is known, the effect is the same. The experiment happens in two points of time, it can be done on the movie theater screen, and there can be millions of time interval for the experiment.

You can also write a message to your self and send it on the movie screen, the result is also known, it’s like a time traveling writing, there is no risk of the message has been lost.

Use this experiment and advice to make a yoga book for all of your experiences.

Hinge Profile Quality

Hinge ™ provides data about people’s online activities and processes it to improve the online advertising. The company was founded in 2014, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Industry: Advertising

Founded in 2014

Founded in 2014 Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Headquarters: San Francisco, California Founders: Collin Payne and Brian Wong

Hinge App

The service keeps your emails organized, private, and searchable. The app is sleek and easy to use. The two-sided option provides a ton of structure without being overbearing.

This is a solid app for organizing your inbox but it isn’t perfect. For example, the “Snooze” feature is noisy and can scare away the mail you intended to read.

One interesting feature is the “Contacts” tab, which gives you an opportunity to add contacts to the service if you’ve set up an account with them. If you’re interested in changing your current provider, you’re encouraged to use this feature.

Notifications are a source of controversy with this service. If you’re a user of mobile email, the system may not alert you on your phone. However, because of the system, it’s easy to manage your emails from all your devices.

In my opinion, this is a good service to have as long as you aren’t looking for a “perfect” personal digital assistant.

Hinge proves that you don’t need to have one to have your emails completely under control.

Hinge Real Life Review

There is an interesting tension in the review industry. You can’t really make money being overly objective. A clever contractor may be able to constantly publish objectively-neutral reviews, but since nobody pays for those, they can’t get very much content published. This is also a reason Google/Yelp/Grubhub/etc. don’t let anyone publish reviews.

As long as there is some tension between you being overly positive for the sake of reviews (and irrational emotional feelings influencing what you write) and being overly negative to help land you more bookings and make you more satisfying to work with, this will be an interesting business to watch. But I also feel like it will be at the mercy of larger trends.

Design and Usability

Utilising a Hinge-enabled device is rather easy and straight forward. A quick description is that installed on Android and iOS can be coupled and have options in a similar fashion as Whatsapp and the service is structured for ease of use, without duplicating apps.

The dashboard showcases all installed joined lines as well as app capabilities and allows quick access to turning them on and off. It is also intuitively designed and straightforward.

While I have seen similar services prior to Hinge in the form of “Join”, I have not seen a service that utilised the ability of bringing together an infinite number of different lines like Hinge.

That said, it is not the most sophisticated nor most user friendly services. However, it does tick all the boxes for function and is very straight-forward.

This is an area that Hinge can improve in, especially when it comes to user interface, while utilising the power it already has working.

Every App Should Have an “Autojoin” Feature

One of the most overwhelming experiences for many would be starting up a Whatsapp group with 5-10 friends. Having to manually send each of them the link and wait for the friends to join one by one is, for many, excruciatingly slow.

Hinge Costs and Prices

We will create a proof of concept for hinge, we started the project on December 2016, and have been engaging with our target customers since December 2017. We have built a customer database of almost 7000 people and have found a significant number of buyers who are willing to sign up.

Our alpha testing alpha testing started in January 2018.

We have automated everything for our support and development teams, so they just need to re-iterate the processes.

Community: Hinge community will be a great network for people who are interested in using our product, and it’s free to members.

Searching: Google differ from other search engines, but it generates 94% of traffic to digital publications.

Is Hinge expensive or cheap?

The cost of a given service or product is a big factor in letting people know whether or not to use it. Let’s take the case of a student using Hinge.

An entry-level Hinge account is a free one, so it’s not expensive. You can use it to find new friends, join walking groups, etc. It would be a good way to get to know people or just spend some time on the internet being social.

Conversely, it’s not the first thing I’d give to a friend to help them meet people. It isn’t the most efficient way to meet people, is limited, and takes a lot of effort on your part.

As for me, I could never spend a long time on Hinge, as I don’t really have the patience or time. But it’s an easy way to introduce yourself to new people or check out the local dating scene.

Special Features

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Who Liked Me

Here are the people, individuals and businesses who have liked my work at Hinge.

We Met

The Great Product! Hinge

For more than fifteen years, Hinge has been delivering content.

Through me-too features that don’t make any difference and bots that don’t work properly, the app industry hasn’t made any advances. It all happens in vain, and now Hinge wants to reinvent itself.

We all know about bots and how they can change a marketing campaign. In just one sentence, Hinge can change the way you see dating apps.

It’s simple:

Hinge is a new dating app. It doesn’t require you to be beautiful and it doesn’t strive for the perfect men. It doesn’t even have to show any matches. Hinge is the best and fastest way to meet your friends.

The way it works is incredible. When people and their profiles are stored in the Hinge app, they are divided into packs and you can chat with them.

They are divided into three different packs:

Best of friends: This group is an open group that only contains users you are friends with.

Okay, maybe we aren’t friends, but you are willing to meet with them.


Hot to get close: This group is an open group that only contains users you might have the chance of meeting.

Editors Conclusion

We have read that over for a total of 40 hours and there are a total of 12 pages of content. We’ve found that the majority of the content of this eBook is 90% instructional and 10% is author commentary. There are a few other elements like Front cover/Back cover, table of contents, etc. but nothing too heavy from a content perspective. We also read an average of 900 words per page, which to our eye is a nicely paced length.

Overall we feel that the author did a good job defining the purpose and product of the book. It’s clearly instructional in nature, and his writing style was easy to understand and agreeable to read. We found his use of the language and analogy to be appropriate and thoughtful.

We also found a strong emphasis on helping the reader to become more successful using daily practice.

Outside of the language and the author’s philosophy the only other noteworthy content was the excessive use of photos and stock images that didn’t feel to be aligned with the tone of the book. In addition to that we found the book was filled with spelled and grammar errors. This distracted from the overall value of the publications, and may have led your author to place too much value on the visual aspects of your publication.

Hinge FAQ

Can I Subscribe without Instagram?

You can unsubscribe and know when the initial set is released, but you will not be getting one on launch day. Sign up and enjoy the announcements until the monthly set launches.

Are U.K. followers going to get restocked?

Yes. When the subscription service launches, everyone will be restocked, even those who missed our initial U.K. launch.

When will Hinge subscription be available to the U.S. folks?

That part is still to be determined. We are looking into licensing partners who could handle the service for us, but that is a ways out.

Leftover Questions

Do I have to use Instagram to subscribe?

No. A Hinge subscription is a new way to get new sets each month. You can still follow us on social media platforms where we post work-in-progress photos, process shots, etc.

I don’t have Instagram yet. Can I still subscribe?

Yes, when the service launches in early 2018.

How much will the subscription cost?

We are not releasing pricing yet, but if you’d like to find out more, you can sign up to get notified when subscriptions become available and we’ll notify you then.

How do I unsubscribe from the waiting list?


Who owns Hinge?

The founders of Hinge are Justin McLeod, Collis Taich and Christopher Way who were all frustrated with the online dating possibilities at the time. When Justin wrote a blog about his experiences with online dating he found that there was a lot of negative information and that frustration was causing him to share his ideas with others about how online dating is inefficient.

Christopher then emailed Justin after reading the article to say that he had similar feelings about online dating and immediately began what is now a flourishing business.

When was Hinge founded?

Hinge was founded in 2008, shortly after the “friend finder” Facebook application. Hinge launched the first ever A2A mobile messaging platform, which allowed users to send questionnaires to their friends and receive answers back from them immediately.

Who can join Hinge?

Hinge is a fun and free dating service that is only for university students. You can use the site online or via mobile. If you don’t feel like talking on your computer, then you can kiss your small talk and texts goodbye. Hinge’s mobile app is also 24/7, so you can always make time to meet up with fellow local and international students.


Being the best review site around.

{1}. ) The membership fee is very affordable.
{2}. ) We don’t sell anything; therefore, there’s no risk of NSA or 3rd party selling your attention and data.
{3}. ) The reviews of the products are done by publications and experienced users.
{4}. ) Different publications select the products to review and the reviews are posted directly on our site. The writers of the website and the developers at Hinge are not allowed to have their own interests involved.
{5}. ) The product reviews are written in accordance with the following guidelines

  • The first word of each sentence is capitalized and placed in bold.
  • All product reviews should have either a thumbnail or a large picture.

They will post an infographic or a video instead if the review is too long.

  • The cream of the crop and the best of the best usually get reviewed.
  • Each review should be 3-5 paragraphs long.
  • The products are not scored based on their looks.
  • The reason behind the product’s appearance being a necessity.
  • The product is in good condition.
  • The product is affordable.
  • Things break down as products start to age.
  • The product is easy to find and is easy to purchase.

How do I join Hinge?

It’s easy to join Hinge.

You don’t need a gym membership since you can workout anywhere. If you want to meet new people to compete with, Hinge’s tournaments are a lot of fun. If you want to stay in shape, Hinge is the best way to keep up with yourself and your friends.

Here’s how it works.

To get started, simply create a username and choose a three digit passcode that is only for you. Then, Hinge is just like Instagram, they will figure out who you are based on your activity.

Looking to lose weight? We’ve got you covered.

For you runners, we’ve got you covered.

Interested in finding some like-minded adventurers, we’ve got you covered.

As a female or male over 18, you can set up your profile to view only singles, dating, or friends. You can meet interesting people from around the world. Get started today for free.

Does Hinge offer premium membership?

Hinge offers a completely free app. The premium membership, however, gives you a few more options in the app for private sharing and a few more sorting options.

Is Hinge’s premium membership auto-renewed?

Yes, the premium membership is auto-renewed. Hinge also announced a new policy to ensure that the premium subscription will be auto-renewed. Hinge will send someone to your house each time you cancel your membership to make sure you are aware that it’s not really a month to month subscription and that you can cancel from the website in the app.

Can I cancel my premium membership anytime? How do I do that?

In some cases, you may want to cancel your premium membership. You can do so if you want a payment plan. Just contact us. We can go over the options and you can decide which one you want to take. This is a great technique for people who might eventually want to take a more advanced payment plan. In other cases, you might want to month to month. We will let you know when that is possible.

If you’ve been on a regular monthly payment plan for at least six months and want to cancel, you need to provide us with a copy of your statement so we know that you’ve received at least two bills.

You’ll need to submit the cancellation within 14 days of the cancellation date.

Is it possible to get a refund for unused premium membership time?

You can cancel and use your money back under one of the following conditions:

  • If you cancel within fourteen calendar days following receipt of the program.
  • If you cancel at any time following the Purchaser/Seller Protection Policy exceptions noted below.
  • If you cancel within sixty calendar days following receipt of the program.
  • If the Terms of Sale for the Products include cancellation rights.
  • If deletion of Your personal information is requested.
  • If You notify Us that You no longer want to receive the Products.
  • If payment is made for the purchase of the Products or other goods or services by a third-party credit or debit card.
  • If the Products are delivered but cancelled after notification by Us.
  • If the Products are defective, as determined in Our sole discretion, where delivery was made without Our prior express written consent.
  • If the Products are not as described.
  • If the Products are not of merchantable quality, or are substantially not as described.
  • If the Products are delivered in a damaged state.
  • If the Products are not suitable for their intended use or purpose.
  • If the Products are of a particular design or are contained in a sealed package that can’t be used.


The website uses a clean and in-depth interface.

The usage of colors is easy to interpret. The close of the color-blind banner is way too hard to read.

The overall form factor is easy to use, navigation is clear and easy, and the page looks good.

How does Hinge work?

Hinge is a great way to seek out new friends, old friends, and random acquaintances. You simply create a profile and add content to make yourself seem interesting.

If you’re looking for love, you look for friends that have had similar experiences in order to learn about their life and get a sense of what they like. It really works out.

You’ll also get to feel like you can tell anyone anything, something that can be really empowering.

When you want to find potential new pals, you just go into the Hinge app and start swiping.

It gives you a little information about the people you swipe on before you have to reply to a message, since creepy New York strangers can really haunt your dreams.

How do I match with another member on Hinge?

Hinge operates completely anonymously, and you might still want to know who your matches are in case you ever want to connect via email, phone, or in person.

If you decide that you want to connect with someone, you can search through their profile by clicking on their full first or last name. If you’re looking to connect on social media, you can search by their username on either Facebook or Twitter.

If you’d prefer to wait for a match to come to you, you can search by location or other factors as well.


{1}. Hingetips will appear on your dashboard under your Profile tab.
{2}. Determine whether you want to talk to someone on Hinge or wait to be contacted.
{3}. When you Match with someone, you’ll get a message letting you know.
{4}. If you think you’d like to meet, you can exchange contact information or work something out on the Profile page.

I want to see who sent me likes, how do I that?

Why can’t I delete some of my photos on my Hinge profile?

If you have been making some changes on your Hinge profile over the past year, you may have noticed that some photos have been disappearing from your profile completely. This is because we have implemented a new profile photo system to improve Hinge’s photo experience.

We’ve changed the way photos work on Hinge. This means photos are now available for viewing at all times on your profile, and can be set as full-size photos within any of your profile albums. This change has made getting your profile ready for new photos much easier. If you had previously uploaded photos to your full-size albums, you will need to re-upload those photos to your profile for better exposure when viewing photos on your profile.

To re-upload all of your profile photos to your profile, please go to your profile and tap on the Photos tab on your profile page. There, you will find your album covers, the default photo from your profile, and all of your photos that you currently have available for viewing of your profile.

Tap on any of the photos that you want to upload to your profile, and when prompted, select the album that you want the photo to be set as the full-size cover for.


Or Safety?

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and you trip over a selfie stick with your phone attached, crashing to the floor. Thank goodness you had your smartphone unlocked, or you may have not had any pictures or video to show for that great night out!

Or what about the time you had a late night at a party and you left your car unlocked. A few hours later, your car broke down at a busy intersection and you couldn’t get it started again because you forgot to lock it up. Maybe you could have had it towed back to the parking lot, but who wants to take the time? You’re in a rush to get home after the party, so you just jump in your car and drive away. Although you’re never a fan of this, all you can do is try to stay safe.

There are a few things that you can do to try to keep yourself more safe. One thing to do is to install a security app such as Lookout or an auto lock. The great thing about these apps is that they prevent your palm from leaving your phone in case you drop it, accidentally, on the floor.

Is using Hinge safe?

Hinge is very much like Snapchat, the main difference is that Hinge actually has a mobile app that you can use. All it takes is you saying something silly and to get your friends to share it.

The only bad part about Hinge is that there is no large social community on Hinge. With that being said, there are some social communities that come close to taking the place of Hinge.

For example, you can use a website called Milkshake to use the same features as Hinge. Milkshake is an app that is mostly used for milkshake attacks. It is a joke where you send your friends milkshake emojis, and one person decides to throw milkshake at the other person.

There are many other social apps such as that, such as The Sauce and Crowdfire. These apps are the closest that anyone has come to the Hinge app in regards to emojis.

Be careful when using these apps, because there are no safety precautions, so if you use them too much, you could get banned from them.

What security features does Hinge have?

Hinge has great security features to prevent someone from viewing your profile. It is very difficult for someone to submit a fake account using your profile.

If you look at the profile, you will only see a profile photo, name, picture of your face, and other information.

Hinge doesn’t know what devices are connected to your profile — meaning that Hinge does not know if you have any webcams on your laptop? It is only from the profile that Hinge can determine if you have webcams.

Once your account has been locked by Hinge, it is not possible for someone to verify a profile.

Your account is simply locked, but no one can view it.

A profile that is locked will not allow you to access your profile.

Hinge also has a 99.9% confidence score that shows you that no one has submitted a fake account.

How do I block and report an abusive Hinge member?

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Ask us!

Share your Hinge experience

If you're on Hinge, then these are the types of moments you should try to share with your friends:

  • The moment when you realize you're with that someone special
  • The moment when you're talking to that someone special and discover they're on Hinge
  • The moment when you drop a bomb on that someone special
  • The moment when you're persuading them to go out with you
  • The moment when you're persuading them not to go out with you
  • The moment when you’ve got their number and want to call
  • The moment when it hurts to think about them
  • The moment when you put your foot in your mouth
  • The moment when you start to get busy and forget
  • The moment when you start to get busy and remember
  • The moment when you become obsessed with Hinge and start stalking
  • The moment you convince yourself they really wanted you to call
  • The moment when you become obsessed with them and start stalking
  • The moment when you email them and tell them you love them
  • The moment when you discover they've been on Hinge themselves and you become jealous
  • The moment when you see a sad Hinge story and you might cry
  • The moment when you’re on Hinge and get stalked by someone specific

Hinge Experiences

After a week’s training with a coach, I started to feel more confident in my movement. I often found myself thinking that my feet were placed in the best position—in the best direction—for my body.

And I suppose that was the mark of success as a coach had marked my movement. Hinge had reminded me that I needed to assess my performance, where I had gone wrong, where I needed to tighten up and get better.

I used to think that people were inherently bad at things. Especially sports that I didn’t do well as a kid. They’re hurt. They can’t do what they want. And yet, with the appropriate training, I could become one of them.

And I didn’t have to be as good as a pro. Hinges didn’t constantly callouts or put other people down. It kept my ego in check and my inner critic silent. In other words, it kept me from becoming the executive Trenton described at that team meeting.

Our coach was a former pro. I used to be an aspiring one. And most importantly, he was a great guy who wanted me to win.

I found myself trying harder. In that last week with the coaches, I noticed my performance started to level off. I was training harder than before but not much more. It was time to start concentrating on the competition.

Personalized Recommendation

Just like social platforms, most people make the mistake of crediting the content of the websites they link to, rather than the creators who made them.

However, there’s a wrinkle to this rule. For people who are unaware of this fact, this human behavior has the tendency to make the web harder to use. That’s because if you are relying on the names of websites to place your link in the right place, then you need to use more links to bypass dead links.

This makes browsing the web a lot slower and more laborious.

However, if you are able to take a moment and figure out that hundreds of websites have been made by humans, you can then use personalization. By doing that, you can easily bypass the dead links.

The only thing you’ll need to do is take a moment to gather information about the website you want to link to and work with that information to direct your link straight to the right place.