Hornet vs Grindr: Which one can get you hotter dates?

Luca Vaccino
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Hornet is the dating app for gay men looking for untraditional hook-ups. Grindr was the first to the dating app market and for the most part, it still reigns supreme. A few factors separate the two, some of which will be discussed here.

Basic Functions

In terms of functions, both are similar in that you choose your preferred location with your age, body type, ethnicity, and so on. Once you choose your options, you press “search” and can see who is available nearby.

On Grindr, the default profile photo can be set to a three-layer image. Hornet also offers this feature.

Once you click on someone, you can chat or see their full profiles. Grindr lets you turn your profile off entirely, whereas Hornet doesn’t have this option.

If you are looking to stay anonymous, Hornet could be for you. Your profile will be more aggressive and you can change your age, if you want. with a bit of Facebook stalking, you can even find your date from a profile pic.

Malicious Fun

One of Grindr’s greatest features is that it is impossible for you to see who sees you. This keeps the likelihood of malicious users to an absolute minimum, and levels the playing field a bit.

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