Hot or Not vs Tinder: Which one can get you hotter dates?

Luca Vaccino
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Can dating apps really help people meet their perfect match? Or have their user numbers reached the saturation point? And is technology really making love less challenging?

This article attempts to answer those questions and more.

A quick search on the internet will yield many results – some inspiring and enriching, others pointing out the negatives – on how advancements in technology have influenced the way we date and how we find our significant other.

For the most part, the general consensus supports technology as a positive influence in the dating world. The fact that users can locate single people in their area has given daters a wider and more accessible pool of potential dates to date.

Though as a friend once remarked, “Technology has made dating so easy, that we are in danger of becoming an entitled generation.”

Whether or not this is true, one thing is clear: dating apps are a modern replacement for the very tactile act of meeting a person face to face, something we’ve been doing since long before the internet came along.

But dating technology is not new. In fact, there are several dating methods that are almost as old as the human race itself.

More information on Tinder:

This app has pretty much vaulted into the limelight, letting people see potential matches near them, including pictures from their Facebook profile, and the match is free. The app is free to download, free to use, and free to message.

Soon after its launch, matches were made and Tinder has been a great success for the company since July. It was started by Sean Rad, who has extensive experience in the Tinder space, previously as President of IAC/Interactive Corp.

This gives him all the experience to handle what most could not. The app is growing everyday with over 10,000 new users signing up on a daily basis.

Overall, Tinder is a great app. It is meant to be fun, and it allows individuals to see potential matches close to them. Recently, the

Company is taking steps to expand to other parts of the world. The numbers are not slow in coming for Tinder. In fact, in New York alone the app has over 25,000 active users.

This is a solid number as it suggests that this app can be used by so many people that it would be unrealistic to expect it to be a passing phase.

Creating a good app is not as easy as it seems. When building out a successful app, you need to have enough people use it, and you have to try to make it easier and better for people to use it in the future.