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New members at Iranian Personals in February 2021 in comparison

To the statistics earlier.

If you’re in the market for a serious long-term relationship, the first personals site you should go to is Iranian Personals. Beyond that, it’s probably not a good idea to waste your time tossing your hat in the ring with a dozen dating sites when you can join one that truly treats you as a person with qualities that you value.

At Iranian Personals, you will notice that members share a wide variety of background experiences and interests. You will find those who are “missing home” while at the same time some who are overflowing with pride for their homeland.

At Iranian Personals, you can even find the man of your dreams who has the gift of gab and a great sense of humor. They are so modest and inviting that you will have to gently nudge him away to get to the good stuff.

You want to tap into the vast knowledge of the members on this site, so you will find people who can teach you all about Iranian culture.

Most of the members of Iranian Personals are very active. Tapping into the wisdom and knowledge of the other members can be the best way to date them. They’re not going to lose interest in their work just because they are looking for a special someone.

Member activity at Iranian Personals in February 2021 in comparison

To February 2019.

February 2019 was a very active month in terms of people looking for love then. In February, 2019, there were far more women looking for someone to marry online than men, but the balance has almost flipped. The number of women looking for men and the number of men looking for women was even.

In February of 2019, the most active age range was between 35 and 39.

In February, 2021, there is a balance emerging between the number of men looking for women and women looking for men, and the most active age range is between 30 and 39.

We also see a handful of members that are active on both platforms in both months. The most active days in comparison to February 2019 are: 09 February, 1802, and 25 February, 2019.

Primo Dating by Sascha Rößler is based on the idea that love can be reinvented.

Iranian Personals Member Structure

There are basically six benefits that online Iranian Personals provide to its members.

Sometimes to completely answer your question correctly, it is important to look beyond the headline and look at what the extension has to offer.

Iranian Personals reviewer gives you the whole picture and conveys a direct translation of the features and benefits that Iranian Personals delivers.

The Iranian Personals extension delivers the following primary benefits to its members:

The most important benefit is the following:

The last benefit has the most members:

The remaining advantages are as follows:

As you can see, the Persian Personals extension delivers a lot of value and its members stand to lose out if they don’t download it.

You should also understand how each feature works and acts inside of Iranian Personals for efficiency and to see the benefits in the most accurate light.

Iranian Personals supports the following features:

Iranian Personals will change the way you match by providing you with genuinely interested people to date right on your GPS.

The most enticing feature of the Persian Personals extension is the fact that it is enabled directly on your GPS. This way, you don’t have to search for or look for Iranians online, as you can directly find them in your area.

You can read their profiles, talk to them, exchange messages and then determine whether you like them.

Age Distribution

The average age of an Iranian person is 28 years old.

Signing Up at Iranian Personals

The process of registering on Iranian Personals is quick and easy. After choosing a profile photo and heading over to the registration page, simply fill out the required fields.

When you’re done, click the “Submit” button on the bottom and you’re done!

Once you’re in, you can explore Iran and search for potential dates.

You can also choose to just browse the profiles of others that are looking for the same.

When you’re ready to move forward, think about what you’re looking for and the best way to approach it. To get a profile, you’ll need to sign up.

The first step in this process is to decide whether you want the dating website to contact you or you want to contact them.

That said, it’s not as easy as doing your own searching when looking for someone. The first step is actually creating a “Wishlist” of people who you would like to meet.

You can then browse the Wishlist and create your Ideal Match Profile that is broadcast to the other members so that they can hear your favorite music, hobbies or interests, as well as more about you.

Making Contact on Iranian Personals

The process of meeting Iran singles is somewhat complicated and may seem daunting to those who are new to meeting people abroad.

The first step can be the hardest. A few first-time approaches may not pan out as well as one may have hoped so it may pay to try sending a few make contact messages to different people until you find somebody that sounds like it would work out.

Make Contacts on Iranian Personals

To find friends to meet with later on, you may want to try out an Iranian chatroom.

Chatrooms on Iranian Personals provide just that… a chance to meet people interactively over cyber space.

Just take your time and use common sense in these people searches. Don’t make the mistake of sending messages to the wrong people by mistake and saving the wrong people for the right time.

It’s almost certainly time to move on when you get the wrong reaction from a potential partner.

It’s unfortunate, but you can’t always insist on being treated right.

Iranian Personals Profile Quality

Iranian Personals, one of the longest-running Iranian dating sites, is an upscale dating site that has received great reviews from its members.

Although the Iranian version is only slightly less popular than the US version, the service is a bit more streamlined for the Iranian market.

A majority of the Iranian women on this dating site work outside of Iran, but there are a number of Iranian women listed that are willing to meet someone in Iran.

Most of the men on this dating site are Iranian as well, so they can also trade personalized messages with Iranian women to learn a bit more about them.

The profiles of Iranian women are in the Persian language, but you can also search by other languages. You will see that there are many pre-set options to choose from, including things like body type and age range.

You can also create your own profile if you prefer. This is helpful for people who actually live in Iran and want to meet someone in person.

When creating your profile, you will see that you have composing only a few sentences in the English language.

If you do not have a native Persian speaker willing to assist you with your profile, it is still possible to create a profile.

They will work on translating it for you, and you can save that for your first email when you send it to an Iranian woman.

Iranian Personals App

Iranian Personals Real Life Review

I had a very personal experience with Iranian personals. At first it was all fun and games, then I ended up being trapped.

There are many Iranian personals sites as you can imagine.

I was looking into Iranian personals after a female friend told me about Iranian personals. She had just joined and she liked it.

The personals site used a unique script to type in the Iranian personals.

First, you figure out what your name is translated to in the Persian language. For example my name is Amanda. Which in the Persian language is Amadé.

I took this as a hint and registered for Iranian personals. I also did a lot of research on them before I did it.

I even contacted the person who created the site. I asked him about all the risks that I ran into.

He also asked if he could add me to the VIP list of the personals site.

I never even wrote a message to the personals member. I was always writing it in the system and then deleting it.

Then I would click the message button. I would write a short message and then I would get this error message.

It finally got to me that the personals site was a scam. I tried to get my money back. I couldn’t. I would have had to directly talk to the personals site owner.

Design and Usability

As a web-based dating site, Iranian Personals…has been designed and developed to accommodate users with various lifestyles. While it is designed and optimized for Ibadhi-Muslims…the site has a user-friendly interface that can be used by everyone and made accessible to people with a variety of computer systems.

“Persian Personals” utilizes many forms of user interaction and content channels to provide users the facility to access and navigate the site.

Compared to many other sites where users have to rely heavily on page links to find information, Persian Personas…has main pages that contain proper material and information for use.

The Lesson is You can Be a Part of a Great Event Iranian Personals is proud to host many events throughout the year, but the one that has had the most significant impact on our site was the Black Dating International (BDC) Conference. Thousands of people attended from all over the world. This helped to introduce us to many new people who would like to participate in and contribute to our events.

Iranian Personals Costs and Prices

To have a blast looking for folks on Iranian Personals in Review costs absolutely nothing. You only have to maybe spend a couple of dollars on a foreign phone pay-as-you-go SIM card and a top up in the country that you will be checking out.

Shortly, you can have an internet connection wherever you are as long as you can get reliable internet connection. Once you have that, you can even check Iranian Personals in Review for free.

Now, it is common to check out Iranian Personals in Review from countries that are in popular internet zones like Pakistan. Since they have cheap price plans there, it is super easy to check out Iranian Personals in Review and also have a lot of fun while doing it.

Be careful when dealing with Iranian Personals in Review to make sure the site or their representatives are genuine. There are a lot of sites that use the term Personals in Review as a mere marketing trick to get you to sign up for a certain service.

Some sites hire people to make contact with you and try to get you to sign up for a service. That can make you break the law and it’s not going worth it.

There are however, genuine sites that offer a great value. These sites allow you to meet singles of the opposite sex and chat with them for as long as you like.

Is Iranian Personals expensive or cheap?

The price of Iranian Personals is cheap, but the product quality is high!

This is because ITC Design Studio has control over everything that is done in the development of the Iranian Personals and the code is personally handled by the founder. ITC Design Studio takes strict measures to make sure that the outcome is of high quality and the users are benefited.

Iranian Personals can be categorized into different prices depending on the desired features. All of these incarnations are chargeable monthly and in the following way:

  • 10% discount on purchase of 10 Units
  • 15% discount on purchase of 100 Units
  • 25% discount on purchase of 500 Units

Special Features

Which type of Iranian personals are available?

Before selecting the right dating site, you should know what kind of personals you are looking for. First, it is important to know if you are looking for the Iranian women or Iranian men.

If you are looking for the Iranian women, you need to make sure that the dating site offers Persian women and Persian singles from the whole of Iran or mainly from Iran.

If you are looking for Iranian men from Iran, you need to make sure that the site includes members from various cities in the country, great variation in its region.

How will you know your site has many Iranian members?

You can check the statistics of user profiles and photos.

The most important thing is to make sure the site has many premium people.

If you are looking for Iranian women, make sure the site is established and it is registered with the motherland, Iran.

You need to know that Iranian women are handpicked and aged to be much older than the standard age for women, because of cultural limitations. They are more…


Also make sure that you will not be exposed to immoral content on the site.

You will not want to pay your money and time to have them listed on a site whose main purpose is to attract immoral and vulgar people.

Day and Night Modes

Note that we’ve applied some changes to make this page more reader friendly. For example, we’ve converted all video overlays into formated pictures for better readability.

Also, we’ve added a new feature which we call a two-way switch. What you can do is right-click on a tab, select Day or Night, and change the mode. Now you can read in night mode 🙂 The background color, text color, font, and tab title color (to name a few) are still customizable.

What’s Next

We’re going to repeat the Intro and Day and Night modes as well as Voice and Video, preferably in our next release. However, we are branching off and implementing a new feature: Audio and Video!

It’s a bit more complicated process than adding one feature, so this is next on our list. We’re also going to add more features like being able to change tab colors, rearrange tabs, and add support for right-click for full customizability.

Once we’re done with Audio and Video, we will complete the intro and day/night modes before we tackle the next most important parts: technical issues and uploading to our web site 🙂

Navigation Pane

The navigation pane is a panel in the upper left corner of the screen in which there are the most frequently used links. There is a main menu bar for navigating down and the center of it is the search bar. If you use your Apple mouse to hover over this panel, a tool tip should appear identifying the links in the panel. I personally like this navigation pane since some of the links, such as the calendar, are right at your fingertips.


When you sign up for an activity like Personals in Tehran, you are given an activity dashboard. This dashboard displays statistics for the activity. These statistics show how many people have completed your activity and the total amount of time you have spent.

You should use the statistics to make appropriate changes to the task to maximize the amount of users. Try to increase the amount of time you spend on the task and reduce the number of people who have ever completed it.

Dashboards also provide valuable feedback so you can adjust the task to make changes to it in order to improve the amount of time spent by the most experienced users.

These statistics provide you with a number of other great ways to improve your task.


The information present on the dashboard can be very useful in reaching the goal more effectively. You will see if there is something you should fix, if you should optimize for your most experienced users, or if you should just create more content to attract more users to the task.

Making Changes

You can also use the information that has been recently recorded to correct your tasks.

For example, if you find that most users have been completing your task for less than four minutes you could try to increase the task length by enticing users with more content and more opportunities to join.


The feedback presented on the dashboard can provide information on the most efficient methods of completing your task.


With Iranian people’s testimonials.

I have been using Iranian Personals since 2012. It is just great.

I met a lot of Iranian and foreign people.

I am really happy to have opportunities to have meetings with so many interesting people from across the world.

I wish you success in this great business.

Best of luck and all the best.


I think it is good to study Persian language in order to be an independent person in Iran.

Best results if you can speak another languages also.


On day one take two steps forward, then one step back. Restart the activity on day 5.

Start by carrying a cup up the stairs. You can use an empty cup or a large glass.

Arrive at your bedroom holding the cup and do not lose your balance.

Flip the cup to see if you can catch it with your other hand.

Stop if you have problems with the cup.

Get back in your bedroom and try again.

Aim to accomplish this exercise in 20 minutes or less.

Move on to holding your breath under water for 1-3 minutes. Continue to breathe normally if it becomes uncomfortable.

Editors Conclusion

The Iranian Personals in Review is another handy app to have in your iPhone and iPad.

The purpose of this app is to help you make the most informed decision possible when it comes to dating. This app provides you with the latest information on the most popular dating sites.

The great part is that it is free for anyone and it offers you the opportunity to gain access to their entire archive of personals.

You can read about the best personals and don’t have a fee to do it. Once you click on a service, you will have the option to view all of the personals and then reply with a profile.

The paid subscription is recommended for a few reasons.

  • Gives you access to the entire archive of personals.
  • Provides you with reports on the results you’ve received, i.e. who viewed your profile, how many of those viewed your profile and how many of them contacted you.
  • It provides you with a better personal search tool which is available for free.

As we move forward in the next chapter, we will provide you with the steps you need to take for optimizing your iPhone and iPad.

Iranian Personals FAQ

What is Iranian Personals?

Iranian Personals is a Dating and Social Networking website where you can meet Iranians in your area and date from all over the world!

Why should I be using Iranian Personals?

Iranian Personals is a community of individuals from all over the world. From different places, different religions, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds. It is one of the best places to be to meet new people. You are not only able to find someone that you would want to date, but you are also able to find others that could become your friends and a great community to look after.

Why is Iranian Personals better than other dating sites like Zoosk, etc.?

We are not limited to a specific region like other dating sites. Most other dating sites only let you meet and date people in your country.

Iranian Personals gives you the ability to date people from any part of the world!

Not only that, but we have a much larger personals community! While most other dating sites only have a few thousand personals online, Iranian personals has millions!

How can I meet people?


People from Iran have established many connections with the business world on all continents of the world, and the most important thing to note about them is their hard work and their dynamism.

Iranians are one of the most highly educated and active people in the modernization movement of the world.

Iran is a highly developed country with important economic, political, trade and cultural relations with many countries in the world, and the country is one of the first countries that have realized the need to rely on themselves for the hegemony of the world.

The Iranian people, in general, are a hard working and progressive people and even though they are being surrounded by many challenges and threats to the security of the country, they are brave and are ready to contribute to the growth of the nation.

According to the CIA, the Iranian government ranks 277 in the list of the largest economies in the world.

Iranian economy is one of the fastest growing, with one of the highest growth rate in the world.

The number of Iranians, including expats and natives living outside Iran, exceed 65 million people.

The country is one of the leading countries in global research and development.

Iran is a country with great potential for development and it has demonstrated its creativity and perseverance in the economic field.

Iranians contribute significantly to the scientific and economic development of the world.

What is Iranian Personals?

Iranian personals is one of the top free personals websites where you can find thousands of beautiful Iranian singles looking for love online. Anytime you are looking for love on the web to meet with beautiful Iranian singles, Iranian personals is the place to find your perfect match.

What company manages Iranian Personals?

You have to ask yourself this question before you answer it. Is it going to benefit you to work in Iran? My answer is no, unless you’re an artist or political publicist in Iran. Would you like to work for a company that has a chance of being listed by the UN as an employer of child labor?

If the answer to either of those questions is no, then there’s no company you should work for. Please, please do not work for the Iranian personals.

You can be fooled by a company in Iran claiming to be a personals site. Many of them actually employ a team of foreigners to act as personals. Now if you are a blonde American girl then you will have a better chance of appearing in personals, but you will be at an unfair advantage over everyone else.

On the other hand, if you are a blonde American girl then you will be at an unfair advantage in the Iranian dating scene. This is because people will believe that you are an Iranian as well.

Does it have a customer support services?

Yes, there is telephone support available for Iranian Personsals Members. Each person has a dial-in number and password for accessing support.

The phone number is free for you to use as long as your account is active.

Safety and Security

There are minimal safety or security issues to report and are not out of the ordinary for a third-world nation.


Scams are very common, and Iran is no exception.

As is usual for any large nation, you need to educate yourself thoroughly on whatnot to do.

Here’s a list from a random site:

“Iranian people are warm and if you are friendly you will have no trouble making friends.”

“Iran is a vibrant nation with a long and proud culture.”

“The Persian people are friendly and hospitable.”

“Iranians are friendly, helpful and very hospitable.”

“Iranians are very happy people.”

Is Iranian Personals safe and legitimate site?

A whole lot of people are skeptical about using Iranian personals or Iranian hopefuls site. That is actually a normal thing because most dating sites are scams.

There are no guarantees that Iranian personals will be a scam as some people have mentioned that they have had great success here.

They have also had many great experiences. There are indeed a lot of happy customers for legitimate dating sites in general. However as always it is always better to be safe and do all your research before signing up.

That being said I must say that I did enjoy the personal questions and the helpfulness of the staff on Iranian Personals. My experience was a little rocky as I am still learning how to use Personals and was searching for some etiquette and answers. Be sure to read guidelines.

If you open up with your interest in dating very soon after signing up, you may see your inbox flooded with spammy messages. Most legitimate personals require that you wait a month after your registration before replying. You will also not receive any spammy messages unless you reply to the guys you like. They will not be overwhelmed with messages that will not be something they are interested in.

You do have the option to specify your own preferences such as height, education, smoking, drinking and even allergies, which can help to weed out potential matches. There are also mobile apps which keep your profile up to date and can let you know when someone likes you.

How do I begin corresponding with other users?

This is an important step in chatting with other people.

In order to get started, you either use the Advanced Search or head over to the Iranian Personals homepage. On the homepage, under the People tab, you will see an option to either enter your search criteria into the form, or choose People that you are interested in.

When you choose to search for your type, it will populate with a list of the Iranian women personals to choose from. You can then browse the profile if you want to get to know a little bit more about the woman.

If you have a match that you would like to chat with, click on their and it will lead you directly to their page.

Click on the color that shows your match and it will present a list of options. On the right side of the page are the chat details. You can send a message, or simply converse by typing in the chat window. Or you can choose one of the available options that includes video, audio, voice, texting, email or special pages.

In order to start chatting with other users, you should also click on the checkbox at the upper left corner. This will allow you to see where all of the PUA’s from all of the cities in Iran are that you are interested in.

Can I block someone in Iranian Personals?

It is easy to block an Iranian person from Iranian personals. You only need to type in their number in the field in the block option, or click on the number and click Block.

After that they cannot WhatsApp you and won't appear in your Whatsapp chat list. However, they can send you messages, you just won't see them.

What do I do if someone violates their terms of service

Well, you could try to report them to the website’s moderators but usually they don’t bite. They will usually say something like now you are a member of the community, if you don’t like a certain type of content, then just click the little red button and grow the f*** up.

So this is the problem. Reporting to the mods wont do any good, and I don’t want to join the community just for the sake of reporting people who are violating their TOS which I’ll definitely break my terms of service to do. I don’t want to join for no reason.

And Fuck You, to be honest, if I join for no reason, then I will be violating the TOS a lot more than you even if I don’t really send any direct messages.

So that means that the best method to deal with violators is to document them.

I could do this by taking screen shots of the suckers with the intent of sending them to the mods.

Or I could just have a simple review system for each profile. Check the reviews, see if anyone has already reviewed them and if so why, the worst thing they did and whether it was deserving of a negative review.

Does Iranian Personals protect my privacy and anonymity?

Yes, as any Iranian dating sites, Iranian Personals actively protect the confidentiality of its users’ private activities. Unlike international dating sites, profiles on Iranian Personals are updated only when the users are logged on to the system, and they will be updated only with the users’ consent.

The anonymity of the users is preserved thanks to the use of a new encryption technology with an extremely high level of security that protects data even when it is transferred over the Internet.

Iranian Personals will never disclose your email address or any personal information about you to anyone. Note that the same protection is provided to the IP address of your computer when you enter the site. The only information you will find on your browser is the IP address, the time you entered the site, and the most recent IP address you have used at each site.

In addition to the above, Iranian Personals prohibits the use of a wide range of technologies that can collect information about its users, such as cookies, key logging and robots.

Iranian Personals is a dating site by Iranians and for Iranians in search of their one true Iranian love.

Account and Membership

This is an Iranian personals website that is run by Iranian users for Iranian users. You can join as a free member, upload your photo (you can save it or edit it), and then post ads.

In our experience:

  • We were able to upload photos and obtain a response from women
  • Their website is well-designed and easy to navigate, with clear instructions on how you can use all of the self-service functions

Where can I sign up for Iranian Personals?

We have been working feverishly at the EOS team to analyze the one of the biggest challenges faced by the Iranian dating industry.

It’s been a real challenge for us to determine the best place for you on our broad spectrum of services and products.

We have compiled a list of the top 25 best Iranian personals sites on the web.

We have sorted them by the number of unique visitors a day and by the overall quality score.

How can I upgrade my standard account?

Customer satisfaction, is our first priority. Twenty some years of experience in the field have made us learn how to satisfy the needs of every user. We believe that no one is perfect, but by doing great work and offering it with honest price,we can reach a level of excellence that doesn’t even need perfection. Satisfied customers are the best advertising for our company, and they set a mission for us to be better, and create more opportunities for our users.

Each member is exactly like you, who are looking for the best place to find Iranian personals. Our aim is to make that best place for you. You will be pleased with the quality and service we offer and will spread goodwill about us. With thousands of users in our system, we are able to provide you with a wide range of options, so that you can find the best match to your liking.

We offer you a room where you can socialize with other members, learn about different cultures and their way of life, and you will always meet interesting people. When online, you can chat with boys and girls you find interesting, and get to know each other better. That is how you can improve your chances for a successful relationship match.

Do I need to upload my photos on the site?

Iranian personals is a place where single people can meet up, have a chat or even use an online dating service. The pictorial section means that the user can easily get most of their questions answered about each other, so you can stay informed about whether they are for real or not. And that is important in relationships that may be online or may happen on the first date.

The main benefits to using the Iranian Personals site are that you can take the necessary time to make the right decision for your relationship without any other concerns. You can save money on going out to dinner or the movies because you’ll need that money to purchase a dating profile. You can send and receive text messages, you can send emails and have email conversations, and you can write and talk on the phone. You can also use instant messaging – it’s all here. All you need is the mobile phone and the internet.

One of the biggest advantages for using online personal ads (PAP) is that you frequently make contact with women who are not looking for a relationship just for a hookup. This makes online personals an excellent way to meet more people who are not looking for a committed relationship.

Costs and Payment

The Iranian personals are free, except for a comfortable Iranian Dating Fee. With this exception, and with 27000 members in our database, your safe dating service is at your installment, whenever you want.

Yes, you can avoid the “dedicated” version, and just pay our small and unique Iranian Dating Fees for free (click here for more details).

As all of you know, free stuff is never enough. So, here are the things you'll get when you pay for the Iranian Dating Program, and for the other amazing tools and services we offer:

  • Free valet rides (for new members)
  • Free and discreet email contact with all members
  • Free and discreet custom chat with all members (for chats, membership, and free Iranian Dating Fees upgrade)
  • Free and discreet mobile phone contact (for chats, membership, and paid Iranian Dating Fees upgrade)
  • Free Profile review and improvement
  • Free and discreet live chat with all members (for paid Iranian Dating Fees upgrade)

A safer dating experience, with more respect for your privacy and security.

How much does it cost to become a premium member?

One of the first things you will be asked to confirm when joining Iranian Personals is the amount you plan on paying each month.

During the free trial period, you will be asked to create a profile, and can either enter games with random strangers or invite other Premium members to play with you.

As you continue to play games with other members, you will win points, which can be exchanged for 'gold coins'. This can be used to buy 'chips' or you can exchange for bonuses.

Once you have a sufficient amount of chips, you can upgrade your account. You may also upgrade the list of features you can access in your account. The price for upgrading your account depends on the features you choose.

All accounts come with a free messaging feature, a chat box where you can talk to and play games with other members.

For free members, you can pay using credit or arrange a direct payment with your credit card.

For Premium account members, you can use there credits to upgrade your account to a higher level.

For those of you worried about your privacy, there is the option for paid members to hide all their personal information, including phone number and email.

All members are entitled to remove and add their accounts for free.

The more you review Iranian Personals, the more benefits you will see for your account. They include:

Are there any hidden charges?

Yes. In Iran, a business will mark the cost of a service rather than the actual price.

This is to cover possible income tax. So the actual price is usually 10% higher. Though actual price has no effect on the fees charged later.

For example, if your English lessons charge you 10,000 Iranian Rial (IRR) a month, you will actually be paying around 13,000 IRR a month.

If you leave the country between lessons, you will have to pay those extra 6,000 IRR.

So telling the agency that you will be leaving may seem like a good idea, but they will not give it to you for free.

Do they allow for staggered payment option?

Yes. They can allow for staggered payment option, where you can pay a small part of the total sum now and the rest later.

If you are claiming a premium membership like 1 years premium membership then make sure that you can pay for the membership back in small installments.


The site is easy to use, but this is not surprising – most Iranian personals do a very good job at being user-friendly. The clean design is very streamlined, and eHarmony’s matching system is the same one used by many other dating sites.

The site provides a detailed interface with long personal profile options. It is very easy to navigate through the sections, and those who want to use the site will effortlessly find them.

The site also provides two forms – a quick form that provides a couple of generic questions about age, location, and education to get things started, and a dedicated form that asks more in-depth questions about other areas of life.

The interface also includes many useful features like URL shorteners and sign up tools.

How can I send a message to other users?

Before you do anything else, you must select a method of communicating with other people. This will be the main means for finding and contacting other local users, and you need to be aware of it before sending a message.

  • Since it's a social network site, chatting is available, but most people use it to either meet new people or as a way to send messages.
  • You must be aware of any groups that you are part of. Each group might have its own set of rules, which you may be required to follow. If you find a friend, for example, join a group to make sure they are there before messaging them. Another way to connect with people is to chat.
  • We also have a service (called PersianCupid) that makes it practical and easy for you to search for users. And you can read reviews about people, add joint interests to your profile, and contact other members with ease. We have a lots of interesting features on the site.

Is it allowed to reveal my personal information to other members?

Iranian Personals is an online dating site intended for Iranians to find their true love online.

It appears that the website operates in accordance with Iranian law, and thus is governed by a local court.

As far as I can tell, there are no knowingly intended violations of human rights.

Any site run by Iranians is going to lose some points in the human rights department, but it seems reasonable to assume that they operate in general accordance with the law.

It is probably not worth getting involved with Iranian authorities unless the site is scamming you, so I recommend taking that into account if you decide to join.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about this sort of thing in the western world, so I will do my best to dispel these myths.

Are responses and replies from other members guaranteed?

==Good question. Seriously, I have never known this to be the case before, but there are turn-offs that can be known. Only the site officials can say for sure.

==What languages are the Persian personals translated into?

==N.B. it doesn't have to be all of them but some of them.

==How many other languages can the member do?

==N.B. it doesn't have to be all of them but some of them.

==Are the Persian personals translated into Korean, Chinese, Pakistani.

==You can write in either English or Persian about your interests and what you're looking for.

==In order to get a response from the other members, how long is it normally for one to get a response from the other members?

==You have to write at least 4 lines of text and you need to be able to write a bit in order to be able to write anything worthy in order to get a reply from others.

==Do you have the right to ask questions to the personals member?

==Yes. And you can also ask a question, and then respond to those questions, but be mindful that if the question is not so good, then sometimes the other member may ignore you.

==Can you get a response on your email, when posting your personals?

You did not find your question? Ask us!

If you still can’t find the answer to your question or think of any other useful application for this article after going through the content and the FAQ-section, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Share your Iranian Personals experience

The only problem is that the way a person wants to be regarded in Iranian personals is pretty much different from the way the person wants to be regarded in dating.

Are they looking for a one time sexual encounter or do they want to develop a real life relationship? If it’s one time please don’t send too much contact information they will not even respond to a message.

Also do not send your pictures please.

Just introduce yourself and give a full description and a picture if you can. Email them and most of the time they will respond if they are mos t of the time they are Iranian Women but I found women to be much less verbally demanding. including your age, height, weight, etc. The personals is very similar to an Iranian online dating site.

Since this is written from an eye witness account, I’ll personalize it a little and include my own experience!

I joined all the Iranian dating sites the best one is My Iranian Smeet which is the most popular and trust-able site in the circuit, which I didn’t mention above!

Actually I joined it 6 months ago after trying out most of the sites like EStupid, ParsOnline, etc. And my experience with Iranian personals in general was good and bad.

Personalized Recommendation

We recommense our own store because we are competitors and it really hurt our pains.

After introducing our technology to 4th gen friends that worked in the same industry, our strategy was quickly revised and expanded.

Our personalization system was developed in a matter of a few hours and consisted of:

User-specific recommendations based on past purchases

This was our result (non-price-comparison domain of Music, Movies and Games):


A large proportion of the population in Tehran resides in areas immediately to the north of the city, and that’s where the main attractions are, including the beautiful Azadi Square.

This central feature of the city is beautifully landscaped and boasts lush gardens and a variety of fountains. It’s an ideal spot for a stroll and a coffee or a drink, and the breeze off the Caspian Sea can be an amazing place to sit and enjoy.

More ancient sights are to be discovered close to the Great Mosque of Azadi, which is built on the site of a Zoroastrian fire temple from the 8th century. This also means there is a place called “سیدنا” (Sadehanna), which is a “grave” (doomed) place to people in Tehran.

Any place that has a documented event around the 7th century with one of the three Abrahamic religions is a good bet for an old city.

This means that you’re going to find the tombs of the first two supreme shahs of the Pahlavi dynasty, including the impressive one of the former and the great Nadir Shah.