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The name Jaumo makes a big difference from other educational apps on the market. If you want to be able to communicate with your kids and they want to be on the tablet, this would work great.

The messages are age appropriate for babies to preschoolers and in between and we definitely think that our 4-year-old daughter would have loved it. It has simple animations and the colors are vibrant.

The app has some games and fun activities such as counting and also has music and a visual story line. Our daughter seemed to get a little bored at times with the videos and the nothing to do. It would be more appealing if it had more pages and activities to keep them entertained.

New members at Jaumo in February 2021 in comparison

In 2017, Jaumo was an important breaking point for people to start using crypto for payments and shopping. This is when they did their ICO and received lots of attention. They also attracted many new members.

Right now people are talking more about MGO and what it is used for. For support and financing, they use their own coin to help make payments. The main use of the coin is for MGO’s public goods.

Even though they are a smaller company, they still have been able to attract more members and have more followers than most big companies.

Right now Jaumo is focused on making sure that they can give the highest quality and best customer service that possible. Everything they do they want to be good for their customers. They could maybe move a lot quicker but they want to make sure that everything goes well for everyone.

The reason they are able to stay small is that they don’t have to worry about stock and holding inventory. They are also able to help their members. They want to make sure that their customers can use Jaumo and get the most out of it.

Jaumo is working on tons of new ideas and lots of marketing to help get more customers for their services. They are running a lot of different social media support like both Facebook and Instagram, to help maintain their customer base.

Member activity at Jaumo in February 2021 in comparison

It is difficult to see a large increase in Jaumo member activity over a single month, but it is very clear that many members have seen the value of their Jaumo experience and are taking action.

Jaumo Member Structure

Jaumo is a global, advertising platform where brands compete for a chance to be seen by millions of users on its global ad network. Each user must create an account, then is provided a weekly budget to place ads on 5 different sites. These sites are chosen by the user, which allow them to explore how advertisers and brands work. Essentially, the user is learning how advertisers and brands interact with each other, and what variables advertisers must take into account when placing ads in various places. Once the user has completed their advertising budget, the platform calculates which advertiser’s ads were viewed the most during the week. This algorithm feeds into the leaderboard, where brands can observe how well they are doing compared to other advertisers.

Age Distribution

It’s not everyone that wants to or can to experience different lifestyles available with the Jaumo package.

Those for whom Jaumo has been designed are multi-generation adults whose parents are (from time to time) away and need help in dealing with everyday life.

The target group addresses the grandparents and single parents to help with daily maintenance of children and busy daily life management.

Signing Up at Jaumo

Jaumo is a referral site that allows you to make money. Once you sign-up, you can make money by making a referral. The way it works is that if you recommend the sign-up to a friend, you have a higher chance at making more money than if you had just sent them there without telling them.

Generally, three things need to be done to get started at Jaumo:

Your referral link

After setting up your account with Jaumo, and submitting your first registration, you will be taken back to the home screen where you will see your referral link. Make sure to click on this link and that it’s easy to remember.

Your First Sale

Once a referral has been made, it is up to them to cancel the order if they want to.

Skipping steps 1 and 2 only takes a few minutes, but if you wait and do something else, it might take or disappear.

Start Jaumo; Make a Referral for Your Friends

Once you have set up your account, start the first sale. This is where you tell your friends about the referral site. It will most likely be better if you already have a portfolio built and a few products started.

If you have one of your products available for purchase on Amazon, you can use that. Of course, you can also share the referral link on Twitter and Facebook.

Making Contact on Jaumo

Jaumo is a social network that mitigates loneliness by matching you with people based on what they’re interested in. I enjoyed communicating with other Jaumo members and feel more connected to people I haven’t spoken to in the past.

My one year anniversary with Jaumo was in January, on my birthday. An I’m really glad I joined Jaumo!

I wish I could recommend Jaumo to all my friends. Instead, I recommend you try Jaumo and read my blog too!

Jaumo is great for making new friends, staying in touch with old friends, and discovering new hobbies.

Jaumo Profile Quality

Of the recording – Very high. Classy recording style. ​

How I found Jaumo? – Through the Jaumo homepage. Jaumo is a top-class business directory with special attention to the small business owner. They organize some excellent programs and now I am involved in one of them: Jaumo Task. Have you ever hired someone in the internet and the task was not well done? In this case, Jaumo Task gives you the opportunity to instantly notify the taker of the work and get a new team member on the command. ​

Jaumo Review February 2021 – This is a great medium to work with as they have a community group where you can get lots of help on your task. Quality of work is also impeccable. The team members and the partners are here for you from the heart. ​

Jaumo Review February 2021 – Visit Jaumo task and ask for your free card right away.

Jaumo Real Life Review

Subscription & Pricing System Review[10] Jaumo is a subscription and pricing system that allows you to find affordable and reasonably priced deals and content from your small business or personal area of interest.

Jaumo Costs and Prices

Is Jaumo expensive or cheap?

Jaumo is cheap compared to most other mutual funds, and is thus a great investment for low and medium income earners.

However, it is obviously an investment for higher income earners, since buying a product like this does require a once in a lifetime payment.

This is another reason that Jaumo is expensive.

Since this is a product that you would have to pay over the course of your lifetime, it is worthwhile to really evaluate whether or not it is profitable to undertake.

In my opinion, this product does offers quite a bit of stability for high income earners.

However, for low income earners, I would advise you to proceed at your own risk.

You may be rolling the dice with this deal, and if you want to decrease your trust in the risk, you can open a second account using a different internet bank.

From your perspective, this will give you even more peace of mind, and you will still get all the advantages of the bundle.

Special Features

Jamo has outstanding coverage and is the first to provide customers with coverage on all of the 20 lines of service.

Jaumo is available for both iOS and Android. Additionally, it can be installed on the desktop to provide similar performance and functionality to the mobile devices.

The Jaumo mobile app has an impressive interface with a very clean uncluttered layout that is easy to use.

Jaumo also lets users set custom ringtones, view a map, message and view scheduling information.

Users can control who can see their communications, and the Jaumo team has done a good job in creating a simple to use app with a few unique features and overall high usability.

Users will be able to sign in with their Jaumo username as well as the Twitter username for ease of login.

Additionally, Jaumo has a feature to send and receive texts in languages other than English.

As with most services that use text, Jaumo will customize user messages based on where they are in relation to a text.

This feature will make it easier to use Jaumo for multiple people in a household.

Liked List

  • Jaumo is a cool product to look at
  • Jaumo shows you if fresh vegetables or meats are in-stock
  • Jaumo takes a picture of the items you pick up, and makes it easy to place an order
  • Jaumo is great for people who want to become more food conscious and not rely on fastfood as much
  • Jaumo takes a picture of the items, so you can see if the price is right

Jaumo is a great way to save money, feed your family with better organic foods, help our planet by recycling plastic bags, and serve better food to your family.

The suggested service life of the Jaumo is about 2 years, so don’t worry about losing your Jaumo.

Jaumo is a very convenient and easy to use product.

Live Video

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Editors Conclusion

Jaumo FAQ


Jaumo is the education platform and the new way of learning for kids as well as adults. It makes education more fun, interactive and creative.

Jaumo is developed by Educarium which has been running the company for the last 6 years now. It is the brainchild of two persons – one of them being an entrepreneur who has been successful in the field of AI and the other being an expert in the field of education technology and education as well.

Jaumo is a time-tested and unique learning platform that helps students complete their studies easily and conveniently. It provides the best learning environment that can be accessed 24 hours a day by anyone.

Through the use of Jaumo, you can teach things from different subjects. It is not limited to classes either. It is specifically designed for colleges and universities.

The Jaumo model of learning is a result of exhaustive research and analysis. It focuses on useful stuff and also includes usefulness in mind.

Since the development of Jaumo, the company has made 15000 offers on the platform and more than 100000 offers have been accepted.

By the way Jaumo has become the most trusted learning platform for students from different countries and on different subjects as well.

Jaumo helps people of all age levels to learn and teach. It has the perfect combination of interesting content and the perfect medium.

What is the meaning of Jaumo?

Jaumo supports all the major currencies and payment methods: U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Yen, China Yuan and others.

The platform has a number of powerful security features, including 2FA and the adoption of the industry standard SSL encryption.

Every time you make a payment, Jaumo increases your deposit via a variable interest rate that is tied to the market rate for each currency. Therefore, your rate can be very high or even negative; the choice is yours.

When You Make a Payment Use the Mode Available on the Website;

Jaumo has a number of security features, including SSL, 2FA, Google Authenticator, and Google Maps to ensure that the data you provide is never compromised.

When you keep your funds in JAUMO, you have full control of your money, and can order them to be transferred anywhere. The platform has a number of useful features to let you keep track of how much money you have on deposit.

Jaumo is a trusted platform that has served more than 15 million customers from all over the world since 2004. The company has a history of keeping user funds safe and secure using preventive security and zero tolerance for fraud.

It is easy to open an account with Jaumo. Find out more about the platform in this review!

Where is Jaumo's headquarters located?

We're based in Dublin, Ireland. Our 200+ team of 8+ years experience in IT has helped to create a great product.

When was Jaumo established?

Jaumo was founded in January 2011.

Where are Jaumo members generally from?

Most of Jaumo’s members are from all over the globe. We have members from all over the world, so we do our very best to ensure that our members are all given communication options that are appropriate for their location.

The most significant difference in languages we have to deal with is European and Russian. With such a wide distribution of languages, Jaumo has quite a lot of different kinds of translators.

Is Jaumo free?

Jaumo is free for anyone who wants to try their service.

For those who want to read a lot of texts, they will have to buy one of the plans that is a little more expensive.

They do offer it free in the browser, but they also have an app for iPhone or Android.

Is there a Jaumo for windows?

Yes there is, our Jaumo for windows software is available for free for Windows 7, 8 and 10 and also has a Mac version and Linux version available.

Where can I download the Jaumo old version?

Jaumo is a safe and secure app for Social network login and to get your Jio Sim verified. There is no other app like this.

Jaumo is a social networking and cashback app that pays you for checking in. It can also help you make friends in your area and find new places to explore.

You can make cashback on every purchase you make and earn money every time you write reviews. You can also sell items you no longer need when you buy items in Jaumo.

You can become really rich if you use Jaumo like me.

Where can I download the Jaumo apk?

Jaumo has just started to crowdsource, so we don’t have an apk yet.

However, open source developers are working on it, so look out for announcements on the Jaumo blog.

To register on Jaumo, click here.


Jaumo works both on the PC and on the mobile. It is really easy to use and it does not require any explaining to your friends how to use it. Can be used as a small app on the phone and as a full chrome extension when you are on your PC. The conversations are very easy to see. Since it is just as a mobile app you do not have to go to a specific web browser. It will appear in any mobile chat you are in.

The application is super flexible and can be used to add people you want to follow or even groups you want to follow. It has a very nice interface with very simple and easy to hold buttons. The application has a very nice mix between the new and old applications that has succeeded this kind of application that has been spread around for a very long time. One of the biggest advantages, and disadvantages, of Jaumo is that it is virtually impossible to close it. The application does not respond to any button.

The search feature works gratefully and you can easily look up information. The subscription option is easy to use and very efficient and the user interface is great for this. The application has a great option for thinking and analyzing important concepts.

The developer has a great option to make sure that you take care of the user experience. The user experience within the application is top level and is one of the biggest things that need to be addressed with any application. The application is extremely reliable.

How does Jaumo dating work?

Our members do not need to communicate before they can like you, because you can know if they like you or not. Make the best use of your time spent on Jaumo by chatting with people who like and those who don't like you. It's up to you to decide. It's much easier to figure out if a person likes you than if a person doesn't like you. So, as how to increase your confidence level, you should start to consider dating advice that comes from practicing it with him or her.

In the event that a user is able to successfully increase the amount of people who like them on the platform. Our platform appreciates you for that.

There are different reasons why people like you. All people in the world are unique, therefore, they like what they like, and you are an exception.

In addition, not only we offer you dating advice, but also an opportunity to meet your perfect partner on our platform.

You will love every minute of it and it all begins with the perfect person that is online & looking for you on your platform.

Can I signup to Jaumo without Facebook?

Why is it that I get stuck in the Jaumo registration process?

Jaumo is new and is growing. This means that it is very hard at this time to get your registration approved. During the time of writing this review we are getting emails from other users saying they are having problems with registration.

The answer to this is that Jaumo is getting thousands of registrations every day. They need to make sure that the process is cleared and then email approved users so as to make the system as smooth as possible.


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Do I have to be a VIP to use the Jaumo live stream?

Jaumo is a service for personal use only. This means that Jaumo hoses full HD quality, free and ad-free streaming on demand for your personal use.

You can use Jaumo on your mobile, Smart-TV, desktop or any other device which supports HTML5.

What are the different Jaumo payment options?

At first, you can only pay by Jaumo redeem code. You can buy the product directly from Jaumo. Think about it as the same way you buy a book on Amazon.

Many companies have now accepted Jaumo payment as a payment method. You can always change the amount up to several thousands at once. After you have tried this for most companies, you can easily find more vendors by entering your email in any Jaumo directory.

Jaumo gives you full spread payment options in your Jaumo account. You can now pay with your credit card, debit card, credit card, PayPal, or via a mobile phone with a linked Jaumo account.

You have the option while registering to use your credit card. You can make a payment directly into your Jaumo account. You don’t even have to wait up to 2 days before you can use your Jaumo Code.

Jaumo has also merged with their own Points reward program. And they have recently launched an affiliate program.

Jaumo has a great reward system. They have a community effort to make the best system. They have launched amazing campaigns to make sure that customers can buy products from their favorite vendors.

And they make sure the favorite vendor benefits most. The system is so good that vendors can get to earn up to 100% in rewards if they publish their products with Jaumo. That’s huge for those vendors.

Is Jaumo safe?

Jaumo is highly secure. All data is stored using 256-bit AES encryption and third-party hosting provided by HostGator. All data is private and is clearly labeled and easy to find.

Jaumo is easy and simple to use. The app is easy to use and includes useful features such as direct deposit, convenience checks, and direct withdrawal access.

Jaumo is officially not available in the United States. Currently, you can only sign up with a US phone number.

Jaumo has updated its website to explicitly not support US users and assured its workers that it complies with all KYC/AML security laws.

Jaumo officially states that it has never received a “blacklist” payment ban.

Jaumo was legally registered in 2014. The company filed all the appropriate forms and required the appropriate documents to operate legally.

No negative reviews have been posted by verified customers.

Jaumo has been operating for three years and has no reported security issues with their operations that could contribute to an exploit.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Jaumo is an advanced computer management system with a unique interface that makes it easy for you to maintain, monitor and control the hardware, software and configuration of your PC. Jaumo monitors your PC and warns you of issues before they happen.

Find Your Problems

Jaumo scans your system for performance and security issues automatically. It not only warns you when problems are detected but also offers you the ability to fix the problems before they hurt your computer’s performance.

Save Money

Jaumo detects lower power usage and other settings that can help you save energy and money. You can prevent cyber attacks by repairing registry errors and viruses.

Protect Your Computer

Jaumo protects against extra processes running in the background taking up CPU, memory, or RAM. This prevents multiple threats from making it past your security software to invade your computer.

What can Jaumo monitor?

System Problems

What does it cost?

Your real-time protection of Jaumo is absolutely FREE. Jaumo’s advanced scanning and protection features are so clever that they actually help you to get more out of your system.

Share your Jaumo experience

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The UI optimization is pretty impressive as all app is loaded on its own tab. If you swipe right you will see a home screen that looks as a start page.If you click on the "+" icon you will see many "how to, guides"

If you tap on JAUMO TICKET IN new page you will get to the ticket page where you can book a ticket for the Jaumo Network.

If you tap on PICK A JAUMO in new page you will get to the ticket home page where book a ride for Jaumo Network. JAUMO APP – Organization :

Each time you open the app after startup, the front and back end are cached, meaning the app is loading almost instantly.

There are over 20 tabs and page to keep you content.

The UI are pretty impressive they are smooth.

There are no notifications on how close you are to the end of your trip.

If you tap on the status of your ride in the app it will open the mobile version of the Jaumo app. JAUMO APP – In-app

The important features are compact and are well laid out.

If you are in the app and need to open the mobile version of the app to look up an address, you can already do it.

The app lets you know when it is time to leave.