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New members at Jdate in February 2021 in comparison

Member activity at Jdate in February 2021 in comparison

To other Jdates years:

Activity in February 2021:

Time spent browsing profiles:

With a new feature in January, browsing profiles is less of a priority than it used to be. In February 2021, about 60% of users have not browsed a profile yet.

Time spent sending messages:

In February, members send and receive more messages than in any other month. For the first time in years, the average time members spend sending messages per day drops to less than ten minutes on a given day.A daily average of around 80 messages per member is seen, which is only rivaled by December before. The 70% of chatting women are responsible for this.

Time spent chatting:

The average chatting amount has not changed much since the beginning of the year. In February, it is around 40 minutes a day, on average.

Jdate Member Structure

All conversations are moderated. Jdate is busy working on automated filtering techniques but in good faith requests conversation partners to report any suspicious behavior.

The request to report abuse is since site has no opt-out mechanism. This is on the side of the users.

There are some sections of Jdate that are open in the interest of letting the community stay connected. These include:

A. Internal communications between remaining dating site staff,

B. Staff communication within the site.

C. Pursuing a future staff to staff connection.

D. Jdate with other companies.

E. External communications between Jdate staff and other staff.

F. Administrative and support staff communications.

G. Staff meetings.

H. Appointment scheduling for staff members.

This is not the entire list of internally accessible sections. It is divided up between management and support staff.

Employees enjoy the privilege of communicating with one another in a range of different ways.

Users have access over the entire Jdate system and can select whatever personal information they wish to show. They include:

A. Listings

B. Photos of workplaces and beds and other facts.

C. Retirement accounts.

D. Locations, doctors, and labs.

E. Other sections discretionally chosen by the user.

Age Distribution

27% in the 18-29 age group and 14% over the age of 40.

The average user is moderately to heavily represented in all geographic regions of the United States.

Most of the users of JDate are unmarried, married or in long term relationships.

20% of the users of JDate are not looking for a relationship.

Users of JDate are evenly distributed between Jewish and non-Jewish families.

Users of JDate live in every state in the U.S. except Rhode Island and Vermont.

There are more male members on JDate than female members.

Signing Up at Jdate

What It’s Like to be a Woman in a Speed Dating Event

For the past 3 years in a row, I have opted to go to Jewish speed dating at JDate. JDate’s speed dating event is a unique event that caters to people whom have desires but no easy access to a partner. We went through a considerable amount of hurdles to attend and I think it deserves a redesign in the form of a short, informative review.

Making Contact on Jdate

After your match selection, you will be given the opportunity to ping your date. This is important because you want to initiate contact on a regular basis.

The most important element in making a great first impression is how well you represent yourself in your photo.

In your personal photo, you want to look as confident as possible while still caring about how you look. You want to look natural, not fake because you can get in a lot of trouble for that.

You can imagine in your head how you would look to a woman. Then, you want to show her how you would appear to her.

Joshua Reynolds gave his student Thomas Gainsborough strict orders to pose subjects so that whoever looked at them would be certain that she must be lovely. That’s what you want to achieve.

For men who are interested in the fashion element, cosmetics, hair, and grooming are important.

Make sure that you are wearing something that fits your style, that looks appropriate to the year, and that is clean and in good shape.

The same goes for your arm hair. It doesn’t need to be long, but it should be well groomed and kept out of sight.

When you are choosing a picture for your profile, you want to pick something that shows you in a manner that makes you appear put-together, confident, and easy-going.

Jdate Profile Quality

The profile quality of Jdate is plenty of fun and interesting information. The physical profile helps to try and get to know you.

Jdate also uses an online version of this process. The reason they do this is because it helps to break the ice and to get to know each other better.

I like the way that Jdate uses other tools like their dating community to help you find people you have interest in as well. This allows you to show more about yourself and to eventually be able to make connections through ease of simple communication with other people on the site.

Also if you have ever used Jdate before it is a very good site because they have an option to look for people in your area. Jdate is one of the best sites because they offer a free trial and they are a completely free dating site at that.

Jdate App

Jdate is a well known dating app mainly aimed at Jewish men and women. It was founded by Jeremy Cohen in 2004. It is used as a Jewish dating platform and was designed to help Jewish singles meet and date people online. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

The Japanese and the Jewish population are a group that are known for marriage and dating. There are many stories of love and marriage between Japanese men and Jewish women. Jdate offers many possibilities for these couples to find each other and get married.

In reviewing the Jdate app I believe Jdate helps many people search for dates and to find each other. Furthermore, there are many imported Japanese men who find Jewish women on the Jdate, which is a great advantage.

My experience with JDate is that the app itself is extremely easy to navigate. The website took me less than 5 minutes to figure out. The Android app is the easiest to use, making it so there is no time wasted when searching for a date.

The website has a various Japanese Female profiles, so finding that special person to help you and your family is easy. I found in my investment in time the website is self explanatory. The app contains all the information you need to get connected with someone.

Jdate Real Life Review

Although there are many great aspects about JDate, it is also a major weakness. There is a delicate balance between being conducive to developing and maintaining relationships, and promoting sales.

People who are looking for dates are looking for someone who is serious about dating and relationships. They don’t care about a mate’s happiness by itself, they’re looking for someone who wants to build a life together, not just have sex.

On the other hand, many people who end up on Jdate are looking for a casual sexual relationship. They have already decided on what they want, and after a few months on Jdate, they have found that they are getting tired of sex.

They are in search of that one last (or first) quick fling before giving up, and unfortunately, they have no idea where to go.

So, although we are talking about the same person in both examples, the relationship that Jdate is promoting is not the relationship that people are looking for.

Despite the great aspects of Jdate, there is one major flaw. JDate is a site that promotes a site-specific type of dating.

Jdate is only good for Jewish marriages, and not for Jewish singles. Jdate does not have the ads for singles to meet other singles in other religious groups. Jews are not the only religious group that follows the Jewish calendar.

Design and Usability


The design of the JDate website is very simple. It is orange and white with matching website font. There are plenty of sponsors and advertisements on the side.

This is a very good design for a dating website. The website is very easy to navigate. It is easy to find where I want to go, which is always a plus.

But what makes the website really effective is the “quick connect” feature. Clicking the blue “quick connect” button instead of the green, “finding a match,” button means I’m only viewing one page knowing that I can have a quick connection.

The quick connect feature also brings you to a “quick browse profile” where you can view only certain categories. This is a very unique idea and definitely makes the website more user-friendly than it already is.

The website design is beautiful and extremely simple to navigate. It is easy for all users from basic users to advanced users. Users at all levels can learn and use the “quick connect” feature.

Jdate Costs and Prices

It just doesn’t get any better than this. Using data from 2,542 single, heterosexual Jewish men in the US and Israel, here’s what we know about how Jdate works.

4,957 heterosexual women joined the Jdate website.

Jdate asks 500 women to join in a given month.

On average, a woman on Jdate did not respond to a 48% of the messages she received.

A single man would need 758 messages to send to every woman on Jdate in a given month.

The average woman on Jdate spent 29 minutes on Jdate each day.

When a woman actually responded to an initial message, it took 2.1 months to get her phone number.

Jdate members must have a Facebook account and allow access to their friends list.

The average single, heterosexual Jewish woman on Jdate will be married with 2 children in 2 years.

The average single, heterosexual Jewish man on Jdate will remain single in 2 years.

The average single, heterosexual Jewish woman on Jdate will say, “possibly,” to 8 men that ask her on a date in any given month.

Is Jdate expensive or cheap?

Special Features

Appraisal Edition is determined by using a JDate voting system to take in the Dating profile of special friends, past clients, family and more.

Add Basis Dating

TJstand's Add Basis Ranking JDate Is Everything but a Dating Site

{1}. Everyone is welcome
{2}. After It Hosted about 10,000 singles, by using the dating site
{3}. JDate is made by the same women who As you JDate is a great woman, using "JDate" by the same men who are looking for their next relationship partner on your JDate ranking
{4}. How and when should I use my Add Basis Ranking JDate?

You can discuss the JDate evaluations and help, or you may express your own, between existing friends, have some fun, ask a JDate how Add Basis rating you are worth, there can be a second opinion to make a more informed decision.

and assist you

Open Registration

See other people JDate Ranking who live near your location!

Secret Admirer


I want to say thank you for accepting my proposal. I enjoy chatting with you and learning more about you. I am happy spending time with you and during our meeting I’ve felt that there is some kind of chemistry between us.

The main point of me writing this letter to you is to tell you that I’m crazy about you and want you to know that I have developed a very strong romantic interest towards you.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.


Dear Secret Admirer,.

Now that my holiday vacation is in full swing and I have taken a break from all of my school work, I’ve been thinking about your message and understand your sincerity. However, I am having trouble conceiving how I could possibly have chemistry with you based on the fact that I have never communicated with you before.


Dear Secret Admirer,.

I do feel that there is potential between us, but I’m hesitant for a number of reasons. I therefore would like for us to make fruitless inquiries to see if you can understand the unspoken.

Kibitz Corner

A very interesting match happened during lunch. Dan and Joyce, a Jewish couple on JDate, had only met once in real life before. After they each wrote down a number of the types they are looking for in a potential mate, they were introduced and began chatting. Then suddenly Joyce said, "I'm sorry that I can't go out with a Jew. That's not my thing."

Though she expressed regret at having said it, she didn't back down.

Dan's answer was unexpected.

"I have to admit, that's been on my mind for a while. I can't say that I get a thrill from dating a Jewish girl from Brooklyn. I want to date someone who's going to challenge me and I am not sure that you could do that.

Still, I want to find the right match and I am open to dating a Jewish girl. You said that you're not attracted to Jewish men, so I guess the doors are now open to me. Do you want to go out with me?"

Dan took a risk in saying that he would go out with a Jewish girl, and that he would be open to dating someone who is Jewish. And Joyce?

JDate events

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JDate Events Review April

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The JDate Dating App allows LOCAL Singles 20 to 55 YEARS OLD to meet others in their area FIT, PASSIONATE, SEXY, FUNNY and SINCERE.

The door to true love is MIGHTY SMALL. It is only by opening this door that real relationships and connections can be built.

JDate is different because it empowers GENEROU$ people to do this for free.

All you need to do is join to find your Local JDate Match within minutes. Any question you have over the internet is answered by a Local JDate Match hand picked by JDate.

For many more reasons, join today to find someone whose connection feels like fate.

Editors Conclusion

JDate, formerly Jewish Dating Service, is a great way to get to know Jewish people. It is a free web and app platform that has only been available in the last ten years. It is a dating network.

JDate gives a good balance between paying for exclusivity but not to the detriment of being open to everyone.

We were impressed with the high quality of members and JDate’s range of user benefits. The website uses a point system that gives you more points for doing things that are not the fun part of letting people find out who you are.

From looking at profiles to sending a first message, JDate makes it really easy to locate people who share similar interests with you.

On the other hand, it can be hard to gauge whether a stranger is being genuine.

One problem is that members have to respond to your messages and lack some of the benefits of apps like Tinder.

We also wish that JDate did more to market their Jewish dating service and advertise their website.

They have outreach events but don’t publicize that information to the masses.

There’s not a massive amount of exposure with a huge follow through. They could expand the success of their business by positioning themselves as a Jewish dating service.

Jdate FAQ

What is Jdate?

Jdate is the world’s largest and most well known Jewish dating website. Jdate encourages open-minded Judaic dating and promotes relationships between Jewish singles and couples to help people grow and connect within the Jewish community

Why Jdate?

Of the Near-1.5 million active monthly users, Jdate accepts dating interests within the Jewish community and helps reconnect Jewish singles who no longer affiliate with Jewish communities.

What are the benefits of Jdate?

Jdate’s services are free of charge and they create”long term relationships”between Jewish people.

Jdate can help introduce singles to Jewish communities.

Jdate recently launched its “Find Mama” feature and has partnered with the Jewish Family Life Network (JFLN) to help make it a reality. “Find Mama” provides a personalized marriage diamond finder to help Jewish young adults find their nana, or their own nana.

How can I join Jdate?

If you are interested in Jdate, simply click on “Join Today” and fill out the application that will be sent to you. Their service is free and does not collect any personally identifiable information.


464,000 members.

New York, NY.

What is JDate?

When was JDate developed?

JDate is one of the leading online Jewish dating sites, catering to Jewish singles of all denominations around the world. It was founded in 1999, although it went online in 2001. The site is free to join but requires payment for premium services such as the one featured in this review.

The service was conceived by Barry Habib, the CEO of Allegiance Digital Media, who established JDate after being shocked by the number of marriages in the American Jewish community focusing on family rather than chemistry.

JDate became the first and most popular online dating service for Jews, although it's now expanding to serve Jewish singles of other religions and backgrounds, as well.


JDate does a good job of presenting information in a useful manner. The filters are laid out well for you to choose your preference and the layout of the dating site keeps everything easy to follow.

Other sites might have small pictures of the person I was speaking to to make them look more attractive or make it easier to read their profile. The photos were decent enough to identify the person I was speaking to though.

One thing that I did find was quite annoying though was the lack of categories. Some people might enjoy browsing, but many might rather have a 'Top Ten' or 'Most Popular' tab as well.

The most popular people or couples appear at the top. Popularity is something that drives people to desire things more. If you have a better idea of who is popular and who is not, you will naturally get more people wanting to take part in the site.

One thing I expected to see was couples. If you are looking for someone who is in a relationship, JDate does not cater to that.

When I was looking more long-term, I expected it to have more couples as they would be more in love and more into being in love. However, you will see people in the 'my other relationships' tabs.

When I was talking to someone, I was always on the phone which is nice because you don't have to reveal your identity.

How does JDate work?

How do I register with JDate?

In order to register with JDate, you will need to sign up for an account. To do this, you can visit the registration page. Once you do, you will be able to sign up through your phone or email.

It will take roughly five days to receive your JDate profile.

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, go to the way you answered your questions on the profile selector. There will be an Edit link next to your answers. When you click on this link, you will be shown a page of questions and you can then edit your answers and add new questions. You can then continue back to the profile selector to finish your profile.

How do I use the chat feature on JDate?

JDate has a chat feature where you can talk face to face in real time with your matches. (Personal info will be hidden).

To use the chat, click on your username at the top right, then select Chat.

When you start a chat, go through the normal process of setting your profile, indicating what kinds of conversations you are interested in.

Once you’ve entered your chat name and photo, click on the “Ready to Chat?” to begin talking.

Why isn't my photo showing when I upload them?

One possible reason might be because you are not logged in. You can log in to upload photos.

Is JDate safe?

I am an avid Jeannetteer. I’ve been with HD Matricton for almost a decade, dating back to the glorious sperm-fest that was the Democratic National Convention. So when JDate suggested that I submit a testimonial about JDate, I was like, “Hell yeah!”. We’ve all had really great experiences on JDate. It’s a way to find like-minded people that are looking for love in all the wrong places. Like at pep rallies. We all used to have such high expectations for President Donald Trump. But then he got elected. The guy is like a 14 year old boy trapped in a 73 year old man’s body.

Donald Trump Jr (Dirty Donny) is no exception. He’s a freaking old man. Maybe he’s won that way. But I don’t want to have kids with my 40 year old husband. Like, really? Even if I’m getting all the trophies for being the “best daughter in the world”. I did his taxes when I was 17 and had semen dried all over my face. Are you kidding me? Am I supposed to be okay with that. I’m a giver, not a taker. I’m an older woman myself. I’m 37 years old. I want to date someone outside of my own generation.


Is JDate free?

No, it isn’t free. While some things are included in the cost, there are a few things that are not and you’ll need to pay for those, as well.

Are there any extra costs besides the membership fee?

Yes, there are other costs involved with Jdate. For example, you’ll need to have the option to include tipping for service, you’ll need to buy flowers, and you’ll need to spend money on a wedding date.

What do I do if I see fake profiles?

If you feel like you’re being spammed with fake profiles from Jdate, you can report them easily.

Do I get a discount rate if I pay a one-time fee?

No, you’ll have to pay the full price.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your membership at any time.

The best way to do so is through your profile settings.

Can I use a coupon when I sign up?

You can. Coupons are usually a 10% discount when signing up for a free trial.

Can I join Jdate if I am married?

How do I manage my subscription when I purchase through iTunes?

If you purchase through iTunes, you will receive a message in the iTunes Store when your one month subscription is set to expire. To avoid your subscription lapsing, you can click the "Continue" button after the message and your membership won't be charged again. Your account will remain active until you purchase another Jdate subscription.

If you purchase through Apple's App Store, the subscription will be charged the first day you sign up.

If you purchase through the Jdate website, you will be given a one month free trial membership. You will need to re-sign up for a subscription if you wish to continue receiving your Jdate "goodie bag" after this one month trial period.

If you previously used an iTunes account, you need to transfer your subscription to the new Jdate account by following the below steps:

  • Open iTunes and follow the prompts to log onto your user account
  • In the Account Information section, click on User Details
  • Select "View Apple ID account" from the menu that appears
  • Click on the Apple ID you wish to continue using
  • Click on Manage [your new Jdate account] in the Account Information section
  • Click on the Subscribe button (this will train iTunes to know what you want to subscribe to – JDate or Onramp)

Why do I see a $1 charge on my credit card?

We are charged to cover the charges. We have been doing this for over 10 years.

How can I turn off auto-renewal on JDate?

Tap on the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.

You can also tap Auto-Renewal Status in your membership card to see how much longer you have left before your month expires.

Tap on one of those options, then tap the REVIEW button in the pop-up window.

You will see the screen below where you can adjust your subscription frequency. You can choose to renew your subscription monthly, quarterly, or year-long.

Simply tap on the REVIEW REFUND button, then tap REFUND. You will then see a request alerting you that JDate will close your account.

You will then receive an email from JDate in three to seven business days.

There are no refunds on auto-renewal or annual subscriptions in accordance with our terms of service.

We have ended our relationship, but want to ensure that you receive a full refund of your remaining balance.

About Jdate

For over over 20 years, JDate has been the world’s leading Jewish dating site. JDate has been the preferred destination for Jewish singles looking to meet their match for romance and marriage, and millions have found their partner here. Online dating as we know it today began with JDate’s launch in 1998.

With JDate, you can enjoy:



Since JDate is the most popular Jewish dating site, the security has to be strong with them.

It has 128-bit SSL encryption technology that is impossible for anyone to crack.

As for password security, you use JDate’s password. That prevents anyone else from accessing your account.

When you register in a major dating site, the first security measures they make is to ensure that no one else can find out your registration details.

The second thing is the verification. JDate is verified by eHarmony, one of the most popular dating sites in the world.

They are very serious about safety of clients and setting a higher standard in the dating scene.

How do I report another member on JDate?

If you think one of the members of JDate is breaking one of our rules, then we want to hear from you!

The very best way to report a member is to send them a private message. This is in order to keep our (full) member list private to members only. No one can see that you’re reporting someone else.

Simply click on the name of the member you want to report, and you will be able to send your message to them. Press the 'Report' button, and a message will be sent to the member asking how they are behaving, and why you think they should change their behaviour.

If you think the message is going to be in bad taste, then we suggest that you do not report this member.

We will only look at the reports of people on JDate. Sadly we cannot take action on reports made outside of that site. This has made us decide not to report anything about members outside of JDate.

If your reports give us some serious issues to think about, then we will forward the information to the relevant moderators.

Why can’t I log in on JDate?

JDate’s new mobile version is simply outstanding, but it’s still in beta and suffers from some fairly serious bugs. Some people report that they are able to login in, but when they attempt to load the site, they are immediately logged off. The easiest solution is to go to the mobile version of Jdate and just use that for now.

There is also a known problem pertaining to Outlook. If you have the password-protected version, you must set it to a new domain. Microsoft support has issued a statement to say that they usually focus on security for their software. Their website blames the problem on the user causing the issue by using an insecure password.

There is no solution beyond setting up a new Outlook account, but if your password-protected version of Outlook doesn’t work, you can go to the mobile app.

One final note on the app and the password problem: If you are having authentication problems on the app when you try to log on from your computer, just start the app on your phone, then go to the desktop version of Jdate. You might have to open a few tabs, but you will be able to login. If this doesn’t work, your best bet is to simply create a new Outlook account.

How can I tell if a member has read my message on JDate?

Your messages will show up in your inbox … if you’ve sent them to the JDate inbox.

If you click on the icon of the envelope icon in any conversation, the date when you received the message will indicate exactly when that happened. Otherwise, you’ll see a new message from or to you each time you open the inbox.

If you’ve ever received one of those ‘unreciprocated I think I’m falling in love messages’, it’s probably a good idea to respond. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

If a message is bolded or italicized, it has been sent to a recipient who has not responded. If it’s bold or italicized and you’re the recipient, you just haven’t opened the message.

If you’ve been the recipient of a message, some people might write back immediately, some might take a minute, and if it’s still not returned after a few minutes, you can always try emailing the sender directly.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

We are here to help! Please use the contacts in the sidebar and send an email with your question.

For more information, please see A Short Guide To Dating With JDate.

Share your Jdate experience

I have been a member of Jdate for 4 plus years. It is always a pleasant experience, the people are great. I have met a lot of good people, not only from the US and Canada but also from other countries.

I know most of the people I have met. I have lost contact with a few of them, and I am really sorry about it. If you have not been on Jdate, I strongly suggest that you join. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

More information on Jdate:

Jdate is not a dating site in the traditional sense. Its target audience is Jewish men looking to find a shidduch, or matchmaker service. Jdate is, however, very good at this; they offer many services to help with this process.

Jdate offers compatibility compatibility assessments
, which measure your match between you and another person.

In addition to available compatibility assessments, they have a variety of other services. These include an online discussion forum, a social network, and a video chat feature.

The site itself is nicely designed and easily navigable for its purposes. The online discussion forum is divided into multiple boards, each of which follows a specific topic. You can search topics that are affilitated with a specific religion and location with the search function, and you can also chat with folks in the forums. The video chat feature allows you not only to speak with men you are matched with, but also to the many other members in the forums.

It’s a nice platform to meet other Jews and chat with them, but there are really only three ways to meet that I can see right now. In real life, it’s super easy to meet people and make friends online, but to date, I think there’s just a dearth of quality options.

Personalized Recommendation


As you use JDate, you're presented with a handful of matches, sometimes as many as a dozen, every single day. You must decide if you want to meet up with one or more of these matches in some fashion or turn away and find another.

The system might seem a bit stilted and restrictive at first, but it's not hard to get used to.

Many people use the basic set-up to decide for themselves whether they're interested in meeting a match or not.

Others, however, will click on all of the profiles they find on JDate. As the system is comprised of several different criteria, you are guaranteed to find matches who are similar to you on many different topics.

This is a great way to find people who have the same interests and values as you.

Naturally, you can also tick off all the boxes that you do not want to find a match with, so if you dislike, say, Jewish people, you need never have to interact with another single Jewish JDate member.

The system itself is what you make of it. If you use it as a simple tool to find socially compatible matches, all is fine and you will have no problem using it.

But if you use it incorrectly, you may end up being disappointed by your matches and wasting some valuable time pointing and clicking on profiles that are far from ideal matches.


Men Seeking Women: 88%

Proportion of women in JDate: 19%

Proportion of men in JDate: 81%

Proportion of Jewish men in the general population: 1.5% (4.4 million)

Current number of Jews in the U.S.: 5.8 million

Current reported male-female ratio in JDate: 8:1

Post-Match User Survey

How long did users wait before following up on a match?

14 days 98%, 8 days 2.4%, 5 days 1.1%

What is the average degree of relationship borne from initial contacts?

Romantic 36%, friendship 22%, status-dyed 2%, casual 9%, as-yet-unspecified 26%.

The Female League

Percentage respondents who are single:

Married: 5%,

Separated/divorced: 17%,

Waiting to be married: 24%,

Widow: 3%,

Widower: 1%

JDate messages sent on a daily basis:

1 day a week 13.3%,

2-3 days a week 18.6%,

More than 3 days a week 48.3%