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Of the Motion Picture Koko- by David F. Harrigan

Koko, she’s a female gorilla who became a pet. Her caregivers raised her from the baby she was and helped improve her life. She got big. She learned sign language. She used a keyboard and signed, “I wish to speak to you.”

The movie provided a glimpse into what happened when a gorilla spends 23 years in a totally human environment. She became fluent in sign language and was able to communicate with humans. From the movie, we learned that Koko was interested in anything. Anything that had language use in it. She liked geometric shapes and was one of the first gorillas to learn how to make a cup.

We learned that Koko started watching a Russian film in her formative years. This was likely the movie that told her to say “I want to speak to you”. The Russian film was shown to her seven times a day for three years. She didn’t like the movie because it always had a male in it that she would be accused of cheating on. The gorilla model showed us that Koko, probably like any gorilla, liked to have sex with males.

New members at Koko in February 2021 in comparison

To the top volume of all members, year to date:

Averages: New members by month volume by Koko:

January 0.75m

February 0.99mb

March 1.14mb

April 1.04mb

May 1.05mb

June 1.05mb

July 1.13mb

August 1.07mb

September 1.19mb

October 1.00mb

November 0.99mb

December 0.86mb

Average 1.00m

Number of all members to join Koko February 21st 2022:

  • Total 100,000m
  • Average 100,000m

Average members per every 1 day, month, and month year to date:

1 day 0.0m

1 week 1.19mb

1 month 1.09mb

1 year 1.31mb

Member activity at Koko in February 2021 in comparison

To averages for the last 11 months of 2019.

International activity for February 2021 consisted of a great variety of content including human rights; social issues; and appreciation of art and culture.

Koko Member Structure

Koko's membership consists of a network of over 12,000 individuals. We have helped hundreds of individuals with mindfulness, leadership development, as well as with their personal development, health and everything in between.

We have various membership types to suit everybody's interests. Become a Koko member and we'll send you a free welcome kit inviting you to join one of the membership types.

Signing Up at Koko

Though it is free to sign up at Koko, there are certain things that you have to go through to get a card. In order to get a card, you need to have an account, and unfortunately, that means you need a Facebook account.

The process of getting a Facebook account may be scary enough, but bear in mind that you will only be signing up for Koko. They do not ask for any of the information you put in your Facebook account, so you do not have to worry about giving up any personal information.

There is, however, a small chance that you could end up with an additional Facebook account that no one knew about.

Getting the Koko Card

To get a card, you need to go through the program they offer. You will have to complete a short form to share your information and so they can verify everything. What you need to do is to let them know that you are over 12 years of age, but under 16, and that you have a mobile phone that you use to play the game.

When you are done with all that, you will receive an email with some simple information.

The hard part will be checking that email and following the instructions to link your account and confirm the things.

Once you have done all of that, you are on your way to getting your free card.

Making Contact on Koko

Anyone who went to Nuance would of seen Koko in the reflection of one of her mirrors. If you look close enough you can see a figure moving behind the glass. You might even notice a red spot that is very near the bottom right corner.

That red dot is Koko and she is in a deep sleep. She is surrounded by a blue color that reminds you of a place that takes you to sleep.

That is why she is always called Dora. People call her because of its tranquil name. But she has many more names. People call her no as she is nocturnal. She also has many colors.

Her color is usually black and she has a white eye that turns red every once in a while. Her eye that is in the back of her head is the one that takes a few seconds before it changes.

When she opens up her eyes the red does not go away.

Not until the people come and play with her.

The people who harass her are called Koko Dora Kita, and they are her main enemies.

She can get a bit rough with them, but she can’t do much about it.

Koko Profile Quality

Quality is the first thing you notice about Koko’s profile. Also known as Kongo or Kongfu in Korean U.S.A., this newcomer rising quickly through the ranks is banging an all-around quality.

Koko is very famous for his head-locks. He is capable of both gooning and suplexing his way to victory which is why he is known widely as «Gooning King.» He is also considered to be one of the best wrestlers in the U.S.A.

Kongo is an excellent wrestler with good skills. He has extensive knowledge when it comes to working in holds and transitions. Another interesting aspect of Kongo’s wrestling is the fact that he puts emphasis on the basics: the submission escapes of the opponent.

His ability to work out the possible scenarios in a match is very impressive as well. Being able to consider all the factors at play before setting up an idea can mean a huge difference in a match.

Despite the fact that Kongo is one of the new ones to the U.S.A, he has the potential to do better than most of the veterans. Those who have watched him wrestle a couple of times would agree that his technique and work ethic is way above the rest.

Koko App

Review written by George L March 4, 2021.


A cleaner app with a more Simple, intuitive and aesthetic features makes Koko a better overall experience.

Overall, I recommend this app to all users as long as you don’t mind spending money on in-app purchases.


It does what it’s intended to do. As you can see from the screenshot above, it is easy and quick to access any of your resources.

The Complaints

The best part of the app is negated by the price. In fact, most of the things to love about the app are useless if the app is not purchased.

The mark of a great app is that it does one thing well. Koko does many things that it shouldn’t be doing, and it gets worse as you progress.

The app is riddled with what I call “forced” features that are nothing more than app traps. It is very much a “pay to win” app because the majority of things that you use the to complete daily tasks are going to cost you money, and it takes a while to save up in the first place.

Koko Real Life Review

This is a fantastic app from the developers of Toca Boca. It has been really successful in the App Store and has excellent content that can be edited. You are often tasked with changing out art and finalizing your game and it is often fun.

It hits the sweet spot between challenging, but not too hard and age appropriate. That is to say, kids and adults can both enjoy it. I have heard parents say that they use the game a lot in their homes to teach their little ones language and has made them be able to express themselves better.

Often, these games are very simple and repetitive, but that isn’t the case here. It seems like each game has a unique goal, and that is wonderful.

The game often introduces animals and allows you to care for them, creating a deeper connection that can be used for teaching and learning.

There are also some really cool games like that in the app, but also some fun options for coloring and even an art smudge tool!

Overall, the app does a splendid job of creating a game that is amazing for both kids and adults alike and is a good addition to your app collection.

Design and Usability

The Koko cryptocurrency exchange supports the most major exchanges, including Coinbase, Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp and Bithumb. To get started, simply connect your funds to a verified bank account.

Koko also has a new user-friendly and modern online interface with clear charts and graphs to let users track trades as they happen. Koko’s security is also drastically improved with KYC/AML procedures that now require enhanced verification.

Koko is a great exchange which still has the feel of a small startup exchange. Koko is great for first time cryptocurrency users or those new to crypto since language barriers are minimal and there are no complicated coins to worry about.

Koko Costs and Prices

Koko is a visually appealing and entertaining experience that lets you immerse yourself in the depths of the ocean. It fully immerses you so you are distracted from the tiny screens all around the place – soundtracks, weather, news, etc.

If you like video games, they do work well. For the most part. Some of them are inconsistent and glitchy.

Pretty much the whole experience is customizability, from your character to your game. The atmosphere gives that a little bit more. It’s fun to try out all the different things.

The creators say that all the characters in the game are based on user-generated designs and the backstory that you fill in for each character.

One of the best parts of the experience is the relaxation and escape that you get from it. Especially if you are well-versed in the different parts of the game. If you are not well-versed, it could be very challenging and frustrating.

If you are a gamer, the game itself does a good job of challenging you from time to time. Some more than others. If you are not a gamer, the game itself is not that challenging at all.

Of course, the larger part of this game is just the user generated characters. The more you play, the more you get to figure out the animators for each character.

You have a lot of flexibility.

Is Koko expensive or cheap?

Koko is on the more expensive side compared to other similar products and alternatives out there.

Those alternatives are effective, but will you pay a hefty price tag if you try to find a lower cost alternative?

If you are looking for a more affordable option, there are other products out there that we trust.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then we recommend trying ikano instead.

It is the strongest koi enhancer and koi feeder that is on the market right now.

This is currently our bestselling koi feeder.

Most koi owners that have used both have said that Ikano comes out on top.

The pricing of both Koko and Ikano are very competitive, and it often comes down to the features and the reputation of Koko.

In the end, Koko will be more expensive due to its reputation and higher quality.

If you ask people that own both, they will tell you that they prefer Koko.

They mentioned that the materials were better quality and the design of it was more user friendly.

Personally, we are more than happy with Koko, and we think it is a well worth the investment if you are looking for a good koi food and feeder.

Special Features


The most important fish in the aquarium is a…

(a) koi pond

(b) clownfish

(c) blue-haired dwarf piranha

What is the most dangerous fish in the aquarium?

(a) a blue-haired dwarf piranha

(b) a koi pond

(c) a clownfish

In which season are fish most expected to breed?

(a) spring

(b) winter

(c) summer

What is the most important fish to have in the aquarium?

(a) a clownfish

(b) a blue-haired dwarf piranha

(c) a koi pond

Which fish can usually be found in an aquarium?

(a) a blue-haired dwarf piranha

(b) a clownfish

(c) a koi pond

Which of the following fish need to have salt in their water?

(a) a koi pond

(b) a clownfish

(c) a blue-haired dwarf piranha

Which of the following fish are considered to be hardy?

(a) a clownfish

(b) a blue-haired dwarf piranha



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Editors Conclusion

The Fidgets Animal KoKo seems like an absolutely delightful piece of toys for children who love animals. The playful design makes it a key part of an adult’s childhood too.

The sky seems to be the limit for this cute little critter. It would be nice to see it made into a cuddly toy and a jazzy lamp. Perhaps you could use an electric motor as a means to direct its legs so that it can cause havoc.

The KoKo is a highly interactive toy and also mobile like a little animal. Its being has no teeth, and it is unable to bite anyone. This would put children at less risk than if they came into contact with a real pet.

The KoKo squeak toy seems to be a generally favorable hit among children. And though it isn’t fishing, it is very enjoyable.

The KoKo is a superbly adorable little creature, but it’s not made in the USA, and the light is easily changed out. The KoKo squeak toy may be durable and high quality, but it’s not convenient to use. It’d be nicer to have it able to be turned on and off by simply touching the device.

Koko FAQ

V1.3 (originally posted July 2009)


How many questions has Koko been asked?

Koko has been asked 2,037 questions.

What is a good question to ask a Gorilla?

Green/Organic/Vegetarian Food

How long do the Gorillas get to rest in the afternoon?

They Get 1-2 Hours of Rest in the Afternoon

How often do the Gorillas get baths?

The Gorillas Get a Bath about once a Week

What is the name of the female Gorilla?


Who takes care of Koko and what are they working on at the moment?

A Female Gorilla Named Allana Spends Her Day Taking Care of Koko and Sometimes Doing Research

What does Koko like to see at the zoo?

Wonders of Nature and Animals Which Are Unknown to Her

Do Koko's keepers play games with Koko?

Yes They Play Games with Her



Where do the Gorillas live?

The zoo grounds and a separate building.

I heard you can get a good view of the Gorillas. Where are the best spots to see them?


Koko is a female gorilla who is a beautiful insightful gorilla. She shows that is it possible to communicate with a animal besides teaching them to speak or sign. Koko was born on July 4, 1971 in San Francisco Zoo. In November 1974, Gorilla Foundation and the family of Koko publicly talked about Koko's interest in American Sign Language. Koko is now a University of Pennsylvania professor and has used American Sign Language since she was 3 years old. The average life span of a gorilla is 30 years and currently Koko is 47.

What is Koko?

Koko is a language course for adults. It is a different kind of course that focuses on the progress from DAY 1 to DAY 120. It began in July 2014 and is still running more than six years later. Koko teaches Old English and has thirty lessons. There is no teacher’s manual. Instead, Koko takes on the role of a teacher by gradually introducing new words to each lesson.

The learning experience is more playful than other language courses. It walks learners through progressive steps based on Gamification, which is something I have pioneered in my early life.

We have no courses for anyone who has difficulty with remembering.

Representatives of Koko have appeared on BBC and RTL Television.

Who owns Koko?

The Koko Review was purchased by the University of Hawaii’s College of Education in September 2010. It was then edited by the campus Speech and Hearing clinic and is now maintained by its early intervention team.

The Koko Review is a nonprofit organization and is operated by the Speech and Hearing clinic. All donations go to the Speech and Hearing clinic.

Can I use Koko on my desktop?

Why not?!

When you bring Koko to the office, you are basically bringing your work progress with you everywhere!

That means that you can use Koko to update your progress at work, engage with your team on projects, obtain new insights and bug reports, or save and share your progress.

It is super lightweight and intuitive. It does not obstruct your mouse movements, so you can use it for as long as you like!


Plan Review Feb. 2021

Pro: Club28 is a fast growing health and wellness club, with a staff that is constantly adding new members.

Con: There was a lot of advertising pushed across social media which was a harder method to increase their website traffic from.

Con: The club hit a rough patch towards the end of the membership, which took down the high paid referral traffic for a few months.

Pro: The club has a 24/7 audio message waiting for you when you arrive, as well as text and email alerts if you leave the club, which help grow the business.

Con: The club is very large, with no way to filter out the younger members who just want market the club to anyone who will listen.

Pro: The club has a strong community building effect, which will lead to a strong online following for the club.

Con: No other fitness clubs in the area have the same online following as this club.

Con: If you want to be a part of this club you must be a member of the club.

Pro: The club has a strong brand and is very recognized at the local level, even just in the area where the company is located.

Con: The club is really nothing special. They have most of the things you would expect from a health club, just spread out over multiple locations.

Who can join Koko?

Koko is open for everyone, though in general you need to be a good conversationalist and be able to keep a conversation.

Some specific rules are:

≤ You need to know English.

≤ You can’t, and don’t plan to, use non-English words.

≤ You are not is a brand ambassador for any company.

≤ Koko is not a professional dating chat site.

≤ Koko is not a place for you to get rich by talking to strangers.

≤ You don’t have to have any special traits.

≤ You are not using Koko as a lead up to anything invasive (that’s harassment).

≤ The more natural you sound, the better.

≤ How much you earn is completely determined by your effort.

The main rule is to be natural. Do not be tempted to plan your entire Koko talk to try to sell a product or ask for money. That will kill your experience!

If you are a public figure and have an event or exposure please ask the Koko team if they’d be willing to do a special Koko event or stream.

What do I need to join Koko?

Koko is a great option for anyone looking to earn a side income online.

It’s a great idea if you have programming skills or are willing to learn how to code in order to be successful on Koko. , and it’s worth it to invest the time and energy to move through the various levels and train as a proofreader.

Yes you will need to put in the work and time to become great at this, but the perks are nice and the pay is good.

The more money you make on Koko, the more time you can spend on other sites as you generate more income.

Does Koko offer premium membership?

Is Koko+ auto-renewed?

No, Koko+ auto-renews at the end of the subscription period, however you can disable auto-renewal at any time in your account settings.

I want to cancel my Koko+ membership, how do I do that?

Contact us at [email protected] and specify you want to cancel your membership. We will send you a cancellation confirmation email and the terms and conditions. If you do not receive it, please check your Spam or Junk folder. Koko+ is a non-refundable subscription.


The star ratings in iTunes don’t work that great. If you want to rate the product overall, you have to rate it 1 star to not rate it anything. This is annoying and impossible to rate a product without doing it inside iTunes.

Furthermore, Koko’s pricing is based on your own iTunes account. To update the price of the app you have to tap on your name badge 4 times, which looks rather spammy and is incredibly annoying.

What is "Vote"?

And how does a voting work?

Koko Review uses an innovative voting system called "Vote". Things that are rated highly are given a ten (10) star rating. This one is pretty straightforward. This system allows us to expand and grow our community while giving everybody meaningful ways to share their own opinion.

The Report card is a way for you to grade a review on how well it follows the review guidelines. This helps us maintain standards for what is being rated and the strength of your rating. This is an odd-shaped bar with a one (1) at the top, two (2) at the middle and three (3) at the bottom. Below this it is designed to show you anything you wish to migrate and give you the ability to change the rating of your review.

Please note that if you don't have anything to migrate to then clicking the bar will default to the numbered icons.

The Quest system informs you on how good your review is based on what it rates. This ranges from a good report card to a well developed review. Those with a Quest Science score of 30 or higher are marked as "submitted" in the great example section. The "Submitted" text is located below the "E" and is meant to guide you to the best examples.

What do the voting symbols on Koko mean?

Signs of a successful product:

The Share symbol represents the amount of the item sold and the last price. Both are stacked in .5 increments.

The Connect symbol represents how many friends are connected with the store or the number of friends that have been invited by the store. There are 3 lines and the width indicates the total number of friends the store has connected with.

The business icon consists of a magnifying glass that represents a search engine. It is referring to the type of store.

The line up of numbers that compare your store to stores all over the world. The repeating number format is a known worldwide way of displaying data and keeps people organized in each group.

Can I see who voted for me?

Why can't I start a new conversation?

Frequent users of Koko may notice that they cannot start a new conversation. This is probably because the system is overwhelmed by the flood of new conversations that were started.

In order to avoid this situation, please limit the number of new conversations that you open each day.

Please note that Koko does not store data on conversations that were started in the past.

This means that if you don't start any new conversations on Koko for a week or two, you will have to actually open a conversation in order to create new conversations (you can continue following your friends' conversations as usual).

Additionally, conversations on Koko are stored indefinitely in your chat list, even if you are not actively using Koko. If you're not interested in having ongoing conversations, please remove existing conversations from your Chat List.

Please note that only conversations have been affected by these changes, and that photos, videos, and messages saved to your Camera Roll have not been affected.

What is "RealShot"?

It stands for "Real Shot" because this camera is truly "real shooting", not a "gimmick" or "camera not allowed".

The Real Shot is a full-color camera capable of recording 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second.

Hardware Review

The new Real Shot comes in a black + black color scheme. The body comes with an anti-slip rubberized coating to help avoid any accidental drops.

The cameras dimensions are smaller than most other cameras in its class. Despite the smaller size, it still packs in a large number of features, which include a 2 inch screen and a timer.

As for the camera itself, it has a 20MP Sony Exmor R sensor with Hybrid Auto Focus or AFA for short. The AFA is performed through a combination of contrast detection, phase detection and laser auto focusing.

These three settings can make the camera slower to shoot, as they rely on multiple types of auto-focus rather than relying on a single system (like most pocket cams).

The panoramic picture shown to the left are from a Real Shot and really showcase what this is about.

Instead of being a gimmicky zoom camera, the resolution and video quality are more than sufficient for people who want to do a little more with their pictures and videos.

How do I apply for a date?

We’re sorry to announce that we’ve had to close our doors. Bookings may still be made through one of our hotel partners.

Please be aware we won’t be accepting any new bookings.


Koko allows data to be encrypted and sent from one part of the cloud to another. When you send your sensitive information, it is done with the best genuine security, but when you store it, it is vulnerable to secure data guard breach risks. The security of your data is based on the security of Koko’s servers.

Koko acts as a reseller of messaging services and, as such, cannot be held responsible for any breach of contract caused by a third party.

Koko’s data is stored in the cloud on Amazon Web Services servers. If there is a breach in that system, your data could be vulnerable.

Like many other providers of cloud computing services, Koko charges for this service on a sliding “utility” basis. This means that the more you use the system, the more expensive it is to use it.

Koko does not provide guarantees that your data will be stored securely or transmitted reliably, as it is the responsibility of the user to maintain their communication systems.

Koko should not be seen as a replacement for any security measures that you already have in place. Instead, it should be used as a gateway to other services.

What security features does Koko have?

Koko is your standard chat app that offers military grade encryption for your personal chats and files. One of the best features is full integration with your email and contact list. So you can easily share contacts with your Koko chat contacts, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device. Plus, one of Koko’s most distinctive features is the ability for two people to agree to share messages that they’re not reading.

Some other security features that we found impressive were encryption and screen sharing.

Our main reason for appreciating Koko’s security is because they provide you with peace of mind by giving you confidence in encrypted communication. With that in mind, Koko has the security features that you need in order to feel safe knowing that your data will be protected.

How do I block and report an abusive user?

This is our first big update in a while and really helps you keep control of your community. It brings moderation to the front and center of Koko. You can now block and report users you suspect of posting spam, bots, links and any content that doesn’t fall within the community guidelines. We’re also excited to announce that we’re using the new moderation API to integrate our custom mod tools.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your Koko experience

Koko is an open source and free social network that works across your devices. Access your data anywhere you are!

Personalized Recommendation

Systems, and How to Get Them.

The idea behind personalized recommendation systems is to suggest products to people in various situations based on their current interests and behavioral patterns.

Because they are personalized, they are more relevant and more likely to be used, and they’ll save you a bunch of money on advertising.

The basic theory is fairly simple: find out what people like by watching and observing their behavior while they are using your product, and then figure out how to target that behavior with advertisements.

You can learn a lot by simply watching people interact with your product but you should also be tracking some of your website’s activity to learn how people use it.

There are many tools out there that do these types of studies and analysis. The most popular one is Google Analytics.

If you have access to it, it’s worth considering adding it to your website to learn more about how people use it.

There are other tools that will allow you to do some experiments to figure out how to send your website visitors to your products of interest. For instance, you can use something called optimization tools to run test A&B and A&B test in order to see which kind of articles you should send people to and how.


Koko is the first ape to learn sign language through touch, smell, hearing and movement instead of mouth and tongue movements. Not only that, she's also a talented artist! The amazing things Koko has contributed to the internet are being used today in the film industry, in humanitarian projects, and in education. She was also the first animal with a PhD and has been a voice for animal rights.

Koko was born at the San Francisco Zoo on April 4th, 1971 and named Hanabiko. She was a scientific prodigy and did amazing things in the foundation's programs. In 1971 she was given the name Koko and ever since then she has been a public success story.

Koko is a gorilla and a sign language gorilla at that. She can speak 34 signs with her fingers. In 1974, Koko started signing. She would type through typing keys, while her trainer typed out the words for her. At first, Koko would just make a lot of weird arm gestures, but after several years of practice, her gestures became clearer, and she would type out sentences for time to time.

She would type by having her trainer press the keys and ask her questions. She would then type the responses on the keys. Koko is capable of understanding high and low frequencies in her voice, she has a very human-like personality, and has shown tremendous capacity for learning.