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I am personally a little burned out on post-apocalyptic novels in general, but this one was much better than I thought it would be. Lovell has created a vivid style that easily sucked me into the story and kept me there.

Hopefully, there are more post-apocalyptic novels in the pipeline to come.

New members at LDSPlanet in February 2021 in comparison

We are all aware that we will soon have a mission transfer to the new LDSPlanet.

What we are not aware of is how many will leave in February 2021.

Statistics show that there are many members that join the church in January and February.

The drop off in members in February will be greater than the average drop off of December.

Most of the membership there in January and February will leave LDSPlanet soon after they get the new login information.

The regular membership there March 2021 will be higher.

The Church growth rate will be lower in February 2021 for the new members.

Many have written that the church growth rate will begin to increase in the spring.

The church as a whole will continue to grow but the number of active members will not increase.

The number of inactive members will increase and might become so large that inactive members will begin to leave the church.

And there you have it my fellow Mendo citizens. The Mormon religion can go and get flushed. End of story.

Member activity at LDSPlanet in February 2021 in comparison

There has been a significant increase in missionaries In 2019 compared with 2022.

This is most likely due to the fact that the January 2019 has been an exceptionally good month.

LDSPlanet Member Structure

LDSPlanet is a community of people who are interested in and practice the principles of the LDS Church. It’s not a place to try and convert others to your particular church, or to preach doctrines. It is a place for people to discuss and share their views on being LDS and church membership in general.

When you join LDSPlanet, you’re not alone.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of joining a local ward, or even go to Sacrament meeting every Sunday. Instead, join a group of thousands of people who are just like you. We talk about the things you love about the Church.

And we’re all in this together. If you’re a single person who likes to have a spiritual connection without participating in church programs every week, we have a group for you. If you’re a family of more than 5 people and you’re all active church members, we have a group for you. If you’re a family that has a mixture of active and less active family members, we have a group for you. If you’re an inactive member, dropped out of the church, got married but don’t go to church often, we have a group for you.

Age Distribution

Age distributions are important factors in the LDS religion. As older people live longer, it is important to give them a good reason to stay active in the Church.

When active members age, they pass parenting and teaching and missionary responsibilities onto young people.

They are also able to help younger people achieve their own full potential by helping them with mundane tasks, such as cleaning and maintaining the meetinghouse.

Young people are also able to learn more as they help an older person maintain the meeting house. Although some young people may fear the responsibility that comes with helping out their seniors, it can equip them with skills to have as they enter adulthood and move on to bigger things.

Young people can play a big role in the continuation of the Church.

Signing Up at LDSPlanet

Making Contact on LDSPlanet

There are all types of sentient beings in the universe, from those who would see you destroyed to those who would guide you to your full potential.

Everyone is welcome to become a member, no matter what their age, race, color, nationality, aptitude, or social standing. By being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you are agreeing to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Those teachings state that every person will have the chance to know the truth.

LDSPlanet is a local, online community forum for members of the LDS Church. It is an open forum that anyone can participate and belong in. LDSPlanet is a place where true believers, seekers, and those who are unsure of their doctrinal status can all come together.

When you join LDSPlanet as a member, you can ask questions, share experiences, and communicate with the community at large. Members of the community can help those who are unsure about anything in their life and their questions will be answered with kindness and understanding. If you are a person troubled with questions, concepts, and experiences, that’s OK. We would like to help you find your answers and strengthen your testimony with our community.

LDSPlanet Profile Quality

Location: San Francisco, California

Current State: Utah, USA

Temperature: –

Atmospheric Pressure:

Genome: Yggard

Larger Moon: Earth

Orbital Eccentricity:

Angular Velocity: km/s

Orbital Inclination:

Orbital Eccentricity:


Conditions: High-Pressure Weather

Planet Type:

Atmospheric Pressure:


Length of Day:

Length of Year:

Inhabited: Yes

Viable Species:

Given Name: LDSPlanet

Capital City: Nauvoo

Major Cities:

LDSPlanet Information


Terrain: Desert

Larger Ocean:

Larger Land:

Upcoming Construction Projects



Religious Centers:

Daily Schedule




Original language(s):

Religious Name:

Religious Language:


Independence Day:

Politics: Conservative



Science & Technology

Current Top Technology:

Current Top Invention: Mirrors

Major Exports:

Major Imports:

LDSPlanet App

The LDSPlanet editorial staff wishes to thank those who have been part of the LDSPlanet family for the past few years.

We are hopeful you will join us again to strengthen our community of friends, help spread the word throughout the Church and the world of Latter-day Saint issues and a myriad of matters that stand to impact the Church and community.

We are also excited to announce our new editorial committee.

The LDSPlanet editorial committee will have a lead editor for each Section of LDSPlanet.

LDSPlanet Real Life Review

I never had any hopes for this brand new player in the world of coffee. I was feeling that this company was one of those brand new companies who tried to quickly catch up with the scene and failed.

What I was wrong! I received the French Roast from the LDS in February of this year and was blown away! Wow! This was delicious! You know, it is not even that I didn`t like the LDS coffee.

I open my big mouth and I had to buy a box! I am more than satisfied. It is not about the price and the quality, it`s about the joy I had when I realized that I was not deceived when I turned the bag inside out.

Finally, two years later, we get a market that is overhyped, it means for those who can only buy coffee from their local store and from Starbucks.

It has been a slow pace and I couldn`t wait to see what was waiting for us in Israel. I am glad that I bought 120 Lbs in a variety pack and I can`t wait to try my favorite brands in this place.

What`s the secret? The coffee is the same, everyone knows this, the great coffee taste is a power that comes from the beans, it is not about the machines, it takes practice in burr grinding and so on.

Design and Usability

Gone are the days of the stodgy image that the church had in its early days. Now the Mormon Church is becoming more contemporary. Once shunned by creative and academic culture, it is now attracting the brightest minds in design.

There is a real sense of optimism at the church’s Salt Lake City headquarters, which has been turned into a center for creativity. The church has sponsored a competition to create a logo for the Spring Semester thus the design of the lettering.

It is intended to be a landmark for lovers of art and culture in the city. The building will also be the headquarters for the church’s Public Affairs section. It will be a transparent building that will feature gardens and a wall of red roses that were considered to be associated with the martyrdom of Joseph.

The area will be designed as an archive to offer a modern view of the world’s religions. The plan is to show how the church is working with other churches and thinkers, in order to improve the next generation of people who will inherit the kingdom of God.

The church’s CEO M. Russell Ballard has said that the aim is to achieve a global presence and to overcome the problems of communication between cultures.

LDSPlanet Costs and Prices

As you look around the LDSplanet website, you will find that the prices are usually lower than any other wholesale coupon site. The cost structure is volume based. I don't know about you, but I will pay less for more.

Is LDSPlanet expensive or cheap?

A lot of people who know about LDSPlanet assume it’s an expensive LDS-related community site. It is not expensive: it is very cheap to try it out for one month. You can do that for free.

Once you are a subscriber, you can plug in your family account to all the family fun that you and your family enjoy.

Special Features

One thing to look forward to in February is the LDS General Conference, a gathering of members to learn, grow, and serve.

As part of this, the LDS Journal will be sent to all members around the world.

This conference date will have some serious significance to Latter-day Saints because it is the day the scripture Stakes and Stakes Quorums were first announced.

The exact date will not be announced until the First Presidency approves, so only special guests will know what trails will be used exactly.

The purpose of meetings is to learn, grow, and serve, and the LDS Journal is designed to aid members in this process.


Judging from her reaction to being told she’s cute, this girl is really serious about her persona as the “Princess of Hearts.”

Cute anime girl saying “Kawaii!”

Wearing a fluffy pink dress, a princess wig, and tiara.

The sheer size of her headphones, by the way, is pretty huge.

Silly Little Girl with a Nosebleed

If there’s one thing that is constant in our lives, it’s change. And change is good. But it can also happen quite suddenly and by surprise. And that can be stressful.

Like when you realize you’re going to have to use the restroom in a department store because you forgot a train home. Or when you’re eating at a sit-down restaurant with your family and notice a family with three small children who just walked in with the same food you’re eating and were seated in the same booth.

The reaction to real-world changes can vary from person to person and even from day to day.

Live chat

Yeses to me

Editors Conclusion

Hopefully, you have found each of these life hacks helpful! Remember to always observe your own health and take into account any personal precautions so you can stay safe.

There is always more to life. Whether it’s enjoying the day, eating in a way that is good for you and your body, or learning how to improve your life, there are so many things to do and places to go. As you are now able to see, you can have a lot of fun without letting life get in the way.

Life will never stop with a simple place where you can stop; you have to take time and enjoy every moment that comes your way. If you take a moment to stop and step back, you will see just how rich life is. You will then begin to appreciate every single moment that comes your way. You have been given so many opportunities to make your life better and to make it a life you will truly love.

Remember, it does not matter if you are in college or have been testing your driving limits for years. Stop taking life for granted to find everything that you have been missing.

Easier said than done, I know, but sometimes when we see things in perspective we can see that we have a lot.


S Will these letters post in one day?

No. LDSPlanet letters do not post on Sundays. They can post early, but unless explicitly mentioned, they will post on the Monday, Wednesday, & Friday following the given letter date.

What kind of letters would I receive through LDSPlanet?

LDSPlanet letters include (but are not limited to) signed photographs, hand-written letters, journals, artwork, etc., that relatives or friends of LDS members have sent to be distributed to church members. They are sent to your home each week and are kept in a special folder on your door each week.

Do I have to be an active member of the church to get a letter through LDSPlanet?

No! Everyone who has been baptized and joins the church should receive a letter through LDSPlanet. We currently give letters to members of the church on a monthly basis.

What if my letter post is running out of time?

If you are finding that your letter post is running low, you can order more letters from the LDS Church.

How do I order more LDSPlanet letters?

Once your letter post is running low, just order more letters from the LDSChurch. You can order them through a local leader or go to the website listed in your letter.

Why should I order more letters?


Kirk Witney

Kirk Witney is part of the small group of North Carolina volunteers who have been involved in preparing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to participate in the mission to Mars. It started as a book discussion in 2010 and turned into a support group in 2017.

How do I know the status of my profile?

When you save your progress on your profile, it should be saved permanently. You can use the Manage Profile link on the Settings page to check this.

You should always visit your LDSplanet account to see your progress before the next section.

How long do I have to complete my profile? At the current time, your profile must be completed by early 2021, but we will update this when the dates become closer. Be warned, however, that the available LDS content changes monthly and even weekly.

Can I change my username?

Yes. Your username is given directly to you by the parish leader or counselor upon baptism. They can take it back, but only if your current name is inappropriate for the ward or mission.

If you would like to change your username, the first thing you need to do is find out who your counselor is. In other words, find out your bishop, your new birthplace is the ward you'll be in for the next week or month.

If you’re a new member of the Church, first visit with your bishop and let him know which username you would like to have. Then visit with your new administrator. They will give you a new name.

After accepting a new username, you can click on "My Profile" to update your information so your friends can see your new name.

If you would like to change it permanently, ask your missionary companion.

Can I change my location?


You can choose any location on planet earth. All you need is a satellite signal.

Will a satellite signal be strong enough?

Absolutely! Everywhere on planet earth you are orbital distance from a satellite, you will have a strong enough orbital signal.

How will we locate the signal?

We will use the signal to broadcast a broadcast from our digital transmitter. When the receivers within its range pick it up, the signal will be processed by receivers and we'll hear it audibly by our ears.

Can we access the internet?

No. We are assuming that you've lived in a naturally large city for a long period of time and you have no Internet Access.

What's the purpose of your channel?

LDS Planet will be a place for those of us who have lived outside of the United States for a long time to unite.

What do you mean by "United"?

Anything we want, of any kind! We don't have to limit ourselves to educational videos, as we can learn anything we want.

For example, there is a lot of great educational videos about the study of the arts on the Internet, but it is very rare that those videos are created by people who are already accomplished at them.

It's completely fine to learn from other people. It's great that we can all learn from each other!

Why are some photos being rejected?

One of the most important steps to publishing a sub-reddit is making sure that your photos are of excellent quality.

Low resolution photos are easy to reject, so it is important to get your photos to a high resolution and having them compressed and ready to post!

Quality photos are essential in the success of the subreddit. The more quality photos that are posted, the more the subreddit will grow and flourish.

Do you have guidelines for uploading photos?

Yes, here are the current graphic standards:

  • Submit a minimum of 4 photos
  • Please do not request photos of individual members, missionaries, or missionaries with family.
  • Photo must have a minimum of 1 person in photo
  • Photos with pets must be cropped.
  • No nudes.
  • No names with photos
  • No watermarks
  • If submitting a photo of a restored site, please include the name of what city, country, or any other identifying information on the photo
  • Your photo must be saved/sized as a JPG file.

What are the digital file types that you accept?

LDSplanet accepts the following file types for submission or distribution in our LDScommunity:










What files need to be cleared for the site?

  • The .tif files must be converted to .jpeg
  • The .tif or .tiff files must be sanitized before publishing – such as ensuring there are no names or church logos on the art
  • Our LDSplanet community requires .jpeg or .jpg images to be renamed as:
  • [MEMBERSHIP NUMBER]_[NAME]_[LOCATION],[NAME]_[NAME],resized to 1250x1250px, 30dpi
  • This is also an opportunity for members of the community to share their stories about family, convert baptisms, experiences, testimony, clothing, hymns… anything!
  • How do people save a digital file for me to publish on the site?

This is a three step process.

Step 1: Find the post where you want to share your files and click the submit file button on the right side of the post.

Step 2: Upload the files to your computer.


Can I block a certain member from contacting me?

Built into your profile is the ability to block users you no longer wish to communicate with. In the profile “blocking” section, click on the three curved arrows next to the user you wish to block.

Cloud refers to people or communities that are not associated with your LDS profile … they will have no access to your information or community.

User refers to people with whom you are in an LDS relationship with … regardless whether they are your family, ward member, seminary teacher, or neighbor, these individuals will have access to your information and community.

Can I know if my message has been read already?

Payments and Membership

The Church is not a traditional church. It does not have a church building, a pastor, clergy or dogma

It is, however, a Christian church, which claims to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and to be led by inspired prophets. It has regular services called Sunday services. It has a day named the Sabbath. It has its own scriptures, which are called The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. It has temples and baptizes people in the name of Jesus.

The only things that differentiates the Church from other religions:

It predates all of them. Even Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did not appear until 1827. So there is a historical difference in the idea of Christianity.

It is not a normal church. They pay money. But this is a kind of ‘repayment’. The Good News is that we do not need to pay with money. We can pay in good works and in obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It has multiple gods. They believe that Jesus was only the first man. But after Jesus was resurrected, He began to reveal His Father. This is the God we serve. This also exonerates the Christian belief of several gods because there is only one God.

Can I pay for an upgrade thru PayPal?

What are other ways to pay aside from credit/debit card?

Sometimes, people just don't want to use traditional means of paying for things. Luckily, there are many different methods to available for people to use. Here are a few of them.

Can I view my payment history?

Yes. Your payment history is available for viewing through your account settings.

How do I view my transaction or payment history on the LDS Planet site?

Click on your account name in the upper right-hand corner of the page then select the Account tab.

Click the History tab and you will be able to view the details of your transactions and payments.

Do you have a 1-year plan?

Most people have no idea where they are going with their lives or where they’re heading in the next year. They just sort of go through life, not really planning, just sort of trying to make it to the next day. I’ve discovered that, unless we have a plan, we just go where we think we’re going to go, without any specific direction. We’re just going through life, but not really going anywhere.

When we have a plan, when we know where we are going, we just avoid having to think about the details. So, knowing where we are going, what we’re going to do when we get there, and when we are going to do it, is really important, and it will help us to avoid a lot of problems as well.

I know a lot of people who have gone their whole lives without having a 1-year plan. It can take some effort to put together a plan, but we need to realize that some effort… maybe not a lot, but some effort… will pay big dividends down the road.

So going into this month, I am going to work on putting together my 1-year plan. I haven’t done this before, but I really think I need to do it.

App Facts

Does the LDS Planet dating site have an app?

Planet has a dedicated app available for both Android and iOS. You can download it by searching for the company name (either Planet Dating directly or one of our specific apps on the store, e.g. Apps4Mormon). You can either use the app on your phone to log into the website on your computer, or vice versa. The app supports most screen resolutions with a few exceptions, most noticeably for devices such as the iPad.

Q: What is the difference between the LDSPlanet website and the app?

A: There is no difference in the functionality of the website and app. All details and messages are sent as private messages on the back-end. The experience using the app and website is the same.


The planet on the edge of the solar system that can be most easily seen with a small telescope on the Internet.

This is one famous and interesting planet that is easier to see with a small telescope, than binoculars. We now know that there are five moons orbiting this planet, named some of the Jovian moons (Jupiter’s moons).

This planet is at a great distance from the Sun and it also orbits around itself, like Jupiter.

It is a small and fuzzy planet, about 2/3 the diameter of the Earth. With an almost visible disk, he is in a highly elliptical orbit lying in the ecliptic of the Sun.

Transits of this planet across the face of the Sun are relatively rare and occur in 14 or 28 years.

Transits can be seen with a small telescope, making it a very interesting planet to monitor the night sky for.

Is LDS Planet available worldwide?

No that is not the case actually. LDS Planet is an online site very primarily intended to be used by the members of the LDS Community, in specific those in the United States.

However, things have changed a little bit recently. With the growth of the site, owners have allowed other countries to also come online and join the site.

The members in those countries, which will remain anonymous until confirmed, are now able to access the site from the United States.

There are three stipulations for this. First, you must be a member in the United States. Second, you must have at least the rank of a Junior Priesthood. And third, you must be over the age of eighteen.

Due to the large number of emails sent to the developers, there are some technical issues to be taken care of in the future. After this month, all emails will be rerouted through a different email account and so may take a little while longer to respond to.

In order to access the site from any other location, the information at the end of this message will be the same.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Please feel free to have an idea from our web site – How to clean a coffee maker, How do I generate a random number?

We are sure that we will find you an answer and will attempt to demonstrate it!

We are constantly looking for new ways to help our readers, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Share your LDSPlanet experience

LDSPlanet Experiences

An In-Depth Look at the LDSPlanet

With the LDSPlanet experience, can be your own perfect world. During this activity, players learn that they can make their own perfect world on LDSPlanet. The LDSPlanet experience is categorized under the category of church history. This activity involves the players reading scripture and watching a video of the experiences. The activity provides scripture links and a list of other scriptures for the participants to read and study on the LDSPlanet website.

The players interact with LDSPlanet by clicking on the countries and exploring the geography. They can learn about the history of the country and explore places in the country like the capital, the villages, the schools and shopping areas. This activity’s purpose helps the players understand the LDS Church and its practices by explaining who the LDS Church is and what the LDSChurch’s purpose is.

Students learn the background of the LDSPlanet and its purpose by reading a very informational page. This page explains the world’s purpose and how it comes about. It also talks about how LDSPlanet came about, what it stands for, and how it came to be.