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Everyone wakes up on time. They choose to move their bodies, and you start the day nutritionally prepared.

As the day progresses, you make healthy decisions and watch what you put in your body. By night time, you are recharged and ready to begin the next day.

MeetMe is an app that does the work for you. By choosing 1 or 2 meals per day, choosing a meeting time, and motivating you to show up, MeetMe takes the guess-work out of healthy self-care.

MeetMe Review February 2021

Most people who participate in MeetMe, are using it to meet their nutritional goals for weight loss. Weighing your food before you eat it is one of the biggest keys to success.

You can even track your progress with a basic set of metrics, and didn’t we mention that MeetMe motivates your movement?

The app uses geolocation to send reminders to you at specific times and days. In an airport, a coffee shop, or on the bus, the times are suited to your lifestyle. You can also set the meetings as recurring events, so you don’t forget.

New members at MeetMe! in February 2021 in comparison

To this past February and February 2021 in general:

44% of new members in February 2021 were female.

47% of new members in February 2021 were 50 years or older.

113% of new members in February 2021 were ready to get busy.

77% of new members in February 2021 were already on MeetMe!

57% of new members in February 2021 were looking for a fuck.

37% of New Members in February 2021 Were Looking for a Fuck and a Friend and a Date

4% of new members in February 2021 were looking for a fuck, a friend and a date.

0% of new members in February 2021 were looking for a romance.

0% of new members in February 2021 were looking for a romance and a friend.

0% of new members in February 2021 were looking for a romance, a friend and a date.

Member activity at MeetMe! in February 2021 in comparison

MeetMe! Member Structure

Review Written By: Amber Abolin Growing up, it was always the case that friends came before everything else. When you were a kid, you would do just about anything for your friends — even skip class (but we all did at some point, right?).

However, as we grow up, we find that our principal purpose in life is not so much to become a friend to all, but to become a friend to a select few. In other words, we are now focused on our careers and our families. [Read: 5 secrets to building stronger friendships in the workplace]

While being a friend isn’t a bad thing (look at how close we all are with our besties), it can be hard to find one that is fulfilling because we always say no to things, like going out for drinks.

MeetMe offers a new way to meet new people without coming off as desperate and without feeling like you are being used. [Read: The benefits of being a strong friend]

MeetMe is the company behind this dating site. I couldn’t find out who they are because they don’t have a website. Being a smaller company, this is not surprising. This gives you an opportunity to have a say in what the MeetMe site is like and allows them to listen to your feedback.

Signing Up at MeetMe!

Members who have pre-paid for their subscription before their monthly deadline will be able to log in after the 1st few minutes of February 21, 2021, and will be able.

The subscription fee charged to your account will start from when you activated your 1st paid membership.

You can cancel your account at any time with the one-time or regular billing option through your MeetMe app.

Making Contact on MeetMe!

Our friends at MeetMe have had a lot of fun with this group so far. We’ve done what all the cool kids do and placed a personal MeetMe ad in a phone book.

Well, we were not able to get a day-time phone number, so we have to do it by text. But it works. And it should increase the participation even further, as my husband will tell you now.

=== TIP ===

Most texts use the word "OMG" without being able to stop oneself from doing so. The real problem with the text world is that there is no way to tell a person that their text was totally lame and inappropriate, without them finding it first. So you are going to need to manage your text communications very very carefully.

You'll need to choose an appropriate manner to address any new MeetMe members.

For example…

My husband (49) is into health promoting activities, so I (36) sent the following:

"My husband (49) is into health promoting activities, so we (35) are going to be increasing our MeetMe (34) activity and starting to (33) hand and eye the trailer. If (32) that appeals to you, please (31) send me a (30) message."


A good response. Granted it was a guy; but it was a good response.

MeetMe! Profile Quality

MeetMe is a personals app that you can join for free.

It is a platform that lets you search for people from all over the world based on their dietary preferences, common hobbies, and other information that they share in their profile.

This app allows you to find people who share your passions with you, be it learning a new language, working out, baking, or just staying in.

They have some educational or even certifications in languages so you can join people who know the same language as you do and possibly help you learn that language as well!

MeetMe! App

MeetMe is probably the most trustworthy and approachable app around. It’s a dating site where you can meet singles in your area. The app has an interface that is very user-friendly. You don’t need to have a ton of experience in order to use the app.

The best feature about the app is that the people who you meet on MeetMe are genuine. They are not fake people who are trying to trick you. The site is very safe and secure.

With the previous MeetMe Review we did just a few months ago, we gave the app only three stars.

That was because of some issues that the company was facing. The problems where resolved and the site is a lot better than it was back then. We have since increased the rating on the app. We've seen a huge increase in the number of members on the site and the number of contacts with new people.

The problem around the site today is that you can only actually meet and talk with people who are interested. It’s hard to have a live chat with someone if you want to have real, live conversations and not just randomly hit a button and chat with them.

It’s good that there is this way to do that, but if there would be something to facilitate communication between the people, that would solve the problem.

MeetMe! Real Life Review

Cell phone companies like Verizon and Samsung have created a new way for students to connect with one another and it seems like this might be the next big thing. The only drawback is you have to be at a wifi hotspot to use it.

MeetMe is a new phone application that lets you and your friends contact each other at different locations. It works by showing you a list of your friends and a map of the area, which is all right in the middle of the phone. Click on a name to call that person, or click on a pin on the map to find a friend who is around there.

At first this seems like a great way to meet new people, but most people don’t know how to make the right connections at school. In almost all cases, students assume they have to talk to their best friends at school to meet new people.

Taking the time to talk to people who don’t sit with them in class or know them very well is a great way to make new friends. When you’re at lunch and someone points out that there is a girl at a table all alone, don’t automatically shriek and rush to talk to her.

Design and Usability

Everything about the app is perfect for me. It’s mobile optimized, so I don’t have to worry about having the right interface for my screen resolution during my streams.

The app is very easy to use, which makes it easy for me to jump online and start chatting as soon as I open it.

There’s no learning curve when it comes to using the app, and I didn’t need to read any instruction manual before I became active on the platform.

The forum is very user-friendly, and the community is helpful. Overall, the app is well-designed and I had no issues.

MeetMe! Costs and Prices

MeetMe provides a lot of value and an extensive collection of templates to help get your business started. It is a beginning platform for small independent web site owners to connect, market, and sell online.

The company’s website is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create a social media presence for themselves. The idea is to allow businesses to not only use MeetMe to help customers and clients find them online, but also to effectively promote their businesses to their existing networks.

MeetMe has an impressive collection of templates to allow users to create various kinds of network sites on either the MeetMe site or their own domain.

For the small business owner, this means that they can create a professional business network website at a low cost…yes, it really is a low-cost solution compared to a lot of the networks out there.

The drawback is that these templates are honestly pretty basic; they are set up to act as a small business directory or a social media profile, but they don’t allow users to do any more than that.

Users also have the option to bring in content from other sources than themselves, like blogs or news updates, which is a great feature.

The company’s platform does have several features that help users more easily integrate their content themselves…but still, it leaves something to be desired.

Is MeetMe! expensive or cheap?

MeetMe is more expensive to use than for people to pay. There is no subscription fee, and the one time investment can range a lot from user to user.

You can pay as much or as little as you want.

There are extra costs if you want to use more than 15 people at once, however.

The costs can be rather hard to pin down exactly, depending on how you use the meetup feature.

If you are just looking for a cheap option to make a few phone calls or send some emails, the website is very reasonable to use.

If you want to include more than five people at once, there are extra costs.

The price of six or seven is a good deal, though.

Whether you plan to use the service for an hour or a day, the price you pay is the same. This makes the website very affordable regardless of how you want to use it.

The variability in pricing is not an issue, so you can choose the price that feels best for you.

When you are looking for a low monthly fee, most other services can be found for less. This is good if you are only looking to do a few things and don’t want to pay for every extra minute.

It is interesting that even if the month fee is cheap, when you are using the service for a long time the extra minutes can add up quickly.

Special Features


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  • How often should a gravel siphon and an algae magnet be used?
  • Why do you need to change the filter media every few months?

Secret Admirer

The Idea:

Secret admirer is a hookup app similar to Tinder. The only difference is that you can make a profile based on looks only.

MeetMe Live

The MeetMe App (MeetMe Live Chat and Chat Rooms) is a great alternative to video chat if you do not have a preferred partner, or if you do not want to actually meet them, but just want to talk to them. Or, you could do something similar to the SetTrials Site – use the MeetMe App for something like a survey or something in that matter. The MeetMe App allows you to see your webcam and microphone, so you know who is having a conversation with you. You can also join groups or just chat with people looking to have a one-on-one chat. You will need to create an account to do that, which is fairly easy to do.


It is a platform that allows people to communicate and meet new people.

Editors Conclusion

MeetMe was founded in 2015 and aims to bring together people seeking to find love, friendship and fun through dating, socialising and browsing.

MeetMe’s mission is to search for shelter, harmony and inspiration…through the power of technology. Their vision is to provide the quickest way to make contact with people around you through mobile dating, and to allow those people to create the right connections.

We reviewed MeetMe in December 2017 to see if this ½ ½-Hour Mobile Dating App really works as they claim or not.

There are more than 3 million singles living within ten miles of your location, if you want the quickest way to connect with them and to meet someone, MeetMe is an App that you should try.

This dating App is FREE to download and to use, it is totally safe & secure and you can meet hundreds of new people. All you have to do is to register your email address and move to the next step.

Once registered, all it takes is a few seconds to download the App and it is ready to use.

If you already use MeetMe before, I strongly suggest that you to log on with your existing account, you can log in within seconds and you are good to see all the matches that you have already met before.

MeetMe! FAQ

What are MeetMe co-workers up to?

Can MeetMe meet “impatient” deadlines?

Where are MeetMe files located?

Do I forget about MeetMe all day?

In MeetMe, is it important to talk on the phone?

Is the MeetMe application secure?

How secure is MeetMe from my end?

Why can’t I download MeetMe on my computer?

Can I download MeetMe on the go?

What are the different MeetMe plans?

Does MeetMe do bulk emails?

How do I choose the right plan?

How do I get my MeetMe account ready for billing?

How do I change my billing plan?

Do I need to have a credit card to pay?

What is the duration of a billing cycle?

How can I make payments?

What are the pricing plans?

What are the costs of MeetMe?

How do I create an invoice?

How do I invoice for a free trial?

Do I need to be in the office to run MeetMe?

Why do I need to get a P-in-L license?

Is MeetMe supported by Jabber?

What is MeetMe?


Im not going to lie, this was not the funniest game ever. But one thing that always makes a good game great is the characters and MeetMe certainly has some great characters. MeetMe is a puzzle game where a robot is trying to cling on to balloons to avoid being crushed. The aim is to fit all of the characters in their cell out of 60, but the character in the corner is the hardest to place.

Brief History

MeetMe has been out for a year, but has just recently been released in the App store and PlayStore. Having been released about 2 weeks ago, this is already the most updated review of any game I have ever reviewed. We can definitely see that the developers, who are known as Storkio, are working really hard to get MeetMe out there.


There are 3 levels of difficulty, with the last one being completely impossible to complete. There is 30 levels in total, with a recommended difficulty level of around 25, which should not be too much of a challenge.

Game Modes

There are 2 game modes, vs the clock and less than 100 seconds. The vs the clock levels are liked at a tradeable level while the less than 100 seconds are time attack levels. The time attack levels are the easiest of the game modes, while the tradeable levels are at level 26 difficulty which is just a step under impossble.

Is MeetMe a dating site?

MeetMe is a social networking site that;s part social network and part dating site.

Although some users may use it for dating it’s not promise you will meet someone with your profile.

It’s towards the end of the process when you start to get matches however.

MeetMe is global so therefore it it’s a great place for people to meet, not only those living in an area but also those travelling or who are more than likely to be travelling.

There’s a great section on the side of the main site for looking for romantic partners, they have various sections including country specific options.

It’s a great place to check out if you’re likely to be travelling in the near future, perhaps you’re going on a holiday in the next few months, or you like the idea of going on a trip for work in the next couple of years then it’s a great place to find someone to share the adventure with, whether you’re travelling around the world or just inside one country.

There are a lots of people who use MeetMe as a casual dating site, it’s a great place to meet other people or friends who are on the site.

Where can i download the MeetMe App?

MeetMe is an app that you can download on iOS and Android.


It is very easy to setup and start scheduling meetings. When creating a meeting you can choose between a preset time, a custom time, a phone call or just a text message. For events you can choose to add a location, location only, send the event to your phone etc.

If you are making a phone call, you can choose from your phone book or from the call history.

There are lots of different options when creating a meeting as you can see on the following screenshot.

While signing in it is a bit slow, especially if you are not using the free plan.

Afterwards you can add people directly in the dashboard, via the manual adding of their information etc. The following screenshot shows an inviting email that I could use. If I wanted to add people from my phone I would have to download the app which is simple and easy to do.

Even when created, the invite does not open in the app, but in a browser. Useless for inviting people. So you need to manually open the invite in the app.

I also tested the MeetMe app on my iPad and was pleasantly surprised that you can work with it like easy.

So there are lots of ways to invite people. But that is not where it ends, since you can manage the agenda for every single meeting as well.

How does MeetMe work?

MeetMe is an instant messaging application that lets you talk with anybody else who has the application. With the MeetMe app, you can search for other users by their profile, location, age, and gender, then you can hit a button, and you can chat with them right away.

Unlike Facebook Messenger which is basically a free alternative to Whatsapp, MeetMe has a subscription service. Once you sign up, you can choose to either pay monthly or yearly for the service. After you register in the app and create a profile for yourself, you can choose to create a weekly schedule to guarantee that you will always be able to chat with your contacts.

MeetMe allows you to make video calls, audio calls, and screen shares, and you can even send a voice message sticker on top of any of the three messaging methods.

In relation to security, MeetMe does have some safeguards, such as end-to-end encryption, so the people you are messaging are the only people who can actually read your messages. And with the version of encryption MeetMe uses, there’s no way for someone to spy on your conversation.

Can i use MeetMe for free?

Yes, currently the MeetMe app is totally free.

MeetMe App is regulated and there are no paid subscriptions for this app.

A Perfect App For Social interaction and some data about you are send to MeetMe company.

This is Just for free use duration of 8 months.

Already you used platform of MeetMe.

There will be a meeting option which is avail to users.

1st step is to add your friend’s contact and you can see their photo, who are you are connected to meet.

Step 2: you can just now to invite your friend and get connected.

You must be connected with the same social network.

What should I do when MeetMe is down?

It seems MeetMe, the video sharing app for desktop and mobile, has been suffering from an outage for almost a full week now. When the server went down on the 11th of February, there were quite a few people who lost their videos, private chats, and a few people lost data altogether.

Facebook, the main company behind the app, seems to be doing everything they can to get the app back up as fast as possible. It’s being worked on, and there are pieces of information from the employees to let us know it’s happening. The updates on when they think they’ll have support for the most commonly used features again will be posted on this page.

In the meantime, all we can do is wait and hope everything goes back to normal as soon as possible. Many of the people who use MeetMe are upset about having to sit by and watch their accounts die.

The good news is that Facebook has a section, “How to use your MeetMe data” on their website to help you with the transition and can update you when the features you use will be returning.


What protocols does MeetMe use to protect my stuff?

MeetMe uses secure Tor with OpenSSL and AES-256-GCM. You can find a more detailed description of the encryption protocol at the end of this article.

What do I do if I forget the password?

If you forget your password, please check this article.

Does MeetMe store my credentials in their own database?

No. You can read more about this in this article.

Is my data encrypted in the browser?

Yes. Full encryption happens in the browser with AES and SHA1.

Does MeetMe store my data on their own servers?

No. Not all data is stored on the server. Instead, it’s encrypted and uploaded to the cloud on your phone. Your credential and your address are not stored on the server, and only a small amount of metadata is stored on the server.

Can MeetMe access my data without me knowing?

No. Access to your data is controlled by a key. Neither MeetMe nor any other party has access to your data, except for the phone on which it is stored.

Does MeetMe keep a record of my metadata?

Is MeetMe safe?

You did not find your question? Ask us!

If you haven't already, you can ask questions (free) in two of the languages available in MeetMe app and we will answer them! You can use the following options:

  • Chat with us
  • Send us a direct message
  • Get answers to your questions on the public discussion board

Share your MeetMe! experience

My experience: Been using MeetMe since 2018. MeetMe is especially useful for heavy smokers. Regular and focused meetings with each of your friends. I have seen my colleagues’ health improvement.

In 2018, I had little time and lost track of my group of friends. I couldn’t properly manage my social life.MeetMe help me to keep track about all the most important things in my life.

More information on MeetMe!:

The service is not free, but it offers several features to help users get more value than paying for a website monitor like that of UptimeRobot.

Personalized Recommendation

MeetMe manages an instant messaging community with over 100 million active users.

It’s a place where you can chat with your friends as well as with someone you just met.

There are tons of features, so many in fact that it’s difficult to describe them all. This is a simplistic breakdown of some of the features.


MeetMe can bring someone new into your relationship. When you want to know your friend’s perspective, you’re able to open a conversation with just the two of you if that’s what you prefer.

They can also view your private conversations, photos, and texts. You can do the same.


You can also ask MeetMe to take care of a task for you. Whether you want them to order your coffee, pay your bill, or research a topic for a blog post, MeetMe will help you out.


Would you like to play a game with your friend? Get some help cleaning the house? Look up local restaurants? Ask a friend to get together with you?

All of the features in MeetMe are calculated and personalized based on how you and your friends interact with each other in-app.


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