Meetme! vs Tinder: Which is the better dating site to find true love?

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Online dating has quickly become one of our preferred methods of meeting new people. There are many different options, ranging from Facebook to random dating websites to more traditional web-based dating sites. For those seeking a serious relationship, online dating can be the perfect way to find that special someone. However, there are many who have reservations about the safety of online dating sites. The following is a closer look into both Tinder and Meetme!

Read on to see which one you should choose when it comes to online dating.

Going out and Meeting

Studies have shown that online dating has shown to be a little less successful than going out in person – think the difference between a nightclub and an online dating website. Due to the fact that virtual relationships lack the in-person chemistry that many people look for, those who use such virtual forms of dating often have a difficult time finding love.

Additionally, in a number of cases, there have been instances where people who have been matched with seemingly perfect partners online have met only to discover the person they connected with was a disguised scammer or part of a criminal enterprise.

With these facts in mind, it’s not difficult to understand why both Tinder and Meetme! are hotly debated among online dating aficionados.

More information on Tinder:

Tinder is an app that I can't help but cringe eyed when I think about it. I can only imagine a scenario where two numbers are matched, which would later end in battery acid if one of those people was like me.

But, hey, I suppose that's the joy of dating (for some people). Still, if you ask me, I'll tell you that you can do way better than Tinder. There's a lot of dating sites out there, and yes, I understand how sometimes nothing else will do.

But, if you're looking to meet someone that you can actually see yourself with, then I highly suggest you try

The idea behind this dating website is pretty simple. Download it. There's no real reason to do so, you know, unless you're super weird or super desperate for love. But then I guess that's really up to you. You could do that too.

Websites like Meetic and OkCupid take the hard work out of meeting new guys and girls. They're called "matchmakers," for a reason. On these websites, you can browse the profiles of everyone who is even remotely available. When you meet someone that you like, you can swipe right to indicate your interest. Depending on the other person's replies, you could potentially meet up.