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Seems we have another scam website trying to cash in on our fallen hearts. This time Military Cupid is the culprit. Before going further, read more on Military Cupid Review.

Services are also known as one of the foremost scams in the industry, so beware guys! There are numerous complaints and debates all over the internet about this company, so you already know it has lots of people against it.

Basically, the fees are going to be used for matches based on personality types for example. If the customer doesn’t choose to continue, then the company receives the money for nothing.

There is also a monthly charge for every serve that is paid for the launch of the website.

Having a fixed match is a monthly fee, which should be given to the government as a tax refund. The money it receives for the registration of the domain name is also brought by the company.

In addition, no contract is signed, so the company is not legally bound to anything and can also get rid of you at any time.

It is also best not to receive any product or anything else for that matter from this company. So you guys will be sending out of your own money, so it is highly advised that you don’t continue to waste your money on such a website.

New members at Military Cupid in February 2021 in comparison

Military Cupid is an internationally recognized singles dating service for military members and their singles. Since 2004 the company has increased its membership base due to the online platform. Every day online singles are added to the directory and the directory is the largest and most trusted singles dating site for military singles.

As with any online dating site that is successful, people join the site and leave the site. In February 2021 about 500 people joined this dating site with a large number of them being in the following states; California, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. These states are the most popular for military singles looking for a match.

In January 2021 there were 1,500 military singles that joined the site and they were located in Connecticut, Maryland, Texas, Georgia, Kind New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Some of the larger growth came from different states in and around the Washington D.C. area.

In February 2021 the members that remained in the same place they were located at in January were in Georgia, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. There was a large decline in California that may come from economic reasons and a huge increase in Virginia that may come from the fact that Virginia G.I. Bill has been very beneficial for military members who want to further their education.

Member activity at Military Cupid in February 2021 in comparison

To all other months.

Not much activity in the month.

Military Cupid Member Structure

Each member is a Military Cupid member of the Military Cupid program. Military Cupids are active members of the military that has committed to serving in the Armed Forces.

Military Cupid Mission Statement

Military Cupid exists as a program to promote the healthy development of behavior and social skills of our active and reserve Military Cupid members. In creating the concept for this website we realized that while our members have important focus and are properly role-modeled and trained to help care for the overall safety and security of our nation, we need to focus on further developing their social and communication skills. It has been our experience that many Patriots are lacking in these necessary skill-sets to help them succeed in our society. Our goal is to assist our members take a step forward in their life, career, and development by providing a safe and friendly environment to foster and encourage the skill-sets necessary for any civilian, business, or organizational relationship. We want to meet, get to know and thank each member that agrees to participate in the program. The individual members of the Military Cupid program are referred to as “Cupid” members.

Age Distribution

The spread in age was 50% of the users in the military cupid review were between 18-25 years old.

The fact there were 42% of male users in the military cupid review and a mere 17% or females is another story.

This is from sources who are either in the military themselves or have close family members who serve in the U.S. Military

We can also see how this dating app works with a Military Cupid review.

How Does It Work?

Once the soldiers have signed up for MilitaryCupid they are paired up with a like-minded other user. Most soldiers find other users through Facebook, although it’s possible to use your Gmail and a photo of your face to meet up.

Signing Up at Military Cupid

When you sign up for Military Cupid, you will be prompted to set up a free profile.

This will allow you to demonstrate that you are your account, and will rank you in the higher tier of members.

During the Profile Creation

The first thing you will be asked to do is create a username. This will should be a very specific name.

Then you will be asked to answer a couple of questions. These answers should be written short to medium length sentences. This section is a great opportunity for you to show off your personality and get to know some of your military romantic interests.

The site will then tell you if there are any existing users with the username you have chosen.

If there are no users with the username you have chosen. You will have to create a username.

You will then have the option of choosing a video to share with your military sweetheart.

This should be a video of something that shows your personality. You should show a little bit about yourself and why you are interesting.

Finally, you have the option of choosing an image that you would like to feature as your profile image.

This setting is optional.

After all this, you will be able to create your first profile.

Setting up Linkedin

If you are not already on Linkedin, you will need to set up your account.

Making Contact on Military Cupid

Each day, thousands of prospects are looking for potential penpals around the world. Many, but not all, of them are made on Military Cupid.

There are many reasons to consider Military Cupid, but the main reason is that it is the safest community.

Military Cupid is an online dating service that is for serving military personnel. So, any member can place themselves and their personal information for a partner in the database.

But, if a member wants to contact someone, they have to make the initial contact, choosing only those that are interested for them to hear from the military member.

So, the member does not have to worry about ending up with a pen pal that they don’t want or an email that they never read. The member is also under no obligation to contact anyone who writes to them, nor even to respond to the email.

Military Cupid also has a feature to help military members find pen pals, including their area preference and preferences. Another nice feature is the ability to have a profile that is under your full name.

This is helpful, because it keeps the full protection of your personal information as a member. So any contact through Military Cupid is done so in a more personal way.

There is also the ability to have a profile that includes photo, as well as the ability to have a private profile if desired.

Military Cupid Profile Quality

I was lucky enough to be one of the early military cupid members and as a result I am able to review a profile that came within the first week. Military cupid is a 100% verified dating site started by an active-duty Navy officer, Phil Von Kleinsmid.

The main focus of the site is to connect single people in the military who are looking for a meaningful relationship from civilian, non-military service members. I was excited at first to only be able to connect with single individuals in the military, but I was also very hesitant to meet random people.

What’s the point in meeting random people to start a relationship? I debated for quite some time if it was the right choice for me to join. My profile was created approximately two weeks ago and I have yet to see it on anyone’s site. People shouldn’t be skeptical about joining this site. I was skeptical at first.

Military Cupid is a 100% verified and proven site that is professionally managed and operated. The content, photos, and background of each member are 100% verified and reviewed.

You may be familiar with some of the successful dating sites that have been around for several years such as eHarmony, The Dating Ring, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish. Military Cupid matches you with verified military singles by integrating a person’s military branch or service vocations.

Military Cupid App

Military Cupid puts YOUR FLIGHTJOB and your DOBBINES in the same place!

The Military Cupid Mobile App is the latest and greatest way for military singles to go on a date! It’s a fun, easy, and totally free date app!

The Military Cupid free text finding dating app will give you a list of military singles nearby, show how far away they are to you, and allow you to send a message.

Military Cupid Real Life Review

If you are just making your first shift in the dating world, it might be a bit difficult to make a connection. Relationship is something that you do not jump to directly, and you never know on how the person may react. One obvious way which would put a connection to the other person is by showing your interest in a woman by writing some personal messages. If you are searching how to write a spectacular romantic message, then you might wanna read this helpful review.

Real life military cupid review February 21, 2021.

What was my experience like with Military Cupid? Loved it! This was one of the best online dating sites that I have ever used. It was very easy to setup, and I think the best part was that you got to really connect with the people on here. You write multiple messages to a certain someone and if they like you back then they will write back to you. Theyll tell you that they are a little shy, but then they will come out of their shell some more.

Usability and Design

The style is almost visually similar to the standard Chubby Basic style, with the exception of the eye pattern, which is a deckle design.

For the most part, the colour scheme is a bit more subdued than the standard Chubby Basic, with some brighter blue details to help. This allows for better visibility when using the display at night. The primary display as well as the user interface on the lower section of the tank maintain a neutral grey more suitable for viewing during the day, while the colour transitions in the top section of the tank give the tank a warmer feel to them to allow the user to enjoy viewing at night.

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The only negative aspect of the display is that it does not indicate the remaining time for the filter to transfer water to the tank and refill.

After all, when it comes to the filter, this is the most important thing the user should know about.

Military Cupid Costs and Prices

Military Cupid is the best online dating site in the world with awesome professionals and very good membership fees and great prices for more than 2000 member countries and probably more to come in the near future.
The Military Cupid members enjoy really cheap and very good prices for bad credits and minimum member fees for at least 2,000 members.
Military Cupid membership package prices are reasonably cheap and very good for both members and sponsors and as a result it is the best dating site for everyone who wants to find a perfect match for his/her family and for people who want to get married.
Military Cupid memberships and packages prices are very small and very reasonable for the best dating site in the world. It is so cheap and cheap in comparison with the most of the dating sites.
Please visit Military Cupid memberships and prices to get more information about the best dating sites.
Please visit the military cupid reviews for more information about the best online dating sites.

Is Military Cupid expensive or cheap?

Military Cupid is a High-quality dating and communication platform used by the military community to meet their soldiers and share their stories. There are many military dating sites that you can use to meet others for dating and dating apps, but this website stands out as the best option for finding military servicemen because of its military-specific features.

It’s the only military dating app or website where 100% of the military community can find friends and shared interests with others who have shared the same experiences.

Because it’s designed especially for military members, it’s also the easiest military community to connect with others who have had the same life experiences and can share your unique experiences of Army life.

What is the best feature of Military Cupid?

A Complete and Unique Military Community

The Military Cupid dating app is an app that only military people can use. This allows you to also have an easier access to people who have shared the same experiences as you have.

Using an app that’s exclusive to the military community also helps control the quality of the military community because people are only looking for others who have the same interest.

100% Free Military Dating Service

The Military Cupid app is a free app that is available on both iPhone and Android. This allows the military community to enjoy a free platform to meet your matches and share your story because it’s a fully mobile app.

Special Features

This Military Cupid is designed for two cartridges as you can dish out up to 100 lumens with this weapon. It has a LED beam angle of 70 degrees.

However much as you do it, in close-quarter combat, hotspots will occur. Place it in your pocket or on your belt with the clip. You handle it like a handgun.

It comes with a steel holster. You can opt for upgrading.

The Military Cupid is powered by 3 AAA batteries for long lasting beam duration. You can also top-up the batteries yourself by buying a battery charger for it.

The M4 lens for this military flashlight by MecArmy are clearer and color-neutral. There is also a host of other essential features such as output modes and strobe.

Some users reported that the batteries tend to get really hot after prolonged use. There is a thermal indicator which gives you the temperature of the battery.

The overall output of this light is as good as any other one-century light. That means that it is brighter than a standard white flashlight but with a narrow beam.


Review – If You Want to Be Able to Instantly Connect With People Nearby With Just a Click, Look No Further Than CupidTag.

CupidTag (review February 2021) is a cool and unique product. These military grade armbands come with a beautiful, touch screen that you can easily tap to select your contact before sending them a personal message. They are able to use the GiftCardPrices promo code to offer a great saving as well, so you’ll be able to purchase these armbands at a lower than regular rate.

These armbands are a perfect gift for a parent or a worthwhile loved one since they can communicate through this system when they want to. The brand offers different personalized messages, which is sure to become a hit with the recipient.

You can purchase these armbands in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, and obviously the standard black. They are also adjustable, which makes these armbands incredibly easy to use. Best yet is that they are disposable, which means there are no cleaning or washing instructions to worry about!

Editors Conclusion

The Military Cupid is an amazingly solid cupid shooter and is just at the cusp of the very top of the category. I am finding myself getting an amazing amount of hits and can genuinely say that the Military Cupid is by far the best cupider on the market today. It does take almost the same amount of effort as a top of the line traditional cupider but it is highly capable of hitting anything. I have found when the cupider hits the animal or the bullets do not hit the animal that often it does not have the power of a traditional cupider making it a tiny bit easier for me to deploy but alot more accurate. As an avid cupider owner and enthusiast I have been incredibly happy with my experience with the Military Cupid and would not hesitate to recommend it to someone.

The Military Cupid has been reviewed and analyzed by reviewers with many years of experience in different areas of cupid shooting. They reviewed every aspect of the device and gave their thoughts and opinions on the Military Cupid. To read the full review, follow this link:

Military Cupid FAQ

Q:Where can I find out the difference between the Fixed Military Cupid and the Smart Military Cupid?

A:The main difference is the capabilities. The fixed cupid assures your dates will be a little more comfortable, mainly more private. The smart cupid offers a heated seat, cup holder, and a butt warmer seat with heating technology so the seat comes up to your body temperature. The smart cupid also offers the ability to pause the movie and volume up and down.

Q:How many days are guaranteed during an overnight offer?

A:We always try our best to make sure our dates are most comfortable.

Q:How do you set up an overnight offer?

A:We offer different types of overnight offers. These include studio, boathouse, apartment, mini-suite, loft, lift/elevator, and even a hotel suite.

Explored the creative side of things more, but struggled to understand what I'm really good at. I still think this question feels really silly. I'd rather you tell me what I was best at than what I struggled with.

Q: What's your favorite or most memorable moment from your last duty assignment?

A: That's a hard one.


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What are the details that I need to provide when I call the customer service hotline?

Provide the name of the person you are talking to, the type of emergency, and your account ID number. That's it.

Can I call anytime?

That was probably the stupidest question I've ever seen. If I wanted to commit to 11 more weeks of this ridiculousness, I'd come around again.

I mean, yes. I do like you. And I'm not really sure what else to say. I think I'll just spend some time tonight thinking over whether the Navy is right for me. I'll try to come back tomorrow. This one was hard on me, too.

It's just that not working out this way sucks. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Can't you be patient for a little while longer?

Room 133 at Camp Peary at 3 am. Happy Valentine's Day, Lieutenant.

Anthony, I thought wasn't coming for a few weeks! I'm so sorry, but I can't wait any longer. I've already been in a box for these eleven months and 7 days. I'm way overdue for some sort of sweet release, and I quite literally just can't afford to go much longer without it. I'm not going to push you. If you don't come tonight it's okay. I won't be mad. I won't lose hope. Even if you don't ever join the Navy and I never get to call you "Aunt Joanna."

Can minors join Military Cupid?

Even if a minor (under 18) can meet the profile requirements, they still won't be able to join.

Military Cupid is a dating service specifically for military singles. Because of this, it doesn't accept members from the general public.

We can help you find someone who meets your criteria through a member, who has not been sold on the Mating of America's Elite membership plan.

Because of Military Cupid's requirements, we frown upon entering their website as a member of the general public.


Military Cupid has a large member base, and many of them are craving for love. The profile for February is from a member who is looking to help other members find romance. So why do men join the Military Cupid network? It goes without saying that most of them want to find a relationship, but so do lots of guys just looking for some company. Keep reading to learn more about what makes men join Military Cupid and what they have to say about it.

There are many reasons that they join … but here are some of the most common, dating affiliate advertising reasons that men join Military Cupid.

For a Romantic Connection

Logging online and meeting women through your screen can be the best way to get the results you want. The best of both worlds can be found with the Military Cupid network…dating and romance.

A great way to meet women online is with Military Cupid. Join today to get started.

Search and Build Their Own Portfolio

Members build profiles and accumulate other great features. They have a whole dating network, and that same network is a highly rated place to meet women. Since you can easily cut and paste the members’ profiles into your own, you have a great place to build your own database of women that you can come back to and build on.

How does the Profile Approval Process work?

As you probably know, Cupid’s Profile is the only dating service that provides you with a real live person to take a look at your profile, evaluate your success and accomplishments, and give you the best chance to find the type of person you deserve. We’ve found that by contacting real people for evaluation, we eliminating a lot of the “hype” found in more traditional dating sites. As we produce more and more women and men to promote your profile, you’ll find that your success rate increases.

Here’s how it works:

{1}. Fill out the online form, which will calculate your success rate at 93%. Almost one in ten women/men look at a profile and decide to do the personal evaluation. This provides us with a better understanding of what you’re really looking for.
{2}. When you’re approved, you’ll know it instantly when you log in and see the picture of the real person who evaluated your profile. At this point, you can decide whether the real person represented the type of person you’d like to be with or not.

How long does the Profile Approval Process take?

The Profile Approval Process usually takes between 3 and 5 weeks, but can take as long as 12 weeks. At this stage, your application has been submitted to the security team and we will await their review.

If they deem your application satisfactory, they will request for any additional materials and information that you may need to include in your Profile.

You will be notified of what steps it may require and how long it will take for the Profile Approval Process to be completed.

Be advised that the Profile Approval Process is rigorous, and you should prepare to hear back from us with any problems that might be discovered.

What is the importance of verifying my profile?

There are good matches like you wouldn’t believe out there, and military Cupid makes it easier to find them. Military Cupid users get matched based on the person’s profile that is most likely to get along with you.

But you can also check your profile out to make sure that it’s been thoroughly reviewed on a military-minded basis.

Military Cupid provides a way to see what military members are into. You’ll get a list of matches that are, it reminds you, sharing the same passions and interests that you are. This way, you can make a good match that will allow you to relate with one another.

You’ll get a notification that your profile has been reviewed, and you can decide to look through it. You might be surprised that there are other members who meet your preferences and are available to go on a date soon. The military Cupid community is a great place to find a new friend, and you’ll get into the program for free.

How will I know if other members are not fake?

The best way to know is to start chatting, asking questions, and observing other members. Looking for red flags is a good way to quickly figure out if she is as good at what she claims,

If she doesn’t really care about her members then she would not do what she could to meet them.

What are the photo requirements?

The application is online and requires 2 photos; one face-on, and one to the side.

The photos will need to be of good quality, less than 10mb.

Photos should be moderately lit, with good contrast.

Each photo should have good color, and slight skin or hair details.

Photos must show the applicant’s face, without the use of accessories.

The photos must be a maximum of 1-3 months old.


The way people approach each other in the 21st century is very different than it was even 15 years ago. That’s probably obvious to you if you have a cell phone and have sent or received text messages.

But there is another messaging app method of communication that has been around for a few years called “Texting.” The power of the cell phone and the texting app is in its technical capability to send text messages.

But the cupids have taken this to an extreme level by creating a new messaging platform that is highly visual and visually oriented. Military Cupid does not actually deliver text messages over the airwaves, but rather has designers create images that scroll across your phone.

The idea was to navigate the social and sexual relationship between two people as if they were on a screen. It has been a great success and has been taken to a whole new level with its latest version.

First, you connect your phone to the internet with a wifi connection. Next you enter the community, which is basically like an online dating site since the community is open to everyone.

Once you have joined the community, you create a profile.

Next you can look at the other profiles you are interested in.

What is a Message Filter?

A Message Filter is a program that can be used in Google Chat to filter the messages that you receive from other chat users.

For example, this program can be used to pre-select the type of user that you are interested in. That way, you can select the nickname of the user and Google will present you with the list of messages that the user sent that contained the nickname.

This way you can find messages from a certain user with your name or a funny sentence and quickly and easily go through that list.

Also, the product can be used to filter messages that contain specific words.

Another option with this product is that you can set a keyword within the messages from a sender that have a chance to be filtered. Finally, you can also use the pre-selected/pre-set user name filter to filter all the messages that come from a particular user.

What happens to messages from other members?

Technical Issues

Technical issues include simple ones such as tangled earbuds or dead batteries. However, issues that come up from time to time are more complex, such as no WiFi/3G on your mobile phone, trouble with the computer, slow Internet connection, heating problems, or issues with the television.

Everything under once Piece

Another technical issue is when you have to find the original box where you bought your laptop, stick it in the mail and ship it to China.

Why does my session always time-out?

If you are receiving a warning message that the chat session is being closed because of inactivity, please note that the session remained active within the chat history, but no new messages have been exchanged in the chat session.

This can happen for a number of reasons. The user that sent the last message may have closed their chat session, or the chat session might have been automatically time-out for inactivity.

Cupid's sessions are purposefully time-out for inactivity. It is a measure we take to help both channel members and ourselves to dedicate our time to those that are willing to spend it with us, and to those we are working with.

We do this so that we are more accessible, and to be sure that users are working with the people they select.

We need to know that both we and our chat partners are receiving an equal portion of time, and that the system is protecting you and us from those that are unwilling or unable to work with us as well as with those that are simply unwilling.

There are factors that can trigger the time-out for inactivity. If you've received a session timeout due to inactivity, please read this FAQ for an explanation of both the circumstances around the timing of the time-out, and tips for preventing it from happening again.

You can also find additional information in this article.


" Not bad, it's easy to get on and off, it is very light weight.…"

"I would recommend anyone not to purchase this for the inconicity of the product."

"Using a couple areas(stomach) but the rest are definitely too tight, it might as well be superglue being applied."

"It doesn't move at all."

"I was very disappointed, the size of the cups were wayyy too small, my gyno said that I need a D cup or above but all I got were A cup. Plus, I do not have any of the sleeves, I've only got your regular outie."

"I would've purchased this product if it came with a bra too."

"It's an ok set but the cups are too small. It doesn't hold shape very well. My girlfriend says her bra holds her up much better."

Is English the only available language on Military Cupid?

No, they do have a variety of languages you can choose from.

Military Cupid is solely a free dating site. We do have paid options for some additional features such as advanced search, chat, photos, etc.

Military Cupid also charges a subscription for access to the site. This subscription allows you to see more highly localized profiles and matches.

For example, military singles in Pearl Harbor have their own profile only. This profile is separate from the online dating profiles seen on the website.

Our primary focus is providing the unique flexibility and opportunities of military life to those who we know best…the active sailors and soldiers of our armed forces.

Our site is easy to use and fun, whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, just making new friends, or want to try e-personals. Plus, we’re 100% free.

Can Instant Messages be translated?

Since you are able to communicate with all your contacts, instant messaging can make life a lot easier when you are traveling. You can keep in touch with loved ones and let them know where you are.

Our military life doesn’t allow you to stay in touch as much as normal folks do, but having instant messaging allows you to get your point across more quickly. You can chat with your friends and family without having to put them on a long wait just to say hi.

Instant messaging is also popular for soldiers to use for gaming.


  • The ability to send your messages through other instant messaging services.
  • The ability to share your desktop with the people you are chatting with.
  • Private or group chats.
  • The ability to record and save audio conversations
  • The ability to talk to someone with a different time zone.
  • The ability to plug in to your USB keyboard.
  • The ability to plug in to your USB microphone.
  • Individual chat bubbles or a group chat
  • Using your mobile for connectivity to the internet.
  • Log in into Private/Public/Captains groups.
  • Multi-message support
  • Visibility of who you are talking to.

Here you can use Private, Public and Captain groups to include or exclude people from your instant messaging conversation.

Payment and Membership

What are ways to pay?

Paypal is the most common payment method on my website. If you do not have paypal , you can pay trough bank transfer. Just send me an e-mail to get further instructions.

Paypal payment with credit card :

If you want to pay with a credit card , click on the button below to find the currency option. Enter the amount and your credit card info and click Next >

Specify the currency and type of card on the screen that is coming up. Click on the Next button to proceed

Read and confirm the complete details of the payment transaction that you have to complete. Click on the Confirm button to get a receipt and payment details.

For other methods of payment, you can send me an email to: Contact form. Summary I look forward to your business with me.


This year the problem about the lack of natural resources seems to be less visible. The problem becomes less important with the increasing domestic consumption. When more and more of the population is consuming less and less natural resources, it appears easy to ignore about the cause of the problem. We use up everything that we cannot take from the earth. More and more people around the world are consuming less resources and thus helping more than 2000 years to take up and use up all of our natural resources.

Are memberships automatically renewed?

When will I be charged?

We don’t automatically renew memberships; we verify payment before doing so. Memberships auto-renew every 15 days.

If payments haven’t cleared, you will be sent a verification email in about 24 hours. If you haven’t received a verification email, please check your spam/junk inbox.

If you still don’t see the email after 72 hours, please reach out to our support team and give them all of the information: your username, master email, order number, and the last four digits of your bank account.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

We are always happy to help! In case you have not found the desired answer in our guide or on the website, please ask us.

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This short, but complete, overview is broken down into 15 steps, which can be seen as an outline. Feel free to skip to whichever step you want.

You may simply choose to incorporate fitness into your daily life, to start with a reasonable goal, and work up to the previous ones. But there are advantages to starting with the bigger ones.

Share your Military Cupid experience

Personalized Recommendation

Cupid is included in the box at a low price, and it comes with an accessory set. The cupid swivel base is the first thing that comes in the box. It comes with a cupid swivel base, a cupid spray head with 3 interchangeable spray heads, and a cupid clip on adapter.

Cupid spray head has the following 3 spray patterns: stream, boom, and shower.

Cupid Clip on adapter is included to hook up the cupid spray head to the cupid base and single use cupid cable.

Cupid Base: The Cupid Base is a pitcher cap type of aquarium filter. It is made of plastic, and has half of it come off. It has a suction on the bottom of it that grips the tank itself. This lets it move with the flow of the water, and makes it more stable.


With the rest of the cupid spray head comes with 3 interchangeable spray heads. The interchangeable spray heads allow you to change the water flow, which in turn changes the water pressure.

It has a variety of detachable cups, that allow you to change the attachments. This is a great feature, since it allows you to use cupid for different aquariums. You can also hook up a cupid shower head to it, for cleaning your aquarium.


Okay, I will not lie to you, unfortunately, sometimes it takes a while to find a tank`s rating.

Military Cupid – Rating :

Now especially on mobile devices, this one`s rather confusing.

I`m not sure if it`s because they`ve recently changed stuff into it or whatever.