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Zero Bullshit = The company’s website is very clear when it comes to the features they offer. It doesn’t just explain what the service is supposed to do and how it does it, it also tells you what the different options are for you to order the service, as well as the kind of people it will serve.

Full Service = The website provides button you can click to find what your options are. When you do so, the site walks you through what each option is and how to order the service.

No Bullshit = When you look at the number of people on the site, you can tell that it’s not just a website for show, it has a lot of people using it. The company has been around for a while and it looks like they have a solid, sustainable business model.

No Wait = The website makes you fill in your information up front and you know exactly how long you will be waiting. The company provides different levels of service, so the price you pay will depend on how quickly you want your product/service to arrive.

Full Service = The website also tells you exactly what your options are, you just have to sign up to order. This helps to make sure that people have choices and it’s a more honest way of doing business.

New members at NewHoney in February 2021 in comparison

  • New members
  • Total members
  • This month compared to last month
  • This month compared to last February

Last Month Compared to Last February

Since the beginning of the year, there were 818 new members joining NewHoney. That means 23% of the total members of NewHoney joined in February.

What about the total number of members?

The total number of members on NewHoney in February is 23,671. That’s 25% more than last February.

The total number of members is increasing the same as the number of new members.

This Month Compared to Last Month

The total number of members of NewHoney increased by 700 members between the months February and March. That’s an increase of 21%.

The number of new members is increasing all the time. Last month, the number of new members of NewHoney increased by 483 after the decrease the month prior. The total number of members was also increasing, for it increased by 193.

That means the number of new members increased by 483.

Member activity at NewHoney in February 2021 in comparison

With the monthly average to the one from the last twelve months.

NewHoney Member Structure

As a fully functional affiliate program that has been announced to already have 8.5K paid members, we were interested in what NewHoney's membership structure was like. After reviewing their payment structure, I was pleasantly surprised by how simple the membership process was. Like I said, they offer a 30% commission rate, so in order to cover our costs, we will need to get at least 150k members to join NewHoney. With the low monthly fee, we can definitely make this happen. Based on NewHoney's newbie profile page, it's clear that NewHoney wants to create a strong positive first impression with their audience and take advantage of Skyscraper Technique. So, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and moved ahead with publishing this review.

Age Distribution

The most of the users surveyed (54 percent) reported an age between 12 and 25. However, the later two thirds of the users (20 percent) reported using the social platform from an older age. 25 of the interviewed users were between 52 and 60 years old.

Signing Up at NewHoney

Com is Easy and Fast

Signing up for NewHoney is easy and quick.

You enter your name, email, password, birthday, zip code, gender, and the credits you would like to purchase.

You can then choose a second email address to sign up. This makes it possible to get multiple discounts and credits.

The most important part is that you can earn and spend "Honeycoins" instead of credit. You can easily earn them once you've signed up for an account.

When you've used up all of your current credits you can get more in exchange for Honeycoins to spend on dates, travel, or even a service like flirting.

It's very easy to use, so there’s nothing for you to worry about, and no nagging emails asking for your account in order.

Making Contact on NewHoney

It’s a common misconception that NewHoney is only about sugarbabes. This feature is a particularly great resource for people who are trying to make the transition into dating.

This is an area where you can get some immediate feedback from real customers. This can help you learn some common issues, such as people not liking first e-mails and the importance of building rapport before diving into wild.

The videos show you how to communicate with an attractive woman in a way that makes her feel comfortable. This will make the experience more enjoyable for her, and will help open more opportunities for you.

The first question you should ask yourself is “What are their favourite forums?” When you reply to their messages, you can choose an option that matches the forum they are in.

This will help you reply to them in a way that is relevant to them and will make them know they have been heard.

For beginners, it is important to know that in the “Who to message” section, you will get suggestions for all of these forums.

As well as that, the website shows you the forums the girl is in, so you can always get an idea of their interests.

The other tips on this website are all excellent. It’s best for you to experience them for yourself, however, so go have some fun.

NewHoney Profile Quality

Of Service ‘NewHoney’ is a well-known and trusted reviews database for the thousands of people who care about their personal health and well-being.

With this review, ‘NewHoney’ first off looks at the top rate in US and UK based on consumer report survey. There are only a handful of well-known, top-rate sites in the industry. For this reason alone, ‘NewHoney’ feels is worthy of being featured on top health and fitness websites.

With ‘NewHoney’ you can be sure that all crucial information is 100% accurate and up to date. All the information provided to the clients by ‘NewHoney’ is accurate and accurate. ‘NewHoney’ provides the latest information and a detailed product report for the ‘Top 10’ best diet pills.

NewHoney App

NewHoney is an uknown but very good app. It is designed to help you to lose weight, to gain muscle mass, and to reward you for your workout. If losing weight, gaining muscle mass or if you are working out regularly.

The NewHoney is an application, which you can say what you want to achieve. It has elements of a game, which will help you to motivate you to follow all your resolutions.

The homepage leads to the main menu, which shows all the targets you have set yourself. Each one has a goal weight, which you will lose, a goal muscle mass you want to achieve, and the time you will need to achieve them.

Underneath the target, you can find both a title and a number, which shows how far along you are to achieving that goal.

The center of the application, the main menu, is accessed by tapping the middle of the screen and works like a menu.

On this menu, you can find a list of your targets, at the top of the page you can find the different subjects of the application. You can browse through the different topics and you will also find all the main functions of the app.

If you choose the top option, you will be brought to a the main part of the homepage where you will have all your goals laid out in front of you.

NewHoney Real Life Review

I’ve been using NewHoney for a couple of weeks now. It actually just came to my attention when I was looking at all the alternatives for both fish tanks and my health.

I looked at a bunch of different websites, some of them are not even very research-based.

Anyway, I chose to try this one because it appealed to me on several levels.

The first thing I’ll talk about is the product.

NewHoney, it’s not their real name for some reason but it’s kind of a cool and awesome name for a health website.

It’s all based around natural products, I like that.

Well, you’re getting natural ingredients, this I think is great, you know, what I’m saying is that they’re not using anything artificial. And that’s what’s really important to me because I just want real ingredients.

I really liked the fact that they have a video on their website where they demo what NewHoney is doing. They show you the support they offer and how you can contact them if you have any questions, which I thought was really, really cool.

Design and Usability

Before purchase, NewHoney told us that this was a modular product. We were told that we could add new modules as they became available, so we bought the set.

According to NewHoney, each module could access your components without needing to change the programming of the product.

That turned out not to be the case.

NewHoney Costs and Prices

This is where most people’s interest ends in this review. It’s probably because they would never pay for a “monthly subscription”. This is, however, the rudest way to look at this website, as New Honey is anything but a monthly subscription.

First of all, some people just can’t afford this at all, so this is not a criticism, but a fact. Now, if you take that fact and really think about it, you will see that it hurts the consumer more than this website does, doesn’t it?

You would expect a website that offers services of all kinds to charge different prices, one for wellness services and one for promotion platforms… Then again, you are not in this business, so it is not for you to decide as to what you should pay for how services.

That being said, New Honey has a very competitive pricing structure. Let’s take us a step through New Honey service. In the first month, the paying subscriber receives 5 services:

NewHoney and NewHoney Addiction are, according to the website, entirely free. We, at Hottest Site Hacks, believe that to be a lie. The site clearly says that this is not the case and that you are paying for it.

Is NewHoney expensive or cheap?

It is cheap to use. You can get your money back after your second week review.

Special Features

While most companies try to pump up their features in order to get you to pay for their product, the NewHoney team doesn’t need to do this. NewHoney has one of the most impressive sets of features we’ve seen in a third party performer.

NewHoney has a 7-year warranty on their product, which is longer than the warranties involved with most manufacturers. The one downside to this is that the 7-year warranty does not mean that NewHoney will offer replacement product for you. You didn’t buy NewHoney from them, so they don’t have to. It’s still good to know that NewHoney stands by their product.

Shipments from NewHoney are sent via USPS, so you can count on your products arriving to you quickly.

A standard order from New-Honey includes about 1.7 ounces of the product. Most companies give you 3-5% of what you ordered with their product.

Every order from NewHoney comes with samples of any new items they are adding to their line. This means you can try out new product quickly, even if it is still in the beta testing phases.

Erotic Gallery

Contact Proposal

On the right-hand side, you will notice a menu with the item name “Contact Proposal.

Click on this and enter your contact information. You will need the name within an email title, name and/or company.

A professional will then contact you to ask any additional questions that you might have. This is also a great way to get social with future customers, which can result in more sales for your business.

While you are typing your contact data, you will notice that there are drop-down menus with many different areas of information to fill out.

It is also a good idea to contact possible customers directly via email after you have finished preparing your proposal.

Profile and Photo Privacy

We have explained about the name NewHoney in the Fun Facts. and why users can buy authentic products. So what kind of credit does NewHoney offer? And what all things should you know about NewHoney?

Credit for Lowest Prices

The purchase of original accounts is made on credit. Before that, we provide an opportunity for free try and get familiar with the service.

All orders are delivered worldwide. The purchase of original accounts is made in the amount of 200 US dollars (about 13,700 rubles). And the presence of high-speed Internet connection is also required.

The minimum purpose fulfilmen is made always to the amount of 20 US dollars (about 1366 rubles).

How to Pay Credit?

We offer payments in the following three ways in NewHoney:

  • USD
  • RUB with Tax
  • RUB without Tax

Every time you make an order of the secret phone number or an alternative payment method, a commission of 4% of the shopping amount will be charged.

For complete details of the restrictions of the purchase of accounts, please read the repayment conditions.

For orders made through the Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency, we conduct automatic exchange into national currency.

And payments can be made using traditional credit cards, PayPal, well-known money transfer systems and various prepaid cards.


Treats swollen balls, painful ejaculation and Peyronies syndrome.

NewHoney – the Best Male Enhancement Pills for up to 4 Hours of Full-Blown Sex

Enlarges you penis’ size to help you have longer,.

Thicker and Harder Erections

Elevate erections to give you firmer, harder erections.

No more premature ejaculation, resulting in.

Editors Conclusion

– “I really liked this one”

You can see why the editors liked this one. The book was about the latest and best habits to adopt for good health, performance and well-being.

The book is all about habit formation and human behavior in general. The human mind is the biggest habit, and new habits have to be formed in order to actively change your life.

The author attempts this task with scientific research and offers guidance on how to effectively create new habits that benefit both your body and mind.

Filled with great advice, this is definitely a book every person who dreams of a healthier body should buy.

NewHoney FAQ


How can the NewHoney Review help me?

The subscribers who made this NewHoney Review for one of the most respected and recognized review websites in the world understand everything related to their investment, their personal life and their business, thanks to the NewHoney Review with tips, along with many other useful information.

All the content of the NewHoney Review will allow you to make the right decisions to optimize the performance of your business, your health and your life.

How can I order NewHoney?

Everyone can order NewHoney from the website of NewHoney or from the official buttons on this page.

The terms and conditions page will make sure that all the information is transparent and accessible to all interested in NewHoney. It’s a complete page, accessible from the Summary page.

The withdrawal policy will make sure that all information provided here and in all the available media are at the same time objective, transparent and accessible to all interested in NewHoney at any time.

After ordering the NewHoney, you will receive this NewHoney Review and access to the NewHoney Vault that will provide all the updates and new information about NewHoney.

What’s in the NewHoney review?

Is NewHoney a new dating site? It is legit?

As a Lisa18 user, will anything change for me?

Free Services

These services are available to all members.

Premium Day

These services are available to premium members.

These services are available to both free and premium members.

Can I use NewHoney for free?

NewHoney is integrated into Android and iOS devices, so you don’t need to open a web browser to enjoy the content.

Any similar product can be expected to offer a free version. This, however, could be a ploy to persuade you into a paid subscription.

So before downloading a new browser, make sure it doesn’t have any paid add-ins. You’ll thank yourself if you do.

Can I send messages to NewHoney members for free?

Yes, you can!

You can message any of our members for free to get to know them better. To message someone, simply click on the name of the member and then on Send Message.

If you would like to send multiple messages, we have a special feature for you!

You can set the NewHoney Members app to send you a notification whenever a member gains a new follower.

The notification can be turned off from the Notifications tab (Settings -> Notifications).


Features and Value.

Our overall impression of NewHoney is positive, with a clear strength in the paid app.

This makes it a good fit for people who are in the position of having some money to invest in quality stock trading.

While there are multiple apps which offer investing and trading, NewHoney has a definite advantage in that you can automate a key aspect of this process, using their app to monitor the equity markets.

This makes it especially useful for people who cannot invest themselves in the market, whether because of lack of capital or lack of time.

For those who can invest and want to add the monitoring aspect, the NewHoney iPhone app is an attractive alternative showing as strong value proposition.

Many people have remarked favorably about the weekly price targets given by the app, and this feature is still available on the NewHoney website.

Specifications are also available and this is a good sign that the app is being updated regularly and that it is useful.

People who have had no experience with trading have also been finding NewHoney useful, and that is always a good sign.

Why can’t I log in?

NewHoney only gives you access to their app. To get a free trial, we will need to allow you to enter your email address and credit card details to create a new account online. You can create your account by clicking here or any of the links in this email. You don’t need a mobile device or a smart TV to start your trial; the app is available for all devices.

If you’re already a subscriber, you can sign in to NewHoney by clicking your name at the top right of the screen. You can also click the “Log In” button towards the top right of the home page of the website.

Can all NewHoney members see my photos?

Yes, all members can see the photos you upload in the Celebrities section only. Only those photos added to the Celebrities section will be visible. If you add your photos to settings or tag images, you will not be able to see them.

Why was my photo not approved?

NewHoney blocks content submitted from IP addresses located in countries that NewHoney has determined to have insufficient anti-spam policy and/or regulations (Terms of Service) in place.

We have to protect users from pornographic or illegal content as well as from content that may be considered inappropriate, not in good taste, or of a poor quality.

Please note that we reserve the right to continually update and improve our anti-spam policy.

How do I permit members who requested to view my photo?

Going to your settings and clicking on your photo > click "this photo can be viewed by members". I think that's it.

Have a great day. And thank you!

New Honey is a social media app that ‘s made equally for men AND women. It’s an amazing community where you can meet fun-loving people all over the world. I personally love using this app because I can find people in my area that are looking to make new friends and meet new people just like me. There are so many different ways I can use this to meet new people. One of my favorite parts is when I have friends over to my house or if I go to a club or party I can use this app to make new friends with people from all over the world. I also love social media because there are a bunch of people all over the world that I know now. I feel that this app is a great app to meet new people, make new friends, and hangout with your friends.

How can I change or update my profile?

How much information do other members get about me?

Why can’t I change gender?

It’s a question that’s regularly asked on the NewHoney YouTube channel but nobody is quite sure of the answer.

One of the latest videos that has been linked to this question is a 3-minute video which suggests to the viewers that women might be easier to turn into lesbians.

According to this theory, women are triggered by male sexuality so when it is removed, they might turn to lesbians. However, this theory seems far from factual as not every woman is turned into a lesbian after she loses her heterosexual sexuality.

One of the theories of the thought behind this idea is that heterosexuality is a learned behavior, and that men are actually more likely to practice this sexual behavior because of the patriarchy. However, not all men practice heterosexuality, or any expressed sexuality at all.

Men turn to heterosexual behavior because of biological reasons and female sexuality is natural, however, they choose heterosexuality to practice this behavior because of societal demands.

While there is a strength to this theory, there are also other factors that seems to make it virtually impossible. NewHoney points people towards to a study done by Dr. Colin B. T. Moore which has stated,

the effects of exposure to pornography on attitudes and sexual behavior were almost exclusively negative, particularly with regard to increasing acceptance of aggression against women.”

Where can I view and change my login details?

You can view and change your login details by searching for your profile info on the left sidebar of any of the sections.

Why did I get a contact proposal from a member who doesn’t live in my area?

When Honey selected its members, it chose in a way that would best benefit both parties. If you are in a far-off area, it’s unlikely that you would go to a member in a nearby area. This is a good time to consider becoming a Co-Creator.

Do you see many people around you who are looking for new ways to make money online or enhance their existing business? If not, they likely don’t live around you and you are doing the same thing as them. You need a different approach to succeed.

A Co-Creator will achieve success in no time. Over 6,000 new creators have joined NewHoney in the past one year and have many great success stories to share. It is time for you to make your dreams a reality.


Security Area Features :

● All payments made through NewHoney are processed securely and electronically. Our apps are also available for desktop and mobile devices. We accept all major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and JCB. Currency exchanges are made at an automatic daily rate of the Bank of England’s rates, which are updated regularly. Users can also transfer funds between your NewHoney account and bank account.

● We are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. PCI is the set of requirements put in place by major credit card companies as part of their security and anti-fraud measures. In the event that NewHoney were to get hacked or lose sensitive data, NewHoney customers are protected by a 2 factor authentication option when making major transactions.

●We use the highest tier of bank security to protect our clients’ payment cards. This means that you are safe when making payments regardless of your card holder’s bank.

●You can check your NewHoney account status by logging into your NewHoney account. If you did not receive your order, you should contact NewHoney and we can look into it.

How safe is my data?

Is it risky to accept cookies?

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your NewHoney experience

Personalized Recommendation

Note: The system is not available in all countries.

The technology for this feature is mainly based on Machine Learning and big data analysis as well as other technologies. There are other technologies that are applied to provide a personalized recommendation. The result of all these technologies is a system to recommend a desirable local product.

There are many possible applications for the product recommendation systems. For example, a user`s profile can be created based on shopping habits and personal preferences. This user profile can become the basis for a recommendation of products in the future.

NewHoney―s deep understanding of customers enables them to be very sophisticated in the product suggestions they can make. Because of its knowledge of a user’s purchase habits, NewHoney can recommend something that the user really would enjoy and consume. In the future, NewHoney can also recommend suitable combinations of products that are not available in their market. NewHoney surpassed the expectations.


For a Great Happiness!

¦ Great Happiness is a software that helps you to plan and organize your daily life!

¦ Our smartphone will reach a new stage of development! The next generation of devices will have extra functions which will allow us to control ourselves or our environment.

¦ Cool Gadgets will evolve gradually. It will be used every day, it will become an essential item in our everyday life. Our smartphone will become a public space for us to connect with our close family and friends!

¦ Smartphones will have some useful functions: reminding us of appointments or appointments. It will have the ability to predict the weather, to try our how many kilometers are remaining until we reach our home and much more. Our smartphone will also have some new functions like in the form of a holographic screen.

Each of the above items have a direct impact on our lives and the quality of our lives.

The main idea of the software is: where can we find a great happiness in life? And we can only become happy if we have the ability to access our Happiness. Then, maybe the software will include these new functions or features:

  • Voice commands. We will be able to use our smartphone using voice commands to perform certain operations for example
  • A family diary. We will have our own diary on our smartphone.