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Our Review

Of OkCupid:

  • Our overall experience was fantastic so far!
  • We have heard amazing things about the site and decided to give it a go on Valentine’s Day weekend!

It is a truly FREE and premium online dating service that is easy to access and navigate.

Navigating the site was easy … everything is clearly laid out and easy to read for first time users.

We found the profile-building element the most enjoyable! Everything is very user friendly and you can really get to work on it without any issue.

The really cool part is that you can really make your own personality and style shine and express your own personality in your profile.

We were impressed with the amount of choice that was available. You can really get creative here and still include some of your personal preferences and preferences as well.

The next step was finding a few dates that matched with each other.

Finding a match can take a little bit of time as they manually review each profile.

Once you’ve made a match you are given the option of meeting your potential partner.

The settings that include you both are easy to choose, set a date and time range for you to meet and then you’re on your way!

New members at OkCupid in February 2021 in comparison

By the end of the month, around 10% more users had joined OkCupid in comparison to the same time in February 2019.

That means that these are literally the second month of OkCupid still growing, which is a completely insane stat.

However, every single day there were a couple of thousand users joining. With that in mind, the growth was quite steady and much faster-paced at the beginning of the month.

When looking at exactly who joined OkCupid in February 2021, there were only two very different groups of people.

The first group of people were all people who had previously cancelled their account. The second group of people all joined with the same profile here’s the interesting thing:

Those who joined the most were in the 35-45 age range, followed by the 18-24 and 21-29 age ranges. While that is the main split, there are also some more groups:

Gender: (From this data)

Male: 523

Female: 151

The Numbers Are so Close that It’s Very Hard to Tell Which One Comes out on Top

What does all of this data tell us?

It’s important to keep an eye on all user activity on OkCupid.

Member activity at OkCupid in February 2021 in comparison

To previous months.

Month * Number of Logins %Age of Members Using at Least 2nd Account

January 1,421,052 55.3%

February 1,834,745 68.7%

March 2,689,819 69.0%

April 1,789,216 55.0%

May 3,726,731 65.0%

June 3,294,994 55.3%

July 3,576,103 60.0%

August 3,508,993 55.7%

September 2,732,782 61.0%

October 3,840,677 74.4%

November 2,950,915 66.2%

December 4,019,507 63.7%

December 1946 0.0%

Check out your OkCupid profile statistics to see how you stack up against millions of other daters. Use the search-function to see if you have matched with another customer.

E.g. look up what someone’s stats are supposed to look like before they start a diet.

OkCupid Member Structure

Compared to Love Systems Direct, they have a much wider array of questionnaires on their member pages, which are all attributed to an individual profile on the site.

They have questionnaires for:

  • Sexual Fantasies / Fetishes
  • Private Duties
  • Personal Information
  • Sexual Positions
  • Number of Sexual Partners
  • Hobbies
  • Turn-ons and Turn-offs
  • Astrological Sign
  • Date Ideas
  • Favorite Places
  • Sexual Body Parts
  • Style
  • Intelligence
  • Intelligence Quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Relationship Preferences
  • Intimacy Level
  • How Intimate You Want Your Relationship to Be
  • How Much Positive & Negative Feedback You Want
  • Trust
  • [”]Active Members

This is one of the main features of OkCupid. They must have over 10 million active members. They have virtually the same culture and routines as Tinder, except that there is a women’s version of Tinder.

The layout, texting routines, and the number of questions you have to answer IRL are virtually identical to Tinder.

This is the most important aspect of attracting women, which is why this review is long.

Age Distribution

The OkCupid bots have had a lot of work lately. According to the process flow diagram below, one useful result is the age distribution of OkCupid users.

What do the bots know about the age of the users?

User Profiles

The bots constantly scan user profiles. At the beginning they only knew about gender, as you can see in the table below.

Several thousand new ones are added each day.

The bots also discovered the user’s date of birth. Most of the time, they got this from a birthday listed in the profile.

As the bots are getting to know the OkCupid users better, they also learn about some of them favorite franchises. The table below shows a few.

User Profiles and Their Gaming Habits

The bots now also have information about gaming habits like this.

User Profiles and Their Museums

The bots also have knowledge about the museums that the OkCupid users like, as shown in the table below.

User Profiles and Their Interests

The bots also have knowledge on the user’s interests, as tabulated below.

Signing Up at OkCupid

You can create an OkCupid profile to appear on the home page of people looking for someone just like you.

You can choose photos from your Facebook, Instagram, or even your email.

I picked facebook. I use facebook for almost everything so it makes sense that I use it for OkCupid too.

You can also pick a free age range for yourself and they’ll filter the profiles in their matching algorithm to match you with women who are your age or younger.

I also picked a free age range. I know a lot of women who are on here so I didn’t want filter out too many women they were interested in.

Lastly, you can select how many people you want to see at a time. I chose the lowest so I could get more of the profiles I really liked.

Once I picked my settings, I clicked the blue button.

I was given a code to put in at the bottom of my facebook settings for the app to work. It was: 4C6E4PO.

After clicking send and waiting a few seconds I was taken to my profile.

You can start skim through profiles right away and you can also like and not like profiles.

You can also include any other information in your profile like your favorite color, body type, and so on.

Making Contact on OkCupid

When you're looking for a date online, having to pick and click through hundreds of results can be tedious. OkCupid lets you find matches based on your interests, so you can skip all the clunky asking and go straight to the swiping.

It's quick to find those who share your ethnicity, while having their age range and location preferences you, too.

One of OkCupid's most novel features is the "Top Questions," which ensures you're meeting a compatible partner. Once you answer a certain set of questions, you'll know if you're on the same page with your date choice. Thanks to OkCupid's easy search filters, you can narrow your results to people who have the same ideas as you, and then find those people faster.

If you're looking for a hookup, be clear with your intentions; the site doesn't verify its users' profiles, so there's no way to tell if your messages are going unanswered or read. OkCupid also welcomes same-sex marriage, which is pretty awesome.

If you're looking to get married, you can join couples on OkCupid, where you can find these folks and message them. If you want to join an activity group for fellow naturists or dog walkers, the possibilities are endless.

OkCupid Profile Quality

Quality score is a parameter used to calculate what part of an individual’s profile is most relevant to a given user. It gives everyone on the site a means to standardize their content and define what’s of high quality. For instance, you would obviously care less about a profile rated “low-quality” if you expected to be matched to that user, but maybe more so if you’re already matched in the friend range. For this reason, ask yourself what you would be willing to rank a profile as that’s not your own along with the experiences of others. Each user can assign a certain number of points to each element of their profile and those points can be seen and hidden depending on how the user wants others to see them.

Generally speaking, you want to create a profile that is as varied as possible. You want to ensure that all parts of each section are productive and useful. Remember, this is ranked and taken into account for every element of a user’s profile, not just the most recent information. Essentially, a profile can be a “rough draft” that is lacking in parts, but contains a few of the most important things. As such, you may be able to make up for that with other areas of content.

OkCupid App

OkCupid is a social media platform for singles to meet people. Their app is packed with features that can help you find an interesting person in your area. If you are in a hurry, there are even a few features designed to make it easier to invite that special someone out on a date.

The OkCupid app is an easy way to join the online dating world to meet someone new. There are no complex sign-up processes, and all it takes is a few minutes to add your profile and wait to see if anyone is interested. OkCupid members come from all over the world, and there are endless options in the types of people to meet.

You can filter by age, educational background, gender, geographical area, sexual orientation, broad categories like ethnicity and religion and even dating status. This gives you plenty of selection to choose from, and it can be a fun way to choose a date that is right for you.

OkCupid Real Life Review

Design and Usability

A while back, I decided on a whim to give online dating a shot. I had heard that OkCupid was one of the friendliest sites for meeting single people. So I gave it a try. At the time, I was rather pensive about the skills I possessed when approaching people on the street.

After only a few weeks, I started to become more appreciative of my natural skills. I turned out to be quite a witty and charming conversationalist, much to my delight. I decided that I could waste my time on OkCupid while also concentrating on my street approach skills. This worked out great.

OkCupid Costs and Prices

OkCupid offers two plans. The Basic Plan is their free plan, while the Paid Plan is their premium plan. You can’t pay for an account for not existing. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

That being said, you can cancel your account at any time. They don’t send you any free e-mails, which is pretty cool.

They do, however, use automatic renewal so nothing is mandatory. If you are a free member and decide to buy them a coffee, they will just stop allowing you to use it.

There are no monthly membership fees for either plan.

The Basic Plan allows you to browse profiles, send and receive messages, and chat with a handful of people. A Premium Member will have all of these features plus extra ones such as multiple photos per profile, a private inbox, and increased search and search suggestion abilities.

While you can browse profiles anonymously on the free plan, you will have to link your Facebook or Instagram account in order to receive any responses. This doesn’t affect your account in anyway, but it can be a bit of a hassle if you are trying to go incognito.

They do have a service called Gaggle. This allows you to create a fake username while connected to your account.

Is OkCupid expensive or cheap?

It’s very different from one website to the next. This one is a lot less expensive than some others. But for that reason, there are also a lot less features that you could use. It’s not a knock on this website, but just a general statement.

This site is specifically geared toward getting you to spend your money more on the site. So it’s a little different than some of the other ones. So you can see that it’s a little different than iMatch—Get for example.

The website is so focused on trying to get you to spend more and more money that it works very well for that. So if you’re the kind of person that loves to spend your money, then you will like this website. But if you’re more like me and not so much about spending money, then you might not like this website as much.

Special Features

OkCupid has added a few improvements and features to their site over the years.

Some of the newer ones include:

  • The ability to block message notifications (the annoying pings in the bottom right corner)
  • The ability to receive reminders to attend your matches’ events

A cleaner and more professional looking design for the dating site, with more eye-catching colors.

More options to filter the matches depending on their age, Distance, Sexuality, Gender, City and more.

You can even find a specific location, or a city you are visiting and match with those people right then and there. When you order the Dating Pack, you also get access to a wider selection of people in your location.

More General Features:

  • A lower-profile search system that gives more accurate results
  • A wider range of search filters specifically for your style of relationship (dating)

The ability to search for people’s interests, personality, and qualities etc.

A setting that will warn you if someone has uploaded numerous photos with Photoshopping that may have been done to enhance their appearance.

A Level of Interest in You Prior to Even seeing Your Profile

A more direct way to contact your matches (example: Whatsapp, Snapchat etc.)

You can also better manage your inbox based on your levels of message, activity and frequency.

Double Take

I hadn't written in my journal in months. For the past several years, I had been writing in it almost daily. Under a tree, in the sunshine, behind a building, usually while walking or in the car. It's a daily thing for me. It's how I carved out time in life, how I condensed it down into something clearly defined, how I remember those moments of the day when I might have otherwise forgotten if I'd just let them pass by.

It had even become a bit of an addiction; I have 11 journals sitting on my shelves. I get into a new one on a Sunday whenever I need a little push for the week. It never seems to be too late to write it all down. It always starts with a couple sentences. A date. The weather. And then invariably a thought or five. I've always liked my writing, though I never took any classes or ever got too serious about it. I'm a little lacking in the creativity department so it never came naturally to me.

See Who You Like

OkCupid expert users can see the potential matches from any of the photos users upload. This gives you a lot of options, so you can find the perfect mate. Send a message to any potential mate and see if they like you too. If they do, you can move forward in developing a relationship.

Once you both have messaged each other, you have a few days to see how things go. It is at this point that users have the option to fill out their OkCupid profile or delete the account. Users can only delete their OkCupid account once. So if you want to delete your account and try it again, you can’t.

You can also ask people to verify their phone number through other means, like Snapchat or Whatsapp. If they do, that means they are willing to talk to you even more.

This app is the perfect tool for people who wish to wear down the walls of their heart and find love, romance, intrigue, or maybe a nice hook-up.

See Who Likes You

When you start a relationship, it’s important to know who your partner likes, especially if you’re not the person that they’re talking to. You can ask them directly, but then you’re always subject to the whims of their response.

I found OkCupid to be an extremely useful service because its compatibility system makes it easy to see who likes you without needing to talk. You can also search through their database to see who’s already interested in you. It can be even more useful to use OkCupid for relationship psychology.

View Similar Users
Most people know what love is. They even have a concept of what love should be. But then they meet someone that doesn’t fit most of their ideals. The person that they thought was perfect was not someone that they could wind up with.

That’s what the similar users feature can help you with. Make sure that you can see what your prospects prefer and what they match best with.

Try to broaden your search by using more than one option.

Then, use the filtering options to further hone the search.

You can view the profile of each person and use your search criteria to determine who’s similar to you and then dig that person up.


You can boost your status on OkCupid – the popular online dating site – by providing non-users with tips on how to best position themselves on the network.

OkCupid Review is a no-cost tool provided by the site that provides the types of information that can help to increase your popularity.

Based on your answers to questions that OkCupid automatically asks all members, the site will display points that can be used in different combinations for a particular rating.

The points are designed to indicate whether you best match with someone who uses OkCupid or is a non-user; are more likely to get a higher response rate on the site if you are a user; and whether you are more likely to get higher response rates than non-users.

Tier 1 responses are most likely to get more responses on the site if you are a non-user, tier 3 are the most popular, and tier 2 are middle-of-the-road responses, while tier 4 are the least popular.

Tier 3 and 4 points are most likely to gain response from a non-user while tier 1 responses gain the most responses from people on the site.

These are not the only combinations that you can use for a particular rating; you can also use the points together to get a much better community rating as well.

OkCupid Blog

OKCupid is well known for its OkTrends blog. Check the links below to find out what they are.


The majority of my life was like this. I lived in my room all the time, so of course it was a mess. My laptop was covered in old bookmarks and worn pictures. A chair sat in the corner, left behind by whoever came in before me. The clutter was glued to the walls.

I didn’t clean. Instead I sat. I watched Netflix until I slept, then went back the next day. I spent my mornings listening to the radio even though I didn’t have a radio. I preferred the hum of my computer to the world outside.

But then something changed. I broke up with my girlfriend, and for two weeks we went back to living apart. I could leave more than once a day to get more clean clothes and fix something to eat.

And something else started happening too. I started cleaning. Weird?

Maybe. I still didn’t do much. I would walk across the room to take something off the desk and then go back to my screen. But I felt like I should at least clean up a little. I needed to make sure that my room was ready for someone to come in.

Editors Conclusion

Is it possible to review February 2021? No, because it looks too much like 2019! But I have tried.

OkCupid FAQ

How to change your password?

We have bad news: Your password is too easy to guess.

Switch to a strong one, ideally one that makes you think a bit. This keeps you from having to use one you used 5 years ago and no longer remember.

You can find a list of the worst passwords here.

How do I unsubscribe?

Are you a journalist? Are you a lawyer, a doctor or a publicist? For privacy reasons, we can’t share our clients with you. You’ll need to contact your own account manager.

What is the OkCupid Corporate Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy:

OkCupid respects your privacy and we will never sell your information. If you don’t want your information available to the public, you have to flag it.

We are committed to protecting your information. All OkCupid users must be 18 years of age or older.

We use email and phone as part of our delivery of services to you. We may retain the content of your email communication including quotes, notes, and attachments, if you as the sender have consented to this.

We may engage select outside companies to help provide the services we provide. We may do so without identifying you personally.

We may share information you provide to us for the purposes we identify.


OkCupid is the most popular online dating site with almost 50 million members. Users love it due to its attention to detail and features.

OkCupid runs as a third-party site and is owned by Match Group, which also owns Match, Tinder, OKCupid, OurTime, Meetic and others.

Site had approximately 50 million users as of February 2016, a number which grew by 1.25 million users during 2016.

You can pay significantly more than a yearly subscription to OKCupid Premium memberships which gives you access to:

  • The “match percentage" feature that will provide you with a percentage of your matches that meet your other preferences.
  • Gift coupons that you can send to other OkCupid users.
  • You can receive messages without paying for a subscription.
  • Access to users with whom you interact most often.
  • You can block other users by blocking their email instead of their account.
  • Private browsing and user profile editing.
  • Undo and redo message choices for communicating with matches.
  • Improved communication tools on the site that provide more information such as common interests, favorite stickers, and profiles.
  • A profile name change feature.
  • The ability to search user profiles.
  • A profile summary.

Who owns OkCupid?

OkCupid is owned by OkCupid, Inc., which was co-founded by Sam Yagan in 2004 and Chris Coyne in 2005.

So where is OkCupid based now?

People love giving OkCupid a hard time because it’s based in NYC, a city where rents are sky high and job growth is declining. However, OkCupid was able to set itself apart from other sites with its focus on love, not trolling.

This has helped it grow beyond what most people expected. There is a lot of competition in the dating world, and very few of those sites have been able to make a long-term act.

OkCupid has been able to accomplish these things as it has remained focused on the dating market.

The company will continue to grow as long as it stays focused on its core user’s needs. It is also smart to take advantage of its resources. While there are a lot of dating sites out there, there are also a lot of people looking for someone.

If it can grow its user base to where nearly half of all people in the US use OkCupid, it might meet its goal of 50 million people using the site. More than people use it right now.

When was OkCupid founded?

As of July 2017, OkCupid has been around since 2004. It started as a place to message people about dating.


An issue with matching people is that it takes a lot more than just similarity to make a good match. It’s not enough that you are both married, have one child, and your ancestors live in the same country. You also need a strong basis upon which to start a relationship with somebody.

You can still find people who are exactly the same as you, but even if they are, you’re probably not going to be compatible.

How do I join OkCupid?

It’s easy to join the dating website for men and women who live in the United States and Canada. All you have to do is register an account and fill out the forms. After establishing an account, you will select the type of dating you want to try. You can make the search easier by indicating your age, lifestyle, location, political party, and family status. Therefore you will be more likely to find what you want within the site.

Before you go on dates, you will need to sign up for a credit card….

My Initial Experience with OkCupid

When I first joined the site, I thought it was a little sketchy at first. I joined just looking for a little fun because I wasn’t really looking for anything serious.

After receiving the date request from the site, I put my credit card number on the site and went on my first date. The website offered me an idea of what to expect. It informed me of the site’s rules and regulations. It also gave me an opportunity to put in any personal information. After I had done that, I went on my date with a person who said he would be “faithful” to me.

We ended up going straight to his place. Before I knew it, the date was over.

Does OkCupid offer premium membership?

Jesse Hawley February 12th, 2019 Does OkCupid offer premium membership? I found out that the answers to this question vary depending on interviewees. I was interested in this answer because I wanted to know how many dating sites do not offer a premium membership level. I found that only a handful of them do. I have included a list of those sites below:

I have found that most online dating sites do offer a premium membership level. However, some sites do not. I have heard of some people complaining about the lack of a premium membership when they give interviews. I have done my research on this because I am a little wary of online dating sites. I do not want to have to pay to contact a potential partner on there.

As mentioned before, there are a few sites that do not offer a premium membership. I have them listed below:

I did not find any site that charges a premium membership for online dating. There are a few that have monthly upgrades or a yearly premium upgrade. They all have paid content. It seems like offering a premium membership for online dating sites is a new trend that is popping up. I find this to be a good trend because I find that many users are complaining about the lack of a premium membership.

How do I cancel my OkCupid membership?

Go into your account and click the “Support” button.

In the top right corner drop down menu, select “Cancel”.

You will need to provide some information, click in the “Account ID” field, select your ID then click “Submit”.

This will prompt you to enter your payment information. You will need your paypal login and password. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything to it, I just want to help with this one decision.

Enter your paypal login information then submit.

You can now cancel your OkCupid membership.

I’ve done this multiple times for my brother, sister, wife, and even myself. I’m 4 hours in, and already have the first 2 done.

I’m sure they will work out some kind of service to save your other settings or profile data. Otherwise they will just have to delete your account completely.

Is OkCupid membership auto-renewed?

Yes, it is.

Your and keep your OkCupid account running.

This automatically renews your membership.

Before each renewal, you can cancel OkCupid renewal, and we will refund you.

If you select the membership plan with no ads, you can cancel at no additional costs.

If you select the membership plan with pre-checked services, there is an additional fee.

How do I cancel Okcupid membership?

To cancel, go to the Account Center.

Select "Membership" next to the Membership Plan selection.

Select "Cancel Membership" next to the Membership Plan selection.

Select "Billed To" to choose the option to pay your cancellation fee with your subscription.

OkCupid will send your credit card statement to you after your sign-up.

In your statement, there will be a charge for the amount of your membership or the amount of your cancellation fee in case you decline Membership.

If you select the Membership plan with pre-checked services, there is an additional fee.

How do I review my membership?

To review your membership, go to the Account Center.

Select "Membership" next to the Membership Plan selection.

Select "Your Account" next to the Membership Plan selection.

Under "Billed To," your membership status and action will be displayed.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

Yes, just click “Your account” on the navigation bar, and then the “My Subscriptions” button.

If you have a current subscription to OkCupid Premium that has not yet started, you can click “My Subscriptions” on the navigation bar and then the “Update Subscription” button.

On this page you can see the price for your subscription and the added value you get for your money. If you do not wish to renew your subscription, then just click the “Cancel Subscription” button and the system will automatically refund your unused time.

You can also log in to your OkCupid account and cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours in advance.

Note that the system will automatically renew your subscription without you having to authorize a payment at least 24 hours before your time is automatically renewed.

Administrators can also manually change subscriptions by logging in to their account and navigating to “My Subscriptions” from the navigation bar.

If you believe your subscription has been charged in error, please contact our customer support.


Website is easy to use and user friendly. But this can be judged due to the fact that I’m new to this website when started using it. So at first, I had a tough time using it but this was solved by the time I started getting better at this website.The features of the website are very important. Like the fact that you don’t have to like people before sending them a message. Another feature is that you can look at someone’s profile (if they allow you to). Though when you look at another person’s profile, you don’t have to like them to see their profile. Which is good because it saves you time of liking another person.

How does OkCupid work?

OkCupid is a free dating site that is owned by a company called IAC. The website is divided into three parts; the homepage, profiles, and search.

The homepage has sections for ‘popular’, ‘new’, ‘paid dating’, and ‘dating tips’. The ‘popular’ section shows you popular search filter results. These might be people that are nearby or are popular with other users. The ‘new’ section shows you newer people with whom no one has yet added. The ‘paid dating’ section shows you people that pay to use the website or have paid for more search results than the average user. The ‘dating tips’ section is aimed at people who are new to dating, and gives tips for interacting with people online.

There are four tabs on the homepage: new, people like you, options, and search. The new tab shows you the newest members on OkCupid. The people like you tab shows you people who share at least one interest with you. The options tab shows you people that you can select from. The search tab is the same as the search tab in other websites.

The profiles section is divided into two tabs, one for singles and one for couples. Each tab has 84 profiles on, but it also continually adds more.

What is Double Take?

Double Take is a free online dating website. We have been in the online dating business since 2014 and created the No. 1 free dating site on the market.

Double Take is an innovative, new dating site where you never have to give out your email address, physical address, or phone number. We are your trusted relationship and dating site. We have our own algorithm that matches you better.

Double Take is the most trustworthy Matchmaker in the industry. We are an Unbiased and honest Matchmaker because we Determine Matches based on Personality and Interests instead of Appearance or Social Class.

Double take is a matchmaking site which caters to people on the higher side of the scales. The average person is looking for someone who is intelligent, attractive and is at a roughly similar social class to himself.

You need someone intelligent, attractive and plays well with others. Forget what you see in TV and movie; it’s a complete misconception. It’s a total faux-pas.

The signs of attraction include:

Someone who you can talk to.

Someone who compliments you and makes you feel special.

Someone who is kind and considerate.

Someone who is a caring person with a great sense of humor and can make you laugh.

Someone who can share experiences and challenges, insecurities and successes with you.

What is Boost?

The Boost feature is a function that is designed to help you get more matches.

According to the OkCupid website, it is “Cleverly organized likes and dislikes, social connections, and common ground for OkCupid users.” The function provides users a curated selection of people with similar OkCupid profiles and similar interests, “people who are more likely to have compatible beliefs on values, life goals, sexual preferences, and media choices.”

The OkCupid Boost Function

The OkCupid Boost feature is unofficial and it does not belong to OkCupid in any way. ForeverLingo suggested OkCupid to create and release the feature that makes OkCupid profile users more appealing to potential partners. The Boost feature has been around for several years and is so valued and used by the OkCupid users that ForeverLingo decided to integrate it into their platform. They are ok with that, of course. But they think that the function should not be powered by OkCupid’s servers.

Where do I see my matches?

Matchmaking and bio-matching is a step by step process with three stages: under the headline Matchmaking Tools, click that link you will be brought to a page that says The Matching Process, and another page that says Results Analysis.

If you are looking for a one-night stand, the best place is the one that says one-night-stand. If you are looking for a long term relationship, either under the heading About Matches, or under the heading long-term.

If you are simply viewing your matches and seeing where you stand, there is a tab on the top right that says My Matches.

If you want to make sure your crush falls in love with you, use the tab that says how easy is it to find a match these days.

If you are looking for the opposite sex, click on the tab that says Seeking.

You can also customize your search parameters under What are you looking for?

But unless you decide that you could absolutely do with this, simply use the every day tab that says just friends.

How do I see who messaged me on OkCupid?

To see who messaged you on OkCupid, log into your profile and click on the “Messages” link at the top of the page.

You can also find your messages by clicking on the “Messages” link on your OkCupid profile.

Is it possible to see the OkCupid members who I liked?

Yes. You can see their profile page and click “view profiles” to see their site page. The profile page will look like this, with their nickname instead of someone’s name: I don’t know any of these people but in our chat I’ve seen these names so obviously I’m getting a connection with some of these people. The people who I liked, however, are nowhere to be seen in this list.

That’s because what I liked was almost entirely an accident! I did have some preferences, like women I was not attracted to, but then I also sort of had no preference, which was why I liked the girl in the picture who looks horrible. The reason I liked her is that we both had password sharing disabled, which means we had very similar profiles so when she recommended an article to me, I actually read it, and liked it! So I was able to like her without even knowing that’s what was happening. It’s a miracle!

I guess you can see that I’m not a very attractive girl.

The girl I liked.

Can I unmatch an OkCupid member?

Yep! You can unhook pretty much anyone the second you sign up for an OkCupid account. Unmatching a member is pretty easy.

First, locate the member you’d like to unmatch from your account.

{1}. On your profile, click on the small arrow at the bottom, and select Settings.
{2}. Select Manage Preferences, and you will be brought to the match section. Locate the member you’d like to unhook, and click Unmatch.

If you would like to hide your OkCupid account from searches, there is a way.

Go to your profile, and select Hide account from searches.


The OkCupid security team is concerned with minimizing any potential risks to users’ accounts. That’s why OkCupid reviews different social media services on a continual basis to make sure that they are always keeping up with the latest security features.

When you open up an account at a free dating site, you provide a lot of personal information for them to use. This includes your email address, your full name, your hometown, and your date of birth. Some people may also put in their social media profile information on the dating site, such as Facebook or Instagram.

However, not all free dating sites are the same. Some of them do take a lot of liberty and abuse this information, while others have strict privacy policies in place, which means they only use this extra information to notify you about important site updates and keep you updated on your account status, such as granting you access and revoking it.

Other free dating sites will sell your information to third-party companies, which you will never know! In fact, you can’t even trust the dating site you’re using to protect your personal data. Such as the OkCupid security team’s review:

OkCupid is a social networking and dating app that uses a unique method for matching potential mates.

Is using OkCupid safe?

There’s a lot of talk now and then about the safety of dating sites, especially since many are unregulated. Online dating is one aspect of that, and we believe this article will help you find out exactly whether OkCupid is safe.

We often get asked a lot of questions regarding the privacy and security of the OkCupid platform. Back in 2014 we also published a detailed post on changing your privacy settings , which is a good read for you if you happen to be a bit more advanced.

However, the following contains all the important information for your reference and will provide you with enough knowledge to see whether OkCupid is a safe place.

What security features does OkCupid have?

OkCupid is a popular dating web site. It is available in the US and internationally. The system has a few security features to ensure safety when using the site.


The first and most important protection against the dangers of getting into a relationship on the web is anonymity. By the time you are done filling in your profile, your name will not be connected to any of your messages.

Web Browser

The site is coded in such a way that the web browser version is invisible to the rest of the system. This means that the system will not save any information from your browser.

Online ID

Only members can create an online ID. It registers names, city, phone number, age, income, and other information available on the site. This is used in two different ways.

A.To notify members when they have received new messages

B.To let members know that their searches caused them to be found by other users

Email Verification

To ensure that the email you use to sign up for the site is legitimate, you will have to use a working email address to sign up for the site. A working email address can be used to register a profile on the site.

Safeguarding Against Templates and Fake Profiles

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

Our system is inundated with a lot of male users, approximately 60%. This can make it unpleasant for female users, who report a lot of male users as spam. It’s a problem we are working hard to tackle. In the best case, new users will report a male using pictures of good women.

The best thing you can do is to report a suspected scammer and block the account. Taking these steps will save many women from having inappropriate content show up on their dates and will make the male user think about whether what they are doing is appropriate.

If you do feel you are being harassed, you can also file an official complaint with us:

Please note that when reporting, please use the first name (with or without profile) as it is written on the profile and not the first initial surname. This will help us to pinpoint actual users as opposed to “look a like” spam accounts.

By the way, before dating, please should read our safety tips for women on OkCupid and our tips for men as well.

You can also report an account through our Report Abuse link in the profile of the member you’re reporting.

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Share your OkCupid experience

There’s nothing quite like creating your own profile on OkCupid. What you write can completely change the entire experience.

The interface was much more difficult to use than the guys had anticipated, and they didn’t understand why it was so difficult to use.

They struggled with how to save their profile, how to delete messages, and why all the icons were so obscure and confusing.

OkCupid Experiences

More information on OkCupid:

You can use OkCupid for free, but they’ll also want your email address or phone number if you plan on paying.

Community forums.

OkCupid has a great Discussion Forum, and they also have their blog, OkCupid Blog. The community guidelines are at OkCupid Community Guidelines.

They have paid premium features like unlimited messaging.

You can upload photos and videos to your profile.

This is an online dating site.

Users can do search for singles in your area.

By the way, OkCupid is based in New York and was launched in 2004.

People on OkCupid can use expressions like [no food] and [no blue dot] when making a profile.

With OkCupid, you can claim as many interests as you want, then narrow your search to a specific subset of them.

Thousands of people come on this site every day to see if they can find their perfect match. They will probably find it on OkCupid.

This site will allow you to bring your own photo to put in your profile.

CrazyFlower is a slightly different experience on OkCupid. The profile rejection process is less brutal.

CrazyFlower is a long-term online dating site.

Personalized Recommendation

With OkCupid’s personalized recommendation feature, you can save a lot of time by receiving the best match for you.

You start by easily adjusting your preferences. Do you want someone caring or someone outgoing? How serious do you want your match to be? And do you want to be matched with people with similar interests?

After you have answered these questions, OkCupid will analyze your profile and recommend the most compatible matches for you.

If you don’t want to receive the matching service, you can get rid of it easily by deactivating it.

Some of our newest users got so excited by OkCupid’s recommendation feature that they tried it out right away. Most didn’t receive their first recommendations until a few days later.

The waiting is worth it, as a few users got to spend hours matching with profiles they really like, and they had fun doing it.


OkCupid Review delivers a collective opinion through a simple collection of user reviews, written and shared by OkCupid users.

The review platform provides a free and democratic platform for users to express their opinions and connect with like-minded individuals.

It can be viewed by any user, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Because the views expressed are directly from the individuals who went on the date, they can be really honest about their experience and point out actual mistakes that were made or things that would have made the date more enjoyable.

Because ratings are measured in a numerical scale, they are not influenced by romance and can be much more objective in their review.