OkCupid vs Bumble: Which is the right dating site for you?

Luca Vaccino
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In the past fifteen or so years online dating has grown immensely. Yet in 2015 we have hundreds of dating sites to choose from. With such an expansive market of dating applications, it's important to ensure that you pick one that will suit your needs and desires.

Many different types of professionals and entrepreneurs across the country have taken it upon themselves to make navigating these dating applications easier and more efficient. This is mostly done through targeted marketing. Specialized dating sites are reaching out to their respective communities and offering exclusive services to those who join in.

What is OkCupid?

You've probably seen an ad on your Facebook, or in your inbox, promising yourself a 24% match. These are sponsored advertisements that advertise OkCupid as a site you will have a better match with than the competition.

OkCupid is a well known Internet dating site. It is very vibrant and competitive in the online dating industry. It was originally founded as a social experiment and conducts a lot of research about its users. It has very heavy seeded algorithms to match people effectively. It has been tested and shows the highest rate of matches.

OkCupid is free, yet offers their members premium allotments of swipe effectiveness. Premium members have much more and improved settings and can draw from the member base much greater that those who are not premium members.

What is Bumble?

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