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New members at OurTime in February 2021 in comparison

In January 2021, there were over 754,000 members at OurTime. Now there are over 866,000 members. This is a growth rate of 4.59% per year. An increase of 39,000 members.

On the first of March in 2021, there were 263,480 members at OurTime. Now there are over 409,000 members. This is a growth rate of 7.39% per month.

On one of the first days of February in 2021, there were 1,068,574 members at OurTime. Now there are 1,430,000 members. This is a growth rate of 6.91% per day. An increase of 117,534 members.

The OurTime app turned two years old in February 2021.

The OurTime Twitter account was created on the first of March 2010.

The OurTime Instagram account was created on the first of March 2010.

The OurTime website was created in February 2002.

The OurTime Facebook account was created on the first of March 2010.

Member activity at OurTime in February 2021 in comparison

  • The number of people who created a profile increased from 2.3 to 7.0
  • The number of people who viewed a profile increased from 385 to 489
  • The number of people connecting on OurTime increased from 6 to 9
  • The number of people joining a chapter increased from 1 to 6
  • The number of people becoming a chapter leader increased from 8 to 10
  • The number of people adding a friend increased from 70 to 133
  • The number of people who rated people increased from 25 to 56
  • The number of people whose reviews were reviewed increased from 70 to 123
  • The number of people requesting a blind date on OurTime increased from 99 to 68
  • The number of people agreeing to a blind date on OurTime increased from 95 to 66
  • The number of people changing their profile information increased from 22 to 31
  • The number of people answering a question in a live video increased from 3 to 5
  • The number of people who asked a question in a live video increased from 5 to 7
  • The number of people using OurTime to talk about an event increased from 3 to 5
  • The number of people linking to OurTime increased from 80 to 92
  • The number of people who found information on OurTime increased from 267 to 321

OurTime Member Structure

Signing Up at OurTime

This online dating community is for those 50+ who'd like to try dating in a new generation. This is geared toward active singles who are looking to meet someone for dating and/or long term relationships and want to make it happen fast.

It's a unique and powerful dating platform that helps singles to make a connection igniting the spark and securing a strong foundation for compatibility. Their members want to date smart. — Online dating has become the easiest way to meet people, but there is no option that will actually help you to find love.

OurTime is an innovative digital dating solution improve your dating success.

Making Contact on OurTime

When making contact there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the most important is the fact that all communications on OurTime take place through the app and not through email. It is through the app that you will send your first message to your potential matches.

This means you will need to be there, in the app, when you send a message to a match.

However, this is not a huge problem. You can find people near you by tapping the search button on the app, and then typing in the start of their name. For now, you can also go to the home screen and to the left of the search, there is a button that says “match for me”. Tapping this button will open up a list of matches near you.

As you can see at the top right corner of the screen, “sending messages” is shown as a recent update. If you see this, then you have to open up the match menu, send a message, and close the menu again (so that the sending messages option disappears). Then select search.

This is to show that the feature is still being actively developed. Hopefully, the moment will soon come when you can just type a name and receive a match.

OurTime Profile Quality

OurTime App

OurTime is to hook up and get a passionate connection with someone – in short, casual dating.

Stay with active, horny and new members that you like, and don't care what they care. Meet interested men and women from Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, all States. Join the date with OurTime average of 20,000 members online this thing you should have been.

OurTime is wireless app that makes the same as traditional paper date books. It offers a new way to find love every new day when you are looking for someone special.

OurTime is the only site that make you make a very personal commitment to put your best foot forward each time you mention the interview that you will meet after the meeting.

A hot date is no match for a strong personal commitment between you and someone you really love to be a good fit for your family.

If you are looking for a one night stand, she never will give you socks in your face or a sexy body you will have to say, "OurTime has easy-to-use dating profiles in a dating site that's designed to get you a one-night stand.

Meet unique personalities from all over the world.

OurTime Real Life Review

Start with OurTime easily with Facebook and Google Log in. OurTime provides you with the ability to find someone with similar interests and purpose.

OurTime is perfect for singles to save time and money. OurTime allows singles to enjoy the freedom that comes from the anonymity of mobile dating.

OurTime Has a High Success Rate

OurTime makes it simple by setting up profiles that are right for you in 5 minutes. You can fill out your profile including personal purpose.

You can also upload photos and take advantage of the intelligent messaging.

Once you’re ready to meet someone, you just connect with their mutual friends.

You can chat freely and ask questions too.

Find a Date Is Very Easy with OurTime

As soon as you select the date you want to take, you can then simply make a trip to a key location indicated by the GPS on your app. Then you can arrange to meet in advance. The fun part is during the date, you have the ability to ask personal dating questions and check out the app’s other features.

If you’re not very happy with the result of the date, you can easily end the date or even block them offline.

Design & Usability

First off we’ll start with design, which is definitely a strong point of this app. OurTime is one of the simplest and most sleek looking apps on our list, in our opinion.

That’s what you’d expect from a well known social networking site that was copied almost in its entirety by Facebook. They’ve passed down the “Facebook look” to a majority of apps on this list, and this one is the best example. It has that classic Facebook look, which is simply borrowing the interface style of the website, to an app. It’s very clear and easy to navigate, and the icons and navigation buttons are big and clear.

Scrolling through screens and pages is a breeze, and it’s very logical and easy to understand. One thing that we do want to call out however, is the menu bar. Because this app is so simple, you have different locations that you need to go to, to access different features, which are presented to you in a list view. It’s a simple list view, like the navigation in the YouTube app. The problem with that is that you can’t access any of it with a swipe. You must use that bar to scroll down, which really breaks the flow that you have in other apps like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

OurTime Costs and Prices

One of the things that you must know about OurTime is that they are super affordable! They have a detailed pricing guide for everything that they offer. You can find the link in the blog description or in the menu above.

Because they have so many services, the pricing can be a little bit confusing. There is free, basic membership, which you can use for free chats, and free video chats for you to talk to people from all around the world.

This is the basic level, so you will not spend much if you just want to use OurTime for free.

See the section below for the OurTime Review for more information.

One of their levels is premium. This is a flat fee. This is a little bit more expensive than basic. It gives you a lot more access to the premium features, so that alone makes it more worth it.

Another level is the business membership. You can find this by clicking on the premium icon.

This level is a lot more expensive. The business membership is more focused on bigger business use than the regular level.

It is very hard to pinpoint the prices and value of the various services because they are all very different. They have a brief description of how much you will pay for the various services but they will you will pay different prices. It is best to go to OurTime and test them all before you decide for yourself what level you want.

Is OurTime expensive or cheap?

One of the most important things to think about when choosing an online dating website (and there are many to choose from) is the price of the site. A lot of users don't even look at the price of a site when thinking about joining.

However, doing this may prevent you from eventually finding a better deal somewhere else, a factor that I find is very important when reading any review, but especially when it comes to dating websites. Happn is a site that has very high quality features and users which promote being part of a large community.

However, they can be expensive, a fact that is unfortunate to hear. It's disappointing to hear that there are some dating websites that may be a little costly, but it may be a good idea to get a feel-good deal. Spreading your love out could result in a larger find.

There are many sites that are perhaps better than OurTime, but may be more expensive. One of the most important things to check on any site is the amount of money that you have to pay and how much you have to pay on each date.

Does My Date Expect Me to Pay for Anything? If you go on a date with a girl that sits there and expects you to pay for everything on the date, you should know that this is a bit odd as it can be awkward to do.

Special Features

Of OurTime (21 years+):

OurTime is a Premium Dating App that has changed the way adults approach dating.

OurTime is very different from other dating apps. They actually take your sexual well being very seriously. With OurTime the quality of your relationship will always improve.

OurTime is a branch of Modern Dating Revolution and it provides a safe and secure way for people to find their life partner.

OurTime has been designed to meet the sexual needs of people, people aged from 21 to 80.

OurTime makes their partners happy by looking at their needs.

OurTime has been designed with the goal of bringing a happier and healthier life to its users.

With OurTime it is very simple to find a partner. You do not have to use your credit card or other means to find a partner.

OurTime makes it 100% easy to make yourself known to people all around the world.

The OurTime app is unique to the industry.

No other app really understand your needs and provide you with the right services whereas OurTime is different.

OurTime is one of the very few apps for Singles that actually provides you with matches that are worth your time and attention.

OurTime also provides you with translations on foreign languages and Diaspora communities.


Virtual Gifts

What gift will you be giving her for this special day?

Although there are many appealing gift options that you should consider, I find that it can get overwhelming and overwhelming when you gift someone. Virtual gifts are the ideal answer, especially when it comes to spoiling your girlfriend for an anniversary.

In our times, virtual gifts have become more and more popular. They are perfect for a gift for a girlfriend or wife, as long as you choose the right kind of virtual gift.

After all, you need to consider her preferences and lifestyle.

Consider gifting customised gifts. Customised gifts are colourful and they come with your own touch. They are personal and can be completely personalised for your girlfriend. To make this even more special, you can include a video or a voice message along them too.

Personalised gifts are a good idea. They come with your name and are very unique. They can also include photos, a video or a song as long as it is related to you. These are creative gift ideas for an anniversary.

Such an unforgettable gift will surprise her, giving you a great opportunity to show her how much you love her. You can also include a written message on the card.

Give her butterflies in her stomach with flowers. If you are thinking of giving her flowers to celebrate your anniversary, you must firstly consider her tastes.


ConnectMe is a new, easy-to-use dating website that helps you find someone in your local community. Whether you’re looking for a partner, a friend or casual dating, here’s the place for you to meet someone new.

The site currently includes many dating categories so you can find what’s right for you. Change the filters and pick from over 50 different profiles … you’ll soon find someone with whom you can share your interests and experiences.

The new gender filter helps you find the perfect partner for you, whether you’re looking for women or men. They also have a disability filter that helps you make sure you’re happy with your date.

There are thousands of potential dates from all across the world so you can be sure you’ll be able to find someone that suits you.

As a completely free dating site, ConnectMe offers all visitors a chance to meet and find someone new, whether you’re on a budget or have an unlimited budget.


Editors Conclusion

Not all dating services are safe for teens (see reviews on Better Business Bureau), but OurTime is one of them. Nontraditional in some ways, more traditional in others, OurTime may be a good fit for some teens, especially those who are looking for more of a mature dating experience with peers.

Why is OurTime different from other dating apps? It focuses on matching up teens based on their interests in a variety of subjects. If you’re a bookworm or a sports nut or an artist, there are plenty of other teens out there like you that are looking for the same thing. In fact, youth who have joined OurTime have more success when looking for partners than in general.

The featured questions focus on your interests. While some children may find answers to most questions, teens may not.

OurTime also has a few more mature features that make the app more of a safe place to meet someone in person as well. Teens can use QR codes to meet someone nearby. Users can share their location and works as a speed-dating option. It is also a private chat app and not available on a public social media platform. There are also adult hosts in each city that can help to match up singles.

There are some privacy features like anonymous profiles that may be misunderstood by some children, but generally OurTime feels more secure than other dating apps.

OurTime FAQ

Q: How do I start using OurTime?

A: Select your interests and location.

Select 'JOIN' or 'CREATE' from the top sidebar.

Enter your name and password.

Choose the area that interests you.

Start browsing profiles.

Or, you can also tell us more about yourself in the 'CHOOSE YOUR PROFILE' area and we will do the rest.

Your profile will show up on the search results. Then, you will be able to expand the details and see who else is around you.

Q: How do I use the chat function?

A: Hit search and a search field will appear. Enter something in the search field. Select the right profile for the people on the other end of the conversation option. You'll then be able to chat with them.

Q: How do I join a group?

A: Go to the 'Groups' page.

Find the group that interests you.

Choose the area that interests you.

You will then be able to choose from various clubs, events and forums.

Q: How do I send messages?

A: Select the user you would like to contact.

Select the Box that Says 'CONVERSATION'

Enter your message.

Press 'SEND'.


You will love the online feedback and ideas that you will get here. It will help you better learn about the field. The ratings are good and it means that the quality and experience of the job posting is good.

It is a good place for you to go. If you have been thinking about getting into the field of helping and supporting people in their own life and career then ourtime will be a good place for you. You will get a good idea of the job and the field. You don’t even need to be in high school to apply for this job.

OurTime helps you promote your passion, works with your schedule with flexible searches and helps you easily get more free exposure. You will be able to post about your resume and skills free and get feedback. The response will help you get those that can help you get a better job.

This unlimited feedback has 962 reviews with an average of 3.57 stars. Overall, you will get and receive plenty of responses from people who will be interested in your resume.

OurTime assures you that they keep your information private and secure. They will never give or sell your personal information to outside sources. You will always get the free help you need because everything is confidential.

Who is signed up to OurTime?

OurTime, or OurTime, is a dating app that bills itself as a Tinder, but for busy people. You’ll meet the hottest singles around from what’s called The People Pool, a collection of people in your area. You can then decide to meet for a drink or coffee, or you can add them to your address book for useful next steps.

The simplicity of the interface is great … there’s a main search feature, making it easy to search for dating partners. Even the most busy individual can say hello in seconds, and if they don’t match with a compatible person, they can just hit next.

OurTime has earned some positive reviews on several different websites, climbing to 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.7 on the Apple App Store, which is pretty respectable for a service that is only a few months old.

Why should you join OurTime?

OurTime is free to join and free to use, but they do offer other premium services for purchase. There are a couple of benefits to joining OurTime, including:

A free trial that lets you join for free and swipe right or left on your first 10 people.

Why is OurTime so popular?

What's making OurTime successful?

OurTime has a solid membership base of more than 650,000 members. About 77% of members are female. Couples profess love for each other in their profiles, and even the most casual of acquaintances are members. Most users are in their 40s, and a large number came to OurTime after having a bad experience with another dating service. These users are primed to succeed at something like OurTime.

OurTime offers a great service with tools that cover a wide range of dating needs. The app offers photo sorting, compatibility questions, personals, video chatting and a lot more. Specifically, most users who have been using OurTime for at least 10 months have been able to successfully find their soul mate or a lasting romantic relationship.

OurTime is mostly used in the United States and Canada. It has agents in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and several other countries. They are also expanding into place where there are not many big dating sites, like most places in Africa or the Middle East.

The growth outlook is very good because, even though the user base tends to be older, most of them come from city-dwellers. Because they have had a crappy experience with Tinder, Tinder, or other apps, they will often come to OurTime as their first dating app.

Is this site for younger people too, e.g. younger women looking for Sugar Daddies or younger men looking for “Cougars”?

OurTime is going to be used for a variety of reasons primarily.

There are segments of our community with unique needs that will be better served by the site’s features. OurTime has been built with this in mind.

Everyone is welcome on OurTime. We are inclusive, not exclusive.

The younger age group and Sugar Daddies will be able to find their matches on OurTime just like you will. OurTime is not a place where traditional ageism is tolerated.

We do not allow personal ads that exclude certain ages and backgrounds. This is a non-negotiable issue.

However, OurTime has an exceptionally diverse age group.

I am a 47 year old member (OlderGentleman) and am also a member of the SugarDaddy community.

So far 690 of my happy "Sugar Babies" are younger than me.

OurTime is not just for the younger crowd because of age, but also because of interests or more modern lifestyles.

OurTime is an online dating site unlike any other. It has a goal of being a safe, friendly, productive, positive place.

Men and women above 30 are very important members of our community. They are very welcome here to build relationships.

You will notice that many (if not most) of our seniors are Sugar Babies.

Where is OurTime located?

OurTime is an online dating site for people over 50 and has been established since 2001. This web site was created based on the idea people over 50 can date a variety of age groups and meet people who are their own age or close.

It’s free to review OurTime if you join as a new member. They are headquartered in the USA. The growth of the site is based on the principle that people over 50 are forgotten about.

If you do not have a place to meet people, OurTime is the way to go. They offer technical support via email and many other methods like live chat and online forums too.

If you want to see their full profile, you should have a look at OurTime review.

Who owns OurTime?

When was OurTime established?

OurTime established Feb. 2006 in Italy by Francis Dumetz.

Are Match and OurTime the same?

No. Especially in our time, there are a number of much better, non-elitist alternatives to these services. The thing about OurTime is that it’s one of the biggest dating sites and one of the easiest to sign up for.

If you don’t have an account yet and you want a free no frills version of Tinder, then it’s your best bet. But it still isn’t the best.

We aren’t affiliated with it, but we aren’t saying to stay away from it either. If you’re significantly younger, it’s the absolute best way to meet people. If you’re older, there are better places. Tinder is the biggest, but OurTime is massive, so good luck if you’re older than 25.

Match and OurTime are similar in that they’re both easy ways to meet people. Match is more for parents to find a good match for their kids, whereas OurTime is more for singles in general.

Why did SeniorPeopleMeet merge with OurTime?

SeniorPeopleMeet was founded in 2003 by Silver Spring, Maryland-based IT professional Paul McLagan. Since its inception, the website has evolved into the largest social network for 50+ singles in the United States.

McLagan’s original vision was to create a site where people would feel good about declaring, “I’m single!”

In 2009, OurTime was developed to help singles of all ages expand their social network through community events, activities, social networking and professional networking.

Later that year, SeniorPeopleMeet joined forces with OurTime. The merger helped to combine age-specific online communities into one big online place for older people.

SeniorPeopleMeet has been the official media partner of OurTime since its inception.


If you are looking for an app that will finally get you that date, it‘s not going to be pretty. UTMORE has a simple, yet functional app. It‘s pretty efficient and does what it‘s advertised to do. At first glance, it was a little bit confusing, but I was able to find the right buttons to access the profile section of the app. By that, I mean I ended up navigating through different buttons to get to the place where the profile was supposed to be. Once I got the profile, the app was easy enough to navigate. I was able to edit my profile, add pictures, have a contact list, a review section, and browse the different profiles of other users of the site. The profile section includes a bio section which you can write however you want it to be. It contains a short description, but doesn‘t offer any other type of settings where you can write more about yourself.

The contacts section is straightforward. You can request meeting, add contacts with a mutual interest, and create groups for you and your friends to coordinate events. It makes sense that their social function is extremely strong here with the aim of meeting new people.

How does OurTime work?

OurTime is a dating app and website for US 50+ year old singles. The site is free and has a variety of features that keep users interested.

The site incorporates a chatroom to allow users to interact before they meet up, it segmented by gender for those who wish to avoid older men and older women. While only fifty years old is the minimum age that you can sign up, it is also the most efficient age on the platform due to the increased attention span.

As well as the single user, co-dating is also available and easy to use.

When it comes to the downsides of the platform, the main issue is the age-based hierarchy. Because OurTime is geared towards people in the 50+ age bracket, it is very unlikely that you will meet up with someone that is younger than you.

The 50+ hierarchy only seems to be relevant to the website itself, as it does indeed segregate users based on age. This can also be applied when you are looking for a co-date.

You can filter through people by their age range for around the town or by proximity, which will send more messages to more relevant match, however this is not available to singles themselves.

When it comes to the actual functionality of the site, everything is fairly straightforward. It is extremely easy to message your potential matches, and it is intuitive to navigate through the dating protocols.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your OurTime experience

And let other users know what OurTime is all about.

OurTime is a dating site based on a social network that is a lot like Tinder, but unlike Tinder, they have an upper limit on the age range that you can search for.

Paid premium members get unlimited photos and unlimited matches. For free members, you can send 5 messages a day and can only set the site to display men within 1-5 miles of you.

The site does have a paid memberships plan with unlimited access. You can see the ads and who is advertising them as well as what the price range is.

But members can only communicate with women who have also expressed interest in communicating with them.

The site is actually very cool with a great layout and awesome interface. It’s not quite the Tinder that millennials are used to, but it is a unique take on the Tinder model.

There’s a very active community with a focus on the same interests that you have.

However, I have several concerns about the site. The matches seem to come from a lot of the same area. And the members have actually already displayed some pretty obvious affection toward each other outside of the app. Which, if you read online, you realize that you can easily spot a fake profile.

OurTime Experiences

I reviewed OurTime after a large number of people recommended it to me and after trying a different dating website.

I was really pleased with OurTime’s overall function. I would rank it somewhere in the middle of the pack where overall quality is concerned, satisfying about 90% of users.

It does fulfill its promises, has good things to offer users, and provides fair value. The experience was overall very good and you can’t really ask for much more than that.

The free trial was well worth the time when I took my time to sign up. I used MyTime for about a year, which was roughly half the amount of time they guarantee.

It is a good value, especially in the beginning, but expect your useful time to be more like two months or less, with both factors combined.

One thing I have to say that is different between OurTime and most of the other sites is that the place is very strict in free trial sign-ups. Other sites will provide full access to all their functions without having to provide an email and credit card or some other form of payment.

But OurTime requires both payment verification and email verification. I don’t really enjoy having to deal with all of that, unless it is really necessary to ensure safety (which it isn’t; some people could make real issues after a lot of time spent in the app).

More information on OurTime:

Get salary vary with gender and industry:You can rate, screen, and chat with members in your industry, company, or company size — if it exists. This is nice for the younger generation.

I have gotten great coaching:I too love it so much with the coaching and the surveys. I am going to take them to another level.

Free to join:I have never seen a place where you are allowed to browse for your soul mate and get a free membership to have more chats.

Fun:My free sessions are very fun, and you are allowed to send messages to all the members and they are very much friendly.

Also, you are allowed to get a free membership card to browse other members and more.

Personalized Recommendation

(Recently, I was making time for trying out a new time-waster, and found this to be very helpful in helping me discover the game.)

My time was very well spent. At first, it took me a few tries to really get into the game. Once I understood the game, everything flowed smoothly. The game is very enjoyable, and easy to get into. I could spend hours on end, playing, but I also had to stop playing at some point.