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How much does Positive Singles cost?

Nothing! I’m devoted to keeping Positive Singles a 100% FREE service. There are occasionally bonuses on offer, but that’s it. Not a penny is ever asked for when signing up.

Take a look at the paid for dating sites. There are some quite expensive as all of them are looking to make money. Another point to remember is that many of the paid for sites simply don’t work, at least in my experience.

The growth of Positive Singles is fortunate in the fact that it has been free since day one.

Closing Anyone on a paid for and free site has to take a massive financial hit. If people are paying, and are happy to pay, they are more than happy to spend time signing up and browsing.

I run a free dating site. Why would I do this? Because I’m in this for the love of the ideas.

You all get access to all of the same features that nobody at any other site has access to. Please remember that there are some paid sites with great ideas too. That’s how Positive Singles got started and has attracted many very high quality people.

Is Positive Singles expensive or cheap?

Is Positive Singles expensive or cheap?

It depends on. I'll tell you my opinion as a person who has used and still uses it. I do not encourage the use of dated and outdated methods.

I regard Positive Singles as a breakthrough. I am impressed, because I did not believe that such money could be spent on something cheap.

Yet, I understand that for a lot of people Positive Singles is just not necessary.

Many people have been disappointed with dating and just like me have decided to do something about it to see what can be changed. And so at the beginning, they put all their money on a domain name, instead of a dating site. But many people are just beginning to understand the concept of dating, even though it isn't new anymore.

The point is that if one is looking for a wife or a man in a long-term relationship, it is not necessary to pay a huge amount of money.

But I do understand that I'm a little bit immature. I think there are more serious issues that we have to deal with as a whole than dating and finding a partner.

We don't have such serious matters as another person will change our life, but we can make it better. We can change for the person we are thinking of.

It's okay if someone has trouble doing this. It is his problem, not mine. It has to do with confidence.

Why pay for premium at Positive Singles?

Generally, you wouldn’t pay for any dating service you were in charge of. You’d instead find yourself spending money on a free online dating site that allowed you to see who was also interested in you without paying.

When you sign up with an online dating site, you’re paying for several services. The problem is that many services are paid differently than others, meaning the ones that pay the most can be the ones that are hardest to get.

It’s some of these differences that can really make or break your online dating experience and are why dating sites keep getting sued.

The positive side of all this means you can take advantage of the parts of the site that you love. You can sign up with what you’re used to doing for free or with an alternate site or pay a little more for a service that you really are paying for.

It’s important to choose carefully because there are lots of different things that can do.

By choosing a site that doesn’t hesitate to pay for premium and upgrading when your needs call for it, you can save money that can go to filling you with excitement about life on the net.

Free Features

Awesome Features – Including the ability to contact others, send meet-ups, find events and even our own 'Personal Profile' page which allows you to access exclusive member pages & coupons and offers!

Meetups – Find everything from a single night out with hot singles to 100% free events, all over Sydney. We use the most accurate database of events & Sydney events online. Whether you are looking for free movies, coffee, dinner, community events, trivia, BBQ or just a place to meet your new friends all for FREE. Most events are free things to do, so you can save money & still be entertained.

Hot Getaways – You’ve probably heard about Greece, Paris and Europe. We actually have the perfect travel destination for you – including the top honeymoon destinations of the world, along with places to stay in some of the most exclusive places on the planet. You’ll be able to find tickets, hotels, tours, tours and information tell you what’s happening in the world, including music, entertainment, sports, free things to do, top style trends, recipes and activities.

Your own Profile Page – We’ll allow you to create a profile page just for you containing your own photos, interests and personality. Include a short description of yourself and why you like Australia. This gives you a personalised page just for you where you will get daily updates on what has been happening around Sydney.

A Reliable Support System

One of the biggest bones of contention in personal relationships is the issue of sharing burdens. We want to make it easier for our paramours and help them out in times of need, yet they seem to always choose not to fulfill their obligations.

Stay strong, ladies, and know that there’s another solid method for keeping it real: feel-good free singles. These are a good idea if you want to try to make money with your friends, because if you know them well enough that you can trust them with money, they might give them to you to give away, for example, without even knowing.

The idea is that you have a list of regular friends and family members who all give money to start a pool. You provide them with the tracking device and the e-mail address, and one member of the pool is the owner. You, as the owner, bring the money to the bank and withdraw it from your personal savings. Then you pay the other participants out of your own account.

To help keep it all kosher, all communication should go through the owner, and no one else should ever get the tracking device or e-mail. Everyone knows what it is, so they are all polite about it, and no one is ever surprised with a check.

Safe and Discreet


Dating can be expensive! You can spend hours ordering singles. It cost money to go out to a bar or a club to meet someone. I know many single moms who just can not afford to invest the money in meeting men or single women.

If you are looking for love and want to find your soul mate, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on finding love. Here are some tips for meeting people looking for love online.

There are dating sites in which it is free to register and post a profile of you and your personal information. When you are browsing through many of these sites, you will find that many of the profiles are empty.

If you look around an empty profile you will not know what a person is like or what they look like. You will be hitting the Internet without any information on the person you are meeting.

Many of the men and women who use these kinds of sites are simply not looking for love. They are more interested in finding a partner who can pay to see them on a site.

Why do they need to pay to meet someone? Because the dating services they offer are not free.

Many of these men are looking for something more than love. They are looking for a person who will have sex with them. They are looking for someone to fulfill their sexual needs.

Informative and Helpful

Information for Finding a Secure, Positive Relationsh.

Every now and again we get the questions “how can I find a good relationship?” This is a very valid question and those who ask it often have a variety of scenarios to explain their problem.

For example, maybe you are a single woman who is not married, not widowed, and under 45. So far, not a huge step in the wrong direction if you are heterosexual.

However, all of a sudden, you are dumped by your boyfriend who was the love of your life. You are left to pick up the pieces of someone else’s broken heart.

If that is the case, then you are seriously depressed and it is likely that you have lost some weight due to the stress. Try to make sure that you take measures to remedy the situation but if it comes to the time where you have to be medically treated for depression then you will need to do what you can to pay for the treatment.

If you are not sure of what kind of depression to look for then make sure that you talk to someone who works at a medical clinic in Florida and ask them what the symptoms of depression would be.

Of course, if you have not been seeing any of these symptoms, you must be able to get yourself to a medical clinic quickly so that they can make sure that you are not in immediate danger of life-threatening heart disease.


This cheap and effective article has discussed some tips and tricks to help you make an effort to remain attractive to your potential partner. You can also use this positive singles cost article to ensure that you go after what you truly want in life by not settling for an unrealistic idea of what the "ideal" couple should be. You should strive to always be happy, healthy and attractive with elements of passion and mystery in order to avoid exhaustion and boredom, ultimately giving a negative image of yourself and your relationship.

By following up on your personal hygiene habits, you will always shine, both physically and mentally. Your hair and nails can be left in satisfied conditions, even if they are not often touched. You will look natural and soft to touch, holding a woman's attention, which will ultimately lead to a successful relationship and no stress.

Staying in shape and maintaining good posture will improve your confidence, making you more likely to present yourself as the available and attractive man that you need to be. You will also look your best when you smile, demonstrating a sense of happiness in your life and an approachability which only makes you more appealing to the opposite sex.

Taking the time to cut your hair at home makes it simpler to care for and lets you avoid the harsh blow drying and styling steps that often wash out a man's hair color and style. Not to mention that straight hair is also a better look for today's business attire.

New members at Positive Singles in February 2021 in comparison

When meeting new people, it is important to be on the lookout for certain signs. If you are new in a new city, being observant will help a lot in determining whether or not the people you encounter are potential mates. Here are some behaviors and indicators that may suggest you should stay away from a particular person-

Money Issues

If someone does not have or cannot provide for themselves, they will most certainly be lacking the other crucial things that come with the abundance of money, those being happiness, health, and carefree time.

Harmful Relationships

If you think the person is attracted to anything other than themselves, then you should keep moving- surely they have are way of attracting trouble.

Excess Alcohol Abuse

If they are consistently buzzed until the wee hours of the morning, then you can be assured that they will not have the ability to look at a woman as anything other than a s*xual object.

Obsessive Personality

If they seemingly cannot meet people without asking for a phone number and constantly need to facebook stalk- then do not waste time on them.

Sluggish Conversational Skills

If they find it difficult to carry on a conversation and express themselves verbally, then you do not need to be stuck with them- there are plenty of other available people who will not fail you.