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We saw this pointer in one of our tech blogs, we checked out the website and found out it’s an app that shows you the apps or web pages the advertisements are placed, at the same time it gives you an opportunity to know the personality of that app or website.

We tried it and it really works, besides, it’s so educational, you can know what are the apps you should avoid, it’s also for the advertising companies as well.

We wrote all that because we want you to try it out, we won’t tell you more. Just visit this travel blog and open the Richmeetbeautiful app, search for your super app, and you will see some good information about it, but also those ads where they are placed, try it, it’s very useful and helpful.

New members at RichMeetBeautiful in February 2021 in comparison

24% (Accounts made in the month only. Expected to sum to the full 25%)

The popularity of RichMeetBeautiful continues to grow. People are thrilled about RMB and its fast growth. We have seen a steady growth in new members throughout February. Keep exploring RichMeetBeautiful Facebook and get to know other members. Maybe you will find your soul mate and see the world together.

New Members: 105,199 (24%)

Number of women that have joined RMB: 27,871 (65%)

Number of men that have joined RMB: 8,608 (55%)

New search terms:

Member activity at RichMeetBeautiful in February 2021 in comparison

RichMeetBeautiful Member Structure

RichMeetBeautiful has a membership structure that is both affirming and yet different from traditional dating websites. While the model is new and somewhat confusing, it’s actually a lot more secure and ethical than other dating websites.

The Beauty

The beauty site is broken down into male and female models, as well as the average looking male and female models. What that means is that you can search for others based on your preference.

That’s the first hallmark of the site. It’s not just a place for you to look for someone to date and hook up. It’s a place where you can become more specific and find someone that you really fit with.

It Started Online

When it first started online, it was a scientific research project that worked with a most paid date/match/hook up site.

It was designed to determine what makes a man and a woman compatible. Whether or not that would translate into a successful dating site was to be determined in the years to come.

What Makes a Match?

Once you’ve chosen your preference, you get to the next part, where you can set your preferences and search based on those. One of the many settings is hobbies and interests.

Age Distribution

As a data analysis, the groups of people being followed upon the app’s more than eight thousand existing users are represented by age and gender within a five year span of them.

The diversity of age groups being followed is remarkably large (from 13 years old to more than 70 years). Average viewers are stated to be walking towards a slight decline in the age groups from between 31-40 years old with a small increase in the age groups from above 40 years old.

Trends shown for audience age span of viewers are revealed by the app’s users’ profile feature. The average viewer of the app is stated to be aged by from 31 to 37 years. The general trend of having the majority of viewers being aged by age 30 to 54 years.

The age scope of viewers are not fixed and normally changes in the upper and lower age groups.

The majority of of the users being followed are those coming from the Seoul and Busan area. A huge variation of the varying age brackets that are being followed can be detected within this data analysis.

Signing Up at RichMeetBeautiful

Making Contact on RichMeetBeautiful

There are many ways people can protect themselves from scams on dating sites.

RichMeetBeautiful Profile Quality

5/5) – Just like on their website, the quality of the profiles that RichMeetBeautiful provides is pretty standard. Each member has a brief bio giving you basic information about them, a very cute picture, and a number of their photos that they’ve uploaded.

RichMeetBeautiful have a lot of different options that provide a little extra with the profiles on RichMeetBeautiful. They have many categories such as ‘Relationship OK‘, ‘Dating OK‘ and ‘Not Available’.

If this sounds too vague or confusing, there is always the upgrade feature which allows you to delve deeper into the meaning of each of these labels. If you’re looking for someone that’s ready to date, just choose the Dating option, or, if you’re looking for someone who’s more casual, choose Relationship OK.

Quality (3.5/5) – Just like on their website, the quality of the profiles that RichMeetBeautiful provides is pretty standard. Each member has a brief bio giving you basic information about them, a very cute picture, and a number of their photos that they’ve uploaded.

RichMeetBeautiful App

The RichMeetBeautiful app has some great characteristics but the real problem that I have with its functionality is the match system. I would like to see a more advanced search feature, better match system and better prioritization tools. The listing system is also very basic and doesn’t offer much. Their goal with this platform is to help people meet each other and join social groups. They are not looking for people to pay monthly fees. This is a great idea and they are quite transparent about this.

There are so many different dating apps already that it can grow hard to make a real impact. So many apps sell similar services but they fail to live up to the hype. These apps typically have the same features and functions. Surely not all of them can become extremely popular and rich in just a few years. But RichMeetBeautiful has a good chance with this one. It seems to have a solid team behind it combined with top-notch investors. I have no doubt in my mind that this app will be a top competitor within a few years.

The RichMeetBeautiful is a new online dating app that focuses on bringing people together for love, marriage and a lasting relationship. It is an intimate experience, and yet it is so automated and easy to use.

RichMeetBeautiful Real Life Review

RichMeetBeautiful, offered to us as a dating site, has been around for a few years now. RichMeetBeautiful is a site for rich, handsome, and wealthy men and women. In the dating scene, these men and women are all looking for a similar thing in a partner.

RichMeetBeautiful, from the company RichMeetBeautiful, sells a membership to men and women who are interested in women or men with wealth.

The company also has a program for people who are looking for someone in a committed relationship, which is also a membership. Utopian, of course, does not review paid sites, but we wanted to put RichMeetBeautiful under the microscope given the reviews and the fact that many people seem to be interested in this online dating site.

In a moment, we will come back to the reviews and how they suggest that this is a site to give legitimacy to. That is not our take, but for now the focus will remain on the membership options.

RichMeetBeautiful has two membership options. The first is the free membership. The second is the monthly membership. Membership for the first option is free, however, the more time you spend with the site, the stronger your credit card is billed.

A free membership option is a zero dollars a month option. For that, you can do plenty of damage on the site and still not have to pay for the membership.

Design and Usability

This is probably one of the most compelling features about the RichMeetBeautiful website. Everything is in immaculate taste. Its design puts every element of the site together in a beautiful palette of neutral colors (which you can customize), and each element from the heading above the fold to the footer text is implemented tastefully. In addition to the aesthetics, the navigation between the different sections is perfected and easy to use.

There can be a little confusion as to what you are browsing because the sections use only numbers, e.g 0, 1, 2, etc. Which then takes you to other sections. Also, all the sections have the same top-level heading.

Because there is a lot to look at, the site will overwhelm you if you are looking for the information. However, there is a separate category of people who are looking for quality over quantity.

It is a good idea to invest some time in learning how to use the site effectively. Also, it is good to know the format of the table you want to view. As per the Design section, the details about a model are put in the table after the name of the model.

RichMeetBeautiful Costs and Prices

Is RichMeetBeautiful expensive or cheap?

It’s expensive but it’s well worth it.

There are many other niche dating sites where you can find beautiful women. But RichMeetBeautiful has over 150,000 members and over 25k messages per month.

This is something that even the best high paying paid dating sites cannot give you.

Special Features

  • Swipe-to-View Menu
  • Share to Instagram
  • Bullets in lists of actions
  • Special gifts on the main screen
  • Grammar Checker
  • Settings button exactly where it should be
  • And a lot more – just swipe to explore

Content Is Beautiful

No more spammy and often useless content. Look at the time you will save by being rid of those!

Content is beautiful has the same content as the original app with new design.

A Better Experience

Take a breath and enjoy the beautiful design the way it should be.

Get the app and save 30% on content is beautiful in April.

Featured Users


It was just a few days before Valentine’s Day when I went to RichMeetBeautiful. It was all over the hype. Everyone was talking about how incredible this dating service was and how amazing it was for people in a similar position to me. The first thing that struck me about RichMeetBeautiful was the very salesy environment of it. Sure enough, there was a gigantic man with a raspy voice, a giant pair of hands, and an abundance of hair, very much like a walking, talking salesperson, trying to chalk up his dating service.

The second thing that I noticed was that the men of RichMeetBeautiful were all very attractive, but not the kind of men that usually attracted me. The men were physically fit, but not in that “buff” sort of way. They were the sort of fit you saw in fitness magazines or e-clothes. They also had a strange feeling about them that I couldn’t quite place. I felt like I would have to get to know them really well, which was the opposite of the way I usually singled people out.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for her, you’re going to need to understand a few things first. You’ll want to understand who she is, and what she likes.

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If you have plans to visit her one day soon, you should consider something that she can keep and accent her room or home with. Even something small can make a big difference in her life. There is no such thing as too small for her since she really wants to keep it forever.


RichMeetBeautiful is basically my brainchild. I’ve been doing reviews for a long time now and I found myself not liking the way that Americans were portrayed on these sites.

There are these waves of immigrated supermodels (often from abroad) who came to the US to make it BIG, but never did.

That’s not always the case, but often it is.

I hear the stories of a lot of girls who get in and out of the industry, and it’s not for their inability to work hard. It’s because they get in and fall out. This isn’t to say that there aren’t a lot of hard working girls.

You’ll find a ton of those in this book, but this book is meant to showcase Asian, Black, and Latina girls who are working hard.

I’ve been updating the book and adding new girls almost every day, so the site keeps getting bigger and bigger.

What you’ll find in RichMeetBeautiful:

  • Over 380 girls
  • 205,000+ pageviews
  • Content updated daily
  • Girls who are working hard to make it in Los Angeles
  • Money-shots from photo shoots



More than a matchmaker, a partner I will tell you that having your own relationship is not easy especially for those who are used to being single. If you want to find love with little effort then you need to look for different places. One of the best places to connect is Richmeetbeautiful; a dating site for a busy life. This is the site where you can find and date different kind of girls from different regions. When it comes to women’s dating, there are so many places that you can search for good matches. Some of these places are too expensive and some are too good; Richmeetbeautiful is something in between which is suitable for everyone.


Richmeetbeautiful is an online dating site which is committed to providing their users with the best dating service. They offer different kinds of services such as free video calling, instant messaging, emailing, video calling. The site works on a subscription basis with good quality full of members and above the average response rate. The site also strives to protect its users by offering them certain security and privacy features. Richmeetbeautiful is the best place at which you can look for a marriage partner. The website is also committed to remove the competition from their users by listing good things about the pictures.

It is also a dating website that works by doing clean and trick proof profile which shows your potential girls your trustworthiness, reliability and honesty.

Private Keys


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RichMeetBeautiful FAQ

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RichMeetBeautiful is the largest dating site in the world serving over 40 million registered singles and having more than 14 million people visit the site each month.

RichMeetBeautiful has featured in many magazine such as TIME, Forbes, Inc., and Business Insider

Richmeetbeautiful reviews shows that the community is serious, will keep visiting the site for more great finds, and making it the best dating site according to the reviews.

What is RichMeetBeautiful?

Richmeetbeautiful, which is far from being a site for discussing how to be rich and gorgeous, but instead, is a site for dating and finding a life partner. this site offers access to the multitude of social dating sites, where you can find your best matches, experiment the best results, you are even able to meet people who will help you learn how to spend your money, and in fact, you will be amazed, and probably feel ashamed that have not yet been attracted to this tool!

Is RichMeetBeautiful available in other countries?

Yes. RichMeetBeautiful is currently available to users in over 40 different countries.

Is RichMeetBeautiful a fake dating site?

This site offers membership in a dating site. That can easily be found on the website. Therefore, a membership in this website means that you can contact and establish contact with other members who have decided to join it.

As a result, it is completely possible to date and try to get to know other users through dating. With a membership, you can get into contact with other members, set up a contact and try to connect. Thus, this is a dating site where you can get into contact with other members and try to get to know them and establish a connection.

It is a dating site where you can contact other people and connect with them. The website also offers a confirmation of your email. As a result, it is possible to play with other users and try to set up a meeting.

The site is not a scam because there is an option to cancel a membership. And if you aren’t satisfied and your requirements aren’t met, you can cancel your membership for a day or two.

As a result, the site is basically a platform that can connect users. As a result, you can also date and try to connect with other people and try to establish a relationship through dating. As a result, you can also try to make contact with other members.

How can I contact the customer service of RichMeetBeautiful?

Customer Service: [email protected]


{1}. RichMeetBeautiful looks like you can achieve a lot with it.
{2}. It looks pretty good even though it is basic.

How do I sign-up for RichMeetBeautiful?

How does RichMeetBeautiful work?

At RichMeetBeautiful, we try to help every individual find what they are looking for. Whatever that may be.

You can find that special someone by joining our site and adding some of your own personal criteria.

For example, you may be looking for a dating partner, a husband, a friend, or you just want to find the one you have been looking for!

You can find that perfect woman that you’ve been dreaming of! The exciting thing is that once you find her, you will not be looking back.

About the site:

RichMeetBeautiful is designed and created to help keep your dating dreams alive. When you join the site, you can set up your own unique preferences, and you can search for others who are looking for the same thing.

The company created a unique platform that caters to every desire that you may have, whether that be finding a life partner or just looking for someone to chat to or make new friends with.

The site is designed to allow you to share your expertise in your specific area, and to find someone who has the same skills.

RichMeetBeautiful has been able to create a very unique way of connecting with others who are looking for the same thing as you are.

Your profile is visible to the entire site, and the site enables you to add your own custom preferences.

Is RichMeetbBeautiful free?

RichMeetBeautiful is a paid subscription dating membership. We believe that these products can help with your journey to attract a quality relationship, and we hope you will be able to afford to join. We give special treatments to our members to make this more accessible.

If you are unable to pay for the membership, there are several other great ways to earn credits to pay for your membership.

We hope that you enjoy our products and make the most of your membership.

Does RichMeetBeautiful offer special features?

Yes, RichMeetBeautiful clearly shows that it is heavily focused on your love life. It recognizes that one of the aspects of love that most people focus on too much is attractiveness by providing an attractive personal ad posting online.

Instead of a social networking profile, you can post an attractive ad on the RichMeetBeautiful website.

It will be seen by a larger base of people who you are looking for a mate, and with so few options, it will be easy to narrow down your search quickly.

Each day, the people who like your ad will see that you are still looking and they will get the benefit of the doubt when you date them if they arrive first in your inbox.

How do I delete or deactivate my RichMeetBeautiful account?

RichMeetBeautiful has a zero-tolerance policy on stolen passwords. Please do not attempt to re-use a password you used with another service. To help safeguard your account, please answer the following security questions below.

Date of birth
When did you first start using RichMeetBeautiful?

Where were you born?

Your Favorite Color

What is your favorite food?

What is your current house address?

Your Current Phone Number

What is your mother’s maiden name?

What is the name of your current pet?

What is the name of the first pet you owned?

What is the street address where you were raised?

Your Email Address that You Wish to Give Us when You Sign Up

What is your full name, please enter it in the field below.

Does RichMeetBeautiful have an app?


Our app is great for date hook ups for free. It’s loaded with thousands of Smart Dating Opportunities for people looking to meet new friends, make new connections, or if you’re a single looking for a short term relationship.

It boasts a beautiful User Interface for easy use, complete with filters that custom-fit your preference.

Here’s what you get in the app:

  • Your very own profile with a personal image that’s like your online dating resume
  • Instant notifications of new profiles, events and opportunities in your area
  • Attending events that match your interests right on your phone, with a super easy interface
  • Set-up profiles for a chance to meet new people, at events, or on the street
  • Get the hang of RichMeetBeautiful on the computer, then download the app and voila!
  • RichMeetBeautiful is the only online dating app that gives you both free membership and 100% hook-up guarantee (free)
  • No bots, no fake profiles,

What is RichMeetBeautiful's premium membership?

Each of our men of letters has his own way of believing. Those who understand what we are trying to achieve, they can follow the steps exactly and achieve the same results.

We have multiple differences in our opinion of what is beauty and what is appropriate to attract the opposite sex. But the problem is, we are all on the same page with our review to attract the opposite sex.

The secret behind RichMeetBeautiful is not to get angry at beauty or lack of it, the secret is to use it in the proper way. Secrets of attraction lies in what meets a woman's standards.

We want to achieve this first in our perception of beauty, then in the interaction with the opposite sex.

The M6 Method of attraction should be taught from the first specialist to the last. All those are important to use the secret of attraction to achieve success!

Everyone wants to get rich and beautiful, but then what? Well, if you follow the steps in our tutorials closely, the results are predictable!

A word of caution. If you are still not convinced, you can always try your hand at a free trial.


And Privacy:

RichMeetBeautful members can create a bucket list of potential partners that are within their social circle.

Sort of like a digital middle man, partners request to be matched dating sites for you. Bottoms is the ideal place for women who are not as confident in their appearance, or women who have experienced their fair share of troubles finding a date. Call it a bucket list, a dating site with multiple verified partners.

The benefit of that system is that it helps to narrow the pool at a much faster rate then an ordinary dating site does. Because you are not just a face on a computer that people may or may not message back, it helps to make some of the awkwardness of online dating much more manageable.

Because the entire initial conversation takes place through text messages, there is not the kink of looking for that perfect word to use at just the right time from virtual strangers from thousands of miles away.

This website works as a great compliment to Bumble. You can check to see if there is already a Bumble Match on the site, but the Matching system has a complement to them, that seems to work very well with those who are seeking a steady relationship.

Is my RichMeetBeautiful account connected to my Facebook account?

No. This is very important to ensure your privacy. However, each user will need a public link to share with friends and family who don't use the app or do not want it. This will show your ranking to the world.

Are there many fake accounts in RichMeetBeautiful?

RichMeetBeautiful wants you to meet the best people out there. We make sure you’re connected with the right people and that the people you’re considering meeting are genuine, truthful, and genuine.

For example, there are two primary ways you can expand your network on RichMeetBeautiful. You can use our search tool to find people in the area.

Or you can join our friendship group so you can look for people who want to meet new people and go on fun dates.

Both of these ways are very private and safe. We have over 200 million members on the site.

We are not trying to work with people who aren’t legit, so we put a lot of time and effort into making our terms of service very strict.

Any malicious activity gets removed from the site quickly and permanently.

There should be no question whether or not RichMeetBeautiful has the best user interface or the best e-mail system or the best singles events around. It’s all here.

The great thing is, that RichMeetBeautiful is different from other sites. You’ll feel more comfortable here than you would anywhere else.

What are the RichMeetBeautiful terms and conditions?

{1}. RMB Resources are provided at no charge to you.
{2}. We are not responsible for any charges or fees you may incur when using RMB Resource services and resources and reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Ask us about any of the business ideas mentioned above or if you have any other ideas of your own. We would be happy to answer your questions and guide you in creating your own business.

Share your RichMeetBeautiful experience

Personalized Recommendation

At RichMeetBeautiful, we’re working on a platform that combines the best of two worlds: AI and a human.

Everyone wants to receive tailor-made recommendations from a personal assistant. They want that help to find new gadgets or activities that they will enjoy and that can help them make the right investments.

The RichMeetBeautiful platform is designed to find those things based on what the user likes and on their location.

It would look something like this:

In the workspace, the user can access a variety of articles (called “rich content”) on a range of topics: travel, sports, entertainment, world news, or tech.

The articles are created by the contributors of the RichMeetBeautiful community and they are sorted by category, then by city and country. They are voted by the users and ultimately these get served.

BoRuca And

The personal assistant personalizes this experience by addressing the user within the first few lines of article.

BoRuca will start reading the article and will decide where to take the reader depending on where they are.

The user can choose to skip the article and go directly to another recommendation. BoRuca will automatically go to the next article in the list.


Tell us about new magazine releases regarding your magazine.

New content is updated every month in the app – so if you like to watch the newest magazines, you don't need to worry about this! There is an App Guide which provides you a short overview about the best features available in the app (purchasing issues, reading latest editions both local and on the web).

Responsive layout, doesn’t use more web space than it needs to.

The content is big and the layout looks good. The readers are able to read the latest edition without scrolling down, because the app positions the text on the sidebar.

Graphics are good, they aren’t taking too much space. The photos in the new edition are interactive and you can zoom in and zoom out.

Purchasing is really easy and accessible via our App. Once you find the magazine online, check out the price and purchase directly via the App. No update fees.

Quick search-function for the most latest articles in one list.

The prices aren’t hidden behind a fold, you can easily compare and select the best one.

Author-profile is really informative and friendly. You can even see the kitchen locations of cuisine, in the app.

Up to date magazine with latest features and information you can find on the web.