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New members at RomaniaKiss in February 2021 in comparison


USA: 20

UK: 20

Italy: 39

Romania: 8


USA: 30

UK: 25

Italy: 42

Romania: 17


USA: 6

UK: 5

Italy: 8

Romania: 4

Age of new members in relation to the old members

USA: 75% of the new members over 50

UK: 85% of the new members over 50

Italy: 58% of the new members over 50

Romania: 90% of the new members over 50

Member activity at RomaniaKiss in February 2021 in comparison

RomaniaKiss Member Structure

RomaniaKiss is a sexy dating and sex web series taking place in another part of the world. All of the videos are filmed by real couples and the actors have the ability to choose their partners. You can be sure that no one is pretending to be more serious than they are and everything you will see is real.

At RomaniaKiss, the members are organized by their area of interest. Each area has its own virtual club and they can browse through their members. RomaniaKiss has links to other dating sites that are not affiliated with them, and they are also open to members or groups that just want to advertise their club under more visible circumstances, with a bigger audience.

When joining RomaniaKiss, you will be asked for your age, gender, and your location. You will be also asked whether you are already a member of another website and, if so, which one. You will also be asked for the professional social media links you have on your network.

If you are a member of another site and you are interested in signing up for RomaniaKiss, you can do so. When signing up for RomaniaKiss, you will need to provide all of your personal information, but you will also be asked to authorize yourself for some full services and features that aren’t available to free members.

Age Distribution

07,08,09 /reached ROM.

07,08,09 /reachedROM.

11,12,13 /reachedROM.

Signing Up at RomaniaKiss

The sign up process for RomaniaKiss is relatively straightforward. Head over to their website, fill in your email address and you’ll be given the option of a free trial membership.

You then just need to choose which offers are most suitable to you. Once you’ve signed up to RomaniaKiss you’ll get an email invite and then you can start browsing through their extensive selection of Romania only dating sites.

I like that they provide users with lots of information about which girls are online and which ones are available for you to chat to, but I think there are similar sites that offer more choice.

The trial membership is only one month, so if you’re looking for something you’ll use more regularly it’s worth leaving the free option active while you figure out which dating websites to join.

Making Contact on RomaniaKiss

Romania Kiss is one of the biggest dating forums on the internet and certainly one of the largest Romanian dating sites. It is completely in Romanian 100% of the time which puts a bit of extra effort on your behalf any time you want to make a new contact.

I found it quite ease to make contact and use the chat feature on the website. I did have some trouble with email addresses as they are often common names and I could not find any way of flagging the email addresses as spam with my email providers.

So I never really got past communicating with my own email addresses. They added an optional code at the end of some emails but this would not have worked for my kindle emails as Amazon would mark them as spam.

If you are considering RomaniaKiss and you have used Romanian dating websites before you may have noticed that the members on Romania kiss are quite friendly. They have a bit of a different outlook on things compared to many of the other websites.

Whether that is because IrelandKiss is from Romania but nevertheless has restricted the forum to English speakers or whether is it because they are just a different kind of person I will leave for you to think about.

RomaniaKiss Profile Quality


Romania Kiss is a relatively new dating and chat website that is based in Romania. This means that it is possible for you to use Romania Kiss if you are in that particular country. The ethos of Romania Kiss is that it is possible for you to meet new people around you easily. It is involved in socializing, working, and studying, which are important aspects of an overall healthy lifestyle. It holds the belief that being healthy is important for being a good person and for living a good life.

Romania Kiss is known to be a general dating website. The site helps you connect with other members of the site based on interests and hobbies. Bulgaria Kiss is similar to Romania Kiss in some aspects, but there is a huge difference between them. Bulgaria Kiss is focused only on the Bulgarian community itself. This means that all of the people on the site are mostly Bulgarian. It is difficult for you to use a dating website if no one feels like they could be your date.

RomaniaKiss App

Reviewed – What is the need for this app?

The RomaniaKiss app is a dating app for love and romance. It is made to help people to make love last.

The app is also made for people who are looking for a relationship and a serious man or woman. RomaniaKiss is a dating app for people who are serious with their relationship. So, it will help them to increase their chances of finding their love. This is because it helps them as they find a suitable partner.

So, RomaniaKiss is a great dating app for people who are serious and who are looking for a relationship and true love.

The app is also made for people who are looking for a serious relationship not just a casual encounter. The people who are looking for a casual encounter will not like the app, as it will not help them to find their true love. So, the app target and theme is to help people to find true love.

The app also enables anyone to make love last. The app will be a great help to keep the relationship intact, as it will force everyone to date regularly and continuously, as they will not be able to go out and date without paying the GPS fee.

The app is mainly targeted for people who are serious, it will help them to find a true relationship. This is because the app helps them to find their true love than to move on or to be in the casual relationship.

RomaniaKiss Real Life Review

Those of you reading this review who are also looking to travel to Romania are in the right place. The purpose of the article is to review both the country and RomaniaKiss.

Because I am in the travel business, you are probably looking for the real-life experience that RomaniaKiss provides. If you are not considering travel, then you can safely move on because all of this is about visiting Romania.

And yes, RomaniaKiss does provide a less-than-real-world experience. When you switch to a travel agent to book your trip to Romania, you will get the same results. It is simply a different form of the same thing.

RomaniaKiss is a travel agency specializing in low-cost group packages to Romania. You pay for the cost and get the same services that you would anywhere else.

When you book a trip through RomaniaKiss, you are asked to pay with bitcoin.

They do this for a number of reasons. One, it brings in new customers. If you were to pay with the traditional method, you’re going to need to pay in hard currency, most likely euros, which is expensive.

Two, it brings in a lot of new customers. Millions of people use cryptocurrency in the US especially.

Design and Usability

RomaniaKiss advertises a free version of the app with a water proof interactive dildo attached to the ball as well as a paid upgrade.

JerkTheRobot claims to lead to greater confidence and sexual health and happiness. Therefore, the design statement should also be applied to the user experience.

The UI of the app is very straightforward, yet appears not to accommodate the two different possible use cases very well:

The basic version only allows the user to activate an orange blip, which can be either located on the location of the nose or on the lips.

The premium version provides access to the full body of the female model (who is not voiced out), but offers the user the same option for a second location of a blip, which can be either located on the location of the lips or on the nipples.

The location on the lips offers the user two choices for a location, but neither one offers the option of examining the anus.

This design feature makes the premium version of the application more difficult to use.

This makes the premium version more attractive, but using it requires more gestures and therefore is more difficult to learn.

The design of the premium version emphasizes the location of the labia minora, which is a bad choice for the premium version because of the differences between the real and artificial vagina.

RomaniaKiss Costs and Prices

Is RomaniaKiss expensive or cheap?

Compared to most similar products, RomaniaKiss is unfortunately fairly expensive. As expected from a premium product, you only need to try for a short time to realize that it was definitely worth it.

Special Features

I know that Romania is no USA. But One day on this forum Romania at time of review was showing very low demands.

On this day I could see a very good metal stacks with very good withdrawal time.

But did not do this day much bonus as I decided it would hurt me as brother who owned in a much higher metal stack.

SO, Now it no longer is a good daily site.


RomaniaKiss is a great product with amazing results. Everyone should consider buying this product. It looks great, smells great, feels great, and is easy to use. Everyone I have recommended this product to has been happy with it. Buyers would not be disappointed.

RomaniaKiss has a great out-of-the-box experience. This product comes in a box with a good amount of product and one of the best fragrances I have seen in a while. Everything in this product is top-quality and is available at a great price.

I have never seen something that has worked this well. I have recommended this product to many people. They all recommend it to others. This product does everything it is advertised to do.

RomaniaKiss is a great product. I have used almost every product in this category in the past year or so, and nothing compares with this one. I have recommended this product to many of my friends. They have all recommended it to others. It has also expanded my network across the globe.

The quality of this product is not the best but the convenience and uniqueness more than makes up for the quality. I would recommend it. Even though the quality is not the top-of-the-line, this product is very unique and can be re-purchased.

Like and Pass

To best socialize your review, check the appropriate social networks. Your review will be sent to RomaniaKiss and also appear in Google Places.

Editors Conclusion

We are currently on episode 12, 27th January 2019.

I seem to have missed the boat on this one. I have not reviewed it as per my usual review schedule, so i will have to do it a little backwards.

Review Summary

RomaniaKiss has been in the market for a number of years. I believe it started as a BTC based site [click here to read up on older review] but switched over to LTC at some point in the past few years. I guess it is not surprising that the price of LTC and therefore the price of RomaniaKiss have dropped since I purchased it.

I bought the Money Back Guarantee package just in case, but have not been presented with any incentives so far.

I will update this review as I progress through the series, or as any changes occur.

I hope you have found this review of RomaniaKiss useful. If you have enjoyed it, please return for more. If you are not satisfied with the performance of RomaniaKiss, please let us know, we will look into the reasons and see if we can help.

I am the editor of the Website Buyers Report and this is my personal opinion on RomaniaKiss.

RomaniaKiss FAQ

Q. Why RomaniaKiss Reviews?

A. RomaniaKiss Reviews is the best Choice for RomaniaKiss as it is the only resource that has the consumer reviews about RomaniaKiss.

Q. How can I get a RomaniaKiss review testimonial?

A. You can ask for a RomaniaKiss review testimonial about the product, service, or even experience. Please, write us at [email protected]

Q. Is the review by RomaniaKiss real?

A. Yes, our review is real and published by best-rated review sites of Amazon.

Q. There is no RomaniaKiss review available yet.

A. If you are looking for a RomaniaKiss review, you are in the right place. We are going to publish the RomaniaKiss review real soon. Please see our list of RomaniaKiss review sites.


The Romanian name for the country is RoMAnIa.

More than 1.8 million people in Romania speak Romanian.

The ancient capital of the country is Bucharest.

There are a lot of names of Romanian dishes and Romanian has a lot of different dishes.

The Romanian wine is very good too.

Romanians mainly love and respect their father figures.

Romania has had a lot of Greek, Turkish, and Hungarian minorities.

Romanians have been making clothes for a long time.

The women usually wear mostly dresses and blouses, and beige skirts.

The men usually wear basically the same clothes that the women wear.

What is RomaniaKiss?

RomaniaKiss is an app that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. It was built for fraternity and sorority members where extremely strict rules govern who is allowed to date whom.

This app was created by an individual who was suprised at how difficult it was to find a partner after college. Therefore, he decided to create the app to help fraternity and sorority members and their guests with finding love from all over.

Who owns RomaniaKiss?

Romania Kiss belongs to a group of websites that have recently changed in the last few years. Previously, RomaniaKiss was part of a franchise that had several websites that were connected.

But now, they are just one. The only remaining website of the previous group is Kisskissbank.

Kisskissbank is a website for online-savvy middle aged women. RomaniaKiss is a website that advertises a wide range of products.

Product ranges include sexual enhancement, wellness supplements, skin care, and other brands.

The new owners are very transparent about this transfer. They provide updates on their website where they describe the change to the franchise being a great success.

This website also has a very transparent T&C page. The T&C page states which names the hotels and companies that they work with. It also describes the company website’s privacy policy. The main site itself has strict privacy policies.

Does RomaniaKiss have an app version?

Some people want to get the app version with the least amount of effort, but are opposed to giving out info to unknown third parties. Fortunately, RomaniaKiss doesn’t ask for any personal information, other than your e-mail address, which you can easily change.

There’s no need to even install any apps. Just you simply copy the link you receive to your browser; the page will open in that browser.

If you’d rather not link your account with RomaniaKiss, you can add the Romanian password to your account using requests directly from their website. RomaniaKiss can accept password over the phone or via SMS as well.

I truly hope that this all helps!

Thank you for reading and for using RomaniaKiss.

Are LGBTQ+ members welcome to join the app?

RomaniaKiss is for connecting with others whether you are single or in a relationship and the same guidelines apply. Here are some tips that members have shared if you are gay;

We ask that you are not flamboyant or too loud. We want to let the users choose who they want to be in their profile.

We require that members are respectful and kind to each other.

If a member is open and honest in their profile, we ask that you not go to personal attacks or look to bring someone low in their profile.

We accept all levels of professionalism, even the ones that don’t discuss work or personal matters.

It is not appropriate to go to conversations that have been sent to your inbox.

Members must teach. It’s expected that you are a good contributing member of the community and share your opinions, suggestions and answers.

Members should be able to still work around friends and family on the phone. Members should not be contacting each other constantly during working hours.

There are multiple people who are on the team to help you. Members should use the Help link in their profile to reach out to others in the community.

Can I use Facebook to sign up to RomaniaKiss?

Yes, you can use Facebook to sign up to RomaniaKiss. Please note however that you will be required to confirm your subscription through Decebalo.


Received a lot of usability reviews on this site. The homepage is a little bit confusing, it takes a while to figure out how to navigate through the site. We received feedback that the site would benefit from being a little cleaner and more organized.

There are some issues with the site loading properly on mobile and it may also be that the sites layout could use some refinement.

The site has a lot of opportunities to improve by adding awesome features. This is great because it opens up a lot of opportunities for the site to improve with additional revenue opportunities.

The site has a lot of income producing potential for revenue generation. The site should improve its monetization options though it makes the site better.

The blog is very simple and doesn’t provide too many options for the user. It does, however, link to a shop where users can get the Kiss Kiss RomaniaKiss bar.

The Kiss Kiss RomaniaKiss bar is an interesting product as it has good quality and an interesting concept.

This bar appeals to the gluten intolerant as it is gluten free. Although the quality of this product isn’t super high it seems like it promises a lot for a low cost.

The website has a lot of potential for new features. There aren’t many opportunities to monetize the Kiss Kiss RomaniaKiss bar so you could instead sell the bars through Amazon or Ebay.

How can I send a message to another RomaniaKiss member?

Give that second person a Romania Kiss Pass. Your first free Kiss Pass is only valid to send to someone you know personally, but after that, you can send a Kiss Pass to anyone, anonymous or not.

To send a Kiss Pass, hover over where it says "Send A Kiss" in the top right corner of your RomaniaKiss home page. You will be given a drop down menu, but you don't have to actually enter anything.

You also have the option to "Share" anonymously. The other member will receive a notification saying that someone sent a Kiss Pass to them and they will be able to respond with a Kiss.

Be sure to bring your RomaniaKiss Pass everywhere you go. You can scan it with your phone to use it to get free Kisses anywhere.

You can also use this feature to send Kisses to your friends or other RomaniaKiss members.

How can I retreive my RomaniaKiss password if I also forgot my username?

If you forgot your username you can click here and find it. If you forgot it, you can click here and use it on one of the RomaniaKiss websites.

Can I upload photos in my RomaniaKiss profile for free?

Yes, you can. You just need to sign up with a valid email address and after that you can use the uploader that shows up in your RomaniaKiss profile to add multiple photos.

Can I change my RomaniaKiss username?

You can change your username by clicking on your username in RomaniaKiss. You will see an "Edit Username" button. Click on it to change it.

Can I change my email address in RomaniaKiss?

If you log in to your RomaniaKiss account and there is a red lock in the upper right, then you may not be able to change your email address. If you would like to change your account information, contact customer support via live chat, email or telephone. If you are logged in as an administrator and you would like to change your email address, you can log in to the admin console and change your email address from the Settings tab.

How many photos can I upload in RomaniaKiss?

There are a maximum of 8 photos you can upload each month!

You can upload for free. If you want to upload more than 8 photos, please upgrade to a package.

Account and Security

Most of the time, newbies or people that have had issues in the past with online banks, credit unions, or even Paypal need to have to email, call, or chat with technical support to get their account opened.

RomaniaKiss, allows you to open an account with an email from your own personal email and phone number (not a throw away one either). Pretty much instant approval.

Which places RomaniaKiss up among the top picks as the fastest option available. You can get your Romanian bank account opened in less than 3 days.

Paying everyday bills with your bank is also an option with RomaniaKiss as they have partnered with several popular online banks such as Chase, Fidelity, Discover, and Charles Schwab.

Offering more than any other bank, RomaniaKiss allows you to deposit with using Bitcoin as well.

Is RomaniaKiss safe?

RomaniaKiss is a bearable trade name for a product that was tested. Most of the ingredients are completely banned in Germany and there are several other countries that also ban the use of these ingredients. The company is based in Florida, USA and these ingredients are not found in USA.

The procedure used to make the product is not a secret and it is not a tested process but a process used by most of the supplement companies. The exact location of the warehouse and materials used can’t be found. There are several accusations for their methodology, the slow building of the company which appeared in 2012 and the movie where one of the employees of the company is claiming that the product is made using steroids from sheep livers.

The product has been tested by the owners of the company, the country manager and a couple of independent researchers. There are several reviews, some of them are complete scams and copy paste and there is no proof that the product exists.

It is up to the people to decide if they will use or not this product.

Can I use RomaniaKiss without paying?

Romania is a small country in eastern Europe that has a lot of civil war and turmoil going on in it. It is a country that is rich in natural resources and traditions and it can be a lot to take in for new travelers. That is one of the biggest fears I had about traveling to Romania. If I could add one thing to help new travelers some of the issues they may face traveling to Romania would be a lot easier to handle.

There are a few places in the world that are considered National Parks. This may seem like a place that should remain untouched and untouched but is someone looking out there. This is a place that is a protected making it even more special. That is what RomaniaKiss is all about. They are protecting these places by ensuring they are well presented and well looked after. They are a non profit organization that ensures these beautiful places can stay intact for years to come.

How can I pay for my RomaniaKiss membership?

Can I keep my personal information to myself?

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your RomaniaKiss experience

What was your experience like?

I am a single guy and I wanted to see if this worked or not, so I thought about a 1 month trial. I was very skeptical in the beginning. I’ve read some bad RomaniaKiss reviews online where people claimed that they didn’t get anything in return or received an empty box instead of their favorite RomaniaKiss collectibles.

To test the company’s product and customer service, I only included messages, purchased the items I wanted, and I opted for sending the products via tracking vibration shipping. The company’s website has some good user reviews.

I fully expected the package to arrive empty. Two days after placing the order, the tracking vibrating message was delivered.

As a precaution, I had someone standing in front of the door to the house just in case the package showed up before I was ready for it.

The package came and there were no issues whatsoever. It was small but the inside of the box was transparent, so you could see the items inside.

On the inside, everything was packaged very well. The products were all packaged individually in individual cards and the box kept the items safe.

Personalized Recommendation

Christian + Natalia September 30, 2021.

RomaniaKiss Review

To say my wife and I are pleased with RomaniaKiss from beginning to end would be an understatement. It was an idea my wife had, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to see it come to life. The website was a pleasure to use, and we’re already looking at future trips. RomaniaKiss is a place we recommend to all of our friends, and one that I recommend to anyone who wants to have an incredible experience. I’m not surprised that our entire church uses RomaniaKiss as the place they send their guests on special occasions.

Keith + Emily October 5, 2021.

We used RomaniaKiss for our honeymoon and had an incredible time. The entire process was made easy by the great communication and customer service we received from your team. The trip itself was amazing, and we really had a great time. We’ll be using RomaniaKiss for a trip of our own in the near future. it’s an incredible value, especially when you compare it to other companies we’ve used before.

Hugh + Hannah November 1, 2021.


Before buying our first Drone-2K, they came across many reviews that were not so favorable about the technology. They were mostly concerned with the fact that the battery did not hold long enough to fly the whole day. So the idea of this review was to see if this is more of a hassle than worth it.

To be completely honest, the Drone-2K is an amazing piece of technology allowing the user to have the best experience. We were very impressed with the way it flies and the video quality. In fact, we were so impressed that we wanted to see how the battery changes were.

The best part of this machine is that it allows the user to have a one hour flight without charging. We set the drone on a green field for one hour and we were the only people in the vicinity. We were able to film all the things that we did that day and in the end we had over 60 minutes of footage.

Was so good to see the Drone-2K fly in the air and be able to capture what we did.

In the end, from experience, our opinion was that the drone lives up to its name. It is able to fly for an hour straight which is awesome. If you are looking to capture your adventure on video, this drone has the best video quality out there