10 Rules for the Perfect Profile Picture

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Hot or Not? How does your Profile Picture fare?

Whether you’ve sent 3,000 messages & gotten 3,000 responses OR you’ve sent 2,000 responses & gotten 2,000 messages, you know that online dating can leave you in need of some professional help. Luckily, there’s the person who knows how to make that chicken look good for a quick dinner…yourself. You’ve got a little secret that only a select few know about you (you’ll have to spill it to your bestie), but it’s the details that count.

The key is to keep your profile info to a reasonable length and make it look awesome! Also, make sure you always smile for a picture…it’s just polite.


► You’re the one who’s looking for a date…don’t forget that in the eye of the beholder, you’re the commodity.

► You’re looking for someone who’s just as interested in you as you are in him…make it known online and make it count.

Dress Appropriately

Your profile picture should be a gallery of the best times in your life, for example, of you and your friends, and yourself. You might be the funniest person in your office, but a photo of you laughing at some random guy will not look well.

Set yourself in the right background

Proper background is decisive when it comes to hosting an awesome profile picture. It would be even better if your background were to include at least one of your hobbies.

Be sure to set it in a place that is conducive to relaxation when the screen is on.

Draw a Resemblance to Your Hobbies

You want your picture and your hobbies to be something your friends can relate to. If you want to be a photographer, then taking a picture at a beach or a park would be a good idea.

Your friends will get more inspired to hang with you if they see that you enjoy similar things.

Keep Your Picture Interesting

To make your profile picture stand out, you will have to make it look interesting. You can accomplish this by using a filter or choosing a different color balance.

You can also alter its duration. Try to get your picture as short as possible, but as long as possible to fit your needs.

Edit to Fit the Screen

If your profile picture is too big, it will shrink your friends’ feedback. Also, make sure that you don’t send an image with a negative impact on the screen’s visibility.

Make It Memorable

An excellent picture will soon become unforgettable to your friends. The only way they will be able to recall that picture is with a positive tone.

Pay attention to your expression

The only thing that most people see of you before they decide to click on your profile is your profile picture. So they tend to focus on that one thing the most.

Pay attention to the way you look if you’re going to take the time to take this picture. Most of the time, you’re probably going to be holding a drink. While it’s okay to take a selfie, it’s important to make this picture look natural.

If you’re holding a glass of beer in the profile picture, then that can come off as being a little bit pretentious. Instead, try holding a drink and making an around-the-world motion with your hand. Most people can tell when you’re posing, but if you can make it look real, it’s a lot more convincing.

Be in an advantageous position, looking nice and relaxed.

Surround yourself with the right people

You may have noticed that the people in your circle tend to share similar traits to yourself or who you want to be. This may include what you look like, where you are from, where you are studying and what your ambitions are in life.

If you are meeting new people and putting yourself out there, it is a good idea to take the information you learned in the Get Back to School Part 2 article and use it to make your profile page more representational of the type of person that you are.

Stick you chest out and hold your stomach in!

That’s what the song says.

You should still do this.

You’re looking for a profile picture.

We are being honest.

This is the picture you want to use and are thinking about using.

This is what it looks like when you look at it right now.

You are not smiling.

You have found the picture you want to use in your search.

This one will look good on your profile.

I’ll take that into consideration in my other pictures.

You will be getting a lot of hits with this one.

This is the first picture you will be considering.

Stick to the ones you like.

That is why we need to put the rule try more than one.

Your picture looks the best if you take a lot of time with it.

Your profile is your first chance to make a good impression.

You don’t just want to take a picture and put it up.

Rule 7 is important.

You have some extra time to make this perfect.

We know it’s hard to get in touch with this one.

How you are doing.

Make it look perfect and get it done now.

Be happy with your picture now.

Animal friends

Animal friends are a big hit these days. Take a quick look at a profile picture, and you can see them everywhere. The question is whether you’re in the majority of people who just use a picture with a pet.

People in relationships may choose to include their partner on their profile.

Life-long friends frequently post a picture together, but may also post individual pictures.

When a profile picture features a pet, most people won’t move on if you don’t have a pet.

It’s a good idea not to use a picture of someone else’s pet.

If you don’t have a pet, then you should use a picture of an animal from your country.

If you’re childless, it’s best to choose one of a child.

In other words, people prefer friends to pets.

Pictures of yourself will get you the highest number of replies.

If you don’t have an online profile, then it’s agreeable to use a picture of yourself.

Look into their eyes

Take your time to get to know someone in pictures. Just make sure the other person is looking into your eyes so you don’t end up taking a weird selfie.

Be natural, Be yourself

When it comes to determining how you would like to look at other social media members, Facebook is the modern day photograph newspaper, displaying your private life for everyone to see. Of course, just like with a real newspaper, the quality of the photo on your profile is often based upon your personality. If you are into being fashionable, professional, artistic, or like a lot of guys , you might have a photo on your profile that shows it.

On the other hand, if you are into a little more roughing it in nature, you might not have a photo of yourself showing your face. Photos of your face can be great for showing people that you are really you, but they do bring with them some issues that you might not have considered.

One of these issues is that you have no control over the way that your photo will appear on the Facebook pages of others. Unless you upload your own photo, your profile photo will only be a private photo that you have uploaded for your own use, and it will not have been tested and given the green light by Facebook.

Be sharp!

No blurry pictures please.

Be well groomed

Whether you have a full beard or are just working with a sexy stubble, good grooming is a must. Every photo shows only your face, so good grooming goes a long way in making you look more attractive. There are some people who have never thought to groom themselves regularly and look generic. Even if you are not an overt blonde in your photos, you still need to take care of your personal grooming.

Pssst: Our insider tip

To creating your profile picture. By following these simple steps:

{1}. Select an upright pose where your face is the main focus and make sure it is in full view of the camera.
{2}. Take a picture for every outfit that is worn in the album.
{3}. If you are wearing jeans, take a picture in each outfit.
{4}. Upload two to three photos of yourself (not necessarily those in the album) so that you can see how you look with different hair styles, makeup, hairstyles, etc.
{5}. Make sure you smile in your pictures. You can take pictures of yourself wherever you are comfortable.
{6}. When you are finished, adjust the photos…make sure your facial features are clear and don’t cut off any of your fingers or hands.
{7}. If you are not very fond of one of your photos, delete it from your computer. Now you don’t have to look at it in your profile picture album.
{8}. After a month, you can delete the other photos that you have already uploaded.
{9}. Make sure your photo album is full of cute photos of yourself and your friends. Throw away all the photos that you don’t like.
{10}. Then replace the last two photos with photos of yourself. Make sure you wear the same outfit in both pictures.

Personalized Recommendation

You’ve been on a dating website. Maybe you’ve been enjoying it for a while already or maybe you just joined. You surf through various pages, looking for people to message or even date. Maybe your profile is cute or mysterious. You decide that you want to add a picture. You don’t want to have a traditional image on your profile that you have to try and get right. You have many options. An elaborate one if you’re feeling up for it, a plain one if you want something quick. You get dressed in one of your good outfits and then realize that you look like hell. Just when you’ve decided to just leave your profile as is because you can’t do any better, you’re suggested to make a picture of you thought it would be best to add one. Then out of your mind for a moment, you make a mistake. You take the picture and instead of focusing on the whole picture, you only focus on your face. It looks bad. You really want to give it one more shot. However, you want to make sure you get it right instead of taking the risk again. Here are the ten rules for the perfect profile picture:

Make sure you have the right lighting on your face