Seeking Arrangement vs Secret Benefits: Hotter Dads?

Luca Vaccino
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Some research indicates that having a secret arrangement has at least some benefit. As a society, we value our goals and aspirations quite highly. No one would sign up for a deal where everyone else knew that you were trying to do something specific, so clearly the benefits of secrecy would be valuable.

As we might expect, the practical implementation of a confidentiality agreement is a bit more challenging. If the world knew you had a relationship with a married person, for example, your own marriage would be tainted by its association with a secret affair.

In other words, the maintenance of secrecy is a problem here.

The most commonly-used method of maintaining a secret relationship is through an AG agreement. An AG agreement is simply a legally-binding reciprocal promise of non-disclosure, which allows for a number of important benefits to the relationship.

As a potential benefit, AG contacts can help to protect a relationship from discovery. They can also help protect the partners against allegations of wrongdoing.

For example, let’s say your spouse sees an email on their spouse’s phone. They have no way of telling whether it was an email you both received, or an email you sent to each other with their phone. With an AG agreement, your spouse can’t legally withdraw consent to your relationship because they don’t know what it is.

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