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This review is coming from a single who has been in a relationship for over a year and when they were introduced to SilverSingles they were very skeptical. They heard so many things from different groups and members why they shouldn’t join a dating site.

So with the skepticism people put into them they decided to look. When they found SilverSingles they decided to use it. First off to their surprise their accounts were up and running in a matter of minutes.

So they decided to give it a go and they got on and got on the site and started looking for other singles in their area. Yes it was different. But as we saw from that very first week hundreds of matches were coming in every day.

It was funny when they would see all the matches that would come in and their profile went up and then they would see all the message just begin to blurt out. In the very early stages of them being on they were having so much fun.

They were matching up with so many different people and they were having a great time seeing what was and really liking what they were seeing. Their mate was coming in day after day and they had so much fun letting them know what they’re looking for in a lady.

New members at SilverSingles in February 2021 in comparison


  • Offline –
  • Online – 49, 01 %

Average age:

  • Offline –
  • Online – 39.8 years


  • Offline –
  • Online – 50 %


  • Offline –
  • Online – 50, 00 %

Member activity at SilverSingles in February 2021 in comparison

Silver Singles is an older dating site, that has been in business for over 13 years now.

The positives for this site are that they have been around a long time. The negatives are that they are an older site, are not a mobile dating site, and do not market to their members.

This site has the highest number of men seeking women ratio of any site reviewed on our site. The percentage of men seeking women is higher on this site than any other. The site accepts women and men.

This site offers a lot of opportunities to interact with people because there are a lot of ways to contact people.

Being able to talk to other people can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. On this site, there are many opportunities for you to find other people to chat with.

Overall, this site can be very useful for people who have less experience online dating and to help get them started.

The site does not have a large number of active members. The overall number of members is somewhat low. However, the membership owners on the site tend to be very active.

All of this is to encourage you to sign-up for the site. They have many things that are going for them.

The site keeps a lot of information about members private including their age and gender. The site allows you to find out more about other members.

SilverSingles Member Structure

SilverSingles operates as an affiliate program which allows independent promoters to profit from its unique business model. SilverSingles provides their merchants with the tools and support necessary to market their services and products on their own websites, as well as the SilverSingles website.

SilverSingles charges a commission of 20% on all sales for the first two years after receiving a merchant onboard. This will keep discounts at a reasonable level for the merchant.

At year three, SilverSingles will change the affiliate payment structure to a revenue-share model. At this time, affiliates will be able to earn a percentage of every sale from the merchants they brought in.

This means that they will be responsible for bringing in new sales, and they will be rewarded for it. They may also not have to worry about how much of the sale commission they receive because the merchant takes it out of each sale they make through SilverSingles.

It is important to note, however, that these figures are only estimates. SilverSingles does not charge a percentage of a sale based on either of the models.

Age Distribution

Overall, looking at the demographics of the dating population on SilverSingles, there are many people aged between the age of 40 and 60, which could be considered a mature audience, with under 18 being the youngest age group and over 65 being the oldest age group. 34% of users are aged between the age of 40 and 60, the next largest age group; 26% are between the ages of 60 and 70, but the largest age group by far is 52%, which equates to about 41.6% of SilverSingles members aged the age of 70 and over. This is indicative of an ageing population of users of online dating.

This graph provides a breakdown of male-female ratio of the ages of the SilverSingles members. 53% of the dating population are females; 47% are males. This could be indicative of an older male-female ratio of the dating population, however, female-male ratio could also be the result of the median age of males online is higher than that of females online. The most common age is 43-48, which is predominantly male and indicates a small percentage of the female population falls within those age ranges.

Signing Up at SilverSingles


If you have a lot of names to add, the most convenient way to do this is to sign up with the “join now” blank so you can simply copy and paste them in.

Just after you enter your information, you will be asked to confirm your payment method as well as verifying a few details.

When you complete this, you will go to the next page. Here, you are asked to input your package option.

SilverSingles is a newer dating site, so you will want to pick the most up-to-date package.

The most comprehensive option for the best price is the �SilverPlus.”

SilverSingles may still be a new site, but it is made up of some of the best profiles on the internet.

Package Options

SilverSingles has several different packages available which will vary depending on which package you decide on.

SilverPlus: The SilverPlus package is the most comprehensive package on the site and features hundreds of thousands of profiles to filter by age, location and more.

SilverSingles Silver: The Silver package is a slightly less expensive and less extensive alternative to the SilverPlus.

Silver Singles Silver (heart): The Silver Singles Silver option is the most affordable option but only features the heart rating system.

Making Contact on SilverSingles

SilverSingles Profile Quality

SilverSingles App

I have been a member for only a few weeks and I am excited to see what my future holds.

I have seen that there are several members that have been using this app for years and they are very happy with this online/social network.

I am a very happy app user and you may see me around more often.

I highly recommend this app in the future when you want to connect with other singles.

SilverSingles Real Life Review

I got 3 calls on a Tuesday evening after I complained about my terrible silver dating site experiences.

It's weird as the phone would ring and pause then ring again and pause in a loop.

Is this some SilverSingles customer service person?

Or is this a competing silver dating site trying to get me to switch?

I decided to answer and see what they had to say.

I was greeted with "hello" and a connection was made in a few seconds.

A 30ish year old professional sounding gentleman asked, "do you know what iid is?" Oh, my God, iid? I begin asking him some questions.

He wasn't i date or i find a date.

It turned out we were talking to each other. It was some kind of weird silver dating supervisor.

It was busy and polite.

I got 3 calls from them on one evening as I complained about other companies who couldn't get my message to work.

That's my story.

Foxyfish was another company that had this same tech issue. Their customer service was all in Korean-like, either sumeunhae or sumeunbeonyo.

The Foxyfish customer service rep couldn't get my English correctly and said he was going to cancel my account.

Design and Usability

Throughout the month, I had some issues. One of them was that I could not correctly classify my single type of silver as .999.

I went to the website and I did not see that you have the option to have something like that.

The other thing that was a hassle was that at first, I was not able to get to those discounts.

I had to go back.

I think that at first, I was not able to properly navigate over the website.

That probably was because the design was not easy to properly find things as I was not fully aware that it had a left side and there were different sections in the website.

In the latter part, I saw that there were multiple parts to the website, but I did not see where to go.

The navigation options as such were not adequately helpful.

I am sure that if someone is not very knowledgeable about this kind of site, the navigation would not be easy to get down as it would not have the best user interface, which may lead to more problems.

SilverSingles Costs and Prices

When it comes to comparing SilverSingles with other dating websites, there really are not many to compare it with in the industry.

There are a lot of singles websites out there, they just don't seem to work well and often don't live up to expectations.

With SilverSingles, their success is 100% guaranteed.

SilverSingles focuses on the needs of the user and makes sure that they are happy, with no hassle and no hassles.

SilverSingles protection system's works discreetly.

This is done so in order to make sure that the account is free of any spam or plain hold-ups.

The benefit of using SilverSingles is that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The free trial period on SilverSingles offers you seven days of complete access and allows you to experience the entire SilverSingles service.

During the free three day trial period, you can try membership with no worries or concerns.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will not be charged a penny and you get to keep all of your SilverPoints.

This also applies if you decide to maintain your membership with SilverSingles.

Is SilverSingles expensive or cheap?

It depends on whether you look at it from an investment perspective or from a cost perspective. If you let the site sit and collect digital coins, then you will find that it’s cheap since you get coins with almost each and every subscription. On the other hand, if you’re considering joining to meet other people and talk to them and see how interesting the chat is, you will have to pay a fraction of the cost of the subscription. In short, it depends on what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking to have a low-key online dating experience, you shouldn’t look any further than this.

Special Features

{1}. An all time high all-inclusive beauty with an estimated partnership.
{2}. A low start and top end priced silver investment
{3}. Signature Silver holdings exceptional prices
{4}. Opportunity to own a wide range of silver products

Personality Test

Assessment SilverSingles Review: This site was recommended to me by a lot of my friends. They said that I would probably like it because I am a little reserved. So I decided to try it out and see what happened.

Editors Conclusion

After reading the content of the site we were able to conclude that the site is reliable to create a successful relationship through both a dating site and through messenger services. In fact, it is not really a site designed for singles it is for people looking for a romantic relationship.

Also we were able to find out that, if you pay for the premium membership, you will have to pay 90 dollars extra per year.

We also made an effort to see if there was any social media links on the pages, there was none.

We followed the links that were provided in interior pages to their destinations and they all led to places where we could get more background information about the SilverSingles.

We were able to narrow down SilverSingles, as most of the information is not revealed to the members. Most of the information on the site is about the algorithms that allows you to connect with your perfect match.

After a few hours of searching we did not find anything that proved that the site is functioning properly.

All the design of the site is the same since the last few years, nothing really tells us if the site has much traffic or keeps up with the times.

SilverSingles FAQ

What happens when the minerals in my hard water evaporate from my tank water?

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What happens if I don’t remove the calcium and magnesium from my hard water?…

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What happens if I only change my water when it’s dirty?…

The tank water goes through an extensive chemical treatment to reduce nitrate, phosphate and silicate levels. However, as the levels of these chemical compounds are reduced, the water also enters a cycle where the levels will increase somewhat each time the water is replaced.

What is the best water to use?…

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Are you tired of clunky , time-consuming , and awkward dating platforms?

Have you tried a lot of apps and sites and simply unable to find good matches?

SilverSingles is your answer! We have designed an easy-to- use and secure platform that connects beautiful single men and women to find love. Our members have a large and diverse community of respectful and open singles who can help you find the love of your life.

With SilverSingles, you can find the love of your life, which is super simple.

Register for your membership and write an inspiring description about yourself. Then, start browsing and sending complimentary messages to quality people.

Forget about the old way of trying to find the love of your life at bars and clubs. Instead, SilverSingles is a place where love is readily at your fingertips.

This is a site where you can meet your soulmate and enjoy the romance and joy of finding the love of your life.

Follow Simple Steps to Find Your next Date with Our Online Dating App

Because SilverSingles connects you with singles you want to meet and connect with, you can feel confident that your time and your money are being well spent.

Can users below 50 years old join SilverSingles?

There is a age restriction with this site but it is never explicitly stated. I didn’t make it past 25 the first time so I’m curious if I can now join.

Can I join SilverSingles for free?

Yes, you can join SilverSingles with your first month for FREE. There are no hidden fees and no gimmicks.

SilverSingles has actually become the most popular dating site overall. They have an amazing success rate and currently have over 100,000 members. This means that they are well established and have proven that they don’t cut corners with their dating sites.

SilverSingles is run by a group of all-star professionals that have put together the best quality dating site there is. The interface is easy to navigate and it will be fun to see the singles that are online right now.

For more information about SilverSingles or to try for free click here:

Can I temporarily deactivate my account?

Yes, you can deactivate your account. In order to do this, you will need to visit your profile page and click the deactivate account tab.

How do I cancel my SilverSingles membership?

Canceling your SilverSingles membership is easy, but you must do it in the first 30 days of your subscription if you want to be eligible for a refund, and you can also still cancel your account but will not be eligible for a refund.

To cancel your membership, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" page on our website. There you can click on the red "CANCEL" button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Please note that your subscription will not be cancelled until you click that button, so you will not see anything happen on the webpage until that point. Also note that your subscription will no longer be active at that time, and your account will be set to "Private."

Once you click on "CANCEL" that page will change to a "FINISHED TRANSACTION" page.

If you have used only a portion of your subscription, like for the first month of your trial membership, you will see a "Refund" option. You would then click on "REFUND PROCEDURE" to find out what you need to do to receive the refund.

If you have already covered the cost of the subscription by using the entire subscription, you will see a "PAYMENT PROCEDURE" option. You will then click on that option to find out how you can make payment to cover the outstanding balance you owe.

Does SilverSingles offer refunds for cancellation?

‘Yes’. You can cancel your subscription at any time without any obstacles. The only conditions are that you must cancel at least 30 days before your subscription ends (month’s subscription) and that you don’t have a 0-day recurring subscription.

Nice things can be found on the internet that it can sometimes be hard to separate the signal from the noise. That is why we have taken the time to create the SilverSingles Review.

We have researched all that we could online to give you the best information on SilverSingles so that you can make a decision as to whether or not to sign up.

There is not official price of SilverSingles on their website, but they say it is between 1 and 3% of your existing silver holdings.

The product will be a pre-paid Mastercard and be given to you after signing up.

SilverSingles covers most of the costs associated with maintaining a current silver position. The only costs that are not covered pertain to physical delivery, storage, insurance, security and shipping.

SilverSingles offers two options when it comes to physical delivery of silver bars.

They offer you the option to have the bars delivered to your choice of location. Their locations include North America, Australia and Europe.


SilverSingles How To?

We use this term to describe the customer experience of the service that is provided.

If your onboarding process and documentation are excellent and so are the staff with whom you interact, providing a great experience to your customers is going to be relatively easy.

In SilverSingles' case, their main advantage is literally in their name. SilverSingles is focused entirely on silver bullion, so they have comprehensive knowledge surrounding this niche to give you a great onboarding experience.

It might not be the most well known niche, but it is a growing one, and it's nice to have a company focused on it.

Customer Service

Their ticket system is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate. They provide lots of visuals with the system, which is helpful to avoid any confusion.

They also provide a variety of ways in which a problem can be resolved. You can chat support directly, submit a ticket, or call them.

Once a ticket has been submitted, they provide a status update and frequently work to resolve the status in a timely fashion.

You can also submit a support ticket for any website or order pages that you cannot access.


They take very think to protect their customer data. Security is a major concern for all silver bullion traders, so the fact that SilverSingles effort to protect your personal information is above average is to be expected.

How does SilverSingles’ matching algorithm work?

You get paired with SilverSingles based on how long you plan on staying in your real estate market. The longer you plan on staying, the more accurate your match will be.

Remember that your match doesn’t come up with the best house initially. Your match is simply the house that you should consider the best. If you are relaxed about this, you’ll be happy with your match.

Remember that your mind is a powerful force. When it comes to the house that you’ll like the most, try to think about something that is not purely visual.

Reach out to your match as soon as possible.

Properly handle your match. Remember to not be anxious when walking through the house for the very first time. Give it some time to settle in your thoughts.

If you love the house, great! You’ll probably want to make an offer to buy it right away. You can’t tell too soon that you’ll buy it. Wait to think about which properties to play with and which to skip.

Call your match to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed before closing.

Is the personality test required to answer?

The personality test is optional. It may help you to become a clearer position on the things you should prioritize. If I focus on a few important questions, I investigate the lifestyle and see which projects will best benefit my relationship with a volunteer.

How do I chat on SilverSingles?

The most common form of chat takes place in the chatrooms that are listed on the main website page. When you visit any of the rooms, your name will be listed on the sidebar.

You can find most of the chatrooms by clicking the one that is most relevant to you. Also, you will often see dating advice advice and helpful information on them.

The best way to use the chat rooms is to simply meet new people in them. Chat online to improve your chances of meeting someone offline.

The main reason for using the chat rooms is simply because it’s a great place to meet people. It’s also a great place to meet someone who is already interested in you.

Each chat room is intended for a specific type of people, so it’s best to use the chat room for the type of people you’re interested in. To help with this, the chat room names are listed on the main page.

There are also other features that you can use to meet people. One of them is to use personals. This is where you can add a few key points about yourself, or simply attach a photo.

If you have something to sell, you can also use an ad. Ads are a great way to make a quick connection for something that is quicker than face-to-face meetups.

Someone is being offensive, how do I block the user?

You have three ways to block a user:

{1}. If you are in the Facebook chatroom and the user is being offensive, you can reply with a block message.
{2}. If you see a user message you are not happy with, click the down arrow at the upper right of the message and click Block User.
{3}. If you are the only user in the chatroom, you can use the Privacy settings to block any user. Go to the Privacy Settings of your Facebook account.

Will my SingleSilvers account be active even if I don’t use it?

You’ll have access to your SingleSilvers account for 3 years from the time that the first shipment of your jewelry hits your door. If, for whatever reason, you don’t go on to purchase any additional pieces of jewelry, your account will remain active for 2 years after the last jewelry purchase. At that point, if you still want to use your account to buy jewelry, you can use it!

The account will remain active until it is closed or until you’ve used it to purchase at least one piece of jewelry.

Is there a mobile app available for SilverSingles?

Yes, you can download the Android or iPhone app from the Play Store or Apple Store respectively. The app not only provides on the go access to your profile and earning opportunities, but it also encourages you to share your passions with your friends and social media to earn extra bonus opportunities as well as rewards for your activity.

Any and all sharing opportunities are generously provided by them as an incentive to make your activities productive.

The app is available for free in the Play Store or App Store.

If you have any pre-existing mobile apps, do not modify them.

State what they are on your price entry page.

Do not use images of people, pets, or real life people, pets, or anything that can be defined as belonging to a specific person.

If you use your own images, it is best to make them non-specific to anyone in particular.

Be aware that you will need to submit your app to the only app stores that SilverSingles recognizes, the following:

Android App Store:

Play Store:

Apple App Store:

How do I manage my email notifications on SilverSingles?

SilverSingles email notifications are defined by the individual silver exchange you use. Some email notifications are internal to the exchange only, while some are sent to your SilverSingles profile.

To configure email notifications, go to the email settings section of the profile that you wish to manage.

You will typically find five defined levels of notifications. You can customize the amount of emails you receive by customizing these five levels of emails.

The notification settings can be altered by going to the profile email settings section with the AE button in the top right-hand side of the profile.

How do I deactivate matching on SilverSingles?

When you are happy with your match, you will want to deactivate it so that there are no further matches. Go to your account settings, then click on "matching preferences" and select deactivate.

Matching preferences is to the right of your profile picture and has green link to "My Preferences".


Silver Singles are a physical silver bullion product. Like the goldbugs, they have been bitten by the gold bug. This lead them to a belief that the way to preserve their hard earned money over time is to own physical silver for it to grow in value. The best possible way to do this, as they see it, is to purchase it in the form of a discreet 1 oz silver round bar. The silver rounds are bought in mintues and stored in a quality metal storage box.

In other words, Silver Singles are advocates of physical silver bullion. The design of the Silver Singles physical silver product is an amalgamation of the UK guinea coin, the American Silver Eagle, and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Some silver investors will disagree with this form of owning silver. They will say that the current price of silver is too high for Silver Singles to be an investment. They believe that this product isn’t worth owning because of the high premiums it commands. However, if you consider the long term effects of owning physical silver you will be surprised at how much of a bargain it really is. The suggestion Silver Singles are putting forth is that they like to store silver bars and coins, but the premiums they carry makes it difficult for them to accumulate a substantial amount of wealth.

What security features does SilverSingles offer?

SilverSingles has the strongest security features available.

SMS Two-Factor Authentication

The first thing we will talk about is SMS Two-Factor authentication. This is a process that allows users to send an authentication code to their phone and makes it impossible for hackers to get into your account that way. This is an industry-standard process that almost all online payment systems use.

SilverSingles goes above and beyond this standard because they also let users send the SMS text to their email as well. This provides an extra layer of security.

The second security feature that SilverSingles has is in their pin. Any time you log in to the website, you will also need to make a PIN and use it to log in. This is an extra step that makes it difficult for hackers to break in without your correct PIN.

Added security is provided by server-side compression. This means that data will not be stored on the user’s computer, but in the server instead. This also means that there is no way for a hacker to view your files or data.

SilverSingles also has a two-way authentication option which is offered by the many other SilverSingles customers. This means that you can log in using your phone as an extra security point.

Does SilverSingles do profile validation and background checks?

Yes. SilverSingles has an extensive database of members, which encompasses everything from industry experience to education and even hobbies. This provides the right applicants with their ideal matches.

As a result, SilverSingles do perform a background and identity check. If you are selected as a member, you’ll be prompted to complete a profile validation, in which you’ll have to confirm all of your details with the contact information provided.

Importantly, the information you provide on your profile must be true to be eligible to join. It’s in the best interest of everyone involved to ensure that you are honest and up-front.

Alternative Methods of Attracting More Traffic

For the best results, you’ll need to choose the best source of traffic for your site. There are two main sources that you can focus on:

  • Search engines
  • Social networks

It’s important to have the right balance between the two, so here are a few tips to help you decide which traffic source you should focus on first.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

We will find it!

SilverSingles is a dating agency that focuses exclusively on the needs and interests of persons over 50 who are looking for love. Now you can also join SilverSingles dating service and meet people of your own age!

The site is ready for those who want to find their love regardless of their age or gender. For those who want to find attractive lovers and start a meaningful relationship.

With the participation of thousands of applicants from all over the world, SilverSingles has become the fastest growing and one of the most profitable dating agencies within a few years.

Let us help you take a first step in your search for a meaningful relationship with a person who truly wants to find his or her counterpart.

To create SilverSingles dating service, we needed to connect the world's best dating experts, who have recently moved with their families and friends to Costa Rica. This is a country, with a very high number of single people, many of whom have already found the love of their life thanks to the service.

Share your SilverSingles experience

SilverSingles Experiences

SilverSingles seems like a great idea, but I do not think I can afford any online dating services since I work in the hospitality industry. I don't know how much money I can spend on a profile with all the information that is mentioned above, and I don't know if anyone will want to message me.

More information on SilverSingles:

SilverSingles (developed by Silver Strike Casino) is a new product, launched in early 2018.

SilverSingles is a unique, fun and fast online casino, where you can play a huge variety of slots and table games, with some of the biggest bonuses, promotions and wins in the industry.

SilverSingles is an online casino site that allows players to get a deposit bonus of up to 10,000 € in free chips, which allows all players to be able to try out the casino site and play as long as they wish with their bonuses before they play for real money.

Whereas players need to get at least a minimum of 5 bonus free chips in order to be able to withdraw their winnings, if they wish to do so.

SilverSingles has one of the most popular no deposit bonus offerings from any of the online casinos in the industry.

SilverSingles (developed by Silver Strike Casino) is a new product, launched in early 2018.

SilverSingles is a unique, fun and fast online casino, where you can play a huge variety of slots and table games, with some of the biggest bonuses, promotions and wins in the industry.

Personalized Recommendation

SILVERING 2000 is a new dating site that claims to search through submissions of potential matches and present a fully customized recommendation.

This way, you won’t ever see a profile you don’t like or something you might not be interested in.

As a free service, you’ll have to rely on theirs to create a profile that will have your best interests in mind.


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