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I honestly do not understand why this website is not more well known and well enjoyed simply because it is amazing.

For those interested in something that differs from the norm we all know about this site is for you.

They dont just have sex but also detailed role play that you will be forced to participate in. They are legit you can find real people from around the world so this is by far the most interesting experience that you will ever have.

You will be able to find people that are just like you looking for that special someone.

The first thing you will be asked to do is to create a username for yourself and determine your gender. Once you have done that you will have to answer 2 simple questions that will have you feeling more comfortable with what you have just done.

After that you will see another page hit the Do it With Me button and that is when the fun has just begun.

You will have the choice to be a female or a male.

You then have the choice to specify what type of man or woman you are looking for.

Once you have identified what type of man or woman you are interested in the next step is to fill in the detailed profile section of the site.

This site is for people that truly want to have a relationship or are in a relationship already.

New members at Spdate in February 2021 in comparison

February is the peak lively time for new members in Spdate at the moment. There are usually more people present at the daily chats and usually more people who are actively using Spdate throughout the entire month.

On average, February has the most people at around 11:00-11:30 AM.

February operates on the transition between the shortest and the longest days in the year. This means that the difference in daylight is much narrower than in the summer, and many people tend to use Spdate more intensely to fill in the times where they don’t get as much daylight as in the summer.

On average, there is more action in February at about 1:30-2:00 PM.

February operates on the transition between the longest and the shortest days of the year. This means that the difference in daylight is much wider than in the summer, and many people tend to use Spdate less intensively to fill in the times where they don’t get as much daylight as in the summer.

Member activity at Spdate in February 2021 in comparison

With the average on this website.

Here are the figures for February 2021:

Studies 35 Members 30 Pages 8 Quality of members' activities 3.9

The quality of members' activities is based on the total number of activities created which is averaged per member.

The max. value for the last 12 months is 9.00 2 years ago: 4.50

The overall value for the last 12 months is 5.50

On this website, activities are created by members; the average number of activities per member in the last 12 months was 30.

Spdate Member Structure

Age Distribution

The chart shows the percentages of different age groups among adults.

Signing Up at Spdate

Spdate Review is one of the biggest and most reliable dating sites. They have been around for over 10 years, and now I am reviewing them as a Spdate Review would be very useful for any man visiting the site for the first time, if it doesn’t match you it has a good reputation as being one of the most reliable Dating Sites in United Kingdom, I really went through each and every one of Spdate Review. The users reviews and make up an important part of Spdate review, after all, you can’t really expect to get everything in your dream relationship just hoping that something good comes your way.

A lot of people have really found the love of their lives and you are just one more person who will win a good and happy relationship.

One of the things you need to know about Spdate is that prior to joining they require you to verify your profile with your email address. This make sense considering they can’t just sign up with an email like I can and you can, if you just had a bunch of fake accounts.

When you are register at Spdate Review you can pay a fee and not be bound or required to use it, which is good if you think you are going to use it once just to see, then won’t buy anything or sign up, just give the default profile that’s fine.

Making Contact on Spdate

Spdate is just like Tinder, the popular dating app.

It’s like a Dating Website as Well

It's just like Tinder, the popular dating app.

You Can Be 100% Sure that Every Guys on Spdate Is Looking for a Partner

It’s just like the dating app Tinder.

Most of all, the girls are looking for a dating partner and guys are also doing the same.

Is to Make Contact with Other People

If you are looking for a fast relationship that will last for a while.

You can explore your options when you get on Spdate for the first time, or you have used it for a while now on your iPhone or iPad.

If you use it once, you'll be able to chat with any user in your area.

Put in your username or select the gender .

Just like on Tinder, you get a list of users that are on Spdate .

You get an idea of the users in the area you are near.

Now, you can start a chat with anyone you like and have some fun. Spdate is just like Tinder for gays and maybe for lesbians.

Spdate Profile Quality

  • As a premium spasked site, it does not offer good customer service when you want to exchange visible damages. I ordered a spdate tank which arrived with a broken float. I contacted them with a photo and they were not helpful over minor damages. When a major damaged arrived about 2 months later, they asked me to make a video and then made a new spdate with no issue. If you are looking for a loyal spdate partner, spdate with us is not your partner.
  • They offer a black spdate tank for a 2.5oz. I was unable to see the black color and the touch on the glass but this tank seems very delicate. I did not want to take any chances dealing with 2.5 oz.
  • SPdate ships everything with a jigsaw puzzle.If the parcel is damaged, they need a video. This is not a review but just a note.

Spdate App

If you have asked yourself why you can’t seem to find the right dude, why you end up with the wrong people, or why you can’t seem to keep relationships going, you may have already tried one or more dating apps.

Wait, what? You really haven’t ever heard of these dating apps before?

Well, we certainly have, and we can assure you that you haven’t heard of the best ones. That comes along with our Spdate Review of February 2021.

What Are They For

Spdate is an app that is made in general for the purpose of your well-being and happiness. But this is what makes it a unique dating app; they have a real purpose, and they focus on it unlike the rest.

As the name suggests, Spdate is a dating app for seniors. Senior singles are people between the age of 60 and 85 years of age, while the younger group is made up of 25 to 60 year olds.

A senior dating app means that more than half of users of the app are close to retirement age. This doesn’t make it a bad thing by any means, considering you will find more and more people in similar situations to you.

Spdate Real Life Review

I feel it is better to have the option of going on dates in a true manner. I feel there is only so much you can simulate at home. I feel that it is best to have an actual date (almost) every once in a while, because it keeps things interesting and romantic.

I feel it is better to meet in person rather than online, because there are plenty of people out there who ruin their images on social media and they have nothing else to prove to you except their image. I would trust someone more who has to come out in person and show you who they really are, rather than showing you what they want you to see. I feel that online dating is overrated. I feel people get to see too much of a person’s real personality online, and not enough of what the person wants to show to you.

My advice to online daters would be to know what you want, and not to want too much. Some people feel online dating is a good way to get the perfect match online, and it is not always the case. It’s usually just as good as meeting through random chance, and it’s usually faster, because not having to go out into the real world takes some of the pressure of meeting up.

Design and Usability

This perfume is designed very well, almost as good as the old formulation. It comes in the same sleek bottle with a roller top, and the roll on top makes it smoother and more even than the original perfume.

I really like the color of this perfume. It’s a bit if a contrast from other red fragrances that I’ve reviewed. I feel like it really brings the product to life. In my opinion, it looks better in the bottle than it does on the skin. It looks like a fancy red wine, which is perfect for a bottle of perfume.

There is nothing complex in the design of this perfume. You’re not given a lot of bells and whistles in this bottle. You’re given a cool design and all the solid scents.

Shalimar is a very well-known fragrance as I’m sure you already know. It has a very long history, and I believe a very impressive one. I can only hope that this one lives up to the reputation of the original.

Spdate Costs and Prices

Is Spdate expensive or cheap?

Spdate is a new service released in February of 2019 that allows you to meet new people on your previously scheduled nights and with no social pressure. In other words, it is a way for you to disappear on the weekends for a bit and nobody’s going to ask you why!

The service hooks up people from Montreal to the Canntabous with a real, human connection. Why? Because what do you find when you are literally everyone else in the city?

That’s right, nobody who isn’t going to meet you for after-work drinks but still want to make new friends. I have put Spdate to the test, and it really is the ideal solution to finding decent human interaction in a city of millions.

Not only that, staying in a new city with a large population can be awkward if you don’t have any friends, and it’s a challenge trying to get to know someone by only meeting with them on an extremely short agenda.

Spdate is a solution for both of these problems, and it is my opinion that it is invaluable in cities with a large and growing population.

Special Features

The Spdate app is a dating and talking app that exists exclusively for the single and those seeking for casual relationships.

It is an easy-to-use app. It works only on Android devices. When you download and start using the app, you will be prompted to enter your basic details that include your dating preference.

You could choose between a guy/girl/couple preference or you could choose a non-hassle preference that lets the app automatically suggest matches to you. With Spdate, you can search for singles by looking for their age, location, and preference. You can also see your placed games by playing them yourself or by viewing your games from the players' end.

Sex Request

Sex is a request, not a decision.

The difference is simple; if a man makes the decision to sleep with a woman, it is difficult to change his mind without both people risking a low opinion of each other. To request sex, on the other hand, is to ask for a favor, and that is always an easy thing to grant.

Women love men who initiate sex. Sex is an important part of women’s healthy mental and physical well-being. Yet most men know less about love and sex than the women they are with. Most women hear from their girlfriends that buying flowers for her is equal to declaring your love, and many hear from their friends that cooking or cleaning for their man is a surefire way to get him to open his wallet. Most women hear from their girlfriends that going down on their man is a surefire way to get him to go down on you, and many hear from their friends that his moods are a surefire way to get you to coddle and pamper him.

Women love the men who know to ask for sex, because it’s almost as good as giving it to them. It’s almost as good as giving them what they want.

If you want to get laid, here’s how it goes:

First, you say you want to get laid.


This actually happened back in January 2045. Scientists in an Italian laboratory announced in 2015 that they had created a synthetic form of life using techniques that were almost identical to those that led to the creation of life on Earth billions of years ago.

The common ancestor of today’s cells shared ancestors with the cells that populated the Earth billions of years ago, and the same laws of physics seem to apply.

The scientists behind the discovery explained that they had used a process modeled after primordial cellular reactions to create short strands of DNA and evolve them into a living form. At each stage of the experiment, the information necessary for the creation of the next organism was added, and the production of one living cell was succeeded by the evolution of two.

When the scientists expressed the initial DNA sequence that was the most successful combination for creating life, it produced a set of instructions for one cell. That cell carried instructions to make another cell, and so on, in a chain reaction.

Scientists have been able to replicate the life-forming reactions in their labs for decades. From these reactions, it may be possible to recreate new forms of life. It is still not clear whether this new organism will be able to survive outside its laboratory environment.


Are instructed to update their profiles with a Spdate Review of February 2021.

Editors Conclusion

Spdate Review is the number one online dating platform for people looking for online dating, networking, and casual fun. Spdate Review gives you the latest information on when the Spdate Network is releasing new dating apps and software.

Best Spdate Hook up App

The best dating app that Spdate is currently developing is called Spdate Meet. The highlight of this app is to connect people with compatible dating partners. The developers are very serious about being the best online dating platform for singles who want to find an instant date and relationship.

We would highly recommend all Spdate Review members to sign up for Spdate Meet to experience this great new dating app!

<Strong>Every Other Day</Strong>

Other than dating, the Spdate Network is releasing a new online dating platform every other day. The best dating app for people searching for online dating and casual fun with no strings attached has just come out on the Spdate Network. You can now meet escorts and companions of all types.

The website and app are locally available and are only limited to the places the developers currently work. However, due to popularity, the website and app are available to other countries. This all depends on the success of this application.

Spdate FAQ


The membership fee is very low, unlike other dating sites. The membership initially comes with a three-month subscription fee, but you can use it at any time. This means that there is no long-term commitment required.

Once you register, you will automatically receive a profilestyle questionnaire to fill in and complete. The section at the bottom of your profile contains a lot of useful information, including your profile summary, main interest, details of previous partners, and age range.

Once you completed the questionnaire, you will receive an E-mail to let you know that your profile has been approved.

There are two different membership options.

One option is the Basic Membership and the other is the Premium Membership option.

The Premium Membership is fully-paid during the first month, but after that, you can start paying for the membership via PayPal or bank transfer.

This way, you will stop paying if you feel it is not necessary any more and choose to cancel.

Both Membership types will let you use the search function of the dating site. Both Membership types will receive the same benefits which are:

  • You can find friends within a certain radius of your location
  • A realtime chatting service which can be used by itself

What happens to inactive accounts on Spdate?

My account is still active, how can I get a refund?

If you have previously requested a refund, the Spdate team will check your refund request to make sure you are eligible. To request a refund visit the "my account" page to find your order number. Then contact the support team using the ticket number found in that same page.

Can Spdate members verify their identities?

Anyone can create an account at Spdate, but it’s not guaranteed that they’ll get a match. The site does its best to verify people by asking for a valid ID They also check to see if you’ve ever been a member of another dating site.

If you haven’t been a member of another site, you are automatically created as a member of Spdate. They also have a 24-hour pass waiting list in case you don’t get a match.

My Spdate account is closed, how can I get a refund?

Spdate is all about referring friends to join and is available only to those who met their monthly participation requirements.

If you are requesting a refund due to not meeting your monthly activity requirements, please contact support.

Those requesting a refund due to no longer wanting to pay to use the service can contact support and we will refund your subscription.

For all other refunds, you will need to contact your payment gateway.

What is the refund procedure on Spdate?

Spdate has very good refund policy. It allows users to return the product for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase.

This refund policy is applicable to singles or subscriptions which are considered as refundable items.

In the case of the monthly subscription, users are allowed to either get a replacement or a full refund.

The conditions which apply to the monthly subscription from Spdate are as follows.

One can cancel their subscription online. However, the return request or cancellation request can be made only through email.

If the user cancels the subscription before the recurring date hits, they will get only a refund.

The user has to inform Spdate within 30 days of the subscription purchase. Spdate will refund the amount to the user’s credit card.

In case, the user wants a replacement, Spdate will put a security deposit for the same. The refund will be processed only after that security deposit is sent back.

In case of the annual subscription, the user can cancel the subscription on 365 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.

In case the date hits 365 days of the purchase date, the user can claim for a refund only. Spdate will process the refund.

From the refund date, a user has 30 days to claim the money back.

Spdate provides the refund through a check or check by PayPal.

Can I transfer my Spdate account to other people?

Yes. You can transfer access to your Spdate account to another person only if:

  • you have the necessary rights (being an administrator of the Spdate account);
  • the other person also is an administrator of the given Spdate account.

(The given Spdate account is the account to which you give access).

The given Spdate account should be public.

  • you consent to make a copy of the article content of the given Spdate account to transport to all existing or new accesses on level 80 of your Spdate.
  • you consent to make a copy of the article content of the given Spdate account to transport to all existing or new accesses as transfer to the given Spdate account and who you give access to. (The given account is the account to which you give access).

The given Spdate account must have everywhere available at least one article. All available articles must be at a sufficient level, i.e. they should be at least 80.

Note: Your Spdate account must be logged in the browser to use the given Spdate account. Use the Spdate user interface for access to your Spdate account.


There are a lot of steps involved when using this app, from choosing a date, to entering personal information about yourself, and then finally selecting the romantic place to go. Each of these takes a series of taps, swipes, and pokes to accomplish. Fortunately, the app is very user friendly. The interface is intuitive, the menus are easy to use, and the app is not confusing or intimidating for first-time users.

How do I view all the photos that I liked on Spdate?

You do have to purchase the VIP membership to see anything.

The basic membership allows you to view a limited amount of images.

If you liked more than 10 photos, you must upgrade to the PRO membership where you can choose up to 26 images.

In April 2022, I actually received my PRO membership so I could look at my own images and organize them for later sharing.

Where can I see all of my Spdate profile notifications?

You can see all of your Spdate notifications in the My Activity tab. Here you will see a list of all your most recent and complete Spdate accounts. In My Activity you will also see notifications for new dates and will get the ability to change your profile in the coming months.

How do I add another Spdate member as contact?

{1}. Open the Spdate app on your iPhone or Android phone.
{2}. Tap the contact picture in the main screen.
{3}. Tap More…
{4}. Select + Add Contact.
{5}. Enter the person’s name, email address, and phone number in the correct fields.
{6}. Tap to send a message and your contact will be added.

Can I sort through Spdate members in terms of gender?


Can I still recover my Spdate account after deleting?

Each time you delete an account, your photos, messages, and public visibility will disappear. There is also a chance that your account will be saved if you also report any criminal activity.

Spdate apologizes for the inconvenience that is felt by all the users that lose their accounts upon deletion, due to it having been a free site. If you are interested in saving your account, you can contact us by replying to your email.

How do I delete my Spdate profile?

Deleting your Spdate profile allows you to return to basic profile settings and delete your personal information. The next time you login to Spdate, you will be required to re-enter your name, date of birth and gender.

If you have content in your Spdate profile that you'd like to keep and save it to your personal profile:

Sign in to Spdate, click the profile photo in the top right corner of the home page (the person icon) and select "Settings".

Deleting your profile will remove everything except your information.

Are there fake profiles on Spdate?

As far as I know, Spdate does not allow the creation of fake profiles, which makes me think they discourage all hackers and spammers. I feel confident that all I have read about Spdate being hacked are probably outdated.

If these profiles are that of hackers doing phishing, which is to trick you into giving out information that can be used for stealing your identity, well, that’s a bit more believable.

The best way to eliminate the possibility of that is to not trust any email address unless you determine it is accurate. I do have some clever hacking methods I want to mention, but more on that in the next section.

First, look at the profile and see if there are any clues about it being a fake like fake pictures, bad grammar and so on. If you do catch it someone is using a fake, report them to the site and then consider claiming that profile for yourself and using it to make contact.

If you see problems with someone’s profile, you can simply report it. All the site wants is your evidence.

Here is another reason to report your bad matches: you can get a coupon for that. Just visit “Profile discounts” after you’ve gone through your profiles and report the algorithm problems.

Is Spdate safe?

Absolutely, there is no doubt about that. Love2love is a 100% legitimate site whose products have been proven to have results. Also, you can be confident that you will never be asked to pay to get your order shipped or be forced to fill an order.

You will also never be asked to pay for a monthly subscription to get your order. So you will never be charged any fees.

All orders are guaranteed to have NO viruses and NO spyware. Plus, you will never be required to pay shipping.

If you are buying at a discount, then you will have better products.

We have put together some of the best products available right now that will help you to get back in the dating game and find the woman or man of your dreams.

Every order that we receive for the products is reviewed diligently and we have no reason to think that they won’t provide you with strong results.

The customer support is very good. To date, their customer support has been one of the best we have ever seen.

The results provided by Love2love have resulted in countless marriages. This is not only due to the change of birth control pills but also due to the lifestyle changes the pills provided.

I did not add my location on my Spdate profile, how does the site know where I live?

In the beginning, we only had the street address to play with. Now that we are up and rolling, there are a few more options to choose from.

We still do not give out everyone's address however it would be possible for us to give out your street's name. If we wanted to do this, we would have to know that you were logged in on your personal computer. We do not know if you are currently logged in however, so we cannot disclose your street.

Similarly, we don't know if you are in your car right now. We don't think you are (unless you are driving in the car). We also could not say anything about that if we did.

We do not know if you are more to the east or to the west of your location. We could not get that information in any secure manner, so we are unable to tell you where you are in your location.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your Spdate experience

Spdate Experiences

I started with a girlfriend and it was a genuinely fun experience. Even though it was just one night all we talked about was the future and our hopes of marrying somebody someday. I enjoyed everything about the event


I was nervous about it, but I had fun. I believe other people may have found it a bit difficult, but my girlfriend and I had the time of our lives. I am planning to keep mom to myself and never let go.


We had a nice date. I believe she’s a nice lady and we’ve been talking on and off recently. We’ve agreed to meet up again and have a food date.


It was good. A bit of a goodnight kiss.


I didn’t know what to expect, but this was fascinating. I enjoyed myself very much. My girlfriend says that she’s happy that I’ve had this experience.


Our date was really special. We were acting like ten-year-olds, but it was enjoyable. The food was delicious.


The date was good. I’m happy we went and I hope for a 2nd date soon.

Personalized Recommendation

Recommendation Engines as of February 2019 are Personalized Recommendation Engines that collect data where the user is physically present. Users can hook up foot pedals and USB dongles designed for measuring motion and light. We have upgraded our recommendation engine to include user monitoring and activity data. (See post from September 11, 2017 on this topic.)

Activity provides an even more comprehensive personalization of the recommendations as you become more physically active at particular times of the day and day of the week.


Your local/online trading skills are needed.

Take note that it only impacts your skills once you upgrade.

On token change or expiration, this token will be lost.

This token will be generated for people to handle the fees.


The name of this token is DOGE.

DOGE is the token used for SPdate, and this token will be the only allowed token.

Newbie doesn’t need to deploy this token.

Etherscan will only use this for DOGE.

This token is an ERC20.

Token name, ticker: DOGE

Token Contract Address: 0x305725e824d5c614bd88d66b8017f2df2afc5f61

Token Symbol, Address: DOGE

Decimals, Initial value: 18

Token Allocation, Maximum Token Supply: 400,000,000

Token Distribution, In Total: 100,000,000

Pre-sale: 6,000,000 DOGE

First day circulating supply:10,000,000 DOGE

Network Token, Bonus:0 DOGE

Network Token: 0 DOGE