21 Things That’ll Turn Off Any Guy Even if You Are Hot

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In Public Places, He'll Hate It . . .

No matter where you are at, if you’re trying to flirt with him, do the following:

  • If you’re sitting at a table with food around, don’t hold his hand.
  • If you’re on a table, don’t sit on his lap.
  • If you’re on a swing, don’t hold the swing with both hands.
  • If you’re in a car, don’t get comfortable.
  • If you’re in a park, don’t get close to trees with him.
  • If you’re in a movie theatre, don’t recline.
  • If you’re in a park, don’t walk too close to him.
  • If you’re in an elevator, don’t rest your arm on his shoulder.
  • If you’re in an elevator, don’t hold hands.
  • If you’re in a bus, don’t hug him.

When she talks too much . . . about herself

About her drama. .. about her ex. .. about her mom. .. about her dad. .. about her pet peeves. .. about the bad boy she dated. .. about the guy who broke her heart. . .

Turns him off.

When she goes on and on and on about her parents and their genitals. Turns him off.

When she is too opinionated.

When she interrupts constantly.

When she comes on too strong.

When she is bossy.

When she's got a Napoleon complex.

When she tries to change him.

When she forgets to smile.

When she is not yet completely naked in his sight.

When she is vague.

When she is jealous.

When she has facebook.

When she forgets to send an email.

When she tweets.

When she texts.

When she fidgets.

When she bites her nails.

Turns him off.

When she has too much stuff around.

If he has to look behind the garage for the remote, or if the bathroom is in an adventure playground with the toilet in a fish tank entrance.

Turns him off.

When she is too skinny.

When she's too fat.

When her hair is not in a bun.

When she continually has terrible things to say about everyone and everything

Only to change her tune the very next time you meet her.

When she teases him in front of everyone about something that hits too close to home

And actually has nothing to do with him.

When he doesn’t know which way is up.

When he gets aroused by her feet.

All the times she flirts with other guys “ she does this to make him feel inadequate.

When she teases him by implying that he is about to do something embarrassing.

When she talks to him about his mother.

When she compares him to other guys.

When he gets annoyed that he is in the way.

When she yells about something he said or did.

When she doesn’t call him back when he calls.

When she forgets his birthday.

When he gives her a compliment, or is just being nice, and she undermines him.

When he mentions his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, or any girl he has ever dated.

When she doesn’t do what she says she will do.

When he tells her the truth and she criticizes him for it.

When she turns down an important invitation because she doesn’t want to go with him.

When she asks him to do her chores.

When he starts telling her things about himself and she interrupts him every time.

When she changes her mind about something that she agreed to do.

When she is on her phone all the time

Do not talk to your friends on your phone when you are spending time with them instead of interacting with them. A guy wants to feel that you have the time for him even if you are your friends.

When she changes her voice to talk Britney-like

It just makes you laugh.

In Bed, He'll Hate It. . .

When she plays dead

When she turns into a porn star

You’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, and you’ve picked up some great tips from the other girls in your social group. You’ve made changes in your own life to be more confident, more successful, and you’re ready to start making changes in your boyfriend’s life to appreciate him more.

But your boyfriend isn’t having the same experience. He’s not attracted to you the same way, he doesn’t compliment you the same way, and he’s not interested in things the same way.

What’s going on? Maybe you’re experiencing the flirty friend syndrome.

Have you noticed how some girls can get away with changing up their style little by little over time?

Ashley Jessica Park (author) … had been in the ad industry for several years with a large desk job that involved a lot of travel. She took a much more active role in the social scene at her work and took a look at her appearance.

When she doesn't initiate intimacy

There's a difference between physical and emotional intimacy. It's so hard to find a guy who knows this, but it seems that most men make a clear distinction. They don't want you having sex with them because they're turned off by your emotional neediness, but they will want to cuddle up with you because they want to use your body for purely physical release.

Create Emotional Chemistry

Take some initiative. Try to have a natural, romantic, playful conversation with him. Start with something as simple as, "I love your eyes!" or, "When I asked you out, I didn't know you were a Yankees fan! I went to see them in game five."

Advertise Your Feelings through Compliments

Don't get too crazy, but make sure you praise him regularly during the stages of courtship. Guys are very impressionable in these stages, so use that to your advantage.

Touch Him

In addition to complimenting him, don't be afraid to touch him.

Just touch him. The hand-holding, back-rubbing stuff. Kiss him.

Find a Way to Tell Him about Your Feelings

If you want a relationship with your man, you need to share your emotions with him. Tell him how you feel, whether it's how much you like dating or the passion you feel for him. He'll appreciate it.

When she kisses with her lips closed

When she says, “It’s a secret”.

When She Says You’re Just like Her Father/Mother to Her Friends

When she says, “Don’t look don’t look” when she’s got her picture of you on her wall.

When she says, “You’re not my type”.

When she manhandles his hidden jewels.

With Friends, He'll Hate It . . .

But as He Watches You with Their Best Friend, He'll Wish He Was There.

{1}. Smoking, Stale breath, Chewing gum, Throwing gum wrapper at the ground
{2}. When your hair is in a ponytail, but you’ve just taken it out
{3}. When your stomach is hungry, but your mouth is full
{4}. When you use a lot of hair products
{5}. Scrape marks across a table
{6}. When you are wearing a light-colored hoodie
{7}. When you call him sweetie
{8}. When you call him your European boyfriend
{9}. When you talk about your day
{10}. When you ask him what his plans are for the weekend
{11}. When you say your mom wants him to call
{12}. When you’re playing a video game
{13}. When you don’t smile
{14}. When you say : ’you look nice today”
{15}. When you say ’I don’t want you to go”
{16}. When you check his pockets
{17}. When you’re not doing something physical that you should be doing if you’re together

When she is paranoid and wants to read all the conversations he has with friends

When she guilt trips him into not spending time with his friends

And family.

This is a pretty common thing girls do, to make themselves feel better.

Usually, it is when he decides that he wants to spend the night at his friends house, or he wants to go hang out with his family.

Whlen he lets you know that he wants to hang out with his friends, you’ll be sure to let him know that you have been talking about it and have decided that this is what you want to do.

A great way of making him feel guilty for a week without him knowing why.

When she gets jealous of every female friend he has

When she doesn't fight for her beliefs in private, but fights for hers in public.

When She Makes You Chase Her

When she says she doesn't need anyone, but that she 'just can't be alone right now'.

When She Constantly Nags You

When she says 'it's not you, it's me' every time you break up.

When she talks trash and judges his friends right away

It is totally off putting for most men. It touches a deep-seated fear in most guys that their friends have more positive qualities than they do.

And when words about their friends are in question? Forget it. He’s stuck in a negative state of mind.

Here are 21 things that will turn off any guy even if you are hot.

{1}. Assume he is cheating on you even if he is not. Most guys assume their wives are cheating on them because of the way their wives act. Even if she doesn’t physically cheat, she acted like other women to be in the running and he will not respect her for it.
{2}. Talk badly about his friends. Guys have little faith in women so it is very difficult for him to take you seriously if you speak bad about his friends and insignificant others.
{3}. Talk trash about any guy who has shown interest in you. Your exes will always be part of you. Your past is in the past but not for him
{4}. Spend tons of money on your appearance. If a girl spends time and money staying gorgeous and looks so hot that everyone want her attention, she will think she is hotter than the guys. When she dates men, they are impressed by her looks but when they try to show interest, she won’t take it seriously.

When she does not make an effort to befriend his friends

In General, He'll Hate It. . .

When a guy feels you are trying to control him, he will feel as though he is losing his power. Being a man is all about masculinity, and losing power in this way doesn’t feel good at all.

When she smells like a funeral parlor

When she talks about her ex a lot with more passion than necessary

When she chews with her mouth open

When she doesn’t say thank you when you buy her dinner,.

When she doesn’t come to you when she’s tired,.

When she uses your body to push a car,.

When she argues about the stove being off when you’re cooking,.

When she pushes you upstairs instead of in,.

When she chews with dirty mouth,.

When she ignores you in a movie or exhibits slutty behavior,.

When she’s always asking about the pollution in your country,.

When she avoids you for months just because you said “I love you”,.

When she doesn’t smile when she sees you,.

When she spits on the floor when she’s done talking,.

When she looks down and won’t even look at you when she walks,.

When she eats the last bit of the food when you’re cooking,.

When she drives recklessly,.

When she pushes you when you take a seat,.

When she denies being in love with you,.

When she tells lies,.

When she walks away without even a look,.

When she lies even about the smallest of things

Trust is lost. When she is late, make sure you stay home as well. When she gets angry because you wanted to attend your best friend's birthday, do not respond to her anger.

Do not burden a girl who forgot her birthday by reminding her again. She will feel bad and you'll both be late.

Do not entrust her with your money. She will try to hide it or spend it on things that matter to her. Trusting her with your money is like giving your possessions to a homeless person.

Do not lend to her your books, even if she says she will return it to you. A girl who does not need money, will not need books.

Do not fall asleep on her and do not let her fall asleep on you. If both of you are tired, it could indicate different levels of comfort and relaxation, and you may end up changing the entire atmosphere of the bed. Girls sleep, not together.

Do not talk to a girl when you go out in public, especially when you are with your friends. If she does not like you, she will not like seeing you with friends. If she likes you, she will not want you talking to other girls.

Do not like bad movie, shows or other forms of entertainment that are not suitable for a person of your age.

When she puts on the "dumb blonde" act to get his attention

It's an immediate turn off.

When she has no self-esteem.

The less a woman has in the way of self-esteem, the easier it is for her to settle for the first person who approves of her. Guys love having a "secure" girl in their lives.

What You Can Do Differently from Jennifer

No matter whether a guy is in this phase or just likes you in general, here are 21 things that'll turn him off in a heartbeat if used at the wrong time.

No. 20

Calling your husband’s cell phone about important matters, as if he is just a servant who can be called up for anything and everything.

No. 19

Asking your husband for a new pair of shoes.

No. 18

Asking him for money.

No. 17

Telling him that you’ll do whatever it takes to have his love, even prove yourself sexually available in such a way that he would feel confused and consent to it.

No. 16

Following him on social media, as if he owes you his attention.

No. 15

Not giving him any attention when he gets home from work.

No. 14

Asking for an apology.

No. 13

Telling him that you’re just there to love him not to bed him.

No. 12

Finishing his sentences and telling him that you know what he's thinking.

No. 11

Saying “I can’t stand you.”


Respect yourselves. Respect your body. Really think about whether you want to be with one of those guys who are attracted to you because you are lighter, not stronger, not more valuable or more capable, but a different shade of tan.

Light-skinned women have it harder than dark-skinned women. Like dark-skinned women, we are connected to the brownness in our skin.

First, if you have darker skin, don't think that you somehow have a million more options than you do. Exercise some self-love, and own the skin you're in.

Second, it's hard to hear, but if you're already self-conscious about your skin, don't listen to that.