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Upping Your Online Dating with Tinder Premium

So you hit the first hurdle of meeting strangers and you’ve got yourself a date. Now it’s time to kick that conversation up a notch!

How would you like to add some online dating features that will increase the probability that you will end up in bed together?

You may have heard of Tinder Gold, the premium version of Tinder, but what about Tinder Plus?

One of the primary differences between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus is that Tinder Gold is a paid service. However, not all people are interested in spending money on a dating app. There is also Tinder Passport, which gives you a different set of features for a reduced price.

All Tinder Plus offers is the ability to communicate beyond a simple match.

Here’s what you get with Tinder Plus:

  • Swipe options to help you explore your options in a more visual way – swipe left to pass, swipe right to match
  • See who liked you, who you liked and who is communicating beyond a simple match
  • Save photos and likes of those who liked you to your liking history
  • Get a boost to your profile which will make people more likely to become interested in you
  • Write a bio that will allow people to get to know you better
  • Change your brand colors to match your mood

Why You Need a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Update

While this might not seem like something very big, it is a gold mine to the free Tinder lover. Sooner or later, these online potential matches will want to talk to you more, or set up a date. These Tinder updates allow you to keep them in the loop on where you are every day, when you could be out on a date or hanging out with some friends.

Unique Tinder Updates

While this isn’t a huge bonus, it does provide an advantage over the average Tinder user. These unique Tinder updates are created to catch your dates attention, whether they be a hot girl at the bar you’re trying to get into or the girl that you just matched with.

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus both have unique updates that allow you to promote your Tinder profile to a wider audience, separate from Tinder’s normal sending of notifications.

With Tinder Plus alone, your profile can be promoted to all of your Facebook friends and any other users you choose. With Tinder Gold, people can also be sent a message through Facebook and never leave the app. So a Tinder Gold user can send a message directly from Tinder to all of their Facebook friends.

Tinder Plus also increases the number of possible matches you can receive each day, from 5 to 10, which is a big boost.

Free Services

If you’re a Tinder user you may have noticed that in recent versions we have introduced a paid tier to our product.

This is not actually new. Tinder has long offered paid services that attract more targeted users. These features were originally called In-App Purchases but given the recent media coverage using the term In-App Purchase can be considered offensive. So now we call them Gold. The distinction is that you can still use the apps for free, all the features are still there. If you want to upgrade to Tinder Gold you can choose to do it from the in-app store. If you don’t feel like doing that or your phone is limited on space, you can just choose to use the regular Tinder version which is just fine. You can use them together.

Some other examples of this are our Viber Local and Line SMS apps which can be used for free but also have advanced features that require a subscription.

New features mean new users, new users mean more money.

Paid Services

Tinder is a new app that lets you find people nearby who are also interested in meeting you.

It uses your phone’s GPS and allows you to make sure you are still willing to meet them.

  • Like Tinder: It’s free and it’s a great way to meet new people
  • Unlike Tinder: It’s one-50th as great as the full version when you can’t see everyone’s last names
  • Super Like Tinder: It works by letting everyone know that you Think other people look great, even if they aren’t the ones that you want to talk to
  • Super Like Tinder: It’s the perfect way to pick out a deal on airfare
  • Super Like Tinder: Tinder Plus requires 50 times the work and 50 times the fees
  • Super Like Tinder: It never sends the message that you are interested in.
  • Super Like Tinder: The women of Tinder typically want to be paid to not message you.
  • Super Like Tinder: The requirements make it difficult to use, and they typically give you things you don’t need.
  • Super Like Tinder: Tinder Plus does not allow you to reject low rated messages.

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold

Another cool function in Tinder Plus is the option for you to include an optional bio. It can be as long as you wish. This is where Tinder puts the most effort; this is why some guys try to get Tinder Gold.

Benefits of Tinder Gold

{1}. Option for a bio: If you are confident, you can include personal information in your profile like your age, height, location and/or hobbies.
{2}. Ability to share your photo with more than 5 friends: By paid subscription.
{3}. Unlimited undo: When using the photo feature, you have to select between 5 or 10 photos to be sent or sent only one.
{4}. Remove your photo from the search result: This can be done by paid subscription.
{5}. Option to speed up the process: By paid subscription
{6}. The option to change the background photo: By paid subscription
{7}. Remove the advertising for other platforms. By paid subscription.

These are some of the paid extra features that are only available in Tinder Plus to make it the most complete app.

The Only Downside of Tinder Plus

{1}. The video limit: It does not have a limit on the number of video views. If you strictly want to watch your video to grow your network, you will have to save your video in the cloud.
{2}. The view count will not appear in the upper corner of your profile.

Tinder Plus

With the most recent update for Tinder, the difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold has been improved. Let's see why you should download Tinder Plus and what to get for free with Tinder Gold.

Why Are Both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Important? What You Can Expect with Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Price

Tinder Gold – Free Unlimited Like, Boost, Passport.

Tinder Gold lets you see who likes you. So if you're interested in someone and want to find out whether he or she's interested, you can easily get an idea when you swipe right.

Tinder Passport – 250 Passport Chips for Expensive,.

Tinder Gold is the new Tinder Plus. This has recently been released to the public, so if you are using Tinder Plus then you should download Tinder Gold.

What is in the Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold Difference?

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold have similarities and differences. It is very important to know the content of both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold and whether Tinder Plus is better than Tinder Gold or vice versa.

What is Tinder Plus? Tinder Plus brings you:

  • Unlimited Like, Boost, Passport
  • Unlimited Passport Chips
  • Search Suggestions
  • Passport Codes

What is Tinder Gold? Tinder Gold brings you:

Tinder Gold

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are both apps created to help make Tinder work a hell of a lot better for you. While they both have their pro’s and cons, they work in different ways and Tinder Gold works a little bit differently from the original application.

How Much Does Tinder Plus and Tinder Cost?

Is Tinder expensive or cheap?

For the better part of a decade now we have been using Tinder as a measure of the sentiments of the populace.

We have used Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold to our advantage. We got our dander up when Tinder Gold arrived, and we looked on in wonder at all of the cheaper optics that Tinder Plus had. But now with a better understanding of comparative costs, we will see how Tinder Gold compares to Tinder Plus.

Tinder Gold is actually kind of a natural progression in that it is actually just Tinder Plus without a price tag though the only drawback that we can see is that you can't use it out of the US.

It seems to be limited to a few countries. That in itself is something that we can live with though.

So the question becomes, should you root your phone to get Tinder Gold or should you stick to Tinder Plus?

The answer depends on how you compare it with Tinder Plus.

Right off the bat let's look at the features that are specific to Tinder Gold and how that might help you.

Tinder Gold isn't just about looks though. It does include features such as Passport which segregates you based on where you are and who you are and maybe a bit more.

Then there is Rewind. Rewind allows you to undo any action taken in the app including your last swipe and that seems to be a feature that comes in really handy.

What are You Paying For?

Tinder has two paid services available to their user base. Tinder Gold, which is a more niche dating service, is aimed at “dating with a purpose.”

Great for people wanting to get to know people with, for example, business expertise or something similar.

Tinder Plus, however, is Tinder as you would expect it to be.

Both services are very similar to each other. The Tinder app itself is free to use by anyone.

Both service level options include:

  • Reminder to check in from time to time (but not limited to 21 days)
  • Demoted matches before disappearing
  • Enhanced messaging
  • Dedicated support team
  • Tinder Passport, where you can get 20 free (Tinder Gold) or 5 extra swipes (Tinder Plus) per day (a swipe being the action of swiping right or left on a picture, or swiping right/left on that person’s name)

With Tinder Gold you also get the Tinder Plus features.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Benefits

Men may find this somewhat old-fashioned, but women do use different apps such as Bumble or Hinge to strike up a conversation with prospective dates or mates. Tinder claims it is the largest dating app in the world, and is used by 19 million people in over 190 countries every day.

Now, I am not about to bring up Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold since I do not think this was ever relevant for anyone else, but I am doing it for a reason. If you are using Tinder, all you know is that it is an app you go on with other people that makes using your Facebook or Twitter profile within the app in order to match with people you may have a higher chance of matching with.

But do you know that it can be a whole lot more than that? Tinder can be a life-changing app, if you can figure out how to use it in just the right way. It may seem a bit weird at first, but you will grow to find some fun, life-changing tricks and tips that can help you with these apps.

The first way that Tinder is one of the best apps out there:

You can swipe through hundreds and hundreds of potential matches without giving away too much information about yourself, and they can swipe through you as well – meaning you can potentially meet people you can actually have a great connection with.

Ego Boost or Validation

When you’re single, Tinder is a part of everyone’s life. Whether you’re single or not, Tinder is a great dating service, whether you want to meet one night stands, hook up with your ex, or find a relationship, Tinder is a very helpful and fun tool.

That’s why it can be very disheartening when you sign up for Tinder Plus and find out that it basically brings an end to your free Tinder time.

First and foremost: No, my friend, you don’t need Tinder Plus to jump over to match’ing up with a new match. But if you are looking for an ego boost, Tinder Plus might be for you.

Tinder Plus allows you to send a boosted message to any user who is in your subscription, and furthermore, it allows you to send some photos you take of yourself. Tinder Plus allows both parties to edit “your” photos.

But even if you’ve subscribed, you don’t have to edit your photos for other users or send them any photos of yourself.

Battling Negativity

But as you may know, Tinder Plus is not totally free. If you use Tinder, you are still paying even though you are not free to text with other users.

Expansion of the Pool of Potential Partners

On Tinder Plus:

The expansion of the pool of people you can swipe through on Tinder means that you might see swipes from people who you have previously swiped left on.

Additionally, if someone likes your profile, you can now see their Facebook photos and their list of mutual friends in order to make your selection decision for them.

With Tinder Gold, you still get this pool of people that you can swipe Tinder Plus, but you don’t get their Facebook photos and list of mutual friends.

Is Tinder Pluse or Tinder Gold Worth It?

Some people are on Tinder just to send out messages and hope to find the love of their life on there. There are some people who are on there that actually have their profiles setup with personality test and everything.

But is Tinder pluse or Tinder gold worth it? I personally feel that Tinder gold is worth it. Sure, gold will give you the option to swipe right to see their full profile, but with Tinder Pluse, you don’t have to do that. With Pluse, you can click on a picture to see the person’s full profile.

You are able to see who they are looking for, if they are using Tinder, their age, and even what they are up to while they are on the app.

With Tinder platinum you are only able to see a small section of the people. You will see their photograph and what they are up to. So in my opinion, you are not missing out on anything by getting Tinder Plus.

I am sure that there are some women that would rather see a person’s full profile on Tinder. But that is just not me. I am the type of person that would rather slowly build a relationship with a man.

More information on Tinder:

Tinder Plus is a paid subscription that gives users the ability to like or pass on potential matches, view their matches’ Facebook profiles (which can be viewed by swiping to the right), view their matches’ Facebook as a map along with the ability to block unwanted matches.

Tinder Gold was introduced in December 2014 and allows users to disable the Safe Swipe, Pass, and Rewind buttons while they are in public view, retargeting, and the ability to undo an accidental like, among other features.

For those who are looking to have no restrictions, Tinder Gold is the way to go.