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Overall Score: 4.1/5

New members at Uberhorny in February 2021 in comparison

Member activity at Uberhorny in February 2021 in comparison

With the year before.

Not only has Uberhorny seen an increase in active members, but activity has also increased for each day that a member is logged in. Something you may like to find out if you are an active member?

Take a look at the graph below!

Uberhorny Member Structure

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Signing Up at Uberhorny

When you sign up at Uberhorny Review, you’ll be asked to create a free account. Use that account to ensure you get notifications of new profiles that register online and share your Skype information.

You will only be able to find live sex cams when you sign in using your account information.

Making Contact on Uberhorny

Unfortunately, the most popular channels on Uberhorny are the ones that demand the highest payment. They are also the most numerous and not in the least bit shy about publishing their rates.

Even so, it is still not impossible to request a review anyway.

It is also important to note that in an unusual case, the company in question might provide the service you request anyway.

There are also companies that you can contact directly as a prerequisite for the contact being successful.

A case of interest is Uberhorny. They require that you contact them. The very first step on their page is to contact them via email or open call.

It is important that notice, that many companies have requirements related to their methods. In this case, the company is very formal and will only discuss the matter in writing.

All the same, it is well worth following up.

First: Use the email address to make sure that the email reaches the proper person

Second: Ask to speak to the person in charge of a representative review

Thirdly: Ask for the representative review to contact you

The company often requires you to give your name and address, so you cannot guarantee that you will get a positive response. However, the only way to get an answer from the review process is to keep it at the exchange of emails.

Uberhorny Profile Quality

UberHorny is great thanks to the following qualities:

Uberhorny Real Life Review

Uberhorny's erection enhancer makes the ringing in your ears as a bad as a headache.

I am a huge fan of Uberhorny's erection enhancer, test 100 for one month and I was very surprised by the quick results. The erection enhancer used by Uberhorny gives me a healthy and permanent increase not only in sex life, but also in my energy and strength.

Uberhorny's erection enhancer helps me consolidate a healthy lifestyle

Uberhorny's erection enhancer not only increases my sex life, but also has a beneficial effect on my well-being.

The erection enhancer has a positive effect on the body and offers a significantly improved chance of staying healthy.

In addition, chances for becoming an athlete increase by 100% with the help of the erection enhancer. The appetite suppressant effect triggered by the erection enhancer is really impressive.

Uberhorny's erection enhancer helps me avoid skin problems.

I have very sensitive skin, but after using the Uberhorny erection enhancer and applying the daily skin care care I noticed that the skin has become more firm and elastic. I hope to see how the skin care will develop after a longer period of use.

Uberhorny's erection enhancer has a really strong scope for the entire family.

Design and Usability

Ease of Use –The Uberhorny App” is very well designed. Everything is well thought out and placed properly. Adding a new date is as easy as finding the “Add a new date” button and tapping it. It will add that date to the bottom of the calendar and keep it updated as you see fit. If you add a new date, there is an option to “Remove the old one.”

The photos are always nice including the ones you took. It’s fun to click on them to see all the fun places you went to for your adventure.

Ease of Navigation –The Uberhorny App” is very easy to navigate around. Everything is simple and straightforward. Even the different steps you need to take to find out what is needed and when to do that are easy to find. The pictures you click on are fun to look at and excite you more for the epic adventure you can have with your partner.

The UberHorny app is designed for ease of use, which is why it is a great solution to use.

Uberhorny Costs and Prices

This is a dating app for Horny people worldwide. It`s a new generation of dating apps that cater to people who are not embarrassed about being horny.

This new app offers a no-frills approach to finding yourself a sex partner from just about anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone, and you get to go online and view profiles of local sex partners. This is the first app that lets you see profiles from all of the different categories of people in the app. It's up to you to decide who you want to meet up with.

The great thing about this app is that it is all completely free to use. Hopefully this app will help change the stigma against people being horny. Literally no one likes being embarrassed about sex. It's a natural part of being human. We're all just animals at the end of the day.

Is Uberhorny expensive or cheap?

Special Features

It is a portable, self-contained energy tool that’s extremely easy to use, compact, and effective.

It is simple, simple to use, compact, lightweight, equipped with rechargeable battery, and effective.

It is a slow-speed massager. Its slow speed is good for massaging the muscle.

It is equipped with soft touch handle.

It is quiet.

It is waterproof.

It is easy to carry.

It is compact.

It is easy to clean.

It is effective.

It is light.

It is comfortable to use.

It is equipped with a rechargeable battery which runs for hours.

It is convenient for travel.

It is a multi usage tool.

It is portable and lightweight.

It is a powerful muscle exercising tool.

It is durable.

It is quiet.

It doesn’t require any effort to construct.

It doesn’t hurt the skin.

It is convenient for carrying.

It is easy to use.

It is equipped with fast speed massager.

It is equipped with soft touch handle.

It is ergonomically designed.

It is well designed.

It is durable.

It is easy to clean.

Who's Cute Game

I decided to do this. It was a terrible decision. I was never horny before, nor will I be anymore. This game will beep at you and tell you to do boring stuff and it will beep and tell you to do shitty things. It has no releases, so you have to find the one or two pictures of a person and then pick the one that it shows you. Once you get the picture, do a weird, mysterious noise move that no one will know what it is and then wait for little guy to beep and tell you something sporadically. I wouldn't mind this game if it actually made me horny and since I don't think I'll ever be horny again, this game is pointless and the worst thing ever.1/10, would not recommend.

Admit it, you did it.

It's pretty cool, in my opinion. You can do whatever you want with it. You don't have to do anything. You don't really have to update little guy because he tells you to do things that are fairly easy to do, and it's just fun. It sounds like my boyfriend's cat sometimes. A lot.

Who Is Streaming

There are a handful of personalities that stream regularly. Most of them play a type of game, such as Player’s experience. If you watch multiple streams from the same channel, you can see who plays what.


Ascolta is the most interesting streamer. He plays games like Neverwinter and others that may not be the most popular but have proved popular in the past. If you prefer more solid games, than Ascolta’s stream is better than most.


Falcon is not a human, but rather a non-binary entity. They are known for their role playing stream almost as much as their games. If you are a fan of role-playing games in general, this is a unique stream you will want to check out. At times, it radiates a strange atmosphere, so while it’s worth watching, it has a bit of a hazy feel to it.


Richelle is a woman who streams many games, and she is more of a diamond analyst than a streamer. That said, she stream games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Tomb Raider, and more. If you are looking for a strong female streamer, then hit up Richelle for something different.

Swipe Game

The Swipe Game from the Love Stories theme is a fun side toy that helps you learn how to play with your matches, without being overly worn out by more active swiping around. Instead, the Swipe Game provides you with a series of seven cards and a set of instructions. The instructions tell you which card goes to which number, which, once completed, tells you the match count.

The Swipe Game starts out very open-ended. You need to have a basic understanding of the game and the matches it contains, and you must have at least 7 matches to play.

This provides you with a good lesson on how matches work and how they can change the way you play the game.

After finishing with the Swipe Game, you can make your own matches based on those that are in the theme. You now know how they work, and how to make your own in the same style.

A fun way to practice and learn the game.

Premium Content

Your fingers are crossed. You’ve got a date with that really hot girl you’ve had your eyes on.

You get in a taxi to make the trip across town to meet up with her. As far as you’re concerned, you’re on fire.

On the driver’s seat is the Uber horn and when you lean over to use it, you notice a glowing button beneath the Uber horn. You hit it, hard.

{1}. What does the glowing button do?
{2}. You lean back. Your head hits the back of the seat in front of you.

Premium Live Cams

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Uberhorny FAQ

You know that anything can happen with Uber. And the funny thing is you don’t even need to get into the car to have an Uber experience with one of these! What can you expect from Uberhorny?

Be the Bachelor/Bachelorette

The two of you could be driving around town on your daily errands. Admire the scenery in your cherry red convertible while trying your best to find your man/woman. The look on his/her face is priceless, so remember to take a picture of the actual shock, just like real life!

Challenge Friends

BFFS want to challenge each other to see who can bring in the most orgasm. At the end of your test drive, both of your Uberhorny provides ratings on how well you both performed, and you decide the winner.

Have a Hearts on Fire Date

Swapping heart emojis is amazing, but swapping heart emojis in a nicely packaged custom Ubercar is even more amazing. It’s a blast trying new locations to set up your perfect date. Inch by inch. Mile by mile.

If your Uberhorny is a guy. He will always ask.

If your Uberhorny is a girl. She will always say yes.


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Grant Forest High School in California keeps H2O2 on hand in case of an oxygen spill.

Late in 2016, Elevation Life, a company that deals with water purification, announced they are going to start selling a device that will filter water and provide H2O2 as a byproduct.

Who owns Uberhorny?

Uberhorny is owned by a team of developers and writers who are passionate about sex education. We started the site to show that sex is fun and not something to be embarrassed about.

How did Uberhorny get started?

Founder and administrator Tom Tyner has always been a passionate supporter of better sex education.

He noticed that there were no comprehensive sex education sites for teens on the internet. After battling with a lot of misinformation online he decided to do something about it.

His initial vision was that the site would be a super sexy blog where they would preach their views on sex. But to their surprise, teens starting posting on the site and managing to have frank, in depth discussions with them on some of their topics.

They realized that there was a great public need in sex education.

What part of sex education do you cover on Uberhorny?

Teen sex education is a vast and complicated subject to tackle. That’s why we start out with the basics in our first content section, The Big Questions. We then alternate between the different categories, with regular articles on topics like sex and technology, sex and porn, and sex and relationships.

How does Uberhorny work?

The site is a social media community and an educational platform. Users post articles and tips on Uberhorny, where other members can take part in the discussions in the appropriate forums.

What is Uberhorny?

Uberhorny is a new online porn site that has some very exciting features. One of those features is the very unique and controversial way they have of reviews their performers. If you are familiar with adult film reviews on other sites, you’ll know that they often rely on the opinions of just a few of the thousands of people who have viewed the performer’s movies, meaning that the majority of performers on the site are left with an average rating.

However with Uberhorny, everything is different as they only use the opinions of their performers themselves. They have found that this has a dramatic effect on the resulting average rating. With fewer detractors giving out poor reviews, the average rating comes out as much higher than on any other site.

The way this works is quite simple. After each session the performer and camera man sit down together and the performer rates themselves out of 5 stars on each of the following areas:

  • discipline, intelligencethe way they deliver their lines and the performance overall
  • hair and make-up
  • height, weight, breast size and their level of tits and ass
  • satisfaction level to help show how much they enjoyed and how much they had fun
  • professionalism and attitude


I joined UBERHORNY to get a discount on Uber rides. Now I am getting a discount on Uber rides AND I get to watch these sexy girls get their Uber Horny promotion free. It's a win-win on my part. I get an X-driver. I get UBERHORNY. They get to watch so many hot girls with big tits and nice round asses get naked and do some nasty shit. Sometimes, they get get up in the Uber Matress and fuck like animals. I don't know which I like better. I know why, because I am getting all this up-close and personal Uber Horny veritable porn. It's great. So much better than that stupid Friday Link-olomation thing I was planning on posting tonight. Uber Horny is way better. Go get some free Uber Horny now.

Who can join Uberhorny?

No. No they can't.

What is Uberhorny?

Uberhorny is like an infinitely recursive function.

Infinite recursion is not defined in javascript. But, if you give it 0 it is defined. Wait… what?

In summary: The best API call ever with no actual API function.

Does Uberhorny offer a premium membership?

Yes. Our premium services are free for you to access. If you enjoy our free content, you can upgrade to our premium service to access a wider base of premium content that will skyrocket your horniness to even higher levels.

Why should I upgrade?

You get access to thousands of free horny girls in your area. They will always be ready to suck and fuck as long as you can afford their premium services.

What are some of your favorite premium features?

When you purchase a premium membership for uberhorny, you gain access to our unlimited free horny memberships that will give you full access to all of our paid memberships below:

  • X Phone Sex
  • JobHub Babe

Do I need a premium membership on Uberhorny to enjoy the site?

Yes, You can use it without paying but it is in no way advised.

It is up to you if you want to use it or not!

What if I don’t like the website or the community?

Subscription will keep you on the site.

You will be allowed to unsubscribe from it at any time.

Will I be able to keep my email address private?

Yes, I will never send any emails to that email address.

Will I have to verify my email address after subscribing by mobile phone?

No, No Verification is required.

Can I keep the entire content on my phone?


How about the messaging feature?

Yes!, you can send messages to users and chat with people around you.

There will be no account creation required to do that.

You do not have to message the people you are looking for.

Message anyone, send images and videos.

What chat features will there be?

We are currently finalising the screening feature.

On the site, we will have following features:

  • Chat
  • Message users and see who’s online
  • Profile
  • Profile images
  • Browse and search category list
  • Place tags
  • Search Users

Is Uberhorny membership auto-renewed?

If so, when?

Yes, gratis all new subscribers one year membership of Uberhorny from a life of a pass.

We are glad that you subscribe!

To top you off, you will receive a thrilling newest packages of visit, eHab, last few week.

How do I cancel my Uberhorny premium membership?

First of all, Uberhorny assumes that you like being horny and want to be able to access our content on the go. Second, we suggest that you take a look at the promotional video below to see why you should book your ride with Uberhorny.

<<Click Here to Check out Our Promo Video >>

Uberhorny wants to make your journey, (or drive), as enjoyable as possible, so we are happy to give you all the information you need about cancelling your Uberhorny subscription.

But first, we need to tell you how easy it is to cancel your membership.

To cancel your Uberhorny app subscription, you need to visit the Website on the Uberhorny website and follow the steps:

{1}. Click on “Visit the Website on the website on the website.”
{2}. Scroll down and click on “I would like to cancel my membership”
{3}. Choose your respective country from the drop down menu, click on “Sign in as a new user,” and sign in.

Does Uberhorny give refunds for unused time?

Sorry if this seems like an unusual question. I’ve never paid for any dating websites before because I’m too scared to tell anyone what I’m really doing. Well, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been doing this for a couple of years, and I’m a bit more confident in myself. I can’t sleep anymore without hearing those beeps every night. I have an answer for my problem now, and I am going to solve it.

Still, no one can be 100% sure that the website is not lying to me. They assure me that my money will be refunded within three days if I don’t want to keep the service and they can’t give me a definite guarantee that any money they are going to ask from me will be there.

I have no choice, but to do business with Uberhorny. I have no idea if this is a place I’d recommend if I wasn’t doing this on the side.

I didn't enjoy my time on Uberhorny. What do I do?

What can I do about it?

Uberhorny is a completely anonymous service. They do not ask for any personal information, and they don't know anything about you whatsoever when you use the service. Once you've made your account, you'll need to verify it, which is to say that they verify your identity by sending a photograph of you holding your ID card over the internet to the Uberhorny server, after which you'll be able to enjoy dating service.

For reasons of security, the Uberhorny service does not allow you to connect your ID (driving license, passport…) to your Uberhorny account, and they will never ask for any sensitive information about you or your identity.

In case you don't like the dating service, or if you're just not that into it, you're free to sign-out.

If you decide to keep using Uberhorny or use dating service with another account (not yours) you'll have to verify your real identity again at the end of each month.

This happens to prevent people from making fake accounts, or from impersonating each other.

If you really don't like the dating service or the social events, you can sign out and stop using Uberhorny.

If you want to sign out, you'll need to use the 'sign out' option on either your profile or the dating service.


uberhorny's main website hasn't been updated since February 2021 (almost one year ago). The only new feature is an app.

How do I find a match on Uberhorny?

The easiest way to find matches is to type in your age and location and look at the list of matches. You can add your profile to your own favorites list or you can subscribe to a list such as “Lesbians”, “Single Asian Men”, “Single Black Men”, etc. The same way that you sort the people on your Tinder and Bumble, you will find the people that suit you best on Uberhorny.

Why can't I see the messages of other Uberhorny members?

Uberhorny is the new way to spice up your lives. It is also the new way to call a whore to get anything you want.

All you have to do is head into the app, give your Uberhorny number a push, and then sit back and relax while the community matches you with new horny partners.

Uberhorny lets you get what you want: a hot hooker, a foot slave, a massage, a person to clean your house, a thug to beat up your relatives, and so much more!

Just pop in your Uberhorny number to redeem your special offer.

Where can I see who's viewed my profile?

You can view your profile visitors by tapping the My Profile button in the left sidebar.

You can also view how many times you've been contacted from your inbox by going to the Messages section.


  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile

Example of a My Profile/about Me Profile

  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile
  • My Profile

I want to browse the profile of an Uberhorny member, how do I do that?

It's very easy to do! Simply click the option "MATCH" on any of our profiles, to open that member's main page. On the right hand side of their profile, you will see a little star and a "Browse" link. Click that, and you'll be redirected to their main page.


I was in a department store in West Covina with my friend Tiffany the other day and this security guy kept on staring at me. I'd never seen him before, although I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before.

I'm not sure what he may have thought when he saw me in the bowels of the mall. I had my shopping cart, and yes, I was wearing my puffy pink snow jacket, but I wasn't armed and I wasn't on the run. Maybe he thought I was a shoplifter.

I went to the bathroom, but not before passing his kiosk and giving him a subtle, "thanks" nod. I remember those stupid security guys that always talked to me when I was a pothead in high school. They definitely treated me like criminal. I guess I wasn't too fond of that either, but it was a job, so I rolled with it.

Anyway, I was in the toilets and I was finishing up a transaction and this girl comes up behind me and asks if I'm feeling OK. I told her I was, and she left. I didn't say much and that's probably why she was worried.

Is Uberhorny safe to use?

Uberhorny is up to date in its medical testing and has not been found to have any side effects when it comes to use.

It is best for people to take great care when using it, always ensuring the soft dental dams are in place and that precautions are taken at all times.

It has been tested and approved in the USA and Europe and is providing relief to a large percentage of men and women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Uberhorny is 100% safe for use and you can even order it with confidence and peace of mind as it is made in the USA.

What safety measures does Uberhorny have?

Uberhorny has a few checks and balances in place for your safety. First and foremost, they only hire personal assistants who have personal hours through which they are available for hires. All services are properly vetted and screened before being made available to customers.

You even have an opportunity to meet with your personal assistant, as she is available to step in should you need anything after she drops you off.

There are several other measures in place to ensure your safety, and these include:

  • The only gender of assistants they will hire is female and only those that are at least 5’9” or taller.
  • They have:
  • Vehicle details, such as license plate number, in an encrypted file on your phone.
  • GPS coordinates of their locations: You’ll want to keep track of the relative location of your personal assistant in an emergency, so having these on hand is a bonus.
  • Snapchat videos from your personal assistant. These videos are encrypted and all the information except for the time is sent out by your personal assistant.
  • A wireless panic button that is hidden within your Uber account that you can hit to make your Uber horn ring. This is only useful should you be in doubt that you are with your personal assistant or should you feel the need to call out for help.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

Share your Uberhorny experience

More information on Uberhorny:

I will start off with her looks. Her body is similar to Brittney Skye and Luna Star. She is 1.65 meters tall (5 feet 5 inches) and weighs 50 kilograms. Her breast are nice, I would say they are A cups. Her butt is very nice; I would recommend paying attention because it has a very nice curve to it.

She has nice bush which is a big plus to me, she has a nice little landing strip as well.

Her hair is nice and shiny. The front part of her hair is a little darker than the rest of her hair. But everything is very neat and looks pretty natural.

Her face is pretty and her lips are very nice. I would recommend paying attention to her eyes. I like the way she just looked between my fingers while I was watching her video. She looks like she knows her body very well and that’s why she knows what to do with it.

She has a nice c-ring in her mouth. I love how it looks and you need to see it for yourself.

Personalized Recommendation

Uberhorny Reviews created a service that automatically recommends films, books, and TV shows based on your past preferences and purchases.

This is very useful because that way, you don’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out what you like. You want a movie, it finds a movie similar to that and tells you that it is better.

A customer service representative even called you to apologize for the delay because the credits for that film weren’t released yet.

You don’t even have to worry about decisions that you made in the past being used against you because this service has an entire history of what you like and what you buy.

Much like GasBuddy, it allows you to save information for sites that you like (your favorite stores), as well as a list of places that you like to visit in general.

This is awesome if you work in a cafeteria or restaurant or if you are also a globetrotter, as you will be able to eat whatever you want without having to waste your money.

It will also identify places that are likely to cost you a fortune if you don’t take precautions.

The first step of personalization is to choose your current location, as well as the language and currency that you are using.


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