Unusual First Date Ideas You Should Definitely Try

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Awesome First Date Ideas for Any Occasion

When you have a first date, you hope it goes well and you both have fun. And the more fun you have, the more chance you have of seeing each other again.

It’s important to have an awesome first date. But as with all things, there’s a method to the madness of having fun with someone.

Slow & Romantic: Dates That Can Make Your Date Swoon

People often tend to focus a lot on the big event—the wedding, the birthday, the big Thanksgiving dinner. While those are important, they aren’t the only events that hold year-round significance.

Getting married and having a kid are big milestones, but they’re also big events that can be expensive and time consuming. Instead of putting all of your time and energy into massive events, dedicate a little more time paying attention to the little things that make date nights and getaways special.

Try these five mini-dates to start any date night out on the right foot.

It’s a Bird’s World

Take a walk through nature to give your hands a break from holding hands. Go try to spot some interesting flora and fauna. You could even try an outdoor activity like a hike or cycle.

Waiting for the Sunset

Head out to a scenic spot on a dewy evening to see the sun go down. You could even grab a blanket and a picnic and try some new grub.

Catch the Entertainment

Take the evening off and catch a show. Don’t feel like you have to go out of your way to get to a big event, but you can enjoy a show while you’re out.

Exciting & Adventurous: Dates That Pump Up The Adrenaline

Try anything once.

That’s the motto we’ve all been taught growing up. It’s also a good way to stay mellow. After all, if you never tried anything, you never failed, right?

Luckily, at least in some circumstances, you can even give second and third chances to almost anything. This is true of dates, too. As long as you’re not too particular and have a few fun ideas ahead of time, you can have some unusual but still equally interesting first dates.

Just because the first date didn’t run smoothly doesn’t mean you can’t try again. The key is to have more fun, and that’s a good thing.

The trick to this is to keep things interesting and keep the excitement high. The harder you try to make something unusual, the better it will be!

Dating is a lot like battle. The trick is to open up only when the enemy is blown back. Unlike in battle, though, in dating, you’ve got to go for the kill. This can often be scary and many first dates didn’t go quite how you planned.

Fun & Cute: Dates That Bring Giggles Out

Want some fun and interesting ideas for your first date? If you’ve been putting off finding that Mr./Miss Right, then maybe it’s time to throw out the rule book and take a chance on something different. These unusual first date ideas will bring a smile to your face and ease a lot of anxiety. Break out of your comfort zone, and have some fun!

Build a box fort:

What’s more fun than a box fort? Make one with a special someone, and promise yourself that you won’t shut them out! If you’re feeling a bit shy, switch to tower defense mode by building a dam to block their fire-breathing beast of a dragon from entering.

Secret bowling alleys:

Secret alleys often require an extra ticket, so make sure you also get in on some regular old fun with some casual bowling at a local entertainment centre. When you enter, keep your eyes peeled for a secret button that will reveal an alcove with a rocking chair in it.

Whether you choose to sit and rock or not is up to you and your date.

Take a hot air balloon ride:

Chic & Fancy: Dates That Show Off Your Culture and Money

For example, billiards, penny-ante poker, or tour guides. Eventually, we’ll come across someone special. I know I did! Where this is a very sparkly city filled with people of every nationality and ethnicity. Since it is a highly cosmopolitan area, and its foreign population makes its version more interesting , I hear that you should always try the city’s food, especially the traditional dishes of the areas along with the local drinks. The city of Los Angeles is the second largest in the entire United States of America. With 14 percent-15 percent of the county’s population, the residents of Los Angeles deserve lots of places to eat, without having to spend a lot, or end up eating without leaving a huge dent in their pockets.

Chill & Non-costly: Nice Dates That Don’t Empty the Wallets

You could grab a sushi train to a supermarket chain for a bowl of sushi relatively cheap and authentic-tasting! It is also one of the best places for dates if you want to try something different.

Walk Through a Safari Park, Dublin Zoo, or Aquarium

Trips to wildlife parks are very romantic. Even just laying on the grass and looking at animals live is romantic enough!

Spend the night at a Coffeeshop in the Kitchen

Coffee shops in the kitchen are the new chill spots in our city. The only thing you need to do is cooking together for four hours before you sleep your night away. You will have a great night of bonding under the candle light.

School Cafeteria Dates

Gladly they are not an exclusive date. You can still find many good places at schools. You can hold a small private lunch or dinner, but get prepared for some healthy competition and competitive price. The food selection is not as big as fast-food chains, but their quality is fantastic. You can even buy food from the lunch rooms during the school day.

Walk Through the Garden at a Local Park

Bad First Date Ideas You Should Ditch

Here are some bad first date ideas that you should ditch right away.

Likes hanging out with friends more than you

If you’re looking for a relationship, it’s good to know what kind of person you are dating. Do you only want to date people who would want to spend all their time with you? Or are you okay with having a healthy balance between friendship and romance?

If you’re a little hesitant or not sure how to answer, then it’s a great clue you just met a “friend” instead of a potential partner. Whatever the case, don’t let a bad first date turn into a bad relationship.

Missed a deadline

In all fairness, missed a date and didn’t call is irritating. That said, don’t let the world stop you from meeting someone new when the time is right.

Some people are just busy, regardless of whether or not you are available on a given day. It’s good not to put too much pressure on yourself to always be available for a first date, or for a relationship.

Decided to see someone else


Make sure you go to a meetup or similar event in that city. These events will often be at some sort of bar or pub, and will provide you with a chance to meet people and scope out the scene before you head out to the bars.

You may end up finding it very strange that all of those people go out after a long day of work.

Well, you’ve got two choices: You can either freak out and wonder why everybody goes out at ten o’clock, or you can realize that they’re probably a lot more fun than you expected (remember, the reason you’re doing this is to hang out with people for fun). So, just go along with it!