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What is the WooPlus app?

The WooPlus app is a handy little app that helps you keep track of your weight loss, and it has a variety of great features.

For example, you have an exercise section, which helps you keep track of how often you go on a run or check out a video on your phone from the library. The app also tracks your personal profile, showing you your current weight, how much you’ve lost, how much you’ve gained, and most importantly, your daily calorie intake.

Introducing the WooPlus app is a great habit for any weight loss enthusiast. The app will inspire you to make sure that you stay on track to achieve your aims. It’s particularly a good idea for those who want just a little bit extra motivation.

The WooPlus app features:

  • Measure your progress with the weight chart
  • Create your weight loss hero
  • Know your personal profile
  • See the proportion of fat and muscle in your body
  • Analyse your movement with the movement chart
  • The weight loss diary is always available
  • Exclusively for iOS

The WooPlus app allows you to break down the weight loss process into smaller, more manageable habits.

Each time you complete a task, a star is added to your progression. You can also see how your daily habits are contributing to your total progress.

WooPlus App Features

Gives you some very powerful tools to help you lose weight.

I have tried many apps that have weight tracking tools, but WooPlus takes it to a whole different level. They have added a very impressive set of tools that let you track your progress, your diet, and your exercise.

They also allow you to capture your meals and use all of those steps to estimate your daily food intake and exercise. I have used them for weeks now and they have been a life saver.

Tracks Your Metabolic Rate

The best app out there that lets you track your metabolism is the Sensuweight™ app.

However things are not that bad. There are other great alternatives as well.

The maintenance and improving of metabolism is a very delicate thing.

Without a correct approach to it, you could end up gaining more weight than you lose. Good thing that the SensuWeight App lets you monitor and analyze your metabolism on a long term basis.

This app will tell you how many KM you walk a day and how that affects your metabolism. WooPlus has an app as well that gives you the same information.

Do the math right and the result is that you lower your daily caloric intake without really trying to. This is how to make sure that your diet doesn’t have a massive effect on the way you lose weight.

What makes the WooPlus app special?

The free WooPlus app lets you turn your information into a beautiful data visualization, with beautiful animations that make the information more useful and easier to understand. Examples include:

  • Trending graphs
  • Fluctuation diagrams surrounding the center of interest
  • Influence maps that show how your habits influence each other

Area charts that allows you to see areas where you have the most or little influence.

This data visualization naturally also makes your data personal; in the app you can define a center of interest <Tendency> and Explore Your Strengths and Weaknesses in almost 25 areas.

How can I safely date via the WooPlus app?

If you’re looking to get past the “dating app” stigma that has been attached to WooPlus, here’s how.

Some members will mess around and make you think you’re chatting with more than one person. Also, there will be other members that will try to make it seem like more people are in a single conversation than really are.

While this can be a bit frustrating, it can also be a nice little perk. If you want to test your limits, WooPlus can help you out.

If you’re looking for more specific matches, the app can help you with that as well. With WooPlus, you can take advantage of a unique search feature to find the perfect match for you, whether it’s a relationship, a hook up, or a friendship.

Once you’ve agreed to meet in person, you can use another cool feature that lets you send a temporary passcode to another member to request they leave you alone for a set amount of time.

Still, let’s say you’re having trouble finding a date on your own.

What dating app can truly help you safely find love?

You can turn to WooPlus, the app for real people.

Routinely secure your password

Check your password regularly. Don’t set a password for your account if it’s one that’s easy to guess (such as your pet’s name or your spouse’s birthday) or set a password that’s going to be easy for someone else to guess.

Set four to six different passwords and use them regularly, at least one a month, and change them at least once a year.

Get into the habit of password protecting your email account. Don’t depend on email service providers to do this automatically. This doesn’t protect your email if someone gains access to your email account or access point. Don’t forget to also use mail-capable anti-virus programs to catch and delete spam at your email account.

Have passwords for your online accounts if you can. Even non-password-protected accounts (like public accounts and free accounts) can be used to send spam or collect your personal information.

Be mindful of the messages

The average person is exposed to over 1.7 billion advertising messages each month. This number is only growing, and it’s a huge drain on everyone’s time and attention.

Here’s the kicker: Of all the messages sent to you, 95% of them are advertisements. They come to you in the most insidious and sneaky way possible using manipulation of technology.

Intuitively, you’d think that going to a website would provide this same level of clarity and information. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The website often intentionally obscures the target, hiding it in layers of jargon and unnecessary buzzwords designed to keep you on the page.

The information that you need has to be found by diving deep through all of it, and your eyes are tracking across a constant stream of electronic images in various sizes and colors.

Whether you’re watching a video, scrolling, or reading, the messages are everywhere, and before you know it, you’ve just spent two hours watching an infomercial.

Go all-out online first

The best relationships are formed on the Internet and not in real life. Why? Because online communication is not restricted by time and place. You can message each other whenever you want. You can search and find people 1,000 miles away; or walk a few doors, blocks, or miles.

If you would like to keep in touch with your acquaintances, start first by posting your profile and write detailed descriptions of yourself. If you feel like someone is a good match for you, then look for them and send them a message. If you find someone you really like, then start chatting and get to know each other.

Both people can message each other whenever they want and choose which time is best for them based on their own schedules.

Also, be aware that online dating may also increase your chances of scammers and psychos, so be careful during your online dating life.


More information on WooPlus:

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