You’ve met someone you like online – how’ll the perfect date go?

Luca Vaccino
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As you move from a virtual acquaintance to a potential love interest, you start expressing your interest in a date.

First, you should adjust your own image so you can truly meet each other.

You should deep down believe that the perfect image will make you an extraordinary one!

Next, you need to stay alcohol-free in case you have a drink that turns you into a weird person.

You can ruin you out of the date so don’t take alcohol if you are afraid to do that.

Dating sites allow you to find a partner that will support you emotionally so don’t drink alcohol before looking for a date.

The perfect date will be perfect because it will be the first time you and a perfect person share an unforgettable experience.

As an online date, it will be easy to decide where to go with your virtual companion.

If the date is a first one, you should set the date up ahead of time.

You also need to talk about your attraction and ask each other whether you would like to meet in person.

You should have a little bit of money because you shouldn’t break the date rule especially if you have a drink before it.

Plan a day that neither of you have anywhere to go and show up to eat and enjoy a time that both of you will remember.

Personalized Recommendation

Our friends at the Study found a service to help you with online dating. With "her" or "him", you can choose your favorite values and interests. The idea is that it's much better to let the AI decide what you're looking for.

Interestingly, if you want to find the ideal match, the service is not as effective as the one who has made ​​sense of their own preferences–my academic collaborator Rob Goleman found that Tinder is far better if you know who you really are.

But for just meeting a friend, the truth is fun.